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2006/10/23-24 [Reference/Celebration, Recreation/Food] UID:44914 Activity:nil
10/23   Meatcake!
2006/10/23-24 [Uncategorized] UID:44915 Activity:nil
10/23   Complete Works of Charles Darwin:
2006/10/23-24 [Uncategorized] UID:44916 Activity:nil
10/23   Original BASE jumper dies during his first BASE jump in years:,,11069-2417736,00.html
        \_ In decades.
        \_ Was he trying to prove it was safe?
2006/10/23-24 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:44917 Activity:nil
10/23   Lecture on Dwarf Planets at Stanford on Wednesday, 25 Oct:
        \_ Isn't there nothing new about these planets except the name change?
2006/10/23-24 [Reference/History, Reference/History/WW2] UID:44918 Activity:nil
10/23   "What have we learned from history?"
        \_ In order to learn from history one must have actually
           learned history in the first place.
        \_ What have we learned from mythology or the classics
           would be a more appropriate caption. AFAIK, there is
           no archaeological or historical basis for the story
           of the trojan horse.
           \_ Quotes added to denote title of program.
           \_ It wasn't that long ago, historically speaking, that
              Troy itself was thought to be mythical as there was no
              archaeological or historical basis for the entire city.
              And then someone dug it up.
              \_ If you are talking about Hisarlik, my understanding
                 is that there is still some debate about whether it
                 was the real location of Troy and/or the site of the
                 Torjan War.
                 \_ Debate?  Who is saying it isn't so?  Anyway, 'some debate'
                    doesn't mean it isn't true.  There is 'some debate' about
                    human caused global warming, too, but that debate is over.
2006/10/23-24 [Uncategorized] UID:44919 Activity:nil
10/23   Anyone have a clue where I could find one of those secret
        service type earpieces with a curly white cord?  -John
        \_ Costume shop for a fake.  Any of the spy vs. spy net sites for
           something with working parts.  Radio shack for a slightly larger
        \_ You'd want a cord with a color matching your skin to minimize
2006/10/23-24 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:44920 Activity:nil
10/23   Teenager questioned for creating a My Space web site that
        says K|77 BV$H: (click Secret Service finds girl behind ...)
        \_ Let's impound the MySpace servers!
           \_ We should but not because of this.
        \_ It is their job.  If they knew it was there and didn't at least
           talk to her and she later turned out to be psychotic and shot
           him then everyone would say they knew she was a threat and did
           nothing.  She wasn't kidnapped from her home at 3am by men base
           jumping from black helicopters, drugged, beaten, and tossed in
           a Turkish prison.  The idiot child got taken out of class and
           questioned at school.  Why was she taken out of class?  Because
           remarkably those are the same hours the SS guys are working.
           \_ I agree that nothing particular was done wrong, but why is she
              an idiot child?  I remember being (mildly) surprised to discover
              that it was a federal crime to say "i'm going to kill the potus"
              when I was a teenager.  It's not one of those things they teach
              in school.
              \_ It should be part of civics class.  I guess they don't bother
                 teaching anything so useless as how our government was formed,
                 how it works, or the philosophical underpinnings of our
                 nation's political system anymore.  I was quite aware of it
                 as a young teen, but Reagan was shot at the time so maybe
                 that's how I knew.  In any event, it is stupid to put your
                 name on anything, especially something easily searched like
                 your myspace page advocated *anyone's* death.  For that alone
                 she gets basic idiot credit.  For saying it about a high
                 official she get bonus idiot credit.  Next time it's black
                 helicopters, beatings, and turkish prison for her.
        \_ I can't watch the video, but I think it's funny that this sort
           of thing is still news when it's been standard procedure for
           decades.  I knew a kid who got pulled for questioning during
           the Clinton administration for sending a threatening email.
2006/10/23-24 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:44921 Activity:nil
10/23   What's the difference between Certified Mail, Signature Required,
        Insured, Insurance, and all that crap USPS offers?
2006/10/23-24 [Transportation/Car] UID:44922 Activity:nil 70%like:44859
10/23   Re: BBC demonstrates the proper way to recycle a car:
        Does anyone know what they used to throw the car up in the air without
        crushing the car itself?
        \_ Looked like some sort of hydraulic ram.
2006/10/23-24 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:44923 Activity:nil
10/23   IE7 is out.  Is it better than Firefox
        \_ It's fundamentally the same as IE7bN, so... no.
2006/10/23-24 [Uncategorized] UID:44924 Activity:nil
10/23   Anyone know Andrzej Irla, graduated from Cal 1996?
        \_ Degree in Computer Science in 1996, living in Chandler, AZ now.
2006/10/23-24 [Uncategorized] UID:44925 Activity:nil
10/23   Are there ToDo lists or Calendar type of applications for RAZR?
2006/10/23-24 [Uncategorized] UID:44926 Activity:nil
10/23   Congratulations, tmonroe, on a beautiful wedding!
2006/10/23-24 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:44927 Activity:nil
10/23   best mac ad:
2006/10/23-24 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:44928 Activity:nil
10/23   Game review:
2006/10/23-25 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:44929 Activity:high
10/23   I have like ~$200k sitting around that I've been ignoring because I'm
        incredibly lazy and money management is boring. What should I do with
        it? I guess I should buy a house? Or dump it in an index fund? It's
        been sitting in... a checking account. Go me.
        \_ I'm lazy and risk-averse, so I keep most of my money in CDs
           (currently earning 5.94%).  Not optimal, but it's really easy
           and safe.  If I were less lazy, I'd use multiple banks or
           joint accounts to get FDIC insurance for the whole amount.
           \_ Where do you get that 5.94 at?
              \_ Cal State 9 Credit Union, with 5-year $5000 variable-rate CDs.
        \_ Wow, I don't think checking accounts are even FDIC insured
           above 100K.  Anyway, how long term?  Very long term an index
           fund is probably the best idea.  Short term, CDs or ING.
           \_ Yeah, long term I guess. The only reason I'd use this cash is
              for real estate or maybe starting my hot new business idea but
              I've no plans for those atm...
           \_ They're insured at $100K per account holder.  If you get a
              joint account, it's therefore insured at up to $200K.  The
              money also could be spread across multiple accounts.
        \_ As the above says, they're not insured above 100k (for all that's
           worth anyway).  Are you married?  Do you have a girlfriend?  If not,
           go into a bank office run by some hottie bank manager and explain
           your situation to her.  You are guaranteed to get very very personal
           attention and she'll help you manager your money better, too.
           \_ op didn't say "in one account"  I have a similar situation, I
              just divide it amongst more than one acct (at different banks).
              \_ um, yeah it's in one account right now... yeah... -op
                 OK i'll do this first. Too bad ING direct doesn't have
                 offices with hotties helping you. Or does it?
                 Actually screw ING, emigrantdirect has better rates.
                 \_ That's the problem with electronic transactions: you lose
                    out on the personal touch and you may want that in both
                    senses.  You'll get the same advice no matter where you go
                    so pick a place where you'll get hottie service.
                    5.26% from Principal Bank vs. 5.05% at ED
                    ED also has the hokiest website once you actually start
                    digging into it
                    \_ Well now I found 5.75% CDs at I can't find
                       5.94 like the guy above though. Maybe an "intro" rate
                 \_ The B of A branch at 909 E. Hillsdale Blvd, Foster City,
                    does have many hotties at the counter and the cust srv
                    desks in the morning shift.  The problem is that there are
                    also one or two fat ones, so there's a small chance you end
                    up with one of those.  I did when I went last time. :-(
        \_ Any money manager will tell you to diversify.  Take at least half of
           that and split it into socks, bonds, commoddieites, etc.  Go to any
           investment company and ask for help.  Or better yet, ask anyone you
           know who does manage his money better for a recommendation of
        \_ My investment plan is to buy a house.  No it isn't optimal, but it's
           a decent investment (if you don't have one already) and it is
           an investment you are going to make every damn month, no slipping
           up and forgetting to invest.
           Lots of mutual funds let you auto invest once a month.  Do a bit
           of reading, pick a few mutual funds, set them up to auto invest
           some amount that is reasonable and forget about them for a year.
           You won't do worse than bank account intrest, that's for sure.
           \_ well, buying a house now is like buying socks in early 2000.
              On margin!  Be careful what you invest in.
              \_ A house that you live in is a home, not an 'investment'.
                 Don't confuse the two. However, if you are renting right
                 now and can afford the mortgage on a house, then what
                 are you waiting for? You are throwing money away by
                 \_ A home that gains in value.  Maybe not at the insane
                    rates that it has the last few years, but still, it's
                    an investment.  Consider person A who lets his money
                    sit around getting 1% intrest in a checking account
                    and who pays rent vs person B who gets a home, pays
                    his mortgage, etc.  5 years later if B sells his place
                    (and the housing market hasn't tanked like some people
                    think it will) then person B will have significantly more
                    money than A.  If A invests intelligently that is much
                    less of a given, but the OP already admitted he isn't
                    a good investor.
                    \_ No, it's not an investment if it's your primary
                       residence. It's a cost. However, it's still a good idea
                       because you are fixing the cost of one of your
                       biggest expenses over the next 30 years.
                       \_ What makes it different?
                          \_ For one, when you sell it (or if you lose it)
                             then you are homeless.
                             \_ When I sell it I'm in the exact same place
                                that the renter is at.  It isn't a very
                                liquid investment, but I still think of
                                it as an investment.
                                \_ If you buy it at $700K and it falls to
                                   $400K then you are not where the renter
                                   is at and you can't sell it either.
                                   So why buy it? Because even at $400K it
                                   has value as a home. Most people buy
                                   another house when they sell one, so
                                   it's not really money they have invested.
                                   The government agrees, hence the cap
                                   gains exclusion for the first $500K.
                                   Two good questions gleaned from the WWW:
                                   1. What if it's a good investment but
                                      doesn't work out as a home? Would you
                                      stay there anyway, or sell for less
                                      than you'd get by waiting?
                                   2. Suppose it's a good home but turns into
                                      a lousy investment? Would you cut your
                                      losses and move? Or would you take the
                                      financial hit and stay?
                                   \_ 1. You can lose money on any investment.
                                      Houses do have a bit of risk because you
                                      are buying on margine, but it's very
                                      rare for a housing market to drop for a
                                      significant amount of time. (Yes, I know
                                      about Tokyo.)  I'm not saying there
                                      isn't a bubble right now, but I don't
                                      think prices are going to fall much
                                      further if at all in some areas.
                                      2. As to the questions you asked, you
                                      can always rent your place if you want
                                      to move (I know people who own, rent
                                      their house, and themselves live in a
                                      rented apartment, for just the reasons
                                      you gave.)  The second question you ask
                                      is valid, but I don't think that makes
                                      it not an investment.  It just makes it
                                      a bit more complicated of an investment.
                                      \_ Can you write it off as a loss if
                                         you lose money when you sell? What if
                                         you rent it for less than the
                                         mortgage? With investment property,
                                         you can write it off a loss. With
                                         your primary residence, you can't.
                                         You might treat it like an investment,
                                         but it's not. It's an asset, but
                                         so is a car or a dishwasher. Those
                                         aren't investments either. To
                                         treat your primary residence like
                                         an investment is folly.
                                         \_ You're splitting hairs.  The
                                            dictionary definition of
                                            "investement" is "that with which
                                            one is invested."  It's obvious
                                            that a home is an investment by
                                            that definition.  A home has
                                            different characteristics than
                                            other investments, but you're
                                            still invested in it and expecting
                                            a positive return on the money
                                            you put into it.  -tom
                                            \_ No, you should not be expecting
                                               a positive return. You should
                                               be expecting a place to live.
                                               You are invested in it only
                                               to the extent that you're
                                               invested in that new stereo
                                               that you bought. Historically,
                                               return on houses is about
                                               the rate of inflation (i.e. 0).
                                               Even if your house does go
                                               up in value, what good does
                                               it do when you can't sell w/o
                                               being homeless?
                                               \_ So you're claiming that a
                                                  renter is better off in the
                                                  long term financially than
                                                  a home owner?  They get a
                                                  place to live, don't pay for
                                                  repairs, can leave any time
                                                  with only moving costs, and
                                                  can choose to pay less/month
                                                  than a home owner.  Sounds
                                                  like home owning is moronic
                                                  and renting is a brilliant
                                                  path to financial success.
                                                  Except we know that isn't
                                                  \_ I am not claiming a
                                                     renter is better off
                                                     financially. I said
                                                     that fixing the cost
                                                     of housing is a smart
                                                     thing. However, that
                                                     doesn't make it an
                                                     \_ Making money by reducing
                                                        costs is somehow
                                                        different than making
                                                        money by increasing
                                                        income?  A penny saved
                                                        is a penny earned.
                                                        There are two sides to
                                                        the cash flow equation.
                                                        \_ Not reducing costs.
                                                           Fixing costs.
                                                           If you move
                                                           from a $1600
                                                           apartment to a
                                                           $1200 apartment
                                                           does that mean
                                                           you are investing
                                                           $400 month? Not
                                                           if you are keeping
                                                           that $400 under your
                                                           mattress you aren't.
                                               \_ If the total value of a
                                                  leveraged investment
                                                  increases at the rate of
                                                  inflation, your investment
                                                  increases at greater than
                                                  the rate of inflation.
                                                  Also, zero return is a lot
                                                  better than what you get
                                                  on rent money.  -tom
                                                  \_ For sake of argument,
                                                     assume you are not
                                                     leveraged. I, like
                                                     you and most other
                                                     people who bought a
                                                     house more than 3
                                                     years ago, have a lot
                                                     of equity on paper.
                                                     However, it does me
                                                     no good, because if I
                                                     use it (say for law
                                                     school or to start a
                                                     business or to buy a
                                                     Ferrari) then I am
                                                     homeless. I am not
                                                     saying not to buy a
                                                     home. I am saying
                                                     that a home is not an
                                                     investment - not even
                                                     an illiquid investment.
                                                     It's a cost. Fixing that
                                                     cost over 30 years is a
                                                     good thing, but it's
                                                     still a cost. An
                                                     investor expects to
                                                     make cash on cash,
                                                     not fork over $4K each
                                                     month for 30 years with
                                                     no return.
                                                     \_ Why would you assume
                                                        I am not leveraged,
                                                        when practically every
                                                        home is leveraged?
                                                        You can sell the home
                                                        at any time; you won't
                                                        be homeless, you'll
                                                        just be renting, which
                                                        is the alternative
                                                        to owning a home.
                                                        It may make sense to
                                                        rent in some
                                                        situations, but there
                                                        is no investment which
                                                        has returned anything
                                                        close to what my home
                                                        has in the past 7
                                                        years (something like
                                                        1000% return on
                                                        investment).  -tom
                                                        \_ Right, so when
                                                           are you selling
                                                           and quitting
                                                           your job to
                                                           live on your
                                                           \_ How is that
                                                              relevant?  I
                                                              certainly could
                                                              sell if I wanted
                                                              to get the cash
                                                              out and go back
                                                              to renting.  -tom
                                                              \_ That's not
                                                                 really an
                                                                 option for
                                                                 I wouldn't
                                                                 do it and
                                                                 would you.
                                                        If I had reason to do
                                                        so--if my home were
                                                        no longer a good
                                                        investment--I would
                                                        definitely sell it.
                                                        I am almost certain to
                                                        sell it at some point
                                                        in my life.  And again,
                                                        whether I would sell it
                                                        or not is not what
                                                        qualifies it as an
                                                        investment.  I
                                                        have stocks I wouldn't
                                                        sell unless there's
                                                        a fundamental change
                                                        in the marketplace;
                                                        same with my house.
                                                        \_ I assume your
                                                           stocks are producing
                                                           dividends. If
                                                           not, you'd be a
                                                           fool to hold
                                                           them forever.
                                                           As for your
                                                           home not being
                                                           a good investment,
                                                           I don't buy it.
                                                           It will probably
                                                           go down in value
                                                           next year. You
                                                           gonna sell? You
                                                           would if it was
                                                           a stock.
                                        You are now bordering on being not
                                        worth responding to.  Point 1: Only
                                        an idiot would sell a stock just
                                        because it went down.  I sell my stocks
                                        either because I need money (rarely),
                                        or because the fundamentals of the
                                        business have changed.  Do I think,
                                        long-term, that a home near Piedmont
                                        Avenue in Oakland is going to lose
                                        value?  No, so it would be foolish
                                        to sell, especially in a down market.
                                        Point 2: Stocks are not the only
                                        kind of investment, and not all
                                        investments behave like stocks.
                                        You will not see anywhere in any
                                        definition of the term "investment"
                                        that the object invested in must
                                        be bought and sold regularly.  In
                                        fact, that's closer to the antithesis
                                        of investing than it is to the
                                        definition.   -tom
                                        \_ Point 1: If I told you with 100%
                                           certainty that your house would
                                           drop 15% next year would you
                                           sell it? What if I told you with
                                           100% certainty that a particular
                                           stock would drop 15% next year?
                                           Point 2: I never said stocks were
                                           the only kind of investment. Red
                                           herring. Houses certainly can be.
                                           Just not your primary residence,
                                           unless you like being homeless.
                                           The vast majority of homeowners
                                           would not go back to renting, even
                                           when sitting on huge gains. Most
                                           investments return cash on cash.
                                           Your primary residence, with you
                                           living in it, say, 30 years isn't
                                           returning anything to you. I realize
                                           the average person sells after 7
                                           years, but they also turn around
                                           and buy another house with the
                                           proceeds. At what point does one
                                           profit from that? When you die and
                                           your heirs sell it off?
                                           \_ Warren Buffett buys companies
                                              all the time, with no intention
                                              of selling them.  Is he not
                                              an investor?  Your understanding
                                              of the word "investment" is
                                              completely wrong.  -tom
                                              \_ So Buffet isn't making
                                                 any profit from these
                                                 companies? He just buys
                                                 them with no intention of
                                                 selling and considers the
                                                 money he put into them
                                                 lost forever? My idea of
                                                 investing involves a
                                                 return, often called a
                                                 profit. Buying a house
                                                 and sitting on $700K in
                                                 paper money while paying
                                                 $4K/month until one dies is
                                                 not a great way to profit and
                                                 not a very good investment.
                                                 \_ Yes, Buffett buys companies
                                                    with no intention of doing
                                                    anything other than
                                                    holding them.  Just
                                                    because you haven't sold
                                                    something doesn't mean
                                                    you haven't gotten a
                                                    return on it.  -tom
                      I know two different people who sold -/
                      a place in the last couple of years
                      and went back to renting.  In both cases
                      they felt the market was due for a downturn and
                      they weren't happy with where they lived at the time.
                      The sold their places, are renting for a few years
                      and may buy again if they think the market has
                      corrected.  Taxwise they got hit a bit hard, but
                      it was a choice they both made.  Take it as you will.
                      \_ It's not very common. Did they have a lot of
                         gains? Are they happy renting? How long did they
                         own? Most homeowners value their houses as homes
                         first and foremost. Any possible gains are
                         secondary and almost incidental. You could have
                         made a lot of money buying in South Central
                         over the last 2 years. You gonna live there to
                         profit from it? I know a lot of real estate
                         investors and they have all said that one's
                         primary residence should be paid off so that that
                         cash flow (going into the mortgage) can be put to
                         good use and never to touch the main house after
                         that. Buy 10 houses in Watts if you want, but the
                         primary residence isn't even part of the
                         portfolio. It's an expense to be paid as quickly
                         as possible and a place to retreat to to lick
                         your wounds when/if things go bad.
                         \_ One person did very well (San Diego, crummy
                            nieghborhood, got in and out at the perfect time)
                            The other had a very low intrest loan (teacher)
                            and did fairly well.  I'm amused how you deny that
                            you can go back to renting if you want to cash
                            out of your house on the premise that most people
                            won't want to.  If you don't want to sell your
                            house it is because it is worth more to you than
                            the money could get out of it.  If your house is
                            worth more than what you could get out of it
                            (with a bit of fudge for pain in the ass factor,
                            but people have already admitted a house isn't
                            the most liquid investment) than isn't that good
                            way to invest your money?  A house isn't like
                            a car or a stero or most material goods that
                            make your life better because unlike most of
                            those a house goes up in value (maybe not much,
                            but up) rather than down like almost everything
                            else.  And if you are the kind of person who
                            doesn't like investing money and can't be bothered
                            to stop letting your money lose value by sitting
                            around in a checking account doing nothing a
                            house is a very good way to invest money AND
                            improve your life.  (Stupid buyers who buy more
                            than they can afford as a few threads above not
                                                  \_ Not to mention a lot
                                                     better than what you
                                                     get on money sitting in
                                                     your checking account.
                                                     And let's not forget all
                                                     the mortgage deduction
                                                     tax law issues as well.
                                                  \_ There's a pretty
                                                     simple calculation
                                                     you can do to tell if
                                                     renting or buying is
                                                     better in a given
                                                     market.  Of course,
                                                     it ignores
                                                     significant changes
                                                     in home value.
                                                     \_ I rent therefore
                                                        renters are smarter and
                                                        home owners are all
                                                        evil for pricing me out
                                                        of the market.
        \_ If you contact me, I will put you in touch with my broker. -ausman
2006/10/23 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Recreation/Dating] UID:44930 Activity:insanely high
10/23   I started growing in 3rd/4th grade. By 8th grade I was up to a full B,
         a little too small for a C. By the beginning of 10th grade I was
         wearing F (yes, I have a lot of stretch marks on my boobs as a
         result). By graduation I was a full G.  Christmas break of my
         freshman year of Cal I was H. Summer between my sophomore and
         junior years I was an I.  Now I'm a senior at the church
         and I'm starting to get double boobies again. So I'm pushing a J,
         I guess.  I guess this means I might be heading into the scary
         bra size territories of 34JJ.  Yay, even less choice in bra.
         Which brings me to my question....excluding pregnancy and
         weight gain,  when the hell will these things stop growing?
         I know it's different for everyone probably, but generally when
         does breast size stabilise?  Is this all going to stop soon,
         or am I looking at continuing to grow a cupsize every
         6-9 months until my late 20s, and ending up a 34KKK or something?
         I'm hoping that, since there are quite a lot of men in their 20s
         here, someone will be able to shed some light on this, and what
         I've got in store for me.
        \_ Yawn.  Again?
        \_ Apparently it is god's will that you have an enormous rack.
        \_ Make an appointment to buy a B/C. Nip/Tuck. Stop trolling the motd.
2006/10/23-25 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:44931 Activity:nil
10/23   Rahm, DNC pitbull, stacks the deck in favor of conservative (D)
2006/10/23-24 [Recreation/Humor] UID:44932 Activity:moderate
10/23   Chuck Norris on Chuck Norris jokes
        \_ This says to me: Chuck Norris can do everything but take a joke.
        \_ Wow, thanks.  I've just lost all respect for Norris.
           "...the real cause of all diseases - sin"  Fucking dumbass.
           This bolsters my absurd predjudice that grapplers are smarter than
        \_ I love the cognitive dissonance between "the Bible tells me I really
           can do all things" and the very next question where he says only
           Jesus can do XYZ.
           \_ What do you expect?  He is anti-evolution.  (See a few lines up.)
           \_ How is it cognitive dissonance to say "Jesus can do all
              things, even allow me to do all things [he wants me to do]?"
              (Which is what they really mean when they say that.)
              \_ Did you miss the word "only" above?
           \_ There is no contradiction here.  You missed the logic.
                 \_ Chuck doesn't use the word "only" there in his article.
           \_ There is no contradiction here.  You missed what he's really
              trying to imply.
              1: Chuck Norris really can do all things.
              2: Only Jesus can do XYZ.
              1 & 2 implies: Chuck Norris is Jesus.
              1 & 2 imply: Chuck Norris is Jesus.
              Of couse Chunk Norris said in the article he is not Jesus.  But
              there is still no contradiction.  That's because Chunk Norris
              really can do all things, include denial of being Jesus.
              there is still no contradiction.  That's because from (1), Chunk
              Norris really can do all things, including denying being Jesus.
              \_ Can Chuck Norris make a burrito so big even he can't eat it?
        \_ Then again, there was a banner ad for
           right under that.  Coincidence?  I THINK NOT.  -John
        \_ Manliness--
2006/10/23-24 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:44933 Activity:nil
10/23   Daschle predicts Dems will take Senate with seven seats
        \_ He couldn't predict his own loss.
2006/10/23-24 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:44934 Activity:low
10/23   Barron's predicts GOP will retain control of Congress:
        GOP will lose eight House seats, three Senates seats
        \_ Barron's is a rag.
        \_ They're probably right.  They based their analysis solely on how
           much money each candidate has in each district.  The candidate
           with the most money has won 93 percent of all House races since
           1972.  Barron's method predicted the 2002 and 2004 House results
           fairly closely.
           \_ Barron's is right, except when they're wrong.  Analysts and
              polls think this election's going to be exceptional.  Bush
              and the Republicans have really, really fucked up to the
              point where only Bill Gates could save them.
              \_ Analysts and polls are right, except when they're wrong.  All
                 this prognostication is a wasted effort for those who want to
                 know the future.  The polling is all about trying to cause a
                 certain outcome, not predict one.  If the polls were so good
                 we wouldn't be discussing who might win, we'd be discussing
                 who won.  We have elections to determine winners.
           \_ 93% is not impressive for 435 house seats, where candidates
              with more money are nearly all the time the more popular ones.
              anyways, it's moot, because we'll find out soon enough the
              result for the ~ 40-50 competitive House races.  < 50% for
              competitive races would be a dismal failure of predictive
              ability, I think.
2006/10/23-24 [Health/Disease/General] UID:44935 Activity:low
10/23   The good news is that stem cells have cured a Parkinson's-like disease
        in rats.  The bad news is they also got brain cancer.
        \_ sounds like non-malingnant tumors, not cancer.  (Still.) -tom
           \_ Giant lump growing in my brain.  Not good.  I don't care if it
              is malignant or not after it starts pressing against my
              cerebral cortex.
              \_ Yeah, that would suck.  You might even eventually lose motor
                 control... oh... wait...
                 \_ As much as parkinson's would suck, crushing your CT would
                    be worse.
           \_ Why did someone delete all the followups?
              \_ Why do you hate non-malignant tumors?
                 \_ I love non-maglignant tumors.  Why do you hate
                    non-malignant-tumor lovers?
2006/10/23-25 [Recreation/Media] UID:44936 Activity:nil
        KANG    Well, the Earthlings continue to resent our presence
                You said we'd be greeted as liberators! ...
        KODOS   We had to invade. They were working on weapons of mass
2019/06/27 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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