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2006/11/1-2 [Transportation/Car] UID:45064 Activity:high
10/31   Halloween traffic was awful awful awful in LA. Over two hours on
        I-10 for 35 miles. I heard that the 405 was even worse. How about
        you guys?
        \_ 12 minutes on 580W to go what usually take 15 minutes.
        \_ I had to wait about 20 seconds at the intersection of Ashby and
           College.   -tom
        \_ You are a moron. I didn't notice any "Halloween traffic" in
           LA. Are you sure there wasn't an accident or something? BTW,
           those numbers don't sound too much worse than traffic on
           a usual day.
           \_ i don't know about moron, but he was certainly unlucky.
              last night i averaged 65mph on 405 North from LAX to the I-10,
              but it was 7:45pm.
              \_ I left around 4:00PM and arrived at 6ish  -The op
        \_ San Mateo bridge east-bound at 7pm was same as usual.
        \_ My car never even left the garage yesterday =p
        \_ Muni ran fine, though an annoying helicopter hovered
           over The Castro until about midnight.
        \_ Traffic out of San Francisco (Castro) was very light going home,
           and as a bonus I left about 10 minutes before the shooting started.
2006/11/1-2 [Reference/Religion] UID:45065 Activity:nil
11/01   hey emarkp, what does Mormon scripture say about our pro
        waterboarding vice president?
        \_ A republican must justify the opinions and actions of all
           republicans.  Fairness++. !emarkp
           \_ Funny, I'm not even a Rebublican. -emarkp
              \_ What kind of mormon are you? ;) !emarkp
                 \_ He's a Mormon Communist like OSC.
                 \_ I'm "Decline to State". -emarkp
        \_ It's pretty clear about killing.  It is, however, somewhat fuzzier
           on the subject of kneecaps. -emarkp
           \_ Cheney: Sweetie, we're crooks. If everything were right,
              we'd be in jail.
           \_ Sweetie, we're crooks. If everything were right,
              we'd be in jail. -cheney
2006/11/1-2 [Transportation/Car, Politics/Domestic/911] UID:45066 Activity:low 6504%like:45049
11/01   So apparently the "Federal Protective Service" is tasked with
        guarding federal buildings and as such a legitimate police force,
        according to a cop I talked to last night.  I still found it a bit
        odd to see cars with an ominously undescriptive security force name
        and a federal government (DHS) logo on the side pulling over and
        questioning/fining people on Market St. last night.  -John
        \_ They can kill on sight at a hint of gay marraige or flag burning.
           I certainly feel safer.
           \_ so that was what those shootings in the Castro district were abt
        \_ These guys are a bunch of assholes who ignore the law and
           harass anyone they can.  I work at a federal lab where there is
           no classified research and where we are hundreds of miles from
           anything that could realistically be considered a target, and
           these guys all think they're the thin blubbery line between us
           and the TERRORISTS.  Presumably if people only come to a rolling
           stop at stop signs in the parking lot or walk their dogs on the
           property after dark, the terrorists have won.  One of our federal
           police pulled a gun on a visiting scientist right after 911.
           They also used to like to come into the labs late at night when there
           were two white guys and an asian guy working together and demand
           to see the asian guy's ID but not the white guys.  The asian guy
           in question was born in the US and has been a federal employee
           here for 10 years.  A good rule of thumb is that if you think
           these guys are ignoring the law and being neandrathal cowboys,
           you're probably right.  They recently arrested someone here for
           refusing to give them their SSN, after they'd already shown their
           drivers license and federal employee ID, and then had to let them
           go when the local police basically told them to fuck off (because
           they called the local PD to ask them to take the guy to jail.)
           \_ Just curious, which lab do you work at?  -jrleek
              \_ NIST, Boulder, which is part of the Dept. of Commerce
        \_ You went to Cal.  Are you aware the UCPD has jurisdiction anywhere
           within (IIRC) 5 miles of *any* UC Regent property?  That's not just
           Berkeley.  *Any* Regent property which is most of the populated
           areas of the state.
           \_ So UCPD can make arrests anywhere in Downtown Oakland because
              there is a UC building is in Chinatown?
              \_ Yes.  Exactly.
           \_ Of course, same with BART police, no?  I just found it odd to
              see a police force that wasn't either local or state take an
              active role.  The SFPD cops I asked about it seemed a bit put
              off by them.  -John
              \_ Yes, I believe the same with BART police but BART isn't
                 state wide.  :-)
                 \_ I was told today that BART cops actually have statewide
                    jurisdiction, due to some sort of administrative
                    impossibility limiting it to just the BA.  No clue if it's
                    true or not.  -John
        \_ Welcome to the New World Order. I can see you have been out of
           the country for a while. If you think it is bad here, spend
           some time in DC. -ausman
2006/11/1-2 [Uncategorized] UID:45067 Activity:nil
11/01   Why can't I ssh to any of the office machines?
        \_ They now dual boot ubuntu and windows xp (lan party styling).
           Unfortunately they are spending most of thier time in windows mode
           for increased distraction utility.  martini.csua (the OSX box)
           should be working (but isn't for some reason at this moment).
           Also, in the future, there will be a permanent nix again in the
2006/11/1-2 [Uncategorized] UID:45068 Activity:nil
11/01   ScummVM 0.9.1 is out:
2006/11/1-2 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:45069 Activity:nil
11/01   Maine lawyer arrested for dressing as Bin Laden and waving gun.
2006/11/1-2 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:45070 Activity:nil
11/01   The Stardust Hotel in LV is shutting down for good. It's a sad sad day
2006/11/1-2 [Uncategorized] UID:45071 Activity:nil
11/01   Level 3 robbery
2006/11/1-2 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:45072 Activity:kinda low
        Evidence of a California Housing Bubble
        \_ Good analysis, but he's wasting his time. Of course there's
           a housing bubble. The question is what happens when it ends.
           His guess is it will be about 17 years to the next low. History
           says it will be about 7 years. Splitting the difference, let's
           say 12 years. Is that a big deal when most people stay in their
           homes for 7-10 years?
           \_ I don't think the question is what happens, but how it happens.
              A slow gradual decline to point X and date Y is no big deal
              while a quick snap to X on date Y is going to screw up all
              sorts of things.
              \_ It's always a slow, gradual decline with housing. His
                 charts show that and he explains why housing prices are
              \_ When prices drop people who can afford not to sell are much
                 less likely to sell thereby drying up the market, keeping
                 prices from falling too fast.
                 \_ Mostly I agree with this but there are enough locations
                    such as Las Vegas where prices dropped by very large
                    numbers almost over night to make it not entirely so.
                    \_ The thing about Las Vegas is that there is a ton of
                       almost undifferentiated housing.  The far suburbs of
                       the Bay Area are that way, too.  Undifferentiated
                       housing will always be more prone to lose value than
                       houses with more intrinsic value (good location,
                       charming/interesting appearance, good workmanship).
        \_ More like San Diego Housing Bubble
        \_ Isn't this like, a year old. Even the Great Swami was predicting
           a housing bubble by then.
2006/11/1-2 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:45073 Activity:very high
        John Kerry:  "I sincerely regret that my words were misinterpreted to
        wrongly imply anything negative about those in uniform, and I
        personally apologize to any service member, family member, or American
        who was offended"
        \_ Too little, too late, damage done.  Even the original joke was
           stupid.  Resorting to personal attack for political gain shows
           the weakness in one's own ideas.  Leno should be making jokes like
           that.  Kerry is no Leno.
           \_ Ahh, so he should have apologized, unless he apologized, in
              which case apologies don't matter.
              \_ Try again.  "Too little, too late".  It's right there only
                 a few lines up.  At least *try* to respond to what was
                 actually said instead of making something up to reply to.
           \_ this was a type of macaca or RAAAWWWRRR mistake - an inadequate
              level of appreciation of a flub getting amplified by your enemies
              even though you made the flub in a friendly environment or that
              it was innocently dumb.
        \_ Had he said this right away, this would be over now.
           \_ No it wouldn't.
              \_ yes it would. no it wouldn't. yes it would.  whatever.
           \_ Had the clip been played in context, it never would have started.
              \_ It's politics.  boo hoo.  Don't make jokes if you're not
                  \_ It's attitudes like this that are why this country
                     is fucked.
                     \_ Yes the country was great and lollipops fell from
                        trees prior to 1994.  Kerry was stupid.  He got caught
                        being stupid no different than Allen's 'macaca' idiocy
                        and he's paying the price.  Were you around defending
                        poor Allen on the false charges of racism a few weeks
                        ago?  No.  Thanks for playing.
                        \_ Allen's comment was given full context.  And his
                           meaning was very clear.  He _is_ a racist fuck.
                           Kerry's comment in context shows his meaning clearly
                           as well.  You think he was calling the troops
                           "stupid".  You're wrong.
                           \_ I read Allen's full comment.  There is no
                              context beyond the one line and noting the guy
                              has been following his campaign around.  And?
                              What is the context that makes it clear he is
                              \_ He's Republican. QED. -liberal
                                 \_ Sorry, I forgot that anyone who disagrees
                                    with your agenda is racist.
                                    \_ You are replying to a sarcastic troll.
                                       \_ It's the motd.  There's no one else
                              \_ Context or no, Allen's comment was racist.
                                 It's basically the French-african way of
                                 caling the opposition staffer 'nigger'.
                                 \_ That's basically the same as saying
                                    "Context or no, Kerry statement was
                                    insulting to the troops."
                                    \_ OK, you got me, I phrased that poorly.
                                       Read: The context of Allen's statement
                                       has no mitigating effect on the content
                                       of his statement.  Using the word
                                       'macaca' in a duscussion about racism
                                       is a mitigating context, using it to
                                       describe an Indian person is not.
                                       \_ I think the mitigating factor
                                          is that prior to this little
                                          incident many Indians didn't
                                          even know about this wacist
                                          even know about this racist
                                          slur. And after finding out,
                                          it is still a big whatever.
                                          \_ Racist!
                                          \_ Mitigating in what way? In that
                                             many Indians didn't realize he
                                             was using a racist slur? How does
                                             that mitigate the racist slur? I
                                             mean, I'd understand if that
                                             didn't rile anyone up in a bar,
                                             but at a political rally?
                                             \_ You are a flubarax!!!!!!  Oh
                                                wait, flubarax doesn't mean
                                                a damned thing.  Or maybe it
                                                is the most offensive racist
                                                slur possible in the Belgian
                                                Congo during the 1750s?  Are
                                                you offended?
                                                \_ Of course not. Your made-up
                                                   word has no cultural context
                                                   as a racial slur, or, more
                                                   to the point, no such
                                                   context that you are aware
                                                   of. "Macaca," however, is
                                                   a racial slur in a cultural
                                                   context that Allen was
                                                   aware of.
                                                   \_ Macaca meant nothing to
                                                      anyone until someone
                                                      found some obscure slang
                                                      from the colonial era.
                                                      You have absolutely no
                                                      evidence Allen was aware
                                                      of that meaning.  I have
                                                      yet to see a link showing
                                                      what it meant and why he
                                                      might have known that.
                                                      The link from yesterday
                                                      was about the Belgian
                                                      Congo which Allen has
                                                      absolutely no relation
                                                      to.  Flubarax!
                                                      \_ Belgium, man, Belgium!
                                                      \_ You didn't look very
                                                         hard, if at all:
                                                         \_ If a tree falls
                                                            in the woods
                                                            and no one cares
                                                            I guess the tree
                                                            huggers feelings
                                                            still get hurt.
                                                            Like I said this
                                                            is a big Whatever.
                        \_ Don't you think there are better things we could
                           be spending time on?
                           \_ Absolutely not.  Start your own thread if you
                              want.  I'm entertained, sorry if you're not.
                        \_ How are they false?  I think Allen is guilty of
                           thinking everyone is stupid.  He happens to
                           use the French Tunisian word for "nigger",
                           his mother is from French Tunisia, and then
                           he tells everyone he made the word up on the
                           spot?  - danh
                           \_ The 'macaca' guy wasn't black.  Oops.
                        \_ Don't you think there are better things we could
                           be spending time on?
                              \_ The term refers to those with dark skin.
                                 \_ URL, please.  I don't have my French
                                    Tunisian slang dictionary handy.
                                    \_ You don't need a dictionary to equate
                                       a French Tunisian word for "darkie"
                                       to anyone with dark skin. But hey,
                                       because _you_ probably do, here's a
                                       Wikipedia article on "macaca."
                           \_ See, I don't know if I buy this.  I don't
                              really care about Allen, maybe he is a racist,
                              I don't know.  But the argument that "X's
                              mother probably knew Y, so X must know Y" is
                              pretty weak.
                              \_ Considering Allen's history I don't think it's
                                 a weak at all.  The man is a racist prick.
                                 Not because he's a republican, but because
                                 he's a racist prick.
                                 \_ So, what's his history that suggests
                                    he's racist? -clueless
                                    \_ angry motd liberal said so.
                                    \_ He used to routinely called Blacks
                                       "n*ggers" in college, amongst other
                                       \_ Bzzzt.  Sorry, Swift Boat style
                                          attacks aren't going to cut it.
              \_ I heard this first on John Ziegler's show out of KFI.  He had
                                          \_ Actually, 2004 showed us that
                                             GOP style campaigning works.
                                             I am glad to see the Democrats
                                             embrace the Karl Rove style
                                             of smear politics. Have a little
                                             fire, scarecrow!
              \_ I heard this first on John Ziegler's show of of KFI.  He had
                 heard only that soundbite on a local news station.  It was in
                 the context he heard.  Given the number of groans from the
                 audience, I don't think it was clarified by context. -emarkp
        \_ If Kerry was really insulting the intelligence of people in
           the military then he was insulting himself.
           \_ Kerry is in the military?  Which branch and what unit?
              \_ hi idiot
                 \_ hi humorless clown.
        \_ Kerry's Non-Apology Not Accepted (by Freepers)
           \_ That's because they're neanderthal cretins.
           \_ duh, they only quoted the first half of the compound sentence.
              It's two parts:  (a) regret for being misinterpreted, and (b)
              apology to people who were offended
        \_ Jesus fucking christ, is there nothing more important on the
           electoral agenda than a non-candidate making a badly timed and
           ill-considered joke?  That's like a shitbag like Mark Foley getting
           nailed over harassing pages rather than anything of substance, or
           starting a national crisis over a cigar dildo.  Have American
           politics come to this?  I think I'm leaving for Chile again.  -John
           \_ This is important because only ~2 years ago this was the guy
              his party put up to represent them as their best candidate to
              run the entire country for the next 4-8 years.  His 'flubbed
              joke' shows a lack of basic brain power and wisdom that reflects
              on his supporters and those like him.  If it was a nobody like
              Murtha, who gets some press time but is otherwise nobody, then
              it would've had about 4 hours of news cycle time, if that.
           \_ I am pissed at John Kerry.  He need to learn how to shut the
              fuck up.  I will let Bill Clinton have another BJ over this guy
2006/11/1-2 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:45074 Activity:moderate
11/01   Remember they aren't Brown Shirts, they are just Conservatives
        trying to express their feelings:
        \_ How do you know they're "Conservatives"?
           \_ They're probably conservatives in the same way Nazis
              were liberals.
           \_ This is just one of "hundreds" of warcrimes the Bush
              Brown Shirts have committed nationwide. Its all part
              of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. The Truth is Out
              of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. The Tru7h is Out
              There. -fmulder
              \_ I think the Bush Brown Shirts egged my house last night.
                 \_ All part of our Grand Visionary Conspiracy to force you
                    to buy cleaning products from our VRWC cleaning products
                    companies to fund our illegal war in Seattle.
           \_ Just a hunch. Liberals don't tend to lynch blacks or beat
              up gays either.
              \_ Hint: non-Liberals don't tend to lynch blacks or beat up
                 gays either.
                 \_ Really? So all those Blacks got lynched by nobody? Did
                    they lynch themselves, is that what you are trying to say?
                    And all the gay bashings never really actually happened?
                    \_ No one said any such thing.  Read and try again.
2006/11/1-2 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:45075 Activity:nil
11/01   Firefox Session Saver, the best extension I've ever used.
        \_ Firefox 2.XX has this "built in", kind of non intuitive to
           find but it's there.  you'll notice Session Saver doesn't
           install in Firefox 2.XX
        \_ Just FYI, that's Opera's default behavior, and has been for years.
           \_ I know Opera is supposed to be fast as lightning, but
              when I try to use it there's just too much crazy crap
              going on and I go back to Firefox.
           \_ I tried Opera when they released for free last year(?).  No
              tabbing feature that I could see.  Deleted.
              \_ The MDI interface has been there for years.  Maybe you missed
                 the subtle distinction?
                 \_ Honestly, I have no idea.  I looked through the whole
                    interface for something that looked like tabbing.  It may
                    have been there in some form but if it requires above my
                    miniscule computer abilities to find it might as well not.
        \_ It's not necessary anymore with Firefox 2.0.
2006/11/1-2 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:45076 Activity:kinda low
11/01   Does WinXP provide good facilities for SATA+RAID? I'm thinking of
        buying 2 SATA drives instead of something more expensive like
        Infrant's ReadyNAS NV+, and I'm wondering if WinXP would provide
        equivalently good SATA+RAID facilities. Ok thx.
        \_ A lot of MoBos do on-board drive mirroring for SATA, I'd rather
           trust that.  -John
           \_ Until that mother board dies and you have to get the exact same
              board to get your data back if you were striping or doing raid5.
2006/11/1-2 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:45077 Activity:low
11/01   Just saw this on CNN:
        Would Alex P. Keaton back Fox on stem cells?
        \_ You could just put the URL:
           \_ Do you remember when CNN was 'the news network that didn't
              suck'?  What happened?
              \_ CNN cable and CNN web are different animals
2006/11/1 [Computer/Companies/Ebay] UID:45078 Activity:nil
11/1    PayPal got bombed.
2006/11/1-2 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:45079 Activity:high
11/01   Good lord, the flubbed Kerry joke is the front page story on every
        single news site.  You'd think he was running for something.
        \_ I think this video puts the whole matter in perspective:
        \_ October Surprise!!!
        \_ well, except nytimes, cbsnews, and latimes
           \_ obLIBERALMEDIA
           \_ Did you actually check nytimes,latimes and cbsnews or do you just
           \_ Did you actually check nytimes, latimes and cbsnews or do you just
              like spreading lies?
              \_ when it's "the" front page story, I interpreted this to
                 mean the lead story.  washingtonpost, abcnews, msnbc all
                 had this as the lead.  ok, I should have made this clear.
        \_ Here is something I don't understand.  What is so offensive about
           this joke?  It is a bit edgy because it has a lot of truth in it.
           Further, you would think combat veteran like Kerry is immued from
           this attack.  Instead, those draft dogers are the one who is
           launching the attack
           \_ Some political pundit pointed out before the 2004 elections:
              "By the time Karl Rove gets done with John Kerry, people won't
               even know which side he fought on".
           \_ What is the truth you think is in it?
              \_ For one thing, no matter how patriotic or idealistic you
                 are, joining a military stuck in a murderous quagmire with
                 no clear mission, mounting casualties and farm-league
                 leadership verges on the suicidally insane.  For another,
                 recruiters tend to focus on lower-income and less educated
                 individuals and frequently extol the military as a way to get
                 ahead--something that would appeal more to someone with less
                 chance of academic/professional success.  Or to put it this
                 way, I don't think the army's attracting the intelligentsia
                 right now.  And what below poster says.  It's a non-issue,
                 albeit a poorly considered statement, and one that the
                 attack dogs can get their filthy teeth around to distract
                 from the real topics up for discussion.  -John
                 \_ The military doesn't target lower intelligence morons.
                    They target smart people from lower income brackets who
                    can use the military to get ahead.  Dumb people are not
                    going to get anything but 3 squares and a cot from a few
                    years of military service.
                    \_ - danh
                    \_ what are you smoking?  do you know almost 1/3 of
                       Army personnel didn't graduate from high school.
                       \_ duh. what are *you* smoking?  _READ_ what I said.
                          Less educated != dumb!  And from reading the motd it
                          is clear that educated != smart, too.
                       \_ The military actually won't take you if you score
                          too low on the IQ tests. They tend to target third
                          and fourth quartile (by IQ) individuals, but they
                          don't want actually stupid people, just average
                          ones that will follow orders. -a Vet
                          \_ That was then, this is now.  With recruiting
                             efforts failing the army has drastically reduced
                             the testing requirements.
                          \_ Is this still the case in the face of more
                             agressive recruiting efforts ?
                             \_ Not really that much:
                                Even the Army will not take you if you
                                below the 26th percentile and they try
                                really hard to only take those above the
                                31st. They are taking more high school
                                droupout, but those actually have to
                                dropouts, but those actually have to
                                score above 50%.
                 \_ So despite the statistics that prove you wrong, you believe
                    the idea that you have to be a dumb-ass to be in the
                    military?  I'm starting to think it wasn't a botched joke,
                    but what Kerry really believes.
                    \_ You're starting to believe this because of some motd
                       ramblings?  You're a pretty easily led person.
        \_ The conservative media can finally rally around something that takes
           the heat off of the Republicans.
           \_ Who is the conservative media?  Would that be CD?  DVD?  78s?
2006/11/1-2 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:45080 Activity:nil
11/1    Any Nintendo DS owners out there?  Any must own games for it?
        \_ the doctor game and the lawyer game
        \_ I got one but I haven't played it in a long time. I thought
           the New Super Mario game was pretty good, and the Castlevania
           one. I was playing Brain Age for a while; it includes sudoku
           puzzles. I haven't kept up with it. Advance Wars and Mario
           Kart are pretty good.
        \_ I really like Kirby's Canvas Curse, but YMMV.
        \_ Bomberman!  you need one cart for 8 players!  it rules!
           also Mario is good, which has a mini-game multiplayer and
           sort of a duel multiplayer.  Mario Kart is good too.  -brain
2006/11/1-2 [Finance/Investment] UID:45081 Activity:nil
11/01   Trump could be fined $250/day for violating his HOA rules. Oh
        I bet he's really scared! Not.
2006/11/1-2 [Uncategorized] UID:45082 Activity:kinda low
11/01   How long are roofs supposed to last? My friend is buying a home w/
        a 15 yr old roof and the inspector said it's got about 3 years to go
        (it currently has no issues). I was wondering if that's about average
        for a given roof (in SF). If it's not, it could be because it's a
        shitty roof or the contractor just being overly conservative.
        \_ That's about right for a cedar shake roof: they dry out, start
           curling and cracking and that's all, folks.  Asphalt shingles will
           last a little longer; if it's asphalt that's still within the realm
           of possibility, it probably just wasn't a great quality roof to
           begin with.  --dbushong
        \_ Depends totally on the roofing material.  20 years is not unusual
           for a cheap roof.  -tom
           \_ And in the early 90s there was a lot of cheap work being done
              in the sf market.  Prices were really low and people didn't want
              to invest huge amounts into real estate.
              \_ The roof is made out of iron and slate.
                 \_ A well-made slate roof should last 50+ years.
                    A crappily-made roof, your guess is as good as mine.  -tom
                    \_ I agree. A slate roof should last forever. Are you
                       sure it is really slate and not some slate-like tile?
                       \_ it was damaged by the troll-like creature
                          living under the stone and iron roof.
2006/11/1-2 [Health] UID:45083 Activity:low
11/01   Does anyone have any experience with nasal decongestants causing
        an increase in blood pressure? Has this happened to anyone here?
        \_ That's very common, and you're often warned not to take the stuff
           when you've got blood pressure problems.
        \_ They can interfere with oral contraceptives.  Found that one out
           the fun way....
           \_ really? you got a kid because of a nasal decongestant?
        \_ My coworker's having the same issue right now from Benedryl.
           \_ What's going on with him, specifically? -a scared op
              \_ She has a separate major health issue right now, so her
                 health is being monitored constantly.  Since she started
                 taking Bendryl again for allergy, her blood pressure has
                 gone through the roof.  She's currently taking a prescription
                 drug to lower it.  For her case, it's most likely because
                 she's taking Benedryl with all her other medicines for her
                 health issue that's triggering it.
2006/11/1-2 [Uncategorized] UID:45084 Activity:low
11/01   Besides the obvious; are there any differences between a 19 inch LCD
        flat panel and the 20/21 inch?  Why is there such a price
        \_ 19" displays (widescreen) are generally 1440x900, while most 20"
           and 21" displays are 1680x1050.
           and 21" displays (widescreen) are 1680x1050.
        \_ PP is oversimplifying a little.  Standard 19" are 1280x1024 (5:4
           aspect ratio)  Standard 20 and 21" are 1600x1200.  Wide aspect
           screens as PP said.  The price difference is for a few reasons:
           Larger is more desirable, more pixel elements which could go bad,
           needs a larger area of the wafer, more complex control electronics,
           smaller pixels are more vulnerable to defects, need a larger area
           to be relatively free of defects, etc...
           If you don't care so much about resolution, 19" is the obvious
           choice, but if you really do care about resolution, 20" often has
           a better $/pixel cost.
           \_ Then how come the difference between 17" and 19" is not as big?
              --- !OP
             \_ Because most 17", 18.1", and 19" have the same resolution,
                1280x1024 5:4.  Pixels are smaller on smaller screens, but
                that's about it.
                \_ I see.  17" needs a smaller wafer which is less likely to be
                   bad, but the pixels are smaller which is more likely to be
                   bad.  So they compensate each other.
        \_ This is not a difference in the panels, but not all video cards
           can drive the larger resulutions properly.
2006/11/1-2 [Computer/Companies/Ebay] UID:45085 Activity:nil
11/01   PayPal got bombed.
        \_ Anyone surprised?
        \_ obNegativeFeedbackJoke
        \_ PayPal - Someone set up us the Bomb!
           Google Checkout - All your bucks are belong to us!
2019/04/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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