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2006/9/9-12 [Transportation/Airplane, Computer/SW/Security] UID:44330 Activity:nil
        This is insanely stupid.  All the bad guys need to do is throw
        kgs of TATP in the false hardsides of their luggage on several very
        busy buses and have them all explode at the same time on buses across
        the city.  Let's hope L.A. people are so inherently anti-public
        transportation that those buses never fill.
        \_ uh, from a security standpoint how is this any different than
           checking bags at the counter?  Or bringing a bomb onto any
           bus?  -tom
           \_ there's no difference from a security standpoint as you've
              implied.  however, from the standpoint of the terror impact of
              burning bus shells on TV, the synchronized bombings of full
              LAX transit buses is much more effective and obvious than
              (synchronized) exploding ticket counters or bus lines intended
              for low-income workers / students.
              \_ uh, whatever.  -tom
                 \_ uh, yeah
2006/9/9-11 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:44331 Activity:nil
9/9     After rotating my /var/log/mail.* files and restarting postfix,
        I no longer have any mail log files in /var/log/mail.*! Is there
        something else I have to do for postfix? I never had this problem
        when I was using sendmail. Please help!         -learning unix
        \_ man -k syslog
2006/9/9-11 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:44332 Activity:nil
9/9     Frederick J Miller came from a well to do family. He was educated
        in Germany and France and operated the Royal Brewery at
        Sigmaringen, Hohenzellern for several years. Unlike his less wealthy
        and humble competitors, he immigrated to the US with some of
        the money he made from Europe ($2000), which in today's money is
        about $200,000 and bought his way into the business. He fulfilled
        his American dream by crushing competition and becoming the
        Walmart of the beer business. Next time you drink Miller Draft
        beer, remember, it has a royalty origin.    -free market supporter
        \_ And that it sponsors illegal alien rallies.
           \_ funny!
        \_ On that note, don't fly any airline that uses Airbus, drive
           Chryslers (both because the feds bailed them out and they
           are German), use Verizon Wireless (45% Vodafone owned) and etc.
2006/9/9-12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:44333 Activity:moderate
9/9     Is it "ok" for a guy in a relationship to go to a movie with a
        friend who is a girl? There are no romantic feelings between the
        two, at least the guy (me) definitely doesn't have any. Is
        a movie outing too close/date-like? Thanks.
        \_ My baby momma still lets me hit it.
        \_ I went to a movie with my ex.  Girlfriend found out.  Girlfriend
           broke up with me.  So... I should have either informed
           gf I was going to movie with ex, or thought a little harder
           and just not have gone to the movie in the first place.
           Might not be worth the risk.
        \_ fucking YES.   next question.  Who are you?  You are
           too boring to live.
                \_ 'splain yourself, boy. -op
        \_ Did you have a previous more-than-friend relationship with said
           girl? The answer may still be "yes," but you may have more Damage
           Control to do before and after. -married and been there
        \_ If it is ok with your gf, it is ok.  If it is not ok with your gf,
           it is not ok.  If you are ok with it not being ok, that is ok.  If
           you are not ok with it not being ok, get new gf.
           \_ I hereby cede my time to this person. Good advice. -married
              \_ Seconded.  --not married, but been there
             \_ and if you are ok with it being not ok you are fucking
                \_ not necessarily.  if she did the same thing would you be
                   ok with her having some 'date'-like activities with some
                   other guy?  i'll bet you wouldn't.  goose/gander.  if you
                   just want to keep her around as an easy lay, then it
                   doesn't matter what you do if you've got this other thing
                   going on anyway, but if she's actually your real gf then
                   what she thinks matters.  welcome to grown-up land.
                   \_ Of course I'd be ok with it.  That's why it is grown-up
                      land.  We are grown up enough to trust each other and
                      not be raging jealous bitches.  And we are grown up
                      enough that we wouldn't settle for a relationship where
                      the other person doesn't trust us.
                      \_ I don't think trust is the issue.
                        \_ So what is the issue?  If the other person's sex
                           is the major issue then the only reason I could
                           see that being a problem is that one SO doesn't
                           trust the other enough to hang out with friends of
                           opposite sex.  The implication being that some
                           kind of cheating is going on.  If that's not
                           a lack of trust I don't know what it is.
                           \_ The issue is feelings.  Someone can trust you but
                              still feel bad that you're spending time with
                              someone else.  Anyway, I think there are a lot of
                              marriages that wouldn't have ended in divorce if
                              there were fewer temptations available.  The
                              ideal "100% trust but didn't get cheated on"
                              marriage is a nice thought but just isn't going
                              to happen because people are people.
                              \_ I will admit that if I'm in a serious
                                 relationship I do want to be a major part
                                 of someone's life and that means at least
                                 being invited to most social events they
                                 have going on.  However that doesn't mean
                                 all events, it's important to have a life
                                 outside of the other person.  And lots of
                                 the time we have friends the other person
                                 doesn't get along with, or that enjoys
                                 doing things my SO doesn't really like.
                                 And if you notice in the original question
                                 his friend's sex was the main factor.  Once
                                 again if what you are doing is fine with a
                                 friend of the sex you don't want to boink
                                 it should be fine with the other.  And
                                 if your SO thinks otherwise you really
                                 should have the guts to let her know that
                                 that isn't cool.
                                 \_ All true.  It still comes down to your SOs
                                    feelings, cool or not.  I said way up there
                                    that if your SO isn't ok with it and you're
                                    not ok with your SO not being ok with it,
                                    then get a new SO.  It isn't an easily
                                    reconcilable(sp?) difference.  Telling her
                                    that being jealous isn't cool is going to
                                    do what?  Make her either get pissed off or
                                    get quiet about it.  Either way you just
                                    damaged your relationship.  Her feelings
                                    are not going to change to your way of
                                    thinking by telling her she's being uncool.
                                    \_ And if you are the kind of person who
                                       ok with being in a relationship with
                                       someone who is that jealous and
                                       controlling you are pathetic.
                                       \_ Good luck in divorce court.
                                        \_ See, I'm smart enough not to
                                           get married to someone who is
                                           going to be jealous of my friends.
                                           \_ If you'd like to think that.  It
                                              sounds more like you bullied her
                                              into silence or she was a doormat
                                              in the first place.
                                              \_ Trust, t's a two way street.
                       She trusts my relationships with my female friends, I
                       trust hers with her male friends.  Is it so hard to
                       imagine that a serious couple can GASP have friends
                       of the opposite sex without cheating on one another?
                       If so I feel really sorry for your girlfriends because
                       you need to learn to give someone their own space.
                       \_ So your gf has 'dates' too?
                        \_ How many times do I have to say it?  Yes.
                       \_ The feelings people are talking about are pretty
                          natural. Not that they would always be there, but
                          it's not some weird abnormal person to possibly feel
                          hurt/jealous etc. about such situations. Fact is that
                          many male/female friendships do have an underlying
                          romantic interest on the part of one or the other.
                          Human nature. That's in general though, if you think
                          you know your SO that well and honestly both have
                          friends of opposite sex that you like to hang out
                          with on date-like activities (while in a
                          relationship) then that's up to you. It's not the
                          norm. If you're still "dating" various other women
                          it sort of implies you're still testing the waters
                          in some ways and something better might come along.
                          You could go do stuff with a male friend; there's
                          no real reason someone has to "learn" to give you
                          space to date other women.
                          \_ If I'm "dating" them then I'm dating my guy
                             friends too.  What you do on a date and what
                             you do hanging out with a friend are pretty
                             much the set of things.  Just because someone
                             has a vagina doesn't mean I hang out with them
                             because I want to get in their pants.  Is that
                             really so hard for you to accept?
                             \_ No, but that's not what I said. (And most
                                people aren't gay for their guy friends.)
                                \_ So do you really think most men want to
                                   sleep with their female friends?
        \_ it's okay if you're gay
        \_ I went with a long-time female friend to see As Good As It Gets, had
           dinner at a restaurant, and went to my place afterwards.  Nothing
        \_ Years ago a long-time female friend asked me to go see As Good As It
           Gets.  We went, had dinner at a restaurant, and went to my place
           afterwards.  Nothing happened.  Neither of us had a relationship
           back then.  (Come to think of it, maybe I screwed up.)
           \_ Ah yes. All the pussy you could have had if only you'd had
              a clue.
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