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2006/10/16 [Uncategorized] UID:44826 Activity:nil
10/16   Happy Monday!
2006/10/16-18 [Science/Space, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:44827 Activity:kinda low
        Saddam verdict to be read on November 5th
        \_ You're right.  What are the odds he'd get his verdict 101 years
           to the day after the board game Monopoly was released?
        \_ on the 27th anniversary of the day Ayatollah Khomeini declared the
           US to be the "Great Satan"  Ironic, indeed.
        \_ And omgwtfbbq!!!  It is also the birthday of ~365.25/th of the
           world's population!  That's so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!  Wow!!!  November
           5th!  Of all days!  Golly... that really makes me think.
           \_ World population isn't actually evenly divided.
              \_ Ya know, I'm not sure if I should have just ignored you or if
                 I should be as anal as you and point out I used the ~ which
                 means "approximately" or make fun of you for being so anal.
                 I've decided.  OMGWTFBBQ! UR S0 SM@3T!111
                 \_ Yeah, that's much like saying "then add ~1.00004738 grams.."
        \_ You all get that this is happening 2 days before the Nov. election,
           \_ Hadn't noticed.  Just like the violence is escalating just before
              the election, the Lancet comes out with another death report, the
              Mark Foley sleaze (even Gerry Studds has died!)...
           \_ OMG!  I smell conspiracy!  Back in 1997 when PNAC was secretly
              pushing to invade Iraq through open letters, yes, even then,
              Karl Rove, Agent of Evil(tm), knew that nine years later he would
              need an October Surprise for the 2006 mid-terms!  Brilliantly,
              and equally evilly, he arranged for the invasion and several
              near misses with 1000 lb bombs (just to make it look good),
              followed by a well timed capture and trial with the verdict to be
              read only two days before the election!  MISSION ACCOMPLISEHD!
              \_ Don't forget--if that doesn't go well, Rove still has OBL in
                 the basement to announce that we've captured him just before
                 the election...</tinfoil>
                 \_ no way, everyone knows obl has always been on the bushco
                    payroll since back in the days when his daddy ran the cia.
                    obl is just an actor who thought he was doing a commercial,
                    even he is a victim of the evil rove.  this stuff all goes
                    so far back not even bush is allowed by rove to know what
                    is really going on.  i read it has something to do with the
                    lost treasures of the templars being hidden under david's
                    \_ Have you noticed how much Afghanistan looks like the
                       "moon" from the fake NASA videos?
                       \_ I have but then I found out neither Afghanistan *nor*
                          the moon really exist!  NASA, with the help of the
                          Boy Sprouts and the Men In Black and 12 mega bucks
                          attacked to destroy the moon and succeeded.  That
                          was of course the last kill the UFOs needed, they
                          revealed their secret victory conditions and won.
                          \_ By far my favorite NASA conspiracy theory is that
                             they are editing sattelite images of the Earth's
                             weather patterns so that the masses won't see
                             the giant *hexagonal* weather patterns which are
                             being generated by the weather control machines
                             used by the Yakuza and "rogue elements of the
                             former KGB", which the Bush administrations knows
                             former KGB", which the Bush administration knows
                             about, but can do nothing to stop. I'm not making
                             this up.
                             \_ That's awesome.  Do these folks have a website?
                                I need some new material.
                                \_ I heard about it from a guy in person who
                                   was constantly talking about it.  It was
                                   better than any website, since he had
                                   wraparound sunglasses, was completely bald,
                                   and sounded like Boomhauer on King of the
                                   Hill.  I'm sure this is on the web somewhere.
                                   If you're going to waste time looking for
                                   shit like this on the web, you might also
                                   want to read about how Denver International
                                   Airport will be the secret underground
                                   headquarters of the NWO.
2006/10/16-18 [Uncategorized] UID:44828 Activity:nil
10/16   Map of Springfield:
        \_ ooooooold
2006/10/16-19 [Uncategorized] UID:44829 Activity:nil
10/16   A Million Random Digits (from this month's CryptoGram): (
        Read the comments.
        \_ Very funny, made my day.  Thanks.  -John
2006/10/16-19 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:44830 Activity:nil
10/16   As you listen to Nancy Pelosi promise to clean up what she calls a
        "swamp" of congressional problems, remember the following facts from
        her record:
        1. Pelosi voted three times to make a convicted page sexual predator,
           former Congressman Gerry Studds (D-Mass.), chair of a congressional
        2. In 1990, Pelosi voted against censuring Barney Frank for having his
           live-in boyfriend run a prostitution ring from Frank's apartment.
        3. Pelosi raised no objections when Clinton pardoned Democrat
           Congressman Mel Reynolds (Ill.) who had been convicted of felonies
           for having had sex with a 16-year-old campaign worker.
        The historic Nancy Pelosi is an authentic representative of San
        Francisco liberal values and hardly has the record to lecture anyone on
        cleaning up the Congress.
        \_ dont care.  mess in Iraq is enough for me to not vote
           Republican.  They really fucked up and must pay the
        \_ No, I don't think a one-party government is good for America.
           \_ The two-party government is decreasingly good at fixing the one-
              party problems though.  It's like the cloned Jacks from Futurama.
              \_ "decreasingly good at"?
                 \_ fine "increasingly bad at" happy?
                    \_ I think I'll still settle for a two-party government.
           \_ Yes, so stop voting for Dems and Reps and start voting for third
              party candidates who actually believe in something.  Yes, yes,
              they'll never get elected.  *Because* people get what they vote
              for instead of voting for what they want.
           90% of the country is religious, but 100% of the Senate.  Hooray.
           And not a one who can vote his or her conscience.  Fuckers.
        \_ As you read your silly partisan websites, consider this silly
           partisan website:
        \_ Of what crime are you claiming Studds was convicted?
           \_ You mean Reynolds?
        \_ "It's not about the sex, it's about the lying"
2006/10/16 [Uncategorized] UID:44831 Activity:nil
10/16   Recontextualize your laundry.  (comic strip)
2006/10/16 [Uncategorized] UID:44832 Activity:nil 80%like:44836
10/16   I deleted my cookies and such and now the font in my gmail is
        crappy.  What can I do to get it back to how it was?  This only
        seems to be affecting gmail.
2006/10/16-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:44833 Activity:nil
10/16   Man wants to stop paying alimony b/c ex-wife is now a man: (
        \_ how do we know the experience of divorce didn't cause
           this person to want to become a man? he still must pay.. [formatd]
        \_ If there are no children, what is the purpose of alimony?  Do
           payments stop after a specified time?
           \_ obReadWikipedia
2006/10/16-19 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:44834 Activity:nil
10/16 (
        So why is Daddy's sec state helping Bush Jr. with Iraq?
        "Forty-three has now repudiated everything 41 stands for, and still he
        won't say a word," a key member of the elder Bush alumni said.
        "Personally, I think he's dying inside."
        \_ He won't say a word because traditionally former Presidents do not
           comment on current Presidents.  Having the former administation(s)
           running around second guessing the current is no way to run a
           \_ Having the current administration running around is no way
              to run a country.
              \_ Possibly but it is still ridiculous that one of the former
                 administrations is still running around playing politics and
                 trying to rewrite history to create someone's legacy.
           \_ Go, Bubba!
2006/10/16-18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:44835 Activity:nil
10/16   I just got my first soda spam reforwarded to my real email address.
        I have never given this address to anyone.  Thank you who ever gave
        out soda addresses on the net.
        \_ Have you considered that someone you correspond with may have had
           their machine rooted?  Also whoever rooted soda a while back could
           have snarfed all the account names.
           \_ I don't send mail from here but I had forgotten about past soda
              break-ins.  Thanks for reminding me of that.  The idea that
              someone here would post email addresses is pretty sickening.
               \_ was your real email address written down somewhere on
                  on soda?  Was your soda mail getting forwarded to
                  your email address?  Are you sure it wasn't just
                  forwarded from soda?  I think you might not understand
                  how forwarding works.
                  \_ I'll explain: I have a .forward file on soda.  It forwards
                     to my real email address.  I have never sent mail from
                     soda or provided @soda to anyone.  My .forward file is
                     older than some current students.  The spam was sent to
                     my previously unknown and never used @soda address and
                     then reforwarded via my .forward to my real address.  I
                     think I understand how forwarding works.  Thanks for the
                     \_ And I don't think you understand.  So you use
                        your brand new spanking email address?  Do you
                                \_ yes.
                        email people with it?  EVER?  Has anyone ever
                                \_ yes.         \_ yes.
                        received this email?  Do they read it on a computer?
                                \_ yes.         \_ yes.
                        Viruses infect computers, or so I hear.  Some
                        viruses look for the addressbook of users, and mail
                        them back to their Russian masters, who then stick
                        it in their recipient lists to Spam.  The only way
                        to never receive spam is oh I dunno shoot yourself.
                        \_ And the email wasn't sent to that email address.
                           It was sent to my soda address which has never
                           been used and then reforwarded to that address
                           from here.  It is the fact that my soda account
                           got spam that is the problem because *I* have
                           never given out my soda address nor used it for
                           any email transaction.  The forwarding isn't the
                           problem here.  It is that the soda address got
                           spam.  The unused, never given out, never provided,
                           previous unknown soda address got spam.  Spam was
                           sent to my soda address, to my completely unused
                           and unknown soda address.  The soda address that
                           received the spam, that the spam was address to
                           was never used on the net.  Capiche?
                           \_ you ever hear of a dictionary attack?
                              they'll get you eventually.
                              \_ It's possible but let's see the mail logs
                                 showing the dictionary attack.  Maybe I missed
                                 that in the motd.official or the csua minutes.
                           \_ what's your email address?  I want to mail\
                              you a PNG of /etc/passwd
                              \_ I'm root@soda.
                           \_ you realize soda is one of the most
                              heavily loaded single point mail machines
                              in the universe?
                              \_ sure, so?
2006/10/16 [Uncategorized] UID:44836 Activity:nil 80%like:44832
10/16   I deleted my cookies and such and now the font in my gmail and some
        other sites is crappy.  What can I do to get it back to how it was?
2006/10/16-19 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:44837 Activity:nil
        Seven out of 10 women giving aid and comfort to the Enemy
        \_ "However, President George W. Bush personally assured the Iraqi prime
           minister Monday that he has no plans to pull U.S. troops out and
           that there is no U.S. timeline for Iraqi forces to take over."
           Boy, it makes _me_ feel better to know there's no timeline to hand
           things over to the Iraqis.
           \_ Bush found out that "we stand down as they stand up" sounded too
              much like "cutting and running".
              \_ this is the part i don't understand.  what is wrong with
                 "cutting and running?"  we are already done that in
                 \_ probably because Afghanistan was always a mess and we
                    never really made a serious commitment to turning it into
                    a real country.  the rest of the world and half of this
                    country didn't think we'd even win militarily.  but iraq,
                    although a brutal dictatorship, was still a functioning
                    government and there's a healthy dose of break-it-bought-it
                    that goes with destroying another nation's government. so
                    we owe the iraqi people some form of real government but
                    afghanistan never had that so the bar is lower.
2006/10/16-18 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:44838 Activity:nil
10/16   Any comments on IceWeasel?  I think they should call the Debian
        fork "DireFox" instead.
        \_ Phyrefawkes
        \_ Debian releases are always old, maybe they should call it
2006/10/16-18 [Uncategorized] UID:44839 Activity:nil
10/16   Anybody ever heard of the "Cambridge Who's Who Among Executives and
        Professionals" "Honors Edition"? Is it in fact an honor or a scam?
        \_ It's Who's Who.  It's a scam.
           \_ I love the Dilbert on this subject.
              \_ URL?
2006/10/16-19 [Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:44840 Activity:low
10/16   So the LATimes endorses Ah-nold for governor,1,6396468.story?coll=la-news-comment
        What are Democrats to do now?
        \_ the L.A. Times has been turning ideologically right-wing over the
           last year.  it's too bad this endorsement didn't include any groping
           references.  ("... AND da Guv-ah-nate-ah, in a nod to Bill Clinton,
           has managed to keep his hands to himself!")
           \_ I think you've got it backwards.  Gov S. has been running to the
              left for the last year.
              \_ both can be true.  L.A. Times going right, Ah-nold away from
                 \_ going away from the left is not the same as turning
                    right-wing.  there is still such a thing as centrism and
                    moderates are still allowed to vote although the clowns
                    from both parties call them independents which has all
                    sorts of ugly connotations if you step back and look at
                    the big picture.
                    \_ yeah, I'm saying there has been a continuous internal
                       push over the last year or so on the L.A. Times to go
                       right-wing, not center.  naturally this claim may be
                       hard to prove, but i still think so.
                       \_ they haven't even hit center yet.  they're almost
                          starting to make sense.  well except for things like
                          today's article where they claimed the
                          US Constitution was the biggest impediment to
                          democracy.  Other than that sort of lunacy, they're
                          almost starting to make sense.
        \_ I don't even understand the concept of an endorsement from a
           newspaper.  "A company that prints what happens sez VOTE ARNIE"
           \_ newspapers have a traidtion of having seperate news and
              editorial operations.
              \_ although in the last 2 decades that line has pretty much
                 washed away.
        \_ Start worrying when the Chronicle and the Merc endorse the
           \_ Who else can they endorse? I really want to like Angelides,
              but he's not making a good case for himself.
2006/10/16-19 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:44841 Activity:nil
10/16   New PS2 game Bully lets players gain health by kissing boysrnie
        \_ if i had 1 hp.. i might consider it.. but i'd be dead for sure
2018/12/17 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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