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2006/10/10-12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:44747 Activity:low 50%like:44795
10/10   MOTD Boob guy, meet MOTD tongue guy:
        \_ Sadly this was a lot more exciting than any of the large girl pics
           posted previously.
        \_ The MOTD boob guy really needs to be renamed the MOTD chubby chaser
        \_ Wow!  The two would drive me wild if they give me oral.
2006/10/10 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:44748 Activity:nil
10/10   HeadOn, apply directly on the forehead.
        HeadOn, apply directly on the forehead.
        HeadOn, apply directly on the forehead.
2006/10/10-12 [Health/Disease/General] UID:44749 Activity:moderate
10/10   Believe it or not... I just came down with a flu. I realize it's a
        bit [early] in the season but it's actually happening around me.
        Wash your hands and be careful!
        \_ Me 2. spent the last week out of it. no fun.
        \_ I've had the flu since Sat., I guess that it is better to get
           it over w/ early.
        \_ I had one a month ago.
        \_ I was gonna get a flu shot again this year. But then I remembered
           I had one last year and got a flu anyway. So screw that. They
           are offered at work though. How many of you get those?
           \_ I got the flu shot last year, and I got waylaid by a non-flu
              cold anyway. Ah, well, at least it wasn't the flu.
           \_ EFI used to provide shots for free to employees, and for $10 to
              family members.
        \_ I don't believe you.  Please provide evidence to back up your wild
2006/10/10-12 [Uncategorized] UID:44750 Activity:nil
10/10   Sanction on North Korea is cruel, simply cruel. Imagine there is a
        sanction of Gucci, Prada, and Fendi goods in America, there would
        be a complete meltdown in Southern Cal.
        \_ Weee!!! Reading Engrish is fun!
2006/10/10-12 [Uncategorized] UID:44751 Activity:nil
10/10   Yesterday, I sent 4 messages to a particular person and apparently
        only 2 of them were received.  The 2 not received were sent around
        6am and 7pm.  Of course, I've already asked my friend to check the
        spam folder and she claims that it's not there either.  Are there
        any current issues with outgoing mail lately?
        \_ hint: don't use soda for email.
        \_ turns out she found one of the messages in her bulk folder and
           thinks she may have deleted the other one.  So, maybe it's not
           soda's fault.  But have their been any issues with outgoing mail
           recently?  -op
2006/10/10-12 [Computer/HW/Printer] UID:44752 Activity:kinda low
10/10   Any reccomendations for a cheap monochrome laser printer?  Network
        not needed.  A decent-size starter toner cartridge would be nice.
        \_ I got a used HP 2200D off craigslist for $250 or so.  It's
           great, it does postscript and prints on both sides of the
           paper, which is nice.  Speed is not too bad.  -phr
        \_ I recently bought a Samsung 3051n from Newegg for $200 ($250
           - $50 mir). It comes w/ a 4000 pg cartridge (which can last up
           to 6000 pgs if you use the toner saver mode). The printer has
           has ethernet, parallel and USB 2.0. It also features PS3 and
           PCL emulation. It is also very fast and quiet when sleeping.
           \_ I bought a cheap samsung laser printer about 4 years ago.
              The paper feeding mechanism died after about a year.  It
              sure was cheap though.
              \_ While I accept that at the $200 price point this printer
                 will not be nearly as reliable as a HP 8000 series (or
                 similar), OP asked for a "cheap monochrome laser printer."
                 I think that the 3051n easily satisfies his criteria.
                 Personally, I think the printer will last at least 3
                 years b/c 3 years is the warranty period.
           \_ The newegg page says less then 39 dBA at idle.  39dBa is fairly
              loud, IMHO.  I remember my dad's old HP 4L was truly silent at
              \_ That's probably not sleeping but idle.  If you don't
                 use it for a minute or so it goes into sleep mode where
                 it has to warm up for a few seconds if you want to print.
                 Sleep mode is truely silent.
                 \_ That is correct. It is somewhat loud in idle (warmed
                    up but not printing). But, it is completely silent
                    when it goes to sleep. It takes a few seconds to wake
                    from sleep and start printing.
        \_ OK, I know what PostScript is, but why should I care if a printer
           is a PS printer?  Doesn't just about everything support PCL anyway?
           \_ Some PDFs won't print properly on a PCL only printer. I'm not
              sure why. If you mostly print from Word rather than Acrobat,
              I wouldn't worry about it too much.
2006/10/10-12 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:44753 Activity:low
10/10   What's a good iCal supporting contact manager in unix?
        \_ The Sunbird project's working on it, but isn't there yet.  Amusingly,
           there's an old program called ical for unix that... doesn't support
        \_ Google Calendar kicks ass. I love how you can share and overlay
           your schedule with someone else. It's a bit slow now but it's
           still beta-ish and like all Google products it'll just get
           better and better.
        \_ The Sunbird project's working on it, but isn't there yet.
           Amusingly, there's an old program called ical for unix that...
           doesn't support iCal.
        \_ The problem with calendar standards today is there aren't any.
           Or ok, more specifically, they are incomplete and unspecified in
           ways that matter.  The reason for this is all the calendar
           companies have made their own decisions re: how to handle various
           things such as "every other week".  Some take it literally and just
           do $week+2 while others take it to mean "$week2 and $week4 of
           $currentmonth".  That's just 1 small example.  So when you have a
           device or program that supports 1 version of the standard and then
           try to sync with a system that has a different idea your calendar
           will get all messed up, usually in unfixable ways.  --calendar guy
           \_ hey, what do you mean you are a "calendar guy?"  are you working
              on calendar?  any recommendation for PERSONAL calendar server
              I can run on my laptop?
              \_ it's one of the services i currently support at work.  i've
                 attended the ical standards committe talks, on the mailing
                 list, blah, blah, blah.  sorry but i use the same calendar
                 i support for work for 10k+ people.  i don't know much of
                 anything about the smaller programs.
                 \_ I like Meeting Maker. What product do you support?
2006/10/10-12 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:44754 Activity:low
10/10   Quick, go check out What is up with their cover
        photo, with the asians in their underwear? (it's 10:45am PST now)
        \_ 10:47 - It's gone.
        \_ I see a picture of the Chinese Ambassador to the UN.  No underwear.
        \_ Damn it's gone already. It showed about 8 asians standing outside
           all in their tighty-whitey underwears. I might be missing something
           but it definitely seemed like it had nothing to do with the
           story! -op
           \_ Maybe it was for the Chinese Moon Festival.
              \_ When is the chinese melon festival?
                 \_ Never.  See your typical, concave-chested Chinese girl.
                    \_ (natural)
                       \_ implausible.
2006/10/10-12 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:44755 Activity:nil
10/10   Is there a One True XML Capitalization Style?
        \_ xml tags are case sensitive
        \_ XHTML is all-lowercase.  I'd probably recommend that for other
           XML DTDs.  -tom
2006/10/10-12 [Uncategorized] UID:44756 Activity:nil
10/10   NWS link of the day:
        \_ If your work thinks that looking at a graphic of a sperm cell
           is not work-safe, you need a new workplace.
           \_ Wow, I waited for a lock to put exactly that, but it was already
              \_ motd can now read your mind and act for you.
2006/10/10 [Reference/Celebration, Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:44757 Activity:high
10/10   Happy Birthday, Chinese Republic!
        \_ The Chinese "Republic."  Now, that's irony.  Next, they'll be
           calling it the "Free Society of Iran" and "Jewish State of Saudi
           \_ Imperialist pigs must stop spreading lies about the people's
              glorious socialist revolution.
              -Democratic People's Republic of Korea
           \_ 10/10 is the national day of the Republic of China (capitalist
              Taiwan), not the People's Republic of China (communist Mainland
              \_ 10/10 is the celebration of overthrown of Manchu Dynasty of
                 China.  While PRC do not recognize it as a "national day,"
                 PRC does recognize its importance and speech to address the
                 anniversery is typically held.
2006/10/10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:44758 Activity:nil 50%like:44662 66%like:44795
10/10   motd boob guy has a new mission for you
2006/10/10-12 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:44759 Activity:nil
10/10   China to NK: "Bad Boy."
        \_ Informed world to CoxAndForkum: Welcome to the Real World. Please
           leave ill-conceived paranoid right-wing conspiracy theories at the
           \_ It's a political cartoon, not a conspiracy theory.
              \_ ...implying that the PRK is a puppet of the PRC, hence the
                 conspiracy theory.
                 \_ NK is barely standing thanks to the help China gives it.
                    Hence the puppet.  And the odd public disapproval of NK.
                    \_ While it's true that NK gets most of its supplies via
                       China, puppetry is an inaccurate portrayal. A better
                       portrayal might have indicated the PRC's portkeeper
                       position without implying outright puppetry.
                       \_ um, have you ever heard of "artistic license"?
                    \_ puppet government, by definition, is a government that
                       can not conduct its own foreign policy.  By such
                       definition, N.Korea is *NOT* a puppet government of
                       China at all.  Then again, under such definition,
                       *JAPAN* is a puppet government of United States, as
                       it can't conduct any foreign policy without US'
                       approval, couldn't prosecute military personnel
                       for raping 14 years old girls.
        \_ Has NK returned the humanitarian trains to China yet?
2006/10/10-12 [Reference/Religion] UID:44760 Activity:nil
10/10   The NY Apple store is apparently insulting to muslims:
2006/10/10-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Industry/Jobs] UID:44761 Activity:nil
10/11   Slide is looking for a Product Manager and QA Engineer:
        I recently signed on as a developer there, so feel free to email me if
        you have questions.
2006/10/10-12 [Health/Women] UID:44762 Activity:nil
10/10   Women dress hotter when they are ovulating: (
        \_ oooooold news (even scientifically)
2022/07/02 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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