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2006/9/17-19 [Uncategorized] UID:44411 Activity:nil
9/17    Did all the mail from the mail hiccup over the past couple weeks get
        delivered?  There were a few moments where it felt like the old mail
        was getting delivered, but I feel like I'm still missing mail.
        mailq doesn't show outstanding requests from that time.  Did
        mail just get bounced?  Is it still queued somewhere?  Am I simply
        overestimating my popularity and all the mail was delivered?
        \_ Yes you are, and if you want reliable mail use Yahoo, gmail,
           or use a more reliable ISP. I for one already stopped donating
           to CSUA and spending money on my reliable ISP.
2006/9/17-19 [Consumer/Audio] UID:44412 Activity:low
9/17    What would you reccommend for ripping and MP3-ing CDs under windows?
        I have used CDex + LAME in the past, and my only problem is that while
        CDex can get metadata from CDDB, there is no way to pass it to LAME so
        it can end up in the ID3 tags.  I know iTunes would work but I've heard
        it produced fairly poor MP3s for a given bitrate, so some solution
        using LAME would be ideal.
        \_ I use Exact Audio Copy with LAME and it works fine. It's not
           user friendly though; there are too many options. It created the
           ID3 tags properly and has reliable error detection/prevention
           methods. I use --preset standard for LAME options.
           \_ Seconded.
        \_ iTunes 320 VBR MP3s sounds fine to me, as good as anything LAME
           produces. In importing, just select the 'Custom' option for
           your MP3 encoder settings and configure to your liking.
           \_ I have yet to hear an encoder that doesn't sound fine at
              friggin 320 VBR.  The challenge was "for a given bitrate" with
              the implied (i'd assume) "for a reasonable bitrate"
        \_ I know of osx there are itunes lame encoding plugins.  Do the
           same exist for windows?
2006/9/17-19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:44413 Activity:high
9/17    No. 1 on the list of assholes who need to die:  Joe Francis, creator of
        "Girls Gone Wild" (latimes)
        \_ Girls Gone Wild is very very profitable. This is a free country,
           and people are free to do what they can in a free-market that
           encouranges profitability. Why do you hate Capitalism?
           \_ Encouraging exhibitionism for profit is okay; assaulting
              someone isn't.  (I haven't read most of the article yet and know
              little about him.)  He's nowhere near the top of my list (he's
              not on it, actually) but that was fucked up.  - niloc (not OP)
        \_ If this guy is at the top of your list, your priorities are fucked.
           If he's on your top 10,000, your priorities are still fucked.
           \_ Seriously. Name one bad thing this guy has done. Yes,
              just one (1).
              \_ (date) raped a girl on video?
                 \_ It's on video?  How come he's not in ass-pounding prison?
                 \_ Where can I buy that video???
                    \_ Why would you want it?  Are you a District Attorney?
                       A cop?  I can't see anyone else wanting it unless
                       they're some sort of twisted bastard.  Are you a
                       twisted bastard?
                       \_ Yes I am.
                          \_ OK, you're #2 on the list....
                             \_ After you.
        \_ I heard that Joe Francis hangs out with college-aged girls and then
           the next morning, he has his buddies smell his finger.  I heard
           that on Howard Stern.
2006/9/17-18 [Uncategorized] UID:44414 Activity:moderate
9/17    Jesus christ.
        \_ Dude, that girl is fat.  F - A - T.  You need to get out more.
           \_ How about these two?
              \_ This girl is pretty fat
                 \_ I can skip lunch today.
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