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2006/9/4-5 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:44264 Activity:kinda low
9/4     RIP steve irwin.  crikey!
        \_ You know, somehow, I'm not too surprised, though I'm pretty sad
           about it. He was a likeable character. Likeable and crazy.
        \_ sad.  all the scary stunt he has done, he was killed by an
           otherwise harmless stingray.
           \_ What do you mean harmless...stringrays are known
              to be poisonous.
              \_ They are not commonly known to be deadly.  He was only the 3rd
                 known fatality from stingrays in Australia.
                 \_ "... 3rd known fatality ..."  Thinkaboutit!
              \_ It wasn't the poison, it was the sting piercing his heart:
           \_ I wonder if after being around so many more deadly animals, he
              was just a little *too* comfortable around a less dangerous one.
              \_ From what I read, it was just a freak accident. That they
                 werent focussing on stingrays but they swam over one that they
                 didn't know was there (Irwin and his cameraman).
        \_ "Officials offered Irwin's grieving family a state funeral ..."
           State funeral?  He's that important of a figure in Australia?  Not
           even the Queen Mother of the UK got a state funeral.  (Not that she
           was nice or anything.)
2006/9/4 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:44265 Activity:nil
9/4     RIP
2006/9/4-6 [Uncategorized] UID:44266 Activity:nil
9/4     Anyone know where this is from, and if he's serious?
2006/9/4-6 [Consumer/Camera] UID:44267 Activity:nil
9/4     400D/XTi review:
2006/9/4 [Uncategorized] UID:44268 Activity:nil 80%like:44269
9/4     Please help. My car, which recently had its cooling system
        fixed a few months ago (because it was overheading) is once
        again overheating now, if I idle it too long. What's going
        on? Or at least, what could be going on? I can't afford to
        cough up another $500+.
2006/9/4-7 [Transportation/Car] UID:44269 Activity:nil 80%like:44268
9/4     Please help. My car, which had its radiator replaced a few
        months ago (because it was overheading) is once again
        overheating, if I idle it too long. What's going on? Or
        at least, what could be going on? I can't afford to cough up
        another $500+. Thanks.
        \_ Is your engine a transverse mounted engine? I'm assuming it
           is as with most FWD cars, in which case, you have an electrically
           controlled fan. These fans usually turn on on their own
           depending on the engine's temperature so you might want to
           check that system out. You might have a bad sensor or electric
        \_ How far do you live from work?  It sounds like you can't afford a
           car.  The average American spends 7000$/year on a car.  Can you think
           of a way to spend 7000$ in a year that affects your quality of life
           more positively than a car?  Join us(the car-free) and be free.
           Or live your life in perpetual slavery to Detroit and Riyadh.
                \_ Sorry, I need the car. Work is too far and no public
                   transportation is available. No car is not an option.
                   While I may not be able to afford big repairs, at least
                   I can credit card them (not wise, I know, but necessary).
        \_ I don't have an answer.  My '96 Jeep Cherokee 4WD has a mechanical
           fan and an electric fan.  The I-6 engine is not transverse-mounted.
           I had the same intermitten problem when the vehicle was 3-5 years
           old.  The mechanic replaced a valve, but the problem kept happening.
           The mechanic never figured out the real problem at the end.  So I
           ignored it for half a year (when it happened, kept driving and
           prayed that it didn't reach the red-line.)  Eventually the problem
           magically disappeared, and it hasn't happened again for a few years.
        \_ Take it to Oceanworks or Oceanworks II.
2006/9/4-5 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:44270 Activity:low
9/4     Small favor to ask anyone here:  would you be so kind as to
        post the measurements of a standard CA license plate?  -John
        \_ As per Cal. Vehicle Code Sec. 4852(a), license plates are
           12" long by 6" wide:
           Mine looks like it is 1/8" larger in both dimensions. HTH.
           \_ Awesome, thanks (need to know if CA plate frames would fit
              a Chilean one.)  -John
2006/9/4-5 [Recreation/House, Recreation/Woodworking] UID:44271 Activity:kinda low Cat_by:auto
9/4     Help! Tar spilled all over, what's the best way to clean up?
        \_ Turpentine.  Careful, it'll strip paint too.  -John
           \_ Can I buy this at Home Depot? I looked on their web site and
              they don't have it. However, they do have paint thinners. Are
              they the same?
              \_ Paint thinner is general a cheaper substitute for
                 turpentine (which is organic -- turpentine is just the
                 generic name of the substance.)  I don't know what you're
                 trying to do, but I'd ask to see if they have something
                 that won't harm whatever you're trying to remove the
                 tar from.  If it's real tar, you just want something
                 that is a solvent for mineral oil.  -John
                 \_ I took apart my door panel to fix the rattle and had to
                    take out the plastic covering with sticky black tar
                    and it got all over the upholstery and I can't get it
                    out. I'm sure it's tar. I'll give paint thinner a try,
                    thanks so much!
                    \_ Might want to consider getting it cleaned.  $$, but
                       you'll have someone to yell at...  -John
        \_ This might help:
2006/9/4-7 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:44272 Activity:nil
9/4     php/oracle part-time student job opening(s).  -jones
        details: /csua/pub/jobs/ucb_boalt_student_webapp_developer
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