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2006/9/8-12 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:44320 Activity:nil
9/8     "Interrogation Methods Rejected by Military Win Bush's Support:
        -- Many harsh interrogation techniques would be made lawful by
        legislation put forward by the Bush administration." -NY Times headline
        This is exactly what we need, the complete fucking outrageous truth
        from the media.  If we had all respected media sources doing this,
        we wouldn't be where we are today.
        \_ when'd the Exective Effice pick up the powers to write legislation?
           I thought that was only Congress's, and the Executive office was
           there to enforce (or Ignore, as in the case of the current
           \_ "Stroke of the pen, law of the land, cool!"
              \_ You stroke my pen, I wet your land.
                 Come stroke my pen in your wet-land.
2006/9/8-12 [Science/Space, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:44321 Activity:nil
9/8     Space mission to probe solar system explosions
        "Harra said a better understanding of solar flares could provide
        information about how magnetic fields release huge amounts of energy
        and whether life can exist somewhere else."  Huh?  What does this have
        to do with life somewhere else?
        \_ I believe strong magnetic fields are one of the theoretical catalysts
           for abiogenesis  --dbushong
2006/9/8-12 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:44322 Activity:nil
9/8     Where's the ACLU when you need 'em?
        \_ I see no traces of censorship.  Maybe you need to take off your
           \_ Agreed.
           \_ You don't think it's a bit odd that the senate leadership should
              recommend what a TV show should air or not air?
           \_ You don't think it's a bit odd that the democrat senate
              leadership should recommend what a TV show should air or not air?
              \_ You mean like when the republicans urged CBS not to air the
                 Reagan film?  Calling something "Based on the 9/11 Commission
                 Report" and then putting in crap that directly contradicts
                 their findings is utter crap, and they're right to call them
                 out on it.  This is walking the line of propoganda (which is
                 illegal, by the way).
              \_ Ever heard of Tipper Gore?
              \_ There is a huge difference between saying "I don't think this
                 is the right thing to do" and saying "You can't do this".
                 The former happens all the time in politics.  The latter is
                 censorship.  If you can't tell the difference, well you've
                 been living in a cave for what, 200 years?
                 \_ Oh, I can tell the difference.  But I think if Rebpublican
                    leadership did the same thing, the ACLU would be releasing
                    out the hounds.
                    \_ And I think I'm the Emperor of Mars, that doesn't make
                       me right.
                    \_ Not unless the GOP leadership actually had the show
                       banned. There hasn't been any actionable action taken
                       on this.
              \_ Hee hee.
                 "ABC/Disney acknowledges this show is fiction and in direct
                 contradiction of the 9/11 commission report and the facts,"
                 Clinton Foundation spokesman Jay Carson said in a statement.
                 "No reputable organization should dramatize 9/11 for a profit
                 at the expense of the truth."
                 So I guess Michael Moore sitting next to Jimmy Carter at the
                 DNC was....
                 \_ I didn't see F9/11. Did it somehow involve dramatizations
                    of 9/11?
        \_ You know, I've heard that the second night hammers the Bush
           administration pretty bad.  And yet I've heard of no objections from
           the right side of the aisle.
           \_ Is it accurate?  Is it false enough that it could be easily
              repudiated without exposing them to further, possibly unwanted,
2006/9/8-12 [Computer/Rants] UID:44323 Activity:nil
9/8     If free market encourages competition, which encourages Comcast,
        Adelphia, Time Warner, etc to compete with each other, how come
        my cable bill has been going up the roof for the past 10 years?
        \_ Along similar lines, how is it that I can have any long
           distance company I want, but only the Bells can install my
           phone line?
        \_ Have you noticed how many more channels you get now?
           \_ Yes but 1/3 of them are Spanish which I don't watch, and the
              rest are purely trash. The exception would be the History
              Channel and HGTV. I guess bundling things people don't want
              and charging a bundle is the business model of the 21st
              century. Bill Gates was right afterall!
           \_ Uh, no.  7 years ago I was paying $32/mo.  I think HGTV is
              just about the only new channel on my service in that itme,
              and the price has nearly doubled.  Fuck off.
        \_ in case you haven't noticed, cable companies DONT compete with
           each other, they all have local monopolies. The only "competition"
           they have is with the satellite operators.  The telco's are now also
           trying to get into this racket.
        \_ Who said that the competition in this particular industry should
           bring the prices down?
           \_ The invisible hand says you need a spanking.
2006/9/8-12 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:44324 Activity:nil
        NY Times reports that there is no evidence that Hussein had ties to
        al Qaeda - but liberals fail to understand that not finding the
        evidence may result in mushroom clouds over one or more major American
        \_ Honestly, do you really believe the Administration line? Or is this
           just something you believe because it stirs people up?
        \_ NYT?  Could you cite a source that doesn't have a long history of
           both obvious bias and flat out incompetent screwups?  The Daily
           Cal has a better record than the NYT.
              But I guess even a bipartisan senate committee report has probably
              been tampered with by Bill Clinton's chinese army black
              helicopters controlled by the liberal media in canada in league
              with the New World Order.  In fact the GOP senators who signed off
              on the above official document only did so to trick you into
              letting the UN take away your guns and burning your country
              western albums.
            \_ I love this "the new york times is all propaganda" campaign
               you have going on.
              \_ You can practically see the little gears working in his
                 brain when he reads this. MUST ATTACK SOURCE!
                 \_ If the source sucks there's no reason to post from it.
                    The NYT sucks.  Their track record in recent years is
                    undefendable.  I used to read it 7 days a week because
                    they actually made some effort to report news and kept
                    the editorials to the op/ed page but now the whole thing
                    is a giant op/ed.  I'm not the only subscriber they've
                    lost recently.  When they stop sucking they'll sell more
                    papers.  In the mean time, thanks for posting the
           document and if you can't get a quality first
                    hand source like that the DC is still a better source
                    than the NYT.
                    \_ The link was from the top of the nytimes
                       article, moron.
                       \_ So what?  Why not just post the real info instead
                          of forcing people to visit a crap site?  And why
                          do you feel the need to personally insult someone?
                          Do you have a vested personal interest in the NYT?
                          \_ FOX NEWS! FAIR AND BALANCED!
2006/9/8-12 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/WWW/Server, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:44325 Activity:nil
9/9     Is there a gzip-like unix command that will encrypt a file?
        I'm looking for something that's widely available. Thanks
        crypt (not very secure - DES).  Or failing that, openssl or gnupg
        \_ openssl or gnupg... what are you looking for?  Those will work fine..
           \_ Thanks for the recommendations. I'm basically experimenting
              with a way of using my friend's computer to backup my
              personal files and using my computer to backup theirs.
              Of course, this means storing files in a way where we can't
              see each other's personal files.
              \_ I'd recommend checking out
                 It makes the whole "backing up a bunch of files, encrypting
                 it, and chunking it into bite-sized pieces" thing much easier
                 than dump/tar + gzip + openssl.  --dbushong
                 \_ Oh, that is so cool. Thanks. My way was going to
                    be much more convoluted involving ssh and a bunch
                    of script writing. This should save some time.
              \_ One nice thing about using gpg (dump/tar | gpg) is you
                 can do public key crypto and not ever have passwords stored
                 in the script.  I believe gpg also can chunk it into X
                 byte chunks, optionally ascii armored, for emailing as
                 well. (well, I suppose you could mime-attach it)
        \_ openssl bf-cbc -in file.txt -out file.txt.bfcbc    # encrypt
           openssl bf-cbc -d -in file.txt.bfcbc -out file.txt # decrypt
        \_ /usr/bin/{zip,unzip} on soda can take passwords.  Don't know if
           they're widely available on other *nix's.
2006/9/8-12 [Recreation/Food] UID:44326 Activity:kinda low
9/8     House outlaws slaughter of horses for consumption as 'yucky': (
        \_ The Hindus are as pissed at us for eating sacred cows as we are
           \- "the hindus" are pissed about other things. --hindu@soda
           pissed at people eating dogs and horses. But then again, we're
           more powerful and more righteous than the primitives who live in
           3rd world countries, so we're right and they're wrong.
           \_ what they eat in their country is their business, what we eat
              in ours (or don't allow anyone to eat) is ours.
              \_ You're a fucking idiot reiffin. Tell us about
                 the Republican Party.
                 \_ lmao!  you're right, i'm an idiot because what other
                    people eat in their country is our business and what
                    we eat in ours is their business and this has something
                    to do with the republican party i don't understand.
                    thanks for the laugh.
        \_ I once tried horse sashimi in Japan, and it tasted okay.
        \_ I really think this is dumb.  I can't think of any reason why I
          shouldn't be allowed to eat horse if I want, or sell my horse to
          be eaten if I so desire.  Of course, I don't see any reason why
          I can't eat dog, and that seems to be widely illegal in the
          \_ Agreed. As long as it's done hygienically, why not?
             \_ And why not eat human fetus' too?  It's perfectly safe as
                long as you don't eat the brain or spinal cord/fluids.
                \_ no, it's not.
                   \_ sure it is.  you can get some really terribly diseases
                      unique to cannibals if you eat brain related stuff but
                      the rest of the human body is just meat.
                \_ Because fetuses are proto-humans, and we have taboos against
                   eating our own.
                   \_ This country has taboos about eating dogs, horses, cats
                      and other 'pet' type creatures.  That is the answer to
                      the person a few levels up who sees no reason why he
                      can't eat dog or horse in the US.
                      \_ So why not simply say, "Because we have cultural
                         taboos about eating these things," rather than
                         raising emotionally charged examples like human
                         \_ That's the point.  Dog and horse eating is also
                            emotionally charged.  One taboo earns another to
        \_ I think pigs are supposed to be smarter and more human like
           than horses.  So, if we make horse slaughter illegal, we must
           do the same for pigs.  If we can't do it for pigs, we can't do
           it for horses.
           \_ But pigs are tastier.
              \_ Charlotte!
2006/9/8-12 [Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:44327 Activity:nil
9/9     So is this offensive, to say that an ethnic group is "hot"?
        I don't personally find it offensive, but maybe that is just
        because I have been away from Cal for too long...
        \_ have you learn anything?  uglieness is universal.  no ethnic group
           is "hotter" than another.
        \_ maybe it's perfectly socially acceptable to say it somewhere in a
           circle of friends, but this is not the sort of thing I expect to
           hear from a Governor in a public speech.
           \_ I don't think the original statements were made in public,
              I think it was a private conversation that was picked up by
              a mic.  Not sure though.
              \_ If you read the article, it specifically says he made the
                 the remarks "to his advisers behind closed doors".
        \_ Arnie was affectionately referring to the chesty Puerto Rican Bonnie
           Garcia when he said "very hot".
           \_ Actually I realize he didn't mean hot, he meant hot-blooded,
              which is kind of offensive. The quotes in the story don't
              actually say that, but the story says that is what he meant.
              I wonder if that is true or not.
        \_ Fascinating--Garcia was interviewed by an LA radio host and she
           thinks the story is silly (she calls herself a "hot-blooded Latina")
           and mentioned that the Dems didn't allow her into the Latino caucus
           since she's a Republican.
        \_ State Treasurer Phil Angelides, who is challenging the governor for
           re-election this year, issued a statement this morning saying
           Schwarzenegger "has used language that is deeply offensive to all
           Californians and embarrassed our state. His comments reflect a
           disturbing pattern of behavior. The governor has a responsibility to
           conduct himself with dignity."
           Offensive to ALL CALIFORNIANS?  Not to Garcia.  Not to me.
           \_ All REAL Californians.
              \_ That's Ka-lee-for-nyans to both of you sissy-boys.
           \_ It's deeply offensive to all Californians who are deeply
              \_ I'm offended that you're offended!  --offended
2006/9/8-12 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:44328 Activity:nil
        "Angie and I will consider tying the knot when everyone else in the
        country who wants to be married is legally able,"
        Go Brad!  I and my sister will forever be grateful.
        \_ "My sister and I"... didn't you learn anything in school?
           \_ I am a self-centered redneck.
           \_ I was not aware of any rule stronger than custom for
              saying "my sister and I" rather than "I and my sister".
              Given the symmetry of the "and" idea, it would not
              seem to matter grammatically or syntactically.  I would
              have classified his phrase as uncommon but not
              \_ Strunk & White.  "XYZ and I" is correct.   "I and XYZ"
                 is incorrect.  It hurts my ears to read "I and XYZ".
                 \_ how about "myself and XYZ..." does it hurt your year
                    equally as much?
                    \_ "myself" is obviously incorrect in that context.  -tom
                       \- The "-self" pronouns are generally REFLEXIVE
                          pronouns. These are used when the object
                          "loops" back to the subject. For example,
                          one would write "The Asp touched Brain@soda"
                          one would write "The Asp touched brain@soda"
                          or "The Asp touched him." But this has a different
                          meaning from "The Asp touched himself." There is
                          another use for -self which are called INTENSIVE
                          pronouns which are a bit harder to explain.
                          It's more a case of emphasis on your person ...
                          like adding "personally". For example: "The Asp,
                          himself, touched brain@soda." or
                          "My sister, herself, will be forever grateful." =
                          "My sister will personally be very grateful."
                          Re: ordering of "I and x" vs "x and I" ... I think
                          this is generally consdered "more polite" rather
                          than be explained in terms of linguistic principles
                          and grammar. So in some other languages, "I and x"
                          may be just fine ... but of course the I vs me
                          distinction would still exist [I'm inclinded to say
                          the Bengali eqivalent of "I and X" is ok, but maybe
                          somebody else can chime in about other langauges.]
2006/9/8-12 [Uncategorized] UID:44329 Activity:nil
9/9     Miami paper fires three journalists, among ten who took government
        money to promote anti-Castro journalism.
        \_ what piss me off is that the whitehouse is getting away with these.
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