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2006/9/3-7 [Finance/Investment] UID:44259 Activity:kinda low
9/3     Hi motd. I'm in my mid 20s and I have about $35K cash. I already
        have a decent place to live and I have a car, thus I don't want to
        spend my cash on anything other than investments. What is a good
        investment strategy for someone like me? Thanks.
        \_ How soon might you need to use the cash? I'd think about buying
           property, although the timing is not so good right now.
        \_ in the long term, just dump all your cash into QQQQ and/or SPDR
           electronic index fund. If you want be a bit more advanturous,
           you can spend 1/4 or 1/3 on GLD, then the rest in index fund.
           Don't wait on the side-line for too long, don't try to pull money
           out when the market moves ups and down.
        \_ How did you come up with 35K in cash while still in your mid-20s
           and presumably saddled with a mortgage?  Are you a hooker?
           \_ Yes, I am a hooker.  -hooker
           \_ It makes sense if you assume this person is renting, even better,
              a room in a house, even better, sharing a room, even better, got
              the car as a gift/used from parents.  Even if you didn't invest,
              you could have much more than $35K in savings if you were frugal.
              How many 26-year-olds do you see wandering around with a mortgage
              (even interest-only) without parental assistance or special
              \_ It's called "not living in California".   A 90,000 dollar
                 condo is not out of reach for a 26 year old.
                 \_ Wow.  A wonderful 90,000 dollar condo in the middle of the
                    paradise that is Oklahoma.  Your life must be wonderful.
              \_ Or maybe she is a hooker.
                 \_ One can only hope so.  -John Karr
        \_ Depends on how cautious you are. It might be a good idea to get
           a short term (3-mo) CD for part of the money b/c interest rates
           on CDs are now about 5%.
        \_ Depends on how cautious you are. It might be a good idea to get
           a short term (3-mo) CD for part of the money b/c interest rates
           on CDs are now about 5%.  I would put the rest into Mutual Funds
           or QQQQ.
           \_ I know nothing about finance, and had never heard of QQQQ, so I
              looked it up.  Looking at the following graph:
              I'm perplexed as to why anyone would want to invest in that.
              Can someone explain?
              \_ as scary as it may sound, but this is about as good as you
                 can do.  FYI, a money manager who can consistantly beat the
                 market by 1% is considered pretty good.
              \_ QQQQ is an index fund that tracks the Nasdaq.  To the extent
                 that the U.S. economy has growth prospects, the Nasdaq is
                 a fairly safe bet.  -tom
                 \_ So are you saying that the graph in the above link is
                    wrong?  If you had invested almost any time in the last
                    six years, you would lose money.   Or at least that's my
                    interpretation of the data.
                    \_ If you are in your mid 20s and you don't need the
                       money in the short term, the stock market has
                       traditionally been the best place to keep your
                       money.  You need to have a longer time horizon than
                       5 years.  -tom
                    \_ I disagree. If one invested in late 2002, one would
                       have made a decent amount of money. I certainly did.
                       The other things about QQQQ is that it is not a long
                       term investment. It is preferable to trade somewhat
                       regularly to realize your gains.
                       BTW, I meant to say you should put the remainder
                       into QQQQ and Mutual Funds (not 'or').  Mutual Funds
                       provide much more long term stability, but the returns
                       (on ave.) are not as good as trading QQQQ frequently.
                       I personally hold a few "growth" or "tech" mutual
                       funds, a few bond funds and a few mixed funds in
                       addition to a limited number of QQQQ b/c I am a very
                       risk averse investor.
                       \_ Mutual funds has higher cost.  ETF like QQQQ and/or
                          SPDR is still the best bet.
                          \_ "Best bet" is relative. QQQQ or SPDR have some-
                             what more volatility than bond funds and some
                             conservative "growth" funds.  If one is risk
                             averse, mutual funds are safer, which (imo) is
                             worth the marginally higher cost.
                             \_ not if you're in your 20s and don't need the
                                money right now.  -tom
                                \_ I disagree. I have been a conservative
                                   investor all my life (starting at age
                                   18). I may never become a millionaire,
                                   but I have also never lost any money
                                   on my safe investments (I even made an
                                   ave. of 8% during the bust years). To
                                   me, the feeling of security is worth
                                   much more than the potential "upside."
                                   Perhaps to you it is not. One size does
                                   not fit all.
                                   \_ mutual funds aren't any safer than QQQQ.
                                      \_ most do not have so much Tech.
                                   \_ I have been an agressive investor for
                                      6 years and I just made my first million.
                                      You should be a millionaire by the time
                                      you retire, at the very least.
                                      \_ You are also a bad speller, and motd
                                         entry over-writer.
        \_ FLPSX.  I used to invest on FDGFX, until I realized that FLPSX was
           doing better in both boom times and bomb times.  So I switched over.
        \_ Want to put you in touch with a financial advisor?
2006/9/3-6 [Science/GlobalWarming, Finance/Investment] UID:44260 Activity:nil
9/3     Most people think the housing boom will turn into a slowdown, and
        some think that it'll crash. In either case, what do you think the
        most likely scenario for rich investors to invest next? Gold?
        Silver? Energy? Or maybe Tech stocks all over again?
        \_ Definitely gold.  Tech stocks are long dead.
2006/9/3-6 [Uncategorized] UID:44261 Activity:nil
9/3     I hate Glenn Beck, what's the best way to tell CNN to get him
        off the air?
        \_ Just curious, why do you hate Glenn Beck?  (I've never really
           listened to him much.)
        \_ Boycott the show?
        \_ what is wrong with
        \_ Get a life?  If you hate a TV personality, you need to go outside.
2006/9/3-6 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:44262 Activity:kinda low
9/3     New Dune book == thundering turd.  discuss.
        \_ How does it end?  I don't want to read the whole thing, but
           I'm interested in knowing what happens.  The Frank Herbert
           Dune books ended on a cliffhanger.
           \_ The two super powerful face dancers (with the odd names
              of Marty and Daniel I think?) at the end of the real
              Dune series books, turn out to be evil computer systems
              that everyone thought were destroyed in the Butlerian
              Jihad, and now they really want to wipe out the human
              race.  The Honored Matres turn out to be the remnants
              of the really pissed off female Tlexiau who weren't
              turned into axoltl tanks.
              \_ So does the human race get wiped out?  Or do the
                 \_ That's probably in book 2 of 2 (#1 is out now)
                 Bene Gesserit save the day?  Any more re-appearances
                 \_ There are 80 million more Honored Matres than
                    Bene Gesserit.  Actually they kind of merged.
                    Actually it's retarded, who cares.
                 of Duncan Idaho gholas or descendants?
        \_ Old Dune books == thundering turd as well. These books were
           about as good as that Lord of the Rings crap. Someone ought
           to teach these people how to write good sci-fi/fantasy, w/
           original plot lines like uploading a computer virus that
           exploits a buffer overflow in BlackMonolithOS to access
           supervisor mode and trigger the self-destruct sequence.
                 \_ why don't you just make up your own ending?  Frank Herbert
                    is dead.
                 \_ These sequels are all about resurrecting
                    Paul, Baron Harkonnen, and Duncan Idaho the
                    universal super stud as gholas.
                    \_ What about Lady Jessica?
                 \_ why don't you just make up your own ending?  Frank
                    Herbert is dead.
                    \_ Yeah, but supposedly his son discovered some old
                       outlines and extensive notes that Frank Herbert
                       was going to turn into this last Dune book.  Frank
                       Herbert died before he got to it, but his son has
                       turned it into this new book.  So at least the
                       basic plot outline is "authentic."
              \_ THANK YOU for spilling this. I read three of Herbert Jr.'s
                 "prequels," and I was utterly dreading how he would end up
                 ruining his father's legacy further.
                 \_ But you read *three* of them anyway?
                        \_ Get the hell out of my store! Thank you, come again!
                    \_ They broke it down in three-book chunks for easier
                       assimilation. More than three books and I would have
                       stopped after the first one. Cf. Robert Jordan.
2006/9/3-6 [Recreation/Sports] UID:44263 Activity:high
9/3     Who did the worst job this past Saturday in Knoxville in front
        of 107,000 people in the stands and millions watching on ESPN?

        Jeff Tedford, head coach
        Mike Dunbar, new offensive coordinator
        Syd'Quan Thompson, redshirt freshman cornerback
        Nate Longshore, starting quarterback
        Cal offensive line

        My vote is for Nate Longshore.  What a letdown after months of
        praying he'd save us from Joe Ayoob.  Turns out that Ayoob
        is actually better than Nate the Fake.  When the worst starting
        QB in Cal history is actually better than you, then that means
                         \_ Justin Vedder
                            \_ Justin Vedder threw for 20 TDs vs. 14
                               INTs with 56.7% completions; that
                               probably doesn't even put him in the
                               top 10 bad Cal QBs.  Hint: History goes
                               back further than 1995.  -tom
                               \_ No arm, no mobility, no decision-making
                                  ability. He sucked.
                                  \_ The claim was "worst starting QB in Cal
                                     history."  -tom
                                     \_ Yup, thanks for playing.
                                        \_ Ayoob last season was worse than
                                           Vedder ever was.  At least Vedder
                                           could complete the 5-yard out
                                           to Dameane Douglas.  Ayoob
                                           couldn't hit anything.
                                           \_ On Saturday, Longshore made
                                              Ayoob look like Joe Montana.
        that you really suck, Nate.
        \_ My vote is also for Nate Longshore.  Just awful against Tennessee.
        \_ My vote is also for Nate Longshore.  Just terrible against UT.
           He better step up, or it's going to be a long season.
           \_ Go Steve Levy!
        \_ The alumni and the administration for continuing to subsidise
           football.  We have failed.  If I am ever rich enough to be an
           influential doner, I'll donate matching funds in proportion to
                \_ What's a "doner"?  Is that like a boner?
           influential donor, I'll donate matching funds in proportion to
           money *cut* from the football program.  University of Chicago has the
           football program to which non-moron alumni should aspire.
        \_ It was one game.  Don't be a dipshit.  -tom
        \_ I vote for Syd'Quan Thompson.  His performance was pitiful and
           directly led to 2 Tennessee touchdowns which broke our backs.
           Tennessee picked on him all game long because he showed he
           wasn't ready for prime time.
           \_ He was actually in position on both of those plays, but failed
              to make the tackle.  That's probably at least partly because
              he's playing with a cast on one hand.  -tom
              \_ Failing to make a tackle is a pretty inexcusable defensive
                 mistake.  As far as a cast goes, injuries are part of the
                 game.  If the cast was going to impair his tackling to the
                 point that he was going to give up 2 TDs, then he should
                 have let the coaches know that so they could have left
                 him on the bench.  Syd'Quan was awful.
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