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2006/9/15-19 [Reference/Military] UID:44384 Activity:kinda low
9/15    Canadian Columbine:
        \_ Looks like all those gun control laws worked.
           \_ Maybe the place this happened had a rocket factory nearby in
              which case they all deserved it.
              \_ Yes, Michael Moore is an intellectually lazy and dishonest
                 asshole.  If you want to read an analysis of rage murders
                 by a brutally honest intellectually hyperactive genius
                 asshole instead, please read "Going Postal", by Mark Ames.
                 Unlike Michael Moore, he actually draws original conclusions
                 and supports those conclusions with painstaking scholarship.
                 \_ Is this the Mark Ames?
                    \_ Yes, but you see a very different side of him in this
                       book.  He seems to be able to channel that spastic
                       energy that helps him get through 9 whores in one night
                       into actual scholarship when it suits him. And unlike
                       most of Hunter Thompson's work, it's clear that he was
                       either totaly sober when he wrote this, or so brilliant
                       he could fight through the drugs somehow.
        \_ He was an aggressive anti-smoker, " A student told Sun Media the
           man had filtered through a crowd of smokers gathered at the
           school's entrance.  "There must have been some 50 people," said
           Cyrielle Vincent, 21. "We noticed him right away -- he stood out
           with his black coat and mohawk. Then he suddenly started firing
           away."  If only they banned smoking in Canada this might have never
           \_ He shot some smokers? Well that's all right then. They were
              probably giving him second hand smoke.
        \_ Dittoheads, remember:
           1) Any shooting that happens in another country is proof that
              gun control doesn't work
           2) Any shooting that happens in the U.S. is proof that we have
              too much gun control
           3) All statistics about gun deaths are irrelevant
           4) Remember Waco!
           \_ Don't forget 5) Switzerland
           \_ Don't forget 5) Switzerland             \_ What about it?
              \_ I love Switzerland.  That's where I funnel all my dirty
                 money.  Much better than the Cayman Islands.
2006/9/15-17 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:44385 Activity:nil
9/15    The Real Firefox:
        \_ That looks like to me...
2006/9/15-19 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:44386 Activity:nil
9/15    Fx is out.
        \_ Those of us with Firefox have already been automagically upgraded,
           and why would those without care?
           \_ unix version doesn't automagically do anything
2006/9/15-19 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW] UID:44387 Activity:nil
9/15    Looking for recommendations (prefer Bay Area?) for ISP/company
        that can run a small-business web-site (products list, help
        pages, shopping cart) and handle their email (web-mail & IMAP access)
        My friend currently has a small business but is not satisfied
        with his current ISP/web-design firm handling his .com domain far
        in LA.  They are slow to respond to web-site change requests,
        and they have dropped connections, broken shopping carts,
        customer complaints and slow employee web-mail access.
        \_ Is your friend's current company called Have you
           looked into other hosting companies like
           \_ not dreamhost. Was going to look at yahoo, but i think they
              want their own domain
2006/9/15-19 [Transportation/Airplane, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:44388 Activity:nil
9/15    Why can't I bring water to the airplane? Are they trying to
        prevent people making molotov cocktail?
        \_ They're trying to prevent binary liquid explosives coming on planes
           after the very formative "terror attempt" from British airports.
           Nevermind that it would be near impossible to actually combine them
           effectively on the plane...
           \_ Anyone have a clue what the current deal with carryon luggage
              is?  I have to fly to the US in October and am curious as to
              whether they're still being dicks about laptops... -John
              \_ The new TSA regulations say that you have to pull down your
                 shorts as you go through security, and if your johnson
                 looks like any sitting GOP politician, they send you to gitmo.
             \_ flying thru UK or not? seems to vary --oj
       (btnmag - text only)
             \_ flew back from Munich last Wed (to SFO) - no problem with
                laptops, they just swiped the extra mini bottle of grappa
                that the Italian stewardess had given me on the previous
                flight... (no fluids from Munich to SFO, within Europe they
                didn't care) - mds
2006/9/15-19 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:44389 Activity:nil
9/15    Posh dorms, yay! In Berkeley? MOOOOOO! When pigs fly. -i hate ucb
        \_ DePaul University?  Uhhh, right.  With a good education (i.e.
           Berkeley and not some posh joker school), you can *earn* money
           and *buy* a good life, rather than living high for four years on
           debt, then working at WalMart.
           \_ Bentonville, Arkansas, the site of WalMart's headquarters, has
              more millionaires per capita than any other city in the nation
              (and the planet).
           \_ Pretty sure if mommy & daddy send you off to school in a limo
              you won't end up working at WalMart, no matter how crappy your
              school is.
              \_ First of all, I think many of the kids at these rip-off
                 schools have parents who can't afford them, but pay for it
                 on debt because they think they have to.  And yes, those
                 kids are likely to get hosed, and end up at walmart or
                 25k/yr white collar hell.  Second of all, I now live in a
                 town full of trust fund parasites, and I wouldn't trade
                 my life as a tech person who actually has something to work
                 on that I give a shit about for theirs for any amount of
                 money.  Third of all, if you're really in the super-rich
                 class, and have no intention of seriously working, why
                 go to some shitty college at all?  Why not go windsurf and
                 screw hot chicks all year round?
                 \_ DUH because it's easier to meet hot chicks in school.
                    \_ Just not in Berkeley because they are all butt-ugly
                       and hairy here.
        \_ Remember kids, captitalism is bad!
2006/9/15-19 [Reference/Religion] UID:44390 Activity:nil
        Once again the religion of peace riots.
        \_ "death to the infidels for implying we are violent!!"
        \_ Not to defend their reaction, but watching "Monarchy" recently, it
        \_ Not to defend their reaction, but it
           seems that even Westerners whose freedom of expression and say in
           their government has been non-exitent have reacted this way
           their government were non-existant have reacted this way
           throughout history. Riots are a time-honored tradition everywhere.
2006/9/15-19 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:44391 Activity:nil
        Vacation with men = Mancation. Is this gay friendly?
        \_ Depends how much lube you take with you
2006/9/15-19 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Computer/Theory] UID:44392 Activity:nil
9/15    Math professor suspended over allegedly racist test question
        \_ "This punishment is not only unfair and a violation of the First
           Amendment, but also totally unnecessary."
           The questions you put on a test that you create as part of your
           paid employment is "free speech"?
           \_ the argument has been made that the gubment doesn't have a
               right to restrict speech, even if they are paying you.
               (This was a public institution), if it had bee a private
               school, it would have been different.
        \_ Aren't these FIRE guys part of that nutter Horowitz's group?
2006/9/15-17 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:44393 Activity:nil
9/15,0,2855679.story (
        Starting July '08, you will be fined $20 + city/county surcharges
        ($50 repeat offenses) if you are caught driving with a cell phone in
        your hand in CA.  Not illegal when the phone is "configured to allow
        hands-free listening and talking ... and is used in that manner".
        \_ So, what if you are not talking on the phone, but are holding it
           in your hand?
        \_ Why can't they start it sooner?
2006/9/15-19 [Reference/Tax] UID:44394 Activity:nil
9/15    Has anyone bought foreclosure properties? How about tax sale
        properties where the government sells the property to cover
        taxes not paid but not the amount of remaining loan?
        \_ I have not.  My (very distant) understanding of it is that there
           are so many people out there bidding on these properties trying to
           get rich quick that you're really unlikely to get a good deal
           on one.
           \_ I've bought HUD repos in LA, they were more numerous there.  I
              don't know that this area had any real supply.  In my experience
              the deals went away not because of get-rich-quickers, but because
              home buyers started showing up and they were willing to pay much
              closer to the actual market value of the home, which i was not
              closer to the actual market value of the house.  -crebbs
              \_ Most people don't want HUD homes, not even for investments.
                 Like with anything else, you can get a good deal if you
                 spend the time looking. You will be up against a lot of
                 pros with a lot of cash who will know what they are doing.
                 When I found something worthwhile I didn't get it. If you
                 persevere you ultimately will, though. Don't think that
                 it will be easy, though. I heard you are better off buying
                 *before* it is foreclosed on - when the person is in
                 trouble. You can give them some cash to solve their
                 problems in exchange for a great deal on the house. The
                 hard part is identifying those people in advance, although
                 there are lists of people behind on their mortgage. You'd
                 have to cold call or send flyers, though.
2006/9/15-19 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:44395 Activity:nil
9/15    Dell once again stocks AMD consumer-grade boxes (
2006/9/15-17 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:44396 Activity:nil
9/15    22% of Canadians believe that 9/11 was an inside job.
        \_ 36% +/- 4% of Americans say it's somewhat or very likely that the
           govt participated in 9/11, or knew about it in advance but let it
           16% +/- 4% believe planted explosives brought down the WTC.
           \_ 92% +/- ?% believe in a magical invisible being you can talk to
              who directly affects the laws of nature to answer personal
              requests from humans
2006/9/15-16 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:44397 Activity:nil
9/15    Who can explain this (on debian, not soda):

        root@mybox etc 15:27:25]# ps -ef |grep grep
        root     27419 27390  0 15:30 pts/9    00:00:00 grep grep
        [root@mybox etc 15:27:51]#

        Note the times.
2006/9/15-19 [Uncategorized] UID:44398 Activity:nil
9/15    Can anyone recommend any shows to catch in NYC?  thx.
        \- get an issue of the NYker and look in the "Goings on about Town"
           section at the beginning. there is stuff i'd go to for sure, but
           probably not of wide interest. i didnt notice any "must sees".
        \- Do you mean theatre or concerts?  For indie rock shows, go here:
           If you tell me the dates you are there, I'm happy to make
           recommendations.  Lots of good music in NYC.  Also, grab a
           Time Out New York while there...      --srgordon
2006/9/15-16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:44399 Activity:nil
        Married means you're married, you moron!
        \_ The person who wrote that is the moron.
2006/9/15-19 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iran, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:44400 Activity:nil
9/15 (Krauthammer, Wash Post)
        I hope the dunderheads in the White House aren't taking military advice
        from this wacko, and are taking it instead from veteran analysts in the
        Pentagon/CIA.  There are overriding holes in Krauthammer's column.
        \_ Of course you don't mention any of those holes.  Besides--overriding
           holes?  I've never heard that phrase.
           \_ I thought it was a weird phrase too, but I stuck with it. -op
        \_ I usually find Krauthammer to be just this side of nuts. It's nice
           to see that even the nuts think this is a bad idea.
2006/9/15-19 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:44401 Activity:nil
        How to impress a stripper
        \_ Whoever you are, I salute you. This article is totally hilarious,
           thanks for posting these messages    -strip club guy #1 fan
2006/9/15-19 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:44402 Activity:nil
9/15    Anyone know any good N64 games?
        \_ Yeah, there was this one I met in college.  Man, it was hot.
        \_ Golden Eye. My other favorites include Mario Cart and Cruising
2019/02/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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