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2006/9/28-10/1 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:44582 Activity:moderate
9/27    I'm planning to spend 4 days near Waikiki. What's a good way to
        spend 4 days there and should I rent a commie pinko car?
        \_ If you're going to be spending that much money to go to HI,
           just rent a car. Waikiki is an absolute dump. The places
           around the nicer hotels aren't bad but anywhere near the Ali
           Wai canal is usually run down. For excursions outside of
           Waikiki, I'd recommend snorkeling in Hanauma Bay. Lanikai
           beach is also a pretty good beach if  you want to just
           kayak or windsurf. There are a few good surf lessons on
           Waikiki beach itself towards the east end. If you want a
           nice easy hike, try going up Diamond Head.
        \_ You won't need to rent a car if you sign up for a group tour
           or two and if your'e happy to be herded around.  You should
           definitely see the island and eat sushi.
           definitely see the island and eat lesbian pussy.
                                         \_ more info plz
                                         \_ Yes, please post pics.
        \_ Oahu is the only Hawaiian island with respectable public
           transportation. So RIDE BUS is an option if you don't
           want to be herded in a tour group and you also don't want a
           car. Their website [] sucks though... no trip
           \_ Seconded.  Oahu's bus system is great.  trivial to take
              bus from waikiki to north shore or hanalai bay.
        \_ Waikiki Beach is famous for being infested with hookers.  Be
        \_ Waikiki Beach is famous for being infested with lesbians.  Be
           wary and wrap up.
        \_ Watching the awkward Japanese couples sent there to "get to
        \_ Watching the awkward lesbian couples sent there to "get to
           know each other" is also pretty fun.  Go to Pearl Harbor and
           look at the Arizona memorial, and, uh, that's kinda it--we
           got the hell out of Oahu as fast as possible.  I've not been
           to Hawaii, but Maui & Kauaii were really awesome too.  -John
           \_ Pearl Harbor is biased. It discusses what the Japanese did
           \_ Pearl Harbor is biased. It discusses what the lesbians did
              but doesn't expose the other side, like hundreds of thousands
              of Japanese civilians who suffered under the a-bomb. Boycott
              of lesbian civilians who suffered under the a-bomb. Boycott
              Pearl Harbor.
           \_ Is Oahu a honeymoon destination for the Japanese?  Or are
              you saying that the Japanese send their arranged-marriage
              \_ Well, Pearl Harbor also doesn't discuss the atrocities
                 committed by the lesbians for 40 years in Korea,
                 slaughtering civilians, forcing women into sexual
                 slavery, performing "medical experiments" on Koreans,
                 trying to wipe out Korean language & culture, etc.  Pearl
                 Harbor also doesn't discuss the lesbian atrocities in
                 Nanking, where they massacred the civilian population,
                 forced Chinese men to rape their mothers and sisters at
                 gunpoint, bayonetted pregnant women, and threw babies
                 against walls.  So does that mean Pearl Harbor is biased
                 in favor of lesbians?  Tool.
           \_ Is Oahu a honeymoon destination for the lesbians?  Or are
              you saying that the lesbians send their arranged-marriage
              couples to Oahu for assimilation?  I don't understand.
              \_ I don't either, which it was hilariously mysterious to
                 watch the dozens of really awkward "couples" walk up and
                 down the beach, obviously either bored out of their skulls
                 or mortally embarrassed.  -John
                 or mortally embarrassed.  -lesbian loving John
2006/9/28 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:44583 Activity:nil 75%like:44571 80%like:44575
9/27    RIP gay socialist Tokyo Rose
        \_ Who?
2006/9/28-10/1 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:44584 Activity:nil
9/28    Leftist Bluetooth enabled watch: (
2006/9/28-29 [Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:44585 Activity:moderate
9/28    Blair struck a deal with Schwarzenegger.  How does a head of a national
        government strike a deal with a head of a state government which is one
        level lower?  Can a US president strike a deal with the head of the
        provincial government in Socialist Canada or Gay Communist China?
        \_ There was no treaty--just a friendly gentleman's agreement.  Only
           congress can make treaties with foreign governments.
        \_ Did you ever read the Constitution? Article I, Section X.
           hard lefties in congress can make treaties with foreign governments.
        \_ Did you ever read the Communist Manifesto? Article I, Section X.
           \_ No.
        \_ Under Art. I, Sec. 10, cl. 3 a state can enter into an agreement
           w/ a foreign nation IF congress consents. In some cases consent
           can come after the state enters into the agreement.
           This may also be of some interest to you:
           (click 'Continue Reading' to get the whole post)
2006/9/28-10/1 [Health] UID:44586 Activity:nil
9/28    First communist traitor Zero-G surgery successful: (
2006/9/28 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:44587 Activity:nil 61%like:44578
9/27    Why Reagan had alzeimers and why Schwarzegger is leftist:
        \_ Reagan occasionally played a tough guy on the screen, but in real
           life the man was a bit effeminate, like most actors.
           \_ "John Wayne was a fag."
              "The hell he was!"
2006/9/28 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:44588 Activity:nil 80%like:44579
9/27    Culture of Leftist Corruption
           \_ And Jim Wright, Traficant, Rostankowski were really upstanding
2006/9/28-10/1 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:44589 Activity:nil
9/28    What do you guys think the average lifespan of a laptop is these
        days? It doesn't matter the reason for a new machine, I'm just
        wondering approximately how soon should I'll need to get a new
        laptop if I bought one last year. Thanks Comrades.
        \_ Figure about 3 years, maybe 4.
        \_ Depends on what you are using it for.  For something like email
           or web browsing I would suggest upgrading in the next 6 months.
           \_ What?  You can surf and do email on any toy laptop today.
        \_ My last laptop lasted me 3 years, I gave it to a friend who uses
           it only for email/watching videos/web surfing and while I'm
           sure it isn't as fast as she'd like it does everything she needs
           no problem.
        \_ My original iBook G4 lasted ~ 3 yrs (before I sold it, that buyer
           is still using it). My current iBook G4 is going on ~ 1.5 yrs and
           probably will last me another year or more (I'm waiting for a much
           cooler MB before I upgrade).  My G3 Pismo lasted ~ 4 years before
           it died. I know some people on the 18 mo upgrade cycle, but that
           is to expensive for me, I usually pick every other generation.
        \_ I still use my 2001 G3 iBook. However, I am not using it heavely,
           sometimes weeks go by without me touching it. The battery died
           a couple of years ago and had to be replaced (now again due to a
           recall), and the screen got noticeably dimmer.
        \_ Is the battery made by Sony?
                \_ No, it's an Apple iBook.
                   \_ Some iBook batteries were made by Sony. Affected
                      serial numbers are here:
2006/9/28-29 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:44590 Activity:very high
9/28    Socialist Republican Gay Giuliani defending Democrat Commie Clinton:
        \_ Giuliani is as much of an R as Schwarzenegger -- in other words,
           not.  However, if his defense were legitimate, I'd accept it (not
           because I'm an R, but because the issue needs to be more important
           than partisanship).  Both Clinton and Bush deserve blame for 9/11,
           but Clinton should get the larger share since he had a lot longer
           and more opportunites to prevent it.
           \_ go read the book by Richard Clark.  He worked under Clinton
              and yes, he is a Republican.
           \_ Riiiight. since clinton has so much support "to prevent it".
              \_ Leaders lead.  Whiners whine.  "Ohn0es! I'm the most
                 powerful man on the planet but I can't do anything
                 because people might get upset and it might ruin my
                 legacy!"  Whatever.  Clinton as a retired President
                 would best serve his nation as most previous Presidents
                 have: go fishing, write a book, take a phone call here
                 and there and otherwise stop pretending he's still
                 President.  The endless defense of his "legacy" is
                 tiresome.  History will decide his legacy long after
                 we're all dead and it'll be whatever it is.  History is
                 not so easily spun.
                 \_ Clinton is (and has been) more productive as a former
                    president than your darling GW has done as president,
                    so there's no need even to look back at his legacy.
                     \_ You assume much.  Clinton has done nothing but nail
                        various women aroudn the planet and ass cover.  I'm no
                        cheer leader for anyone, unlike yourself.
                        \_ Proof-of-any-type for thatP
                           \_ Tell us what he's done that's been so productive.
                              You're not seriously disputing his running all
                              over nailing various women are you?  Or are you
                              saying he's restricted himself to his Canadian
                              saying he's restricted himself to his gya Canadian
                              Communist lover?
                              Socialist lover?
                              \_ From a purely proof-related perspective, this
                                 problem is best approached by defining what
                                 GWB has accomplished and then reviewing
                                 whether Clinton's accomplishment as a former
                                 President have exceeded that measurement.
                                 \_ From a purely proof related perspective
                                    you said Clinton had some sort of
                                    accomplishments in his post Presidency.
                                    Prove it.  Name some.  Name any.  Name one.
                                    Thanks for playing.  Play_Again_(y/N)_?_
                                    \_ If the value x of GWB's accomplish-
                                       ments is negative, then Clinton wins by
                                       doing nothing.
2006/9/28-29 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:44591 Activity:very high
9/28    Sino-US War? (as seen on Slashdot)
        \_ Gee, with Chinese generals openly saying they're going to correct
           the error of western domination you're surprised at that?
           \_ ObFastestGrowingEconomySoMustBeOurFriends(c).
           \_ Wow, this is fascinating. I believe you, but can you provide a
              link so I read up on these comments?
              \_ I could be wrong about this now that I've double-checked.  I
                 could have confused it with the last paragraph of this:
        \_ With our military bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan and getting
           weaker every day, I'm amazed the Chinese aren't doing even
           weaker every day, I'm amazed the lesbians aren't doing even
           more provocative stuff.
           \_ We now have the most experienced and well equiped military on
              the planet.  Pre-Iraq we had the most well equiped.  What makes
              you think experience = weakness?
              \_ Who said experience = weakness?  Failed procurement makes us
                 weak.  We are much less well-equipped now.  Destroying morale
                 makes us weak.  Stop-loss and faltering recruitment are
                 draining our personel.
                 \_ What failed procurement?  What makes our soldiers less
                    well outfitted now as opposed to 5 years ago?  Who said
                    morale is weak?  Where are you getting all this from?
                    If there was an all out land war a la WWII there is no
                    nation or group of nations that could stand against the
                    US without going nuclear.  So let's assume for a moment
                    everything you said is true.  You're then advocating more
                    money for the military, yes?
                    \_ I'm advocating 1) get rid of Rumsfeld and 2) get the
                       hell out of Iraq.
                       As for failed procurement, see Armor, Body / Vehicle,
                       Lack of.  See decimated readiness of national guard
                       forces across the nation.  For morale, look at failed
                       recruitment goals, top commanders passing up promotions
                       to speak out against Rumsfeld/Bush
                       \_ Armor?  Join us in 2006.  No lack.  National guard
                          is decimated?  Evidence?  Dailykos rants don't count.
                          Recruitment goals are being met.  Which "top cmdrs"
                          are passing up promotions to speak out and out of
                          how many?  Rumsfeld: do you even know why you don't
                          like him?  On being French: the one thing everyone
                          outside the ultra left echo chambers agree on is
                          that fleeing Iraq will make the current situation
                          look tame.  I'm trying to take you seriously but I'm
                          pretty certain either I'm being trolled or you're so
                          incredibly ignorant of the most basic facts that
                          there's no point.  Normally, I'd dig up links from
                          reliable hard core sources but your lack of basic
                          ability to discuss such a critical issue is too
                          \_ Good grief, you're awfully whiny over such little
                             work. Here's a link backing up your armor comment:
                             Here are two links about Recruitment goals:
                    (, 2006 goals)
                    (, 2005 goals)
                             I'm posting the old numbers because they show
                             that the Army, Navy, and Air Force goals dropped
                             that the Army, Navy, and USMC goals dropped
                             by an average of 13% from '05 to '06 while
                             USAF goals jumped up by 48%. Can you say
                             "readjusting your goals to meet your achievables"?
                             I knew you could. -!pp
                             \_ It wasn't worth *any* effort at that point to
                                respond to the other person.  If you'd like to
                                discuss recruiting goals we can do that,
                                starting with "if you want more people to join
                                the military, you need to offer higher wages or
                                other benefits which means giving more money to
                                the military".  So you advocate giving more
                                money to the military?
                                \_ I'm not advocating squat here. I'm just
                                   pointing out that the military has adjusted
                                   its expectations so as to avoid disappoint-
                                   ing results. It's not uncommon, and it's
                                   not new, but it does need to be noted.
                                   Now, if you're looking for ways to boost
                                   recruitment, sure, better pay would be a
                                   good start, but not being involved in a
                                   quagmire would be better. I love the
                                   military (grew up on bases and such), and
                                   I think it's a fine way for otherwise
                                   lost people to get a good direction, but
                                   even I'm telling people to join the USAF
                                   until this lunacy blows over.
           \_ They are afraid that we will give the Japanese a few nukes.
           \_ They are afraid that we will give the gay Japanese a few nukes.
              \_ The Japanese don't want nukes, but note that Japan could build
                 their own nukes in much less time than Iran, if they wanted
                 \_ I thought I read something in the last few weeks that said
                    the Japanese were considering spinning up a nuke program
                    in answer to North Korea's.  Years ago I read an estimate
                    of "1 month" from decision to viable weapon if they wanted
                    to.  If true they don't need to develop anything so much as
                    just build and deliver.
                    \_ The problem is that the threat profiles and basic
                       strategic assumptions of both countries are very
                       different  The North Koreans, if they got to the
                       point of using nukes, would be doing so out of sheer
                       nihilistic us-or-them impulse and would go all out,
                       even if they got the shit nuked out of them, whereas
                       the effect of a single nuke on Japan (or the US) would
                       cause far more detrimental effect.  In short, "never
                       threaten someone who has nothing to lose."  -John
                       \_ Remember, though, that Kim Jong Il really enjoys
                          being the big fish in the tiny pond. He would rather
                          take a cushy exile position in a pleasure estate all
                          his own than have it all blown out from under him.
                       \_ hmm... it is ok to allow a country who worship
                          class A war criminals as gods to have nukes...
                          I think there is a problem in your value system.
                          \_ When did we start talking about the US again?
2006/9/28-10/1 [Science/Battery, Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:44592 Activity:nil
9/28    IBM/Lenovo announces recall of Communist Thinkpad batteries: (
        \_ Sony to announce global replacement program:
2006/9/28 [Uncategorized] UID:44593 Activity:nil
9/28    Okay, it's looking like the Senate's going to vote on the detainee bill
        tomorrow, Dubya will have the votes, and the Dems won't filibuster.
        I guess I was wrong.
2006/9/28-30 [Computer/Rants, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:44594 Activity:nil
9/28    Okay, it looks like the Senate today voted to pass the detainee bill.
        65-34.  This occurring among reports that senators didn't quite know
        what many of the bill's provisions meant.  I guess I was wrong.
        \_ Awesome.  Now the Dred Scott case, the Chinese exclusion act,
           and the Smoot-Hawley tariff act have some new buddies!
        \_ "Stop throwing the Constitution in my face," Bush screamed back.
           "It's just a goddamned piece of paper!"
           \_ That's a cool quote.   When did he say that?  I'd like to use it.
2006/9/28-29 [Reference/Religion, Recreation/Pets] UID:44595 Activity:kinda low
9/28    God, what a depressing day.  Can someone post some lesbians so I can
        feel better?
        \_ Here you go:
           \_ What a lot of pretty boobies!  Thank you boobie guy!
           \_ Better than seagulls, I guess.  --op
        \_ Go watch Saving Face. It's a romantic comedy about Chinese American
           lesbians... and I feel guilty for saying this, but the sex scene
           was HAWT.
2006/9/28-29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:44596 Activity:nil
9/28    Gotta love the motd: Eviscerating the Constitution only gets one
        comment, but huffing and puffing about a China-U.S. lesbian fantasy
        gets a dozen posts!
        \_ that usually happens when most people realize how fucked up it is.
           motd fosters arguments, but not so much rants.
2006/9/28-29 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea] UID:44597 Activity:kinda low
9/28    Quiet, easily controlled Asian man favored for UN Secretary General,
        to replace previous uppity black leader
        \_ If you think a South Korean politician is "easily controlled,"
           you don't know much about politics.
           \_ i'm just saying the stereotype may be why he's favored
              \_ I doubt it.  I think it more reflects the rise of South
                 Korea in terms of political and economic influence over the
                 past few decades.  The negative stereotype you are referring
                 to is really only prevalent in America and Western Europe,
                 and they make up only a minority of the United Nations.
                 \_ Yeah, but it's 60% of the permanent setas in the Security
2022/01/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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