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2006/10/27-30 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:45006 Activity:low
10/26   I really want to see Al Gore and Hillary run. Al Gore=pres, Hillary=
        vice, or the other way around. In either case, the pair would
        totally kick some serious ass.
        \_ Yeah except they've always hated each other.  And oh yeah, neither
           of them is electable.  And uhm, Hillary would never run as VP.
           And Gore's ego couldn't take a second loss and he knows it so he'll
           never run again.  And Hillary has 40+% negative ratings so the
           opposition candidates start at the 40% mark in the race to 50.1%.
           And Hillary has pissed off the left, the center and the right over
           the years.  Now that I think it, I agree with you.  I'd like to
           see them run together so we never have to see either of them in
           front of the camera again after they crash in a giant flaming pit
           of electoral failure.
        \_ yes, then we could have the second 'jewish' presidency, or would
           that be third (or fourth?)
           \_ wtf?
        \_ Are you trying for the least charismatic ticket possible?
           \_ Yes, but we couldn't get permission to dig up the corpse of Adlai
           \_ Hillary has quite high favorable ratings, especially for a
              politicians, so obviously a large minority find her charismatic.
              She also has quite high unfavorable ratings, but that is
              a different story...
              \_ No one finds her charismatic.  They like her politics (that
        \_ ain't no way.  hillary was veep when bubba was pres.  who wants
           that again?  hillary is posturing along the m. thatcher model.
           \_ Uhhh, are you comparing Hillary Clinton to Margaret Thatcher??
              I think Thatcher might just rise from the grave to kick your
              \_ I wish she would rise from the grave so I could kick her ass!
                 "Dad, you killed zombie Flanders!"
                 "Flanders was a zombie?"
2006/10/27-30 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:45007 Activity:nil
10/27   Dear MySQL experts, I have a serious problem. I backed up my
        database using mysqldump. When I try to recover using
        "mysql < recover_file.sql" I keep getting "ERROR 2013 (HY000)
        at line 116: Lost connection to MySQL server during query"
        \_ So the dump file is just standard sql data.  Why not take a look at
           the line where it's running into problems and see if that yields
           any insights? -dans
2006/10/27-29 [Reference/BayArea] UID:45008 Activity:kinda low
        CNN says San Francisco is a bubble proof city. So if you have a home
        near SF you have reasons to celebrate. If you don't have
        one, you missed out. Oh well too bad! Tee hee hee      -homeowner
        \_ You know what the difference is between you and me?  If you're
           right or wrong, I'll be financially solvent either way--but if
           you're wrong, you'll be ruined and have to declare bankruptcy.
           Tee hee hee indeed.
           \_ Huh?
           \_ The Pascal's Wager of home ownership?  Both rest on the
              assumption that you lose nothing by taking the "safe" course.
              \_ No, the motd Bay Area Housing Koolaid Brigaide are full of
                 shit for the same reason Pascal was:
                 Pascal assumes that there is either a Christian god or no
                 god at all, and you assume that you either buy a house in
                 the bay area or don't own a home and take no risks.
                 Fuck the Bay Area, fuck Christianity, fuck Blaise Pascal,
                 and fuck you.
                 \_ How's capitalism treating you lafe?
                 \_ If the argument is "The Bay Area, like a few isolated
                    places in the US is bubble proof" then buying in a non
                    bubble proof area is worse, so if not buying is better than
                    buying in SF then not buying is much better than
                    buying in a non bubble proof area.  You may not agree with
                    that concept, but it isn't the same situation as "there
                    might be a non christian god"
                    \_ It's much simpler that that.
                       1) design circuit, build circuit, test circuit
                       2) goddamn fucking circuit does not work as designed
                       3) unleash free-floating rage on the motd
                 \_ My Bay Area home is up by $1/2M since I bought it
                    five years ago. You reek of sour grapes.
                    \_ dang, you bought a $2 million house five years ago?
                       (50% appreciation =~ $1M).
                       \- Maybe he meant $0.5M or $500K.
        \_ I've been looking in SF recently, prices in SF and Oakland
           have softened.
        \_ SF is affected by interest rates like everywhere else.
2006/10/27 [Uncategorized] UID:45009 Activity:nil
10/27   [URL without comment deleted]
2006/10/27-30 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:45010 Activity:kinda low
10/17   Neocolonialists take note, even in Chile they go after torturers:
        \_ We do not torture.
        \_ In Soviet Russia, ...... never mind.
        \_ The shitbag had it coming.  Fantastic, thx for the link.  -John
           \_ i am a bit confused on what is your point.  If anything,
              Pinochet is another example of the failure of US policy of
              installing puppet governments world wide.  It is hard to imagine
              why Pinochet get axed for what he did, while Kissinger gets
              Nobel Peace price for it?
              \_ What's confusing about my point?  Pinochet is a murdering
                 shitbag thug.  Like Stroessner was, like Hussein, like
                 any number of other murdering shitbag thugs.  I was not
                 referring to Kissinger.  Are you implying that being
                 installed by a US-sponsored coup makes Pinochet any less of
                 a reprehensible turd?  -John
        \_ I'm sure all the neocolonialists on the motd have taken note.
           Thanks for the link.  --neocol
2006/10/27-30 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:45011 Activity:moderate
        Tell us again about how liberal the media is.
        \_ [URL without comment deleted]
        \_ (example of liberal media bias)
        \_ Don't call them Brownshirts.
        \_ What a progressive blog, sterilize anyone that doesn't agree.
           Where are all the people that that the freepers are nuts?
           \_ is run by the Clinton crowd.  It has a specific agenda.
              It is not an independent political site.  Think of it as the
              semi-official organ of the "third way Clintonian Democrats".
           \_ Umm, do words mean different things to you than other english
              speakers?  Are you insane?  What the fuck?
              \_ "Anyone who still talks about the liberal media should be
                 sterilized. They are clearly too stupid to breed."  I'll
                 let everyone decide what that means independently.
                  \_ If you think that's even remotely on the same level
                     of outrageous as the freeper bullshit you, well, are
                     too stupid to breed.
                     \_ Just because the freepers are nuts doesn't make it ok
                        for this site to say someone should be sterilized for
                        having a different belief.  Take a step back, a long
                        breath and try to justify a comment like that.  It
                        can't be.  It certainly isn't a 'progressive' thing
                        to say unless the word now means 'closed minded and
                        \_ Take a deep breath, step back, and remember that
                           no one is actually advocating the surgical or
                           chemical sterilization of people who post to the
                           Free Republic's forums. The statement is one of
                           hyperbolic outrage. This is not the same thing as
                           Ann Coulter calling for the the murder of USSC
                           justices, although in a way it is, because no one
                           with an ounce of sense believes anything she says
                           \_ So when a lefty says something vicious and
                              stupid it is just hyperbolic outrage.  When
                              anyone on the right says something they're
                              evil and need to be sterilized.  Ok.  Got it.
                              Nothing like a double standard to help
                              rationalize away those logical inconsistencies.
                              \_ No, it's still vicious and stupid. It's just
                                 that those of us with sense know to take it
                                 as what it is: hyperbole. Same with Ann
                                 Coulter, really, only it's everything she
                                 says, not just those choice little nuggets.
        \_ Is this a hoax?  This would be the first time I've seen any media
           outlet anywhere (except maybe Fox News) have trouble "disparaging
           President Bush."
           \_ They don't want you to know this.  Shh.  -John
2006/10/27-30 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:45012 Activity:nil
        There you go, Q3 GDP estimated at 1.6%.  Looks like the markets had
        not factored this in.
2006/10/27-30 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:45013 Activity:low
10/27   Anybody tried the "PDF decryptor" or "PDF password delete" type of
        software?  I have a PDF form file that won't let me save.  I'm
        considering getting one of those type of software to unlock the
        file.  I really don't want to pay to try it out though.  Are there
        free open source PDF unlock programs?  Thanks.
        \_ I've used Elcomsoft's (of "Free Dmitry Sklyarov!" fame) PDF
           decryptor.  Worked fine.  Its legality is dubious, though.
           \_ How so?  It's my understanding (correct me if wrong, please)
              that documents legitimately in your possession are covered
              by various fair use clauses, i.e. you're not stealing trade
              secrets, that sort of thing.  As for pdfs, unlocking them is
              trivial unless they're encrypted, in which case you're SOL--
              I don't know of anything that can handle this easily.  -John
              \_ I meant the legality of obtaining Elcomsoft's eBook
                 Processor itself, which was posted to the 'net after
                 Sklyarov was arrested.  I'm not referring to the
                 legality of decrypting (which should be legal based on
                 fair use rights, but OTOH there's that thing called the
                 DMCA).  And yes, Elcomsoft's program does decrypt PDFs.
                 \_ I thought there were two kinds of pdf encryption--the
                    access encryption and actual data encryption, and that
                    Elcomsoft only dealt with the latter.  -John
2006/10/27 [Uncategorized] UID:45014 Activity:nil
2006/10/27-30 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:45015 Activity:kinda low
10/27   Why are kids today (10 to late teens) so obsessed about Google and
        YouTube? You know, like, who cares? OMGWTFBBQ, whatever man.
        \_ kids are obssessed with google?  I thought it was myspace and
           \_ and flickr
        \_ Why aren't kids obsessed with porn sites instead?  There are tons
           of free sites which can be accesses without a credit card.  If
           there were web sites when I was a kid, I'd have found porn sites
           much more interesting than youtube and mysepace.
           \_ I need porn. Can you post some of these sites??? THX!!
              \_ Youtube has lots of softporn. search for cwh.
        \_ I don't think you really want a lengthy essay about social isolation
           the need to belong to a peer group and the ever increasing pressure
           on young people today.
2006/10/27-30 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:45016 Activity:nil
        Headline:  "Iraqi Premier and U.S. Envoy Back Timetable"
        Body:  Iraq "made clear the issues that must be resolved with timelines
               for them to take positive steps forward."
        They don't match.
        \_ STAY THE COURSE.
2006/10/27-30 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:45017 Activity:nil
        Dem-sponsored shorts chronicling Dubya's "stay the course" exhortations
        \_ Please clarify: are you simply posting links to Dem-sponsored vids
           on Youtube because you wanted people to see them, or are you trying
           to make a point in the context of the Michelle Malkin thread? If the
           latter, please post your point. Thank you. -motd polemicist
2006/10/27-30 [Uncategorized] UID:45018 Activity:nil
10/27   When people talk about engines, what exactly is the compression
        ratio and what is the significance?
2006/10/27-11/1 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/SW/OS/VM] UID:45019 Activity:nil
10/30   Can a hyper-threading CPU run two threads in two separate apps at the
        same time?  How does it handle the two different virtual memory
        mapping?  If I mostly run processes where only one thread is active,
        (e.g. compilation, SETI@home in background, VirtualPC or VMware
        instances), does hyper-threading help or hurt performance?  (I know I
        really should profile to find out, but I want to know the theoretical
        answer.)  Thx.
        \_ They get interleaved the same as anything else.  Go look up Intel's
           *very* well written white papers on the topic.  You won't find
           better answers anywhere else.
        \_ Intel has published several white papers on their site that explain
           in easily read English exactly how HT works.  You are unlikely to
           find a better explanation anywhere else.  Kudos to their doc
           writers on that one.
        \_ Virtual memory is not an issue.  As to the rest, unless you are
           doing stuff where getting about 1 percent more out of your cpu
           matters, don't worry about it.  Hyperthreading has a bit of
           performance hit in most cases but makes up for it by making
           the computer much more responsive at high load.  In a gui environment
           this makes you computer feel zippier and is worth the performance
           \_ Actually, it makes the computer less responsive under a high
              load. Why? Because the CPU is trying to execute more
              processes than it has processors. Try this experiment: Run
              three jobs with a nice level of 20. Then run one interactive
              job. See how (un)responsive it is? Now turn off HT and
              repeat the experiment. I guarantee you it will be more
              responsive in the latter case.
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