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2006/9/10-12 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:44334 Activity:nil
9/9     It's almost 911. I just listened to a radio program and watched
        a TV segment reminding me why the war in Iraq was justified.
        How about you guys? Are you bombarded by pro-war media blitz?
        \_ I listened to a CD on the way to work just so I could avoid the
           buzz. With all due respect to those who were killed, the over-
           dose is making me queasy.
        \_ I read it somewhere (Iraqibodycount) that more than 10,000 Iraqi
           civilians died of US bombing during the invasion phase of the Iraq
           war.  Sometimes I wonder in name of god why our 3,000 lives
           justify the killing of 10,000 more.
           \_ They don't. 9/11 had nothing to do with the invasion of Iraq,
              except as an excuse.
           \_ Body counts have nothing to do with it.  If we had killed fewer
              than 3,000 civilians the moral implications would remain the
        \_ hey, I see Bush mentioned Bin Ladin 20 times, I didn't hear anything
           about the "progress" we made in Iraq!
2006/9/10-12 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:44335 Activity:nil
9/9     Yes or no on Prop 87?
        \_ Undetermined. The tax part may or may not raise gas prices in CA.
           The spending part has a similar flavor to Stem Cell Research prop.
           In short, it has the potential for good, but it's not a sure thing.
2006/9/10-12 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:44336 Activity:nil
9/10    Has anyone compiled MySQL on Solaris 2.8 and had problems when
        it gets to mysql_tzinfo_to_sql?  I'm getting:
        ld: fatal: library -lpthread: not found
        ld: fatal: library -lthread: not found
        ld: fatal: library -lposix4: not found
        and make is failing.  I'm compiling MySQL 5.0.24, 32 bit.
        gcc 2.95.2.  I just tried it --with-mit-threads, but that didn't
        work either.  Please email me.  I want to burn the entire server
        room at this point.  Thank you!  -sax
        \_ I never had your specific problem but it looks like either you
           don't have those libraries installed or your library path is
        \_ I have built 3.23.xx and 4.0.x on sol 8/sparc with both the suncc
           and gcc.  Have you tried the flags MySQL uses?
           \_ Thank you both!  There were a few more command line options
              I was missing that helped.  I was using
              --with-mysqld-ldflags=-all-static, which apparently doesn't
              work on Solaris.  My biggest problem, though, was that it
              looks like this version of gcc was installed incorrectly.
              Switching over to gcc-3.2.1 solved the rest of my problems.
2006/9/10-11 [Transportation/Bicycle, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:44337 Activity:nil
9/10    Word of advice for road bikers-- DO NOT take your road bike [with
        slick wheels] to the beach. I took my bike to the beach and there
        were many idiots on the bike path that almost hit me. Yesterday,
        I was passing this guy to the left, going at about 18-20MPH when
        he made a sudden lane change to the left, which made me swerve
        further to the left. Despite the fact that the path wasn't sandy,
        my rear wheel slipped. I attempted to recover but went down. As
        I recovered, I realized that there were lots of fine particles on
        the path even though you don't see sand, and they make your slick
        700 low-rolling resistant road wheels slippery. There are too many
        idiots on the beach bike path, and the path is as slippery as oil.
        \_ Bike paths are not appropriate places for people who go 18-20MPH
           (i.e., bicyclists).  -tom
2006/9/10-11 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:44338 Activity:nil
9/9     The front-page image of
        The front-page image of Intl Edition:
        This happens on a regular basis.
        \_ uh, what does?  -tom
           \_ U.S. edition is more pro-Bush.  Intl Edition is more neutral and
              at times anti-Bush.  Perhaps I'm imagining things, but to me,
              the difference in imagery in this case is important.
              \_ You'll have to find a better example; both those are
                 pretty neutral.  -tom
2006/9/10-12 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:44339 Activity:nil
9/10    Danny Gans in Mirage is the worst variety show I've ever seen in
        Las Vegas.  I esp. disliked how he managed to slip in conservative
        messages during the show. Go see it if you want to waste $100.
        \_ I still think the best way to spend $150 in Vegas is O.  Haven't
           seen any other Cirque shows, though.
          \_ I recommend any Cirque show EXCEPT Zumanity --oj
2006/9/10-12 [Reference/Military, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:44340 Activity:nil
9/10    Screw the War on Terrah, we need the War on Bad Driving.  There have
        been about 208,000 road deaths in the USA since Sept 11 2001,
        according to:
        Or how about a big budget ABC miniseries, "The Road to Bad Driving?"
2006/9/10-12 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:44341 Activity:nil
9/11    For those who run his/her own server.  Has any of you tried to run a
        fanless system that uses AMD Operon or Pentium M that is clocked more
        than 1GHz?  where to get chassis like these?  can't find it at Fry's.
        \_ No, but I have a fanless 800 MHz Via C3, with a big Zalman heatsink.
           Got the CPU on ebay for about $50 and got the heatsink (CNPS-6000AlCu
           Flower Cooler) from for about $40.. Runs great.
           There is one fan in the system, the power supply exhaust, because
           unless you are conducting heat to the case, you need some airflow to
           keep things cool. If you want zero fans, take a look at Hush.
        \_ No, but I have a fanless 800 MHz Via C3, with a big Zalman copper
           heatsink. Got the CPU on ebay for about $50. and got the heatsikn
           (Zalman CNPS-6000AlCu Flower Cooler) from for about
           $40.. Runs great. There is one fan in the system, the power supple
           exhaust, because unless you are conducting heat to the exterior, you
           need some airflow.. If you wanted zero fans, take a look at Hush.
           \_ I used to run on 600MHz VIA C3 in Antec ARIA.  It was
              incredibly slow.  I now have a bunch of K8 systems
              (RevCG Mobile Athlon64 0.9V 1GHz, RevE6 Turion64 800MHz,
              RevE6 Sempron64 256kL2 1.1V 1GHz).  Due to other factors
              like power supply inefficiency and northbridge power
              consumption, power draw measured using Fluke meter at
              the plug is virtually the same for the VIA C3 vs Sempron64.
              Turion64 800MHz may even eat less power (7.8W) than the
              VIA.  Even at 800MHz, K8 kicks C3's arse!  I'd say it's
              over 5x faster!  To me, even 800MHz K8 is plenty fast
              for most things.  I also used to have a HUSH system.  It
              was noisier than ARIA because HDD whine (Seagate 7200.7)
              dominated.  And in the end, the unreliability the heat
              added was not worth it.  My quietest system (C3 fanless,
              HDD-less using CF->IDE converter) is slow, but it has
              its uses.  Basically, except for the exceptional cases,
              one slow fan won't be a bad thing at all.  Just hide it
        \_ I've been very happy with my Kurobox:
           It's a small PPC system that runs Linux -- Gentoo and Debian are the
           best supported. It's $150 without a harddrive -- which is nice if you
           have one lying around. It's a little tight on the RAM, but it can
           happily do streaming and serving and such. And it's only got one
           very-quiet fan -- the harddrive is the louder part. Plus it's cute!
           \_ Nice link, thx.  I was thinking of something like this, but I
              could never find a reasonably priced external SATA RAID-5 drive
              array/enclosure.  -John
           \_ Out of curiosity, what do you use it for?
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