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2006/9/29-10/1 [Uncategorized] UID:44598 Activity:nil
9/29    "Is the relinquishment of the trial by jury and the liberty of the
        press necessary for your liberty? Will the abandonment of your most
        sacred rights tend to the security of your liberty? Liberty, the
        greatest of all earthly blessings--give us that precious jewel, and
        you may take everything else! ...Guard with jealous attention the
        public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel."
          --Patrick Henry
2006/9/29-10/1 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:44599 Activity:nil
9/29    The Berkeley Juggling and Unicycle Festival starts today.
        Free workshops and open gym all weekend (5PM Friday to 5PM Sunday),
        variety show (hosted by Frank Olivier) Saturday 7:30 ($10 admission,
        $5 kids).  King Middle School, 1781 Rose Street, north Berkeley.  -tom
2006/9/29 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:44600 Activity:moderate
9/29    So, you lesbians, you still think penis is an ineffective pleasure?
        The stupid detainee (lack of rights) bill was passed.
        No Habeas Corpus; no examine of secret evidence against the
        accused.  the accused can not sue the government for violation
        of their rights.  Democrats end up follow Bush's lead?  Jesus.
        for a moment I thought the judicial system in China was bad,
        it looks like there is a big trend of convergence!
        \_ At least we don't charge for the cartridgess used in executions
        \_ He's a Republican President with a Republican Congress going into
           election season to try to hang onto their majority. In order for
           them to abandon him, they'd have to have the kind of moral
           fortitude that gets you shunned in the Capitol. Seriously, short
           of raping a schoolbus full of nuns and retarded children on
           national TV, there's not much he could do to lose the support of
           the hangers-on.
           \_ Or maybe *not* have sex with that woman!   (rim shot!)
        \_ I was really depressed about all of this until I realized that
           there's almost no chance it will stand up in court - in fact,
           apparently a lot of of the Congresscritters that voted FOR the
           law don't think it is Constitutional either.
           \_ Right, but since traiters like Bill Frist have made it clear
              that they do not support the judiciary branch as a check on
              the other two branches of government, one has to ask how long
              such a check will last?  When a solid majority of the people in
              a democratic nation fail to hold democratic values, democracy
              dies.  I think op may have the right idea that as China increases
              the rule of law and the U.S. erodes it that we'll meet in the
2006/9/29-10/1 [Uncategorized] UID:44601 Activity:nil
9/29    Replica phaser: (
        \_ What good is a replica?  Let us know when the real thing is
           \_ I'd rather have a sonic screwdriver.
              \_ Compression phaser rifle and a nice cute borg to go w/.
2006/9/29 [Uncategorized] UID:44602 Activity:nil
9/29    My 2-yr old son has erections.  Is that normal?
        \_ For a troll's child?  Of course.
2006/9/29-11/2 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:44603 Activity:nil
10/31   The GOP strategory for the 2006 general election:
        - Allow only the slimmest of a Dem majority in the House.
        - Prevent Dems from obtaining six Senate seats, since just five will
        result in a 50-50 tie, giving the nominal majority to the GOP because
        of the inherent VP swing vote, and thus, 1-vote majorities on all
        (except Ethics) Senate committees.  If Dems get six, negotiate with
        Lieberman until he aligns his independent vote with GOP, which gets
        them back to a 50-50 tie.
        \_ It's not that bad, at least he didn't eat the 16-year old
           boy                                          -Republican
        \_ I will be really amused if the Democrats don't win their race.
           They need to start running ads like 'the Republican
           opponent was trolling for hot boy ass on Myspace'
        \_ Good riddance.
        \_ Lieberman doesn't have a rat's ass chance of getting re-elected.
           \_ Polls show him leading Lamont by more than
              what could be called statistical error.  I think he's going
              to win. - danh
              \_ ??? Is there no GOP candidate here?
                    Consistently polling in the single-digit percents.  Not
                    a serious candidate.  Judging from the above website, he
                    is not considering himself to be a seroius candidate either.
           \_ I like how you make such a solid statement with no facts, just
              your own emotions and desires to base it on.
              \_ Well, if you like that one, you'll love this one: you're a
                 dick, and you fill a place in my life as someone worthy of
        - Whip up the base as much as possible, so they'll be primed to blame
        the Dem-controlled House as much as possible through 2008.
        \_ Unless you have special inside information, please don't waste
           precious motd bits with either the obvious (Keep control of
           Congress) or the inane (whip up the base blah blah blah).
2006/9/29-10/1 [Recreation/Humor] UID:44604 Activity:moderate
9/29    Are you bored of your lecture and falling asleep and snoring in
        the lecture hall? I discovered a wonderful solution and I want
        to share my secrets with you. No, it does not require taking in
        toxins like caffeine. Here is my secret. Squeeze fresh lemon and
        lime and put them in the eye drop. Next time you start to fall
        asleep, put some drops on your eyes. Voila! You're awake.
        \_ There's a much simpler solution: don't ever go to lecture. Worked
           for me.
           \_ I don't know anything about simple solutions... I slept through
              Chem lecture..
        \_ Why lemon _and_ lime?
        \_ I just start masturbating.
           \_ Late bloomer, eh?
        \_ Using HCL instead of lemon makes it a far more rewarding
           experience for the people around you.  Or you can ask a very
           provocative political question in a classroom filled 2/3 with
           an even mixture of MSU and IAC members (only works in some
              \_ Sorry--thought every Cal student would know these, maybe
                 they're not around anymore.  Muslim Student Union, Israel
                 Action Committee.  They used to have propaganda wars on
                 campus, and had tables on either side of Sather Gate from
                 which they'd scream at each other.  It was kind of funny
                 in a sad way.  -John
                 in a sad way.  -lesbian loving John
           Poli Sci and History lectures.)  That's always funny.  -John
           \_ MSU?  IAC?  What do those stand for?  --alphabetically illiterate
              \_ Sorry--thought every Cal student would know these, maybe
                 they're not around anymore.  Muslim Student Union, Israel
                 Action Committee.  They used to have propaganda wars on
                 campus, and had tables on either side of Sather Gate from
                 which they'd scream at each other.  It was kind of funny
                 in a sad way.  -John
                 \_ Neverheardofthem either. I was at Cal 1990-1995.
                    \_ Hm, '92-97.  They were extremely loud.  -John
2006/9/29-10/1 [Reference/Celebration] UID:44605 Activity:kinda low
9/29    I hate lesbianism.  I really hate it.  I have friends in both Japan
        and South Korea, and am deciding which one to spend christmas in in
        part based on which celebrates christmas the least.  The choices are
        Tokyo and a small town at the southern end of south korea.  Which
        will be less Christian?  Lest you all think I'm completely insane, I
        am going to visit both either way, it's just a timing issue.
        \_ You should go to Iraq. People there hate Christmas too.
        \_ South Korea is a pretty Christian country.  If you want to avoid
           that, go to Tokyo.
        \_ Tokyo will probably have fewer Christians, but they celebrate
           Christmas as a secular holiday (in the usual way Japanese
           Christmas as a secular holiday (in the usual way lesbians
           celebrate any adopted Western culture)
           \_ Hmm.  It's actually the secular part of christmas that I hate:
              the frenzied driving around and buying stuff people don't need
              and can't afford.  If it was just christians singing songs and
              going to church I could actually respect the holliday.  Do they
              go bonkers for consumerism over christmas in japan?
              \_ Does it matter? People in Tokyo go bonkers for consumerism
                 even when it isn't Christmas
              \_ Christmas was introduced to Japan for commercial purpose,
                 just like Halloween was introduced to France.
              \_ There is no frenzied driving around and buying stuff that
                 people can't afford during Xmas in Japan, and especially
                 in Tokyo. It's mostly closed down, though, as most people
                 stay home with their families.
        \_ Hmm... Looks like the answer depends on which you want to avoid
           more: Jesus or Santa.
           \_ Santa.  Jesus is just some guy who some people other than me
              worship.  Big deal.  Santa is evil.
              \_ You had a bad experience with Santa at a young age?
        \_ Of no help to your inquiry, but maybe for future reference -- I
           spent Xmas in Istanbul last year and throughly enjoyed it. No sign
           Xmas cheer anywhere.
        \_ I don't recall Christmas being very present/Santa oriented in
           Korea.  Mostly the Chirstians just went to church.  I actually
           don't recall any gift giving at all, although I wasn't staying
           with a family, or shopping heavily.  The Kimhae ward did have
           the best Chirstmas party I've ever been to tho'.  (I've never
           been to Japan, so I can't make any comparison. Santa does seem
           to show up a lot in lesbians media tho'. ) -jrleek
2006/9/29-10/1 [Industry/Startup] UID:44606 Activity:nil
9/29    Abgenial, a new communist traitor startup in Santa Clara is looking for
        a very good server type java programmer. See /csua/pub/jobs/abgenial
        for job description. If interested or if you have any questions about
        the company, contact me at or
        \_ Do you guys hire lesbians?
2006/9/29 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:44607 Activity:low
9/29 (
        Can't miss story on revelations in Woodward's new book on Dubya admin's
        handling of lesbians
2006/9/29-30 [Uncategorized] UID:44608 Activity:low
9/29    Why lesbianistic fundamentalism will never triumph (SFW)  -John
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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