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2006/9/2-4 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:44248 Activity:nil
        Chainless, greaseless, compact, lightweight bicycle
        \_ A rubber belt instead of a chain?!!!  This does not strike me as an
           \_ upsides:
              less/no lube needed, quieter, lighter, easier to replace,
              downsides: list them, lazy-motd-person
        \_ Belt drive, as with most "innoviations" in bicycling, is not a
           new concept.  The downsides are obvious; you have to use internal
           hub gearing, which is extremely limited compared to chain gearing
           systems, and belts are far more likely to fail than chains. -tom
           systems, and belts are far more likely to fail than chains.  Oh,
           and I don't think there's any way the full belt system is lighter
           than the full chain system.  -tom
2006/9/2-7 [Reference/Military] UID:44249 Activity:moderate
9/2     Only 44 years left to cut global green house emissions in half to
        avoid global warming effects.,20867,20332352-601,00.html
        \_ "The Government keeps throwing up the costs of action but totally
           ignores the costs of inaction."  This also applies to our govt's
        \_ I believe in Global Warming like I believe gun control works.
           \_ In countries were firearms are illegal, there are few gun
              deaths so obviously gun control doesn't work.
              \_ Yup.  The following stats deminstrates exactly how gun control
                                            \_ demonstrates
                 doesn't work:
                 "In the UK there are about, 100 firearms deaths a year in
                 the recorded crime statistics, about double that number in
                 Canada and, under 50 in Japan.  The figure in the United
                 States is more than 10,000. Even adjusting for population,
                 this is a huge difference."
                 Population for each country (2003 figures), and firearms
                 deaths a year per million people:
                 UK:             60,441,457       1.7
                 Canada:         32,805,041       6.1
                 Japan:         127,417,244     < 0.4
                 US:            295,734,134     >33.8
                 \_ Now post Switzerland, where gun ownership is common.
                 \_ For kicks I looked up the breakdown of firearms deaths in
                    the US.  When you pull out the suicides and the gang
                    killings the rate drops to about 24 with more than 2/3rds
                    of the remaining listed as "unknown".  So the death rate
                    for normal citizens in the US is anywhere between 8 and
                    24 on this scale which is still higher than other countries
                    in the West but our country is much safer in other ways and
                    you still have the right to defend yourself and others
                    here unlike in the UK, for example.
                 \_ I hope there's a riot in your neighborhood and you
                    find yourself needing a gun. Trusting the same government
                    that you want out of your bedroom with your gun rights.
                    Why don't we ban cars, since they "kill" more people
                    than guns. I'm glad there are bean counters like you
                    who have so much faith in police (who your cohorts
                    in the 4th estate often villify and crucify). There
                    are so many people who saved by guns every year, but
                    no one keeps track of those. Go ahead, be a victim.
                    \_ I consider myself to be a liberal.  To me that means
                       the government needs to stay the fuck out of both
                       the bedroom and the gun locker.  To agree with one
                       of these and not the other is not a liberal position;
                       I just wanted to point that out.  -!pp
                 \_ Checked out the other crime stats?  So you're less
                    likely to get shot (which was already a small chance)
                    and a lot more likely to get robbed, raped, beat up,
                    mugged, burgled(sp?) and just about every other thing.
                    It would be interesting to see the same stats for the
                    US with gang-on-gang drug related shootings removed.
                    \_ I don't know about other countries, but when I was in
                       Japan, women felt comfortable walking around alone late
                       night in most parts of the country except maybe in the
                       Sinjuku area.  It's also common for druken men to fall
                       asleep on sidewalks, and wake up the next morning with
                       their suitcases intact.  People left their Lexus outside
                       convenient stores with the engine running.  And so on.
                       their briefcases intact.  People left their Lexus
                       outside convenient stores with the engine running.  And
                       so on.
                       \_ Try that in Europe.
                          \_ UK or another Eurpoean country?
                             \_ I was thinking UK in particular since they're
                                so well known for their anti-gun laws and the
                                most similar of all these countries to the US.
                    \_ I don't know about other countries, but women in Japan
                       feel comfortable walking around alone late night in most
                       parts of the country, except maybe in the Sinjuku area.
                          \_ Is it worse in Europe than in the US?
                                \_ Good comparison.  The U.K's violent crime
                                   rate is lower than the U.S.'s.  -tom
                                   \_ That wasn't the question.  What has
                                      happened to the crime rate in the UK over
                                      time as they have enacted laws to
                                      eliminate gun ownership?  The answer, as
                                      you know, is other violent crimes have
                                      gone up.  Let's try apples to apples
                                      discussions instead of trying to "win"
                                      with rhetorical games, eh?
                                      \_ Rhetorical games?  This sub-thread
                                         started with someone claiming that
                                         "other crime stats" showed that you
                                         were "much more likely to get
                                         robbed, raped...."  That's simply
                                         false.  -tom
                                         \_ Show us UK crime stats since WWII
                                            on a per capita basis.  Let's see
                                            if they go up or down.  And no,
                                            this thread started with global
                                            warming and got thread jacked way
                                            at the top by some troll but I was
                                            happy to play along.
                                      \_ I'd rather get beaten up by a guy
                                         armed with a wooden stick than shot
                                         in the head with a bullet.
                                         \_ Except crime stats for places with
                                            concealed carry laws are lower
                                            than places where firearms are
                                            illegal.  So you'd really rather
                                            get beat by a guy with a bat or
                                            possibly still be shot in the head
                                            with gun, since firearms laws
                                            won't keep him from having a gun
                                            anyway, than be left alone by the
                                            same guy because he doesn't know
                                            if you'll shoot him dead if he
                                            attacks you.
                                            \_  If the idea behind carrying a
                                                handgun is to deter violence,
                                                doesn't it make more sense for
                                                the weapon to *not* be
                                                concealed?  It seems to me that
                                                the chances of a handgun
                                                stopping a crime from happening
                                                are *much* higher when the gun
                                                is a ludicrously oversized
                                                hand-cannon strapped to
                                                someone's hip in plain sight,
                                                rather than a more practical
                                                smaller handgun tucked in the
                                                \_ Not really, because when
                                                   concealed, you never know
                                                   what you're facing.  Every
                                                   person you might attack or
                                                   anyone else around *might*
                                                   shoot you for it.  But when
                                                   everyone is required to
                                                   show what they're carrying
                                                   you know in advance what the
                                                   situation is, how many and
                                                   what type of weapons and who
                                                   has them before deciding
                                                   who, if anyone, and when
                                                   you'll attack.  Concealed
                                                   carry doesn't mean everyone
                                                   is carrying.  It means they
                                                   *can* if they want to.  Not
                                                   everyone does.
                                                   \_ Uhhh...I wasn't saying
                                                      anything about not
                                                      allowing concealed carry.
                                                      I'm saying that if you
                                                      were, say, a female at
                                                      night in a dangerous area,
                                                      you're better off with a
                                                      .44 magnum in a hip
                                                      holster than with a
                                                      night in a dangerous
                                                      area, you're better off
                                                      with a .44 magnum in a
                                                      hip holster than with a
                                                      weapon that gets drawn
                                                      *during* a crime that
                                                      you actually end up
                                                   \_ Do you have any idea how
                                                      hard it is to get a
                                                      concealed weapon permit??
                                                      \_ Depends on where you
                                                         are.  There's a bunch
                                                         of really friendly
                                                         towns in Texas.  In CA
                                                         yes it is basically
                                                         impossible.  What does
                                                         that have to do with
                                                         concealed carry making
                                                         for safer streets or
                                                         \_ It shows that your
                                                            whole argument is
                                                            moot since the only
                                                            people who can get
                                                            permits are FBI
                                                            or DEA agents.
                                                            \_ Entirely untrue.
                                                               CA is not the
                                                               entire nation.
                                                               \_ If everyone
                                                                  is packing
                                                                  then you will
                                                                  have the Old
                                                                  West: shoot
                                                                  first and ask
                                                                  later. Likely
                                                                  ambushes, too.
2006/9/2-5 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/911] UID:44250 Activity:nil
9/2     Protest over Pluto's demotion ... The "Size doesn't matter" sign I
        think captures all the theonion glory of the story (note, it's
        NOT a theonion story, or at least CNN doesn't think it is):
2006/9/2-6 [Uncategorized] UID:44251 Activity:nil
9/2     How do you find "quality" head-hunters?
        \_ Flip a coin.  They all suck.  They have no talent and they are
           generally pretty stupid.  That's why they are head-hunters.
        \_ Luck.  A big problem is they all work for the employer, not for
           you.  Once they find you a job they'll never see you again but they
           need to maintain a good relationship with their employer
           friends/clients.  You're the product, not the customer.
           \_ What he said.  I've found the few decent (personally and
              professionally) ones I know both among big placement firms
              and indie shops.  Get referrals, avoid anyone who calls
              himself a "headhunter", be wary when anyone tries too hard
              to be your buddy, and remember, they want to make a buck too.
              My mom is a placement agent for culinary/hospitality staff, and
              seems to have built a pretty good rep (yeah, yeah, stfu) so if
              you want I can put you in touch with her for some general
              tips.  -John
              \_ Maybe the OP is trying to hire someone, not looking for a job.
                 \_ Maybe but for most that would be a mistake since that
                    isn't how this industry works for non-execs.
2006/9/2-5 [Uncategorized] UID:44252 Activity:nil
9/2     Color Changing Spoons:
        Great gift for people with kids.
2006/9/2-5 [Uncategorized] UID:44253 Activity:nil
9/2     Inflation calculator:
2006/9/2 [Uncategorized] UID:44254 Activity:nil Entry has been invalidated. Access denied.
2006/9/2-4 [Uncategorized] UID:44255 Activity:nil
9/2     How many of you webmasters are using TypeKey APIs? How's the
        experience so far? Use it or avoid it?
        \_ password management typepad authentication openid sitekey?
2006/9/2-5 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:44256 Activity:nil
9/2     in, if I type, the script
        recognizes <something>. How do I configure apache to do that? BTW
        great service it is!
        \_ mod_rewrite
        \_ It depends on your app.  Originally I did it with an HTML::Mason
           dhandler (which basically said "there is no <something> file, so
           run this code"), but since the Rails rewrite I did a few months ago,
           it now uses Rails builtin routing handler, which is awesome.  At
           its heart, though, it's using mod_rewrite to direct things into the
           routing system.  --dbushong
2006/9/2-4 [Uncategorized] UID:44257 Activity:nil
9/2     I hate people.
2006/9/2-5 [Uncategorized] UID:44258 Activity:nil
9/2     bolfing's hardware in Elmwood on College Ave has a special on
        compact fluorescent bulbs in 100W (23W actual) and 75W (18W actual)
        $0.99 each with a 15% discount if you buy a case of 50
        (mix and match okay) --Jon
        \- er, how many years of lightbulbs is 50 bulbs?
        \_ For a restaurant?  Not that many.  For an average house... a lot.
           There's an annoying number of fixtures that just won't take any of
           the CFL bulb shapes.
           \_ I hate the light produced by CFL bulbs.
              \_ I've found there's a large variation in color between brands.
                 Some are greenish, some blueish, many white.  If you miss the
                 yellow of incandescents, try Lights of America; they tend to
                 be a bit more yellowish.  BTW, shades improve the color and
                 palatability of any bulb.  --dbushong
2019/01/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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