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2006/10/31-11/1 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Security] UID:45045 Activity:moderate
10/31   Mainframes are back!
        \_ Mainframes never left.
           \_ There are big differences between 1) X is here, 2) X is coming
              back, and 3) X left. Fucking dumb shit, how did you even
              get into Cal?
              \_ I didn't get into Cal.  I dropped out of college so I could
                 spend more time on the motd and wall hanging out with smart
                 people like you hoping one day I can learn to comprehend
                 English as well as you.  No, wait, you are a babbling fool
                 who wrote something completely off topic and non-responsive
                 because you can't understand basic English.
                 \_ Bwaaahhhhhhh!!1!  You are teh suck!!!!1!!!!!!!!1!!
        \_ "The university saved money upfront by selecting a mainframe that
           runs at less than top capacity. Then on days when computing loads
           are heavier, the school can buy a short-term boost of extra
           processing power. Network managers call IBM, which remotely tunes
           the mainframe to deliver better performance."  Interesting.
           \_ *laugh*.  This is how the IBM mainframe division has always
              worked except in the 'old days' they sent a tech out at some
              outrageous hourly rate who opened the back, hit a button to turn
              on the extra cpus+planes+memory/etc that was already in the box.
              So now they just remotely login and tweak some software variable
              limit like "max speed = max speed + 50", logout and send a bill.
              This is almost as good a scam as MS making their money on CALs.
2006/10/31-11/1 [Computer/Rants] UID:45046 Activity:nil
10/31   Good ol' Bill Nye puts the Pluto thing into perspective.
2006/10/31 [Health] UID:45047 Activity:nil
10/31   I went to my chiropractor appointment Tuesday and the doctor said
        "I don't think I'm helping you, so I don't think you need to
        come anymore." Which I guess is nice of him to say rather than
        just taking my money for a service that is basically useless.
        And I got my three months of chiropractic and physical therapy
        care done, so now I have to gather up all the necessary
        information to send to appeal them. Which got me thinking that
        if I get okayed by the end of November, I may end up leaving my
        internship (which I love dearly) early  to get the surgery done
        because my school is screwing everyone over by making winter
        break 2 1/2 weeks long. Of course, that's assuming they cover my
        surgery. Which means I've been more seriously considering size
        (would I look right as a 34D? I've had large breasts relative to
        my size since I first developed them, so normal-sized ones are
        incredibly hard to fathom). And how the hell I would get back to
        school in January (get my sister to drive me and recruit friends
        to help me unpack my car?) and how I would be able to do gym
        classes (I need two to more to graduate; would I be able to
        start late in the term? would I be able to just do walking?).

        I'm so sick of the insurance company bullshit. 34K's are not
        "normal breasts" and I'm not looking to get this surgery for
        cosmetic reasons.
        \_ Amazing.  The b word doesn't appear until line 13.
2006/10/31 [Uncategorized] UID:45048 Activity:nil 57%like:45049
10/31   FightAIDS@Home in BOINC now works on Windows, besides Linux.
2006/10/31-11/1 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:45049 Activity:nil 57%like:45048 6504%like:45066
10/31   FightAIDS@Home in BOINC now works on Windows, besides Linux.  I can
        finally run two instances of it on my XP machine.
2006/10/31-11/1 [Politics/Domestic/California, Finance/Shopping] UID:45050 Activity:high
10/31   10 part "Economics for the Citizen." (very basic)
        \_ My summary from reading the intro and the last paragraph-- there
           is a cost of doing something, and there is a cost of not doing
           something. In most cases one will be more costly than the others,
           but it is often not so clear which one is cheaper/costlier at the
           time that you needed to make a decision.
        \_ The long version (by Sowell)
           \_ The short version: "THE INVISIBLE HAND IS ALL-POWERFUL!
              \_ Let me guess, you like big government beauracracy and wastage?
                 \_ Let me guess, you like knocking down straw men?
              \_ Fuck you talking 'bout? --Da Invisible Hand
        \_ He's a bit of a male chauvinist, isn't he?
           \_ You mean how he beliddles his wife, something else?
2006/10/31-11/1 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:45051 Activity:nil
10/31   @Override in Java, why/why not?
        \_ Handy warning when your base class changes on you.  Not a perfect
           guard against sloppy refactoring.
        \_ Why not?  If you change your base class you probably want to know
           if your overrides aren't going to work the way you want them to.
           \_ Isn't it true that if you use @Override (or other annotations)
              that you can't compile to a a bytecode which will be garanteed
              to run on pre-1.5 implementations of the JRE?
2006/10/31 [Uncategorized] UID:45052 Activity:nil
10/31   So, does nayone read USA today by choice, or do people just read it
        because it shows up in their hotel rooms?
        \_ I sometimes buy it at the airport.
        \_ They stock copies at our work cafeteria.
        \_ I read the sports section online almost every day. -ausman
2006/10/31-11/1 [Uncategorized] UID:45053 Activity:nil
10/31   Can an alphanumeric pager, receive email (or at least
        the first 80 characters of an email) sent from soda or similar
        \_ Yes, if you pay for that.
2006/10/31 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:45054 Activity:nil
2006/10/31 [Uncategorized] UID:45055 Activity:nil
10/31   Cap'n She can't handle the SPAM, you have got to Do
2006/10/31-11/2 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:45056 Activity:low
10/31   Someone was asking a while ago about a good first suit for job
        interviews.  October's GQ had a good selection of the 10 best suits
        under $500 (from $125 to $500) on page 324.  Link is here:
        Also, if you're not 100% sure of what to look for, this is a good
        starter: -- thought
        this might be of use to people graduating and doing job interviews
        soon.  -John
        \_ I've never had need for a good suit, but I always figured that
           if I seriously needed to spend over 1000$ on suits for some reason
           I could also pay someone to solve the problem of what suit to
           wear for the application at hand.  Don't good taylors do this?
        \_ Sorry John but both you and GQ have a pretty bad sense of style
           if you think these suits look stylish. I feel like I've been
           transported back into the 70's. Think the movie "Catch Me If
           You Can"
           \_ Says you.  YMMV, I was trying to provide an aid, no more.  If
              you're you don't like for a particular reason, good--the main
              you don't them like for a particular reason, good--the main
              idea is to get people away from shit Nordstroms suit salesmen
              or Men's Wearhouse and its ilk.  Do whatever works for you, but
              reading up on reasonable quality materials and stitching is
              always worth your while.  And anonymous troll coward bitch, post
              all you want as me, but leave my posts the fuck alone.  -John
        \_ Man, those dudes are SKINNY.
           \_ They're models.  Get a suit cut generously and go to Ernesto's
              Tailoring, 860 Market, 5th floor, secret tip.  If you go before
              buying a suit, he'll give you some good advice (he's a 5'3"
              chubby El Salvadoran dude who knows his stuff.)  There are
              plenty of pointers online for what body type goes well with
              what cut (i.e. # buttons, length, etc.)  -John
              what cut (i.e. # buttons, length, etc.)  -Gay John
        \_ I'm glad I have no reason to own $1000+ shoes. And, I dunno if
           it's just me, but most of those guys look kind of ridiculous.
           I literally get an urge to laugh at some of them.
           \_ If you had a reason to own $1000+ shoes then owning $1000+
              shoes wouldn't be a problem.
              \_ I don't think anyone really has a reason to. It's just to
                 show, hey look I have $1000 shoes. They don't look any
                 \_ Exactly.
                 \- if you are going to buy your first and only suit for the
                    moment, i dont think you should get a brown one. blue
                    or maybe charcoal/dark grey/black. and of course dont get
                    the corduroy one. pinstripes are also not for everyone.
                    also different combos work for large white people vs
                    thin people of various racial groups. if you want to
                    buy a suit, maybe learn a little bit about how to
                    "think about the problem" and then either go with a
                    friend/associate who can give you good advice or get
                    a recommendation for a good establishment where they
                    will give you enough attention and have a good attitude.
                    a list of 10 suits is just not that helpful for the
                    "first time suit buyer".
        \_ First suit should be solid, not pinstripe (which seems to be
           really popular at Macy's and Nordstrom's). I got a dark gray suit
           as my first business suit but here in business school navy and
           black seem to be the standard. I'd avoid Macy's and wait for the
           Nordstrom's semi-annual sale or try Nordstrom rack.
2006/10/31-11/2 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:45057 Activity:moderate
10/31   A friend of mine said he's loving Microsoft again because Bill G
        is starting to donate all of his money to charity. He's boycotting
        Google, Yahoo, and other mega companies because they're too big and
        too power and thinks they're all becoming the old Microsoft, whereas
        Microsoft has recently done a lot of good things like investing in
        education and charity. He just paid for a copy of Microsoft Windows
        and he's pretty darn smug about it. How about you guys? Have you
        paid for your copy of Microsoft product recently and feel good about
        it because of their new image?
        \_ Your friend sounds like an insufferable bore.  I hope you have
           other, more interesting friends.  Seriously, who cares
           about the legal status of your copy of Windows?  And tells
           other people about it?  Argh.
        paid for your copy of Microsoft product recently and feel good about
        it because of their new image?
        \_ Google makes products I use. Microsoft doesn't. Not sure what's
           so great about this "new Microsoft" because they still make
           crappy products and their "donations" are in the form of MS
           products which are kind of crappy anyway. Bill Gate's own
           personal charity, on the other hand, is a different story.
        \_ wtf?
        \_ the new image won't be complete till they start giving out the
           Gates Peace Prize
        \_ the new microsoft is just like the old microsoft, only wealthier.
           \- GATES != MSFT. i think gates as been very smart about how he
              donates. i dont mean "smart" cynically. i have a lot of respect
              for how he has thought this through. msft is still a sleazy
              company buy i generally refer to specific sleazy practices ...
              like claiming credit for stuff they didnt really invent or
                        \_ usually we call what they've done "theft".
                           \- copyright/trademark etc is different from
                              physical expropriation. this is more of a
                              cause of pushing the U in FUD rather than
                              actually stealing a patented idea etc.
                              for example the "Digital Nervous System".
                              gee, was it coincidence that they were
                              affiliating them selves with the letters DNS?
                              and of course claiming lost of "innovations"
                              when it comes to file systems by giving
                              some long existing feature a new name etc.
                              \_ When I said theft.  I meant theft.  They are
                                 thieves.  Cutesy shit like calling something
                                 DNS is childish but mostly harmless and among
                                 the least of their crimes.
                                 \_ what is an example of something that
                                    can be considered "property" that thay
                                    stole and why weren't they sued?
                                    \_ They have been.  It has cost them
                                       billions of dollars over the years
                                       but that's still chicken feed compared
                                       to their monthly take.  And btw, in this
                                       country, copyright/etc *is* property
                                       even if you disagree with the law in
                                       that area.
                                       \- yes i am aware that in cases of IP
                                          theft that is property and they can
                                          and have been held liable. however
                                          this kind of thing is quite common
                                          for businesses and msft isnt
                                          especially unique here [intel].
                                          what i personally find more offensive
                                          is the sleazy stuff they do for
                                          which it is difficult to hold them
                                          liable [like having the published
                                          specs != implementation, which makes
                                          it hard for other to be msft compat
                                          since now you may have to be "bug
                                          for bug" compatible. second thing i
                                          find obnoxious is their terrible
                                          protocols ... like the insane way
                                          they used to do discovery of various
                                          services or "op locks" [jesus!].
                                          and of course there is coercive
                                          contracts ... like forcing people
                                          who bought intel hardware which never
                                          used windows to pay msft. these were
                                          the things more difficult to hold
                                          them accoutnable for ... not the
                                          run of the mill IP encroachments ...
                                          do you consider every company that
                                          loses or settles an IP or copyright
                                          case to be a theif? how about the
                                          woman who ran a restaurant called
                                          "sony"? BTW, i think a lot of MSFT's
                                          conduct makes formerlly evil IBM
                                          look much better. what is offensive
                                          is not always illegal. what is
                                          offensive doesnt always have the
                                          biggest business impact [i realize
                                          the DNS example is minor, but i
                                          thought it was illustrative. there
                                          is also an interesting "inside"
                                          story about MSFT, Paul vixie and
                                          DNS/bind ... i think it is in the
                                          wall archive if you are interested].
                                          \_ Other companies steal also.  The
                                             difference is the degree.  Without
                                             theft MS would likely not exist
                                             today.  On IBM: they have an
                                             equally ugly and evil history
                                             but the bulk of it is in the
                                             pre-90s mainframe world and the
                                             pre-computer typewriter world.
                                             After the Feds tried to break them
                                             up, they turned chicken and
                                             ceased doing anything interesting
                                             either legally or technically.
                                          look much better.
                                             \- 1. IBM has not generally been
                                                   a prick about using their
                                                   patents ... although it's
                                                   \_ This is such a
                                                      mind-numbingly stupid
                                                      statement that it
                                                      invalidates everything
                                                      else in your post(s).
                                                   a great defensive arsenal
                                                   because everybody is
                                                   violating ibm patents
                                                   (or if not, they dont
                                                   want to face ibm in
                                                   litiagation ... one
                                                   reason why it was great IBM
                                                   too the lean in the SCO
                                                   \_ Neither is Microsoft.
                                                2. based on your chicken
                                                   comment you clearly dont
                                                   know anything about IBM.
                                                   \_ except for years of
                                                      inside information.
                                                      which 'chicken comment'
                                                      are you refering to?
                                                   [see patent applications,
                                                   see list of top 500
                                                   unclassified computers,
                                                   see ibm's work in storage
                                                   and material science (they
                                                   got out of the storage
                                                   business more recently due
                                                   to margins, not inability
                                                   to compete).
                                                   to compete) have you heard
                                                   of the CELL processor?
                                                   \_ Yes, IBM has done some
                                                      good work in non-CS
                                                      fields.  And can hook
                                                      up a room full of
                                                      x86 boxes together really
                                                      well.  And?
                                                3. can you sign your future
                                                   posts with some kind of uniq
                                                   hash so tyou can not be
                                                   hash so you can not be
                                                   taken seriously?
                                                   \_ Rudeness and personal
                                                      attack is neither clever
                                                      nor makes a point.  It
                                                      says a lot about you and
                                                      nothing about me.
                                                4. YBHBCA:S
                                                   \_ See above about personal
                                                      attack.  In the future
                                                      I'll sign as "years of
                                                      high up inside IBM info"
                                                      and you can sign as "IBM
                                                      is good because they're
                                                      just like Microsoft and
                                                      don't abuse their
                                                      patents".  Whatever.
                                                      Your logic is somewhat
                                                      twisted and lacking in
                                                      substance.  By your
                                                      logic, Microsoft is a
                                                      Good company because they
                                                      don't sue people over
                                                      patent violations.  It
                                                      was nice chatting with
                                                      you.  Maybe next time
                                                      you'll have a point and
                                                      back it with evidence
                                                      reason and logic instead
                                                      of personal insult.  Or
              deliberately sowing confusion [like when they came uo with
              something called DNS.]. on the other hand a lot of other
              companies would no doubt do eqqually fiucked up things if they
              were in the position to do so ... like apple banning all books
              by john wiley&sons ... on the other hand, i think apple has
              done more legitimate innovation than msft.
              \_ why do you hate teh INVISIBLE HAND?
              ould no doubt do eqqually fiucked up things if they
              were in the position to do so ... like apple banning all books
              by john wiley&sons ... on the other hand, i think apple has
              done more legitimate innovation than msft.
              \_ why do you hate teh INVISIBLE HAND?
2006/10/31-11/1 [Politics] UID:45058 Activity:nil
10/31   Wiki used to share information between U.S. intelligence agencies,
        and to create National Intelligence Estimates.
        Top-secret wiki has 28,000 pages, 3,600 users.  Also wikis for
        secret and sensitive material.  Duh.
2006/10/31-11/2 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:45059 Activity:nil
10/31   Pretty interesting article in the New Yorker about the guy
        who invented SimCity and The Sims: - danh
        \_ That was interesting. Thanks for the link!
        \_ I have this lurking suspicion that Spore will bomb.  (Well, sell
           moderately well, but barely make back it's development costs.)
2006/10/31-11/2 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:45060 Activity:moderate
10/31   motd boob guy says Happy Halloween:
        \_ NSFW (did I really need to add that???)
        \_ Gee, she's nice. Slender, sexy, and seemingly natural.
           \_ seemingly?  It's kinda weird.  Is that some soldier's wife
              sending him a 'reminder' video?
              \_ Seemingly, as in I can't say for sure whether she has
                 had implants. However, if I had to guess I'd say she
                 has not. If they are, then they were done very well.
                 \_ Either they are real or they are implants done in Japan.
                    Only Japanese implants look so realistic.  American ones
                    are hemisphere-shaped.
              \_ "Honey, I'll keep posting videos like this on the internet
                 until you come home.  Tomorrow's will feature a dildo."
        \_ HOT!
        \_ Is there a URL for a parent page that contains this video?  I want
           to read the description, if any.
        \_ I'm willing to trade five years of my lifespan for a wife with a
           body like this.
           \_ Are you married now?
           \_ Go sign up for one of those $300k/yr jobs in Iraq and when
              you come back, you will be able to acquire one.
2006/10/31-11/2 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:45061 Activity:kinda low
10/31   Looks like the October Surprise was Kerry being an incredible
        \_ Heh.
        \_ He certainly didn't sound good, did he.
        \_ I wish he had STFU until Nov 8th.
        \_ Uh, for botching a joke about the president, and then having
           it taken out of context?
           \_ Excuse me but "bullshit!".  He meant it exactly the way it was
              said.  He's an idiot.
              \_ Have you read the transcript?  It followed another Bush joke.
                 The audience got the joke, even as mangled. You're either
                 lying or stupid.
                 \_ I read it.  The motd is the only place on the planet that
                    agrees with you.  Maybe you're right and the entire world
                    is wrong.  He certainly needs to STFU and stop trying to
                    play tough guy in some lame attempt to make up for the
                    way he allowed himself to be run over in 2004.  "Oh, I'm
                    a tough guy now, vote for me in 2008, no apologies for
                    being a moron, rah rah rah!"
                    \_ The whitehouse, rushlimbaugh, and freerepublic are the
                       only others who believe as you do.  And the whitehouse
                       is already backing off their stridency on this, likely
                       because of Kerry's press conference. I now must put you
                       in the "stupid" column.
                       \_ Which is why officials and elected leaders in his
                          own party have asked him to *not* show at Dem
                          rallies this week and said he should apologise.
                          If being aware of current events is your stupid
                          column then please put me firmly on that side.
                          \_ Tester, Casey and Ford do indeed have a bit
                             of the stupid in them.
              \_ Yes, he meant that you can either work hard and study or you
                 can end up getting your country's military stuck in a bloody
              \_ I think that Kerry is just as good at flubbing public speeches
                 as Bush is, and this is a typical example.  I think Kerry was
                 making a jab at Bush just as he said, but he should have done
                 what a normal person would with an apology, rather than
                 preemtively attacking Rush Limbaugh.  /That/ showed his lack
                 of character more than the original comment. -emarkp
                 \_ I vote based on a person's character.  -Average American
                 \_ From, from yesterday's show:
                    With the cute little comment "Watch the video, and see if
                    Kerry or anyone else laughs as if it's a joke at Bush's
                    expense." along with a video clip with the laughter (that
                    is indeed there on the live feed) is cut.  Preemptive, my
                    foot.  Fuck you, and fuck Rush.
                    \_ I don't give a rip about Rush Limbaugh.  Kerry slammed
                       him before his show even aired. -emarkp
        \_ And to think this arrogant moron was almost elected....
           \_ Yeah, good thing the other arrogant moron was elected.
              \_ Actually, yes, it is.  There are worse things than GWB.  Such
                 as John Kerry.  He flubbed the joke before he made the joke.
                 Or did he make the joke before he flubbed the joke.  Or maybe
                 the joke was just nuanced and he's the only one smart enough
                 to understand it.  Or he flubbed the nuancing of the apology
                 before making the joke about the soldier's apology to him.
                 Or something like that.
                 \_ Or maybe he was making a joke about the President partying
                    too much in college instead of learning that you don't get
                    to invade countries just because you're the President. I
                    know, it's not really funny because the results of Bush's
                    Folly have been so painful, but do try to see the irony.
                    Frankly, I'm having a really hard time trying to imagine
                    anyone doing worse than Bush. [Edit: Of course that's
                    immediately not true. Lyndon Larouche, Ross Perot, Dan
                    Quayle, Dick Cheney, Gary Bauer, Alan Keyes... hell, the
                    list is long and varied. It's also populated by the lower
                    5% of the pool.]
                    \_ How weird that you only mention right wingers as people
                       who could be worse.  I'm sure you're not allowing your
                       personal bias to color your thinking.  Carry on,
                       Comrade!  The fact is both parties are corrupt and this
                       whole "your party is teh suxx0r but my party is teh
                       r0xx0rz!@1" thing is truly moronic.  If you can't see
                       the flaws in one party while being able to see the same
                       flaws in the other, you are truly hopeless.  Vote third
                       \_ Oh, sorry: Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Kim Jong Il, Joe
                          Lieberman, James McGreevey. Find me corrupt Dem
                          chickenhawks, and I'll add them to the list.
                          \_ So you think Dan Quayle belongs on the same list
                             as Stalin?  Whatever.  Vote third party.
                             \_ No, I think DQ would have made a worse Pres.
                                than Bush. I think Stalin would make a worse
                                Pres. than Bush. I think 95% of the pool would
                                make a better Pres. than Bush. Did you flunk
                                reading comprehension?
                             \_ What third party?  Libertarian?  Green?
                                Communist?  A more reasonable response is that
                                people need to get away from parties, and we
                                need to find ways to get higher quality
                                individuals into politics.  The solution of
                                the problem of political parties is not
                                more political parties.
        \_ HALP US JON CARRY!
        \_ So I am really trying to figure this one out: why does a toungue
           tied has-been washed up second rate politician rate so much
           attention? Is this just an effort by the GOP to change the subject
           off of Iraq? Do they think this is going to work for them, or is
           \_ Not to state the obvious, BUT YES, OF COURSE.
           this one of those "Hail Mary" situations, like in the WSU vs. Cal
           game last week?
2006/10/31-11/2 [Politics/Domestic/Abortion, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:45062 Activity:nil
10/31   "Now the government is targeting unmarried adults up to age 29 as part
        of its abstinence-only programs, which include millions of dollars in
        federal money that will be available to the states under revised
        federal grant guidelines for 2007."
        Goddamn tax-and-spend liberals, always spending money on utopian
        social...err, oh.
        \_ Well, the government provided subsidised loans for me to be in
           Berkeley studying science for four years, which clearly furthered
           the abstinence-only agenda--and that was during the Clinton
        \_ As a conservative I no more approve of this than the billions of
           dollars of liberal waste in the yearly budget.
                \_ There already is a program for astinence for young adults: it\
s called marriage after the first 10 years or second kid.
                \_ There already is a program for astinence for young adults: its
                   called marriage after the first 10 years or second kid.
        \_ Abstinence before age 29 isn't the kind of utopia I want to live in.
2006/10/31-11/1 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:45063 Activity:kinda low
10/31   The GOP strategory for the 2006 general election:
        - Allow only the slimmest of a Dem majority in the House.
        - Prevent Dems from obtaining six Senate seats, since just five will
        result in a 50-50 tie, giving the nominal majority to the GOP because
        of the inherent VP swing vote, and thus, 1-vote majorities on all
        (except Ethics) Senate committees.  If Dems get six, negotiate with
        Lieberman until he aligns his independent vote with GOP, which gets
        them back to a 50-50 tie.
        - Whip up the base as much as possible, so they'll be primed to blame
        the Dem-controlled House as much as possible through 2008.
        \_ Lieberman doesn't have a rat's ass chance of getting re-elected.
           \_ Polls show him leading Lamont by more than
              what could be called statistical error.  I think he's going
              to win. - danh
              \_ ??? Is there no GOP candidate here?
                    Consistently polling in the single-digit percents.  Not
                    a serious candidate.  Judging from the above website, he
                    is not considering himself to be a seroius candidate either.
           \_ I like how you make such a solid statement with no facts, just
              your own emotions and desires to base it on.
              \_ Well, if you like that one, you'll love this one: you're a
                 dick, and you fill a place in my life as someone worthy of
        - Whip up the base as much as possible, so they'll be primed to blame
        the Dem-controlled House as much as possible through 2008.
        \_ Unless you have special inside information, please don't waste
           precious motd bits with either the obvious (Keep control of
           Congress) or the inane (whip up the base blah blah blah).
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