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2006/9/23-25 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/GradSchool] UID:44505 Activity:nil
9/22    Yeah, Economist:
        \_ "When the University of California, Berkeley briefly considered
            introducing means-based affirmative action, it rejected the idea
            on the ground that 'using poverty yields a lot of poor white
            kids and poor Asian kids.'"
           Yeah, we wouldn't want more of those hard working poor asian kids
           who like math and science and will become contributing members of
           society to come to Cal. That would just be WRONG, now wouldn't it.
2006/9/23-26 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Jblack, Industry/Jobs] UID:44506 Activity:moderate Cat_by:auto 68%like:44541
9/22    Note to future employers reading jblack's archives. Justin P Black
        is a total nut case. Just search for his name on the archiver.
        \_ I don't like jblack's extremist right-wing postings as the next
           person. But don't you think it's wrong to use a public
           discussion forum to personally smear other people? That seems
           like a very Fox New's type thing to do.
           \_ Op's post reflects more negatively on him than it does on
              the guy he's talking about.  I don't really care if I have to
              work with someone who has political opinions I think are crazy
              (I've done plenty of that, and it can be fun atually).  However,
              if I thought some self-righteous asshole like op thought he
              could get away with not hiring someone because of his political
              opinions, there's no way I'd work for him.  That sort of rigid
              authoritarian attitude is likely to carry over into technical,
              work-related matters and make someone impossible to work for/with.
              Whereas wingnut political opinions can be easily separated from
              technical matters, and have no effect on quality of life at work.
        \_ If people stopped hiring software people with insane fringe
           political opinions, the software industry would die in a week.
        \_ What archiver?
        \_ You're actually helping him, not hurting him.  If someone doesn't
           hire him because some anonymous jackass posted some bit of idiocy
           like yours on some stupid blog, you've just saved him from one of
           the worst jobs possible: working for stupid people.
        \_ I already circulated a negative recommendation in my company.
           I am making sure jblack gets special attentions. I work at Intel
           Corporation and I've passed the list to my HR friends at Yahoo,
           Google, HP, Applied Materials, and other major corporations.
           They've also begun circulating his name to the HR depts in
           other companies as well.  Please help me circulate jblack's
           name throughout the valley and tell me which companies
           you've passed the recommendation to so that we don't duplicate
           efforts. Thanks -alum of 1990, Intel Verification, SC
           \_ Hey, asshole!  Why don't you post your name so people who
              believe in free speech can avoid dealing with you ever?
              Posting freeper links to a public forum and trying to blacklist
              someone from an industry are two very different things.  The first
              is what what the motd is for, and the second is something that
              is borderline illegal, against policy in some companies, and
              makes you a bad human being.  I'm going to post my name just
              in the hopes that I never accidentally get hired by you or your
              asshole friends.  And for the record, I dissagree with jblack
              on every issue(except free speech on the motd and gun control).
           \_ If only the world really worked that way....
           \_ Free speech for me, eh?  -alum of 1997, at Intel SC until 2000
              Oh yeah, I can sign my name. -emarkp
        \_ What's wrong with hiring people with wacky political views so long
           as they do good work and don't draw bad press to the company?
           Do you support McCarthy-era blacklisting of communists?
           \_ Group dynamics is just as important as technical skills. We
              had a brilliant guy in our lab from the midwest with extremist
              views (he thinks we should nuke Iraq, Iran, and N Korea). For
              two years the manager tried to group him into different
              projects and the projects all turned out to be disasterous
              because we just couldn't get along. The manager gave up and
              the midwest dude drifted to his little projects while most of
              us moved on. Don't underestimate the power of group dynamics.
              \_ His problem wasn't his views.  His problem was sharing them
                 at work.  Were the rest of you sharing your views on the same
                 topics or was he this wildman lone wolf out to convert you
                 all to nuking everyone?  I'll bet his version of events is
                 something like, "I was recruited out to the West Coast where
                 all these obnoxious assholes wouldn't shutup about their
                 politics so I tried different groups to get away from them
                 but they were all more interested in everyone thinking like
                 them politically than in getting any work done, so I went
                 and did my own projects until I could get away from that
           \_ It won't be good for the team if he's widely hated.
              \_ Professionals don't discuss their politics, religion and other
                 BS at work.  Furthermore if you *hate* someone because they
                 have different political views than you, the problem is yours,
                 not theirs.
                 \_ In theory, you're absolutely right. Professionals do not
                    discuss shit outside of their professional work.
                    In practice, you're wrong. Most of the professionals
                    in this world are not that professional.
                 \_ All true. Still doesn't change the fact that employers
                    _will_ Google you these days before hiring you.
                    \_ And really, if an anonymous motd entry showing up on
                       google is a barrier to a job you've done him a great
                       service by saving him from a job with morons.
        \_ Why are you such a wuss that you won't publish your name?
           Anonymously naming other people is pretty low. -jrleek
           \_ Because if he did, he might find himself on a counter-blacklist.
              I couldn't care less about jblack's political leanings but I hate
              this pathetic coward blacklist guy's behavior. Unlike the
              politics, this sort of thing is something that is likely to
              reflect on being a shitty guy to work with.
              \_ The blacklist guy is kchang (Kevin Chang), who I'm sure is
                 already on plenty of blacklists for his stalking behavior.
              \_ It isn't that difficult to figure out who is who on the motd.
                 He may very well find his own name spread around the valley,
                 but really my question is, "why does he care?".  And no, I
                 know that places like Intel, HP, etc are too damned big and
                 disorganised, especially in hiring, to have a global blackist
                 created by motd writers.  The whole concept is just silly and
                 a vain attempt to silence jblack for having political views
                 that differ from the childish and petty original poster.
        \_ Are we running the "best of" soda useless classic motd discussions?
        \_ Wow. Facism is alive and well in the liberal, tolerant Bay Area.
           \_ Should we take this at face value?
2006/9/23 [Finance] UID:44507 Activity:nil
        Wonderful guy.
2006/9/23-26 [Uncategorized] UID:44508 Activity:nil
9/23    Top Gear's Richard Hammond's condition improves:,,2-2006440317,00.html
2006/9/23 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:44509 Activity:moderate 76%like:44510
9/23    PS3 Gran Turismo HD Concept Trailer: (
        \_ above link not working. IGN published these last night -shac
2006/9/23-26 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:44510 Activity:nil 76%like:44509
9/23    PS3 Gran Turismo HD Concept Trailer:
        \_ above link not working. IGN published these last night -shac
           \_ It's saved on the archiver:
           \_ fixed.
2006/9/23-26 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Jblack, Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:44511 Activity:kinda low Cat_by:auto
9/23    Ronald Reagan: An American Hero
        \_ This message brought to you by Justin P Black
        \_ Fuck Reagan, and fuck you.
        \_ a hero who dodged the draft in WW2?
           \_ someone with balls had to stay behind and live..
              otherwise we'd become france
           \_ George W Bush, Dick Cheney?
           \_ I thought everyone who avoided military service in the name of
              regime change and American hegemony was a hero?
              \_ The Marshall Plan is why we now call it the United States of
2006/9/23-26 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:44512 Activity:nil
9/23    Dems want to squander money on immigrants and Negros:
        \_ This message brought to you by the Association of Pure White
           Brotherhood and Justin P Black
           \_ No one responded to your original troll so you responded to
              yourself.  Lame, lame, lame....
2006/9/23-26 [Uncategorized] UID:44513 Activity:nil
        Americans prefer limited government and self reliance.
        \- what color do "americans prefer"? is social security
           part of limited govt and self reliance?
           \_ Most would say red.  It was supposed to be.  It isn't now.
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