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2006/11/13-25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:45335 Activity:low
11/13   What's going on with Soda?
        \_ Dunno, but on the motd archive at the 24 Hour Diff
           shows the last motd edit was at: 11/12 15:46 . So, I'm guessing
           that's just about when soda went down since the motd is pretty
           much always active.
           \_ Sigh, kids today cannot be trusted to run anything other than
              WinXP and XBox.
              \_ Maybe they booted soda with WinXP so they could do some
              \_ So you're gonna take care of it, ancient master?
                 \_ Yes. Give me the root password.
                    \_ Snatch the root password from my hand, grasshopper, and
                       I will know you are ready.
        \_ God's final message to his creation: We apologize for the
           inconvenience --Ed (soda will be back up eventually)
           \_ Still waiting. What's going on?
              \_ I just called the office. Apparently mconst found another
                 rootkit on soda, so they took it down. It's not back yet
                 because they decided to do a little restructuring of the
                 along with the re-install.
                 \_ wow...  another rootkit?
                 \_ If I donate $10 will you speed it up?
                    \_ Sorry, I'm just a fairly-uninvolved allum. I just called
                       the office, I can't speed anything up. Maybe you could
                       try calling mconst and asking him. (You can google his
                       phone #, I don't know if it works)
        \_ I'm actually getting work done at work. Maybe this is a good thing.
           \_ Work will always be there no matter how much you get done,
              until they lay you off or you die. MOTD, however, is not.
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