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2006/10/1-3 [Uncategorized] UID:44613 Activity:low
10/1    I want Gaim to look like iChat, complete with stupid scrolling
        conversations with little cute stupid icons of the
        person speaking.  how do i do that?
        \_ say again and in English please.
         \_ It's only missing one word, are you really that slow? -nop
        \_ let me say it again.  you need to edit the gtk theme, which
           is independent of gaim.  for icons, use Guification plugin
2006/10/1-2 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:44614 Activity:nil
9/30    For YEARS I have messed around with X and sound and video
        and your mom on FreeBSD 3 4 5 6 7, but last week I installed
        UBUNTU and everything just fucking works.  Die FreeBSD Die!
        \_ but Linux is not a real OS...
        \_ it's good enough for your Desktop or laptop
2006/10/1-2 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:44615 Activity:low
9/30    Got a function that parses data structures. For debugging and stuff.
        How do I find/print the "name" of the data structure?

        parseStuff($array_ref, $hash_ref1, $hashref2);

        sub parseStuff {
         use Data::Dumper;
         foreach my $structure(@_) {
          print "you're looking at a data structure named [?]\n";
          print "and it looks like: " . Dumper($structure) . "\n";

        And then I want it to tell me "array_ref" and spew its contents,
        then "hash__ref1", etc., for an arbitrary number of arbitrarily
        named data structures.
        \_ Without some nasty AST traversal, you really can't.  That's why
           Data::Dumper has the full call, "Dump", that works like this:
           print Data::Dumper->Dump([$array_ref, $hash_ref1, $hashref2],
                                  [qw(array_ref   hash_ref1   hashref2)]);
           \_ If you just want a quick hack, the C preprocessor works pretty

                use Filter::cpp;
                use Data::Dumper;
                #define DEBUG(x) print q{x}, ": ", Dumper(x)


              If you want something more general, yeah, you're pretty much
              stuck using Filter::Simple and doing your own parsing.  --mconst
2006/10/1-2 [Uncategorized] UID:44616 Activity:kinda low
9/30    hey pirates what are your favorite movie torrent sites?
        \_ minitorrent and torrentreactor are my favorites.
        \_ The Malacca Straits?
        \_ I understand is very complete and
           pretty autonomous, but why bother?  Bittorrent is a shitty way
           to download pirated content; it's neither encrypted nor
           anonymous.  -John
           \_ So suggest a better alternative?
              \_ Freenet or Winny?
2006/10/1-3 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:44617 Activity:low
10/1    Is it illegal to tape someone without their knowledge?
        And if so, why?
        \_ In some states, yes.  As for why, I'd assume for privacy?
        \_ No.  Just ask George W. Bush and Albert Gonzales.
        \_ No.  But if you surreptitiously tape a conversation without
           the other person's consent, although the act itself is not
           illegal, that evidence is not admissible in court.  Unless you
           are a law enforcement officer, and it's part of an undercover
           \_ OK, that's *exactly* what I was trying to determine.
              Why is that? The best way to get an admission out of
              someone is without their knowing it's being recorded;
              so why is it inadmissible? -op
              \_ Thank Linda Tripp. Following Monica-gate, several states
                 passed or strengthened existing laws governing wiretapping
                 without express permission. This is why your phone company
                 tells you that your help call may be recorded for quality
           \_ Reference, please.  Most sources I've seen say that it's
              illegal, period.
        \_ You can tape them, just not a phone conversation with them.
2006/10/1-3 [Science/Space] UID:44618 Activity:nil
10/1    Armstrong first words on the moon were:
        "That's one small step for A man, one giant leap for mankind."
        \_ So what?  That doesn't change the meaning of the quote.
           \_ "A man" is grammatically correct.  grammar nazis have
              been giving Armstrong shit for years because they thought
              he said "man" instead.
                \_ The quote never made sense for me without the "A" since
                   man and mankind mean the same thing in the context of
                   the original sentence, that is, just saying "man" can
                   also mean "mankind"/the human race.
2006/10/1-3 [Finance/Investment, Recreation/Media] UID:44619 Activity:low
10/1    Casino Royale Trailer is up:
        I miss Sean, Bond is not just yaActionHero.
        \_ Yeah, that's the trailer that makes me think that this guy will be
           George Lasenby (sp?) II
        \_ Does new Bond's perpetual Zoolanderish lip pucker annoy anyone else?
        \_ Does new Bond's perpetual Zoolanderish lip pucker annoy anyone
           \_ I can't stand the new guy. Why did they have to switch from
              Brosnon? Was he getting too old?
              \_ I liked the new guy in Layer Cake and Munich. Give him a
                 chance. --erikred, who also like Pierce Brosnan
                 \_ Well, I'll still watch it. I always watch Bond and
                    Star Trek movies (even the odd numbered ones!) -stmg
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