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2006/8/27-29 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Politics] UID:44162 Activity:nil
8/27    The Schools of Information and Law are offering a seminar on Open
        Source this semester:
        \_ Are they charging for the information or just support?
           \- FYI: steve weber, whose book on open source seems to be
                   at the core of the syllabus, is a prof in the
                   political science dept here ... his area, curiously
                   enough, is international relations. very sharp guy.
                   although he never returned a paper i loaned him.
        \_ "School of Information" and "iSchool" are both stupid names.  -tom
2006/8/27-29 [Uncategorized] UID:44163 Activity:nil
8/27    It appears that someone is forging my domain for spamming purposes.
        I'm getting his bounce notices--his IP appears to be in Norway.  Is
        there any way to put it on a block list or take other action?
2006/8/27-29 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:44164 Activity:low
8/27    Trying to teach someone to write web pages. Microsoft Publisher
        2003 writes really bad HTMLs that don't render well on FireFox,
        but is pretty easy to use. What are other WYSIWYG html editors
        that is better than MS Publisher?
        \_ nvu?
           \_ second that.  I still think it is helpful to learn from the
              basics of the tags.  You need to drill this concept of "mark-up"
              language into their head and need to drill this concept of
              "follow the standard" too.
              \_ You know that nvu wasn't a typo of nvi, right?
        \_ iWeb?
        \_ M$ Word?
           \_ bad idea, see above.  MS doesn't follow any open-standards.
2006/8/27-29 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Computer/Theory] UID:44165 Activity:nil 80%like:44172
8/27    hey math fans read this:
        \_ Thanks! great article.  -math fan
2006/8/27-29 [Uncategorized] UID:44166 Activity:nil
8/27    How much does it cost approximately to have the windows on a
        car tinted? I'd like a high-quality job. Thanks.
2006/8/27-28 [Recreation/Media] UID:44167 Activity:high
8/27    You got the BFG:
        \_ That's not the BFG.  That's the plasma cannon.
        \_ 12" long?  Dude, that's way scaled down from the movie.
        \_ 12" long?  That's way scaled down from the movie.
           \_ It's the MFG (Medium-Sized Fucking Gun.)  -John
2006/8/27-31 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:44168 Activity:moderate
8/27    The UN provided real-time information about IDF troop movements during
        the Israeli-Hizbullah conflict:
        \_ So they're comparing tanks rolling into a neighborhood vs. rockets
           were fired from all over..  Large tank movements are:
           a) not secret
           b) much bigger news than individual of hundreds (thousands?) of
              rockets fired in a day
           \_ You didn't read the link.  Try again.
              \_ I did.  Let's see:
                 "Yesterday and during last night, the IDF moved significant
                 reinforcements, including a number of tanks, armored personnel
                 carriers, bulldozers and infantry, to the area of Marun Al Ras
                 inside Lebanese territory. The IDF advanced from that area
                 north toward Bint Jubayl, and south towards Yarun."
                 vs. (note they didn't give _actual_ quotes, just "to the
                 effect of" ones for Hezbollah reports, but nonetheless:)
                 Hezbollah "fired rockets in large numbers from various
                 locations"   What are they supposed to say for Hezbollah?  They
                 aren't acting as a regular military.
                 \_ Maybe they shouldn't have been revealing IDF positions?
                    \_ Maybe IDF should have pressed the U.S. to force the
                       UN not to post the info, unless the IDF thought they
                       would steamroller Hezbollah in any case.
                       \_ Way to go.  Nice way to blame the victim.  While
                          we're on the topic, let's talk about UN neutrality,
                          like watching Hazbollah kidnap Israelis over the
                          border and stalling for nine months before turning
                          over a simple video tape of the incident.  Obviously
                          it is the Israeli's fault for not asking the US to
                          pressure the UN to turn over the tapes.  Israel later
                          traded hundreds of known killers for the 3 bodies.
                          \_ victim?  hmm... let me see, over 1000 lebanonese
                             civilian dead, 10,000 wounded, one million out of
                             four million plus were displaced.  Jesus, why
                             UN is not on Israeli's side?  Why don't UN
                             set up some sort of final solution?
                             \_ Here's a good case of "context" being the
                                victim.  Anyway, I was going to give a real
                                reply until you went all trollish looking for
                                a "final solution".  You're not interested in
                                a real discussion.
                                \_ I think any notion of having a "real
                                   discussion" is out of windows when you
                                   decided that Lebanonese got what they
                                   \_ Sorry, you already tripped the troll
                                      meter earlier.  Maybe next time.
                                   \_ No one said anything like that about
                                      the Lebanese.
                             \_ How precisely can you tell which people were
                                "innocent" civilians and which were Hizbullah?
                                \_ How precisely can you tell which people were
                                   "terrorist" Hizbullah and which were
                                \_ The ones not wearing uniforms are
                                   \_ you do know hezbollah doesn't wear
                                      \_ Yes but they wave goofy green flags,
                                         don't shave, and carry AK-47s.  And
                                         they're usually yelling about
                                         something or other.  -John
                          \_ IDF was the victim of the UN?
                             \_ You read the link?
                                \_ Yes.  IDF was the victim of the UN?
                                   \_ It wasn't?
        \_ Who cares.  If I read this right, the entire Israeli
           military strategy is doomed.  Hezbollah has spent the last 6 years
           building tank traps, kill zones, and entrenched bunkers in
           civilian zones.  There is no fucking way moving tanks in
           there is going to help.  Hezbollah has figured out how
           to kill Israel's overblown invulnerable tank.  Israel needs
                                      \_ Um, yes, by using Syrian anti-tank
                                         \_ Russian/Iranian/cheap made-in-China
                                            \_ The Russian stuff certainly
                                               isn't crap.  The Iranian stuff
                                               is a home-built version of the
                                               Russian weapon.  I don't know
                                               what the Chinese are making but
                                               I doubt it's crap either.
                                            \_ They were 2-stage explosives to
                                               defeat the reactive armor.  They
                                               weren't crap.
           to figure out how to combat guerilla warfare or just flatten
           the place and quit fooling with tanks.
           \_ They know how to fight house to house, they've been doing it for
              years.  Fighting kills civilians.  Or in this case "civilians".
              "Killing civilians" is bad PR for a press that loathes the
              Israelis and hates their own culture while praising a bunch of
              "never left the 8th century" lunatics and painting them as
              \_ You're talking about American and European press, not Israeli
                 press, right?
                 \_ Like any free society, there are some self haters in the
                    Israeli press too.
              \_ Hezbollah fights in a very typical gurilla fashion.  Gurilla
                 units can not operate without local population's support.
                 Prior to Israeli's massive, disportionate attack, the
                 local population was actually gotten sick and tire of
                 Hezbollah and call for disarm was in the air.  It's kind of
                 ironic that Israels has rallied the population behind
                 Hezbollah.  And for the first time, Saudi is considering
                 providing aids to this otherwise Shiite organization.
                 WAY TO GO!
                 \_ Oh really?  That's why Hezbollah was getting elected to
                    office?  How about a link backing your unfounded assertion
                    that there was a meaningful disarm-hezbollah movement in
                    Lebanon with the power to do it.
                    \_ there weren't "movement." but there were calls to
                       disarm Hezbollah within Lebanon, arguing that Hezbollah
                       has served its purpose and should be either disbanded
                       or absorbed into Lebanonese government.
                       \_ back pedal, no links, no references, no names, no
                          dates.  thanks for participating today.
                \_ How is Saudi going to give AIDS to Hezbollah, via sex or
                   a blood transfusion?
                   \_ Transfusion.
                     \_ Damn.  I was hoping it would be through sex and
                        that we could all watch.  I wonder who would be on
                        \_ That would not be an acceptable method of aids
                           transmission as per the Koran.  Your suggestion is
                           humiliating and in violation of Sharia.  You shall
                           now be stoned to death.
                           \_ Not on that, your female family members shall now
                              be legally gang-raped by men including those
                              carrying AIDS.
                \_ It's not ironic at all.  If a "call for disarm" was actually
                   in the air, then that's _why_ Hezbollah attacked now.
                   \_ Except there wasn't a "call for disarm".  Hezbollah was
                      caught off guard by the Israeli attack.  They expected
                      the standard "swap dead Israelis for live Hezbollah
                      terrorists" deal they've got in the past.
                      \_ Hezbollah was caught off guard, but it end up winning
                         the war in the sense that it is politically stronger
                         after the attack and any voice to call for disband
                         or disarm within Lebanon is completely silenced.
                         \_ there were no voices of any note to disarm
                            hezbollah in Lebanon.  they have been funded and
                            armed by Syria and Iran for years.  their
                            overwhelming military resources make them immune
                            to any bogus 'calls to disarm' from anyone with
                            fewer soldiers or less will power.  this entire
                            line about "hezbollah would've disarmed if only
                            those bad jews hadn't disproportionately defended
                            themselves" is a complete fabrication.
        \_ my quick take.  UNFIL is supposed to report on Israeli troop
           movements out of Lebanon.  That's what they were there for.  Did
           anyone ask them to stop?  Also, first random publication I tried
           on the UNFIL website:
           "It was reported that Hezbollah fired mortar rounds from the
           vicinity of three UNFIL positions in the area of Tibnin, Hariss, and
           At Tiri."
           \_ aka: Don't blow us up while shooting at those guys we were
              supposed to make sure disarmed 6 years ago instead of using us
              as willing human shields.
              \_ maybe israelis should hang out near UNFIL since they seem to
                 have a bunch of hezbollah around.  And this shows that doesn't
                 mesh with the claim that it was never more precise than
                 'Hezbollah's rockets "were fired in significantly larger
                 numbers from various locations" are as precise as its
                 coverage of the other side ever got.'
                 Also, UNFIL was never chartered to disarm Hezbollah.
                    How does point 3 and a well armed Hezbollah fit together?
                    Anyway, go read the background page at
                    you'll see the same phrase over and over through out the
                    document stating that the UN has asked the Lebanese
                    government to take control in the south and they refused
                    to do so.  What kind of real government refuses to take
                    control of their own country?  What are governments for if
                    they're not in charge of the territory they're supposed to
                    be *governing*?  The government was complicit in the build
                    up of Hezbollah, the UN watched it happen and did nothing,
                    the Israelis suffered.  Here's a choice line:  "On several
                    occasions, Hizbollah personnel restricted the freedom of
                    movement of UNIFIL and interfered with its redeployment."
                    Keep in mind this is a UN report about itself.  This is as
                    sugar coated as it can get.
                    sugar coated as it can get.  Oh here's another good one,
                    "The Secretary-General also remained concerned about the
                    restriction of movement on UNIFIL personnel, who must be
                    able to carry out their mandate. In the most serious
                    incident, on 4 April, about 15 Hezbollah personnel forced
                    an Observer Group Lebanon patrol south-west of Kafr Shuba
                    to stop at gunpoint and assaulted the observers with rifle
                    butts, injuring three, one seriously."  So why did the UN
                    continue to allow this sort of thing and do nothing about
                    it?  This is not only directly contrary to the UNIFIL
                    mandate in the region, it is a death sentence waiting to
                    happen.  Did they think Hezbollah was going to peacefully
                    disarm at some point as these sorts of events escalated?
                    What did the UN do to Hezbollah to deserve this?  As we
                    know, all victims of Middle Eastern thugs have done
                    something to earn their abuse and deaths.
                    \_ I still see nothing that authorizes UNFIL to do any
                       such disarmament.  Yes, the UN has failed to provide
                       sufficient strength if they were going to undertake
                       such a mission.  Yes, the UN has failed to provide
                       enough pressure on Lebanon.  However, it is has not
                       been in the mandate to disarm Hezbollah.  The
                       resolutions involved clearly state that this is the
                       Lebanese government's responsibility.  The 2000 or so
                       troops authorized for this prior to this latest
                       flare-up was hardly sufficient to attempt to do so.
                       \_ You're nitpicking a diplomatic document.  Mandate #3
                          is impossible without disarming Hezbollah.
2006/8/27-29 [Uncategorized] UID:44169 Activity:nil
8/27    porn guy down below has inspired me.  I have deleted
        my livejournal, myspace and youtube accounts.  take that,
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