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2006/8/19-22 [Uncategorized] UID:44068 Activity:nil
8/18    Does anyone know of a way/place to get custom index cards printed
        out? I have to use index cards to keep track of some things, and
        much of the text on each card is repeated. I'd like to find a place
        that prints out the text I want on index card-like paper (e.g. thick
        4"x6" paper). Thanks.
        \_ Maybe Kinkos?
2006/8/19-24 [Uncategorized] UID:44069 Activity:nil
8/18    200 liters of condensed liquid nitrogen delivered to Berkeley's
        Condensed Matter Lab.  Lab student decides to CARRY IT DOWN THE STAIRS.
        Hilarity ensues.
        \_ put a fucking date on your post
        \_ Who's lab was this?
           \_ who's: contraction of "who is"
              whose: interrogative possessive
              rumor: Stamper-Kurn. -tom
              \_ "Possessive interrogation is against the Geneva Convention."
2006/8/19-23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Recreation/Music] UID:44070 Activity:low
8/19    The only country music station in Los Angeles, KZLA 93.9 will
        finally stop airing. All the annoying billboards like "Ride a
        Cowboy" will also stop. YAY!!!
        \_ Could this mean that sattelite radio is taking over?  If all the shit
           between 87 MHz and 108 MHz were to go off the air, I would not cry.
        \_ It's a dark dark day for us rednecks and Republicans. :( :( :(
        \_ And you care enough to post to the Berkeley motd about some
           random LA radio station because...?
           \_ Because I move to LA                      -alum
           \_ Because I moved to LA. -alumnus (motd grammar god was here)
           \_ Yeah, make way for more important stuff like the Zombie
              Preparedness Kit.
              \_ The ZPK has more value to the motd than blather about some
                 radio station in another part of the country.  Would you like
                 to hear about how when I was 12 the local radio station over
                 the border in NJ would play really bad music but then they
                 went off the air and got replaced by another bad radio
                 station?  No, didn't think so.  Boring.
        \_ Go Top 40 music!  -KIIS-FM fan
           \_ Sat radio sucks ASS.  Poor quality, commercials on most stations,
              it's going to be bankrupt in ~4 years.  Someone else will buy
              their debt/etc and restart the system and run it properly.
2006/8/19-24 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:44071 Activity:low
8/18    The press asks, wasn't there supposed to be a ceasefire?
        \_ Wasn't France supposed to supply 15000 soldiers?
           \_ Lebanon committed 15k soldiers to the reason.  I haven't heard
           \_ Lebanon committed 15k soldiers to the region.  I haven't heard
              about a commitment from France yet.  Looking..  Looks like
              France's commitment was 200 troops.
        \_ The press is packed with fools.  They have no clue what is going
           on and don't care.  A cease fire doesn't mean fighting stops.  It
           is an agreement that fighting will stop so long as both sides
           abide by agreements.  One of them in this case is that Hezbollah
           had to disarm (again).  They aren't disarming, they are re-arming
           for another round of attacks.  They're already in violation of
           multiple cease fire agreements.  There is not and never was a
           cease fire.  400 French troops aren't even a symbolic force.  The
           whole thing is a sick joke which is only delaying the next fight.
           \_ ^press^White House
              \_ The failures of the WH are well known because the press
                 harps on them.  Not enough people harp on the failures of
                 the press.
                 \_ really?  not enough people harp about the liberal media
                    and conservative news shows?
                    \_ no, not enough of the right people.  it's all inside
                       the echo chamber.  there is no national reporting or
                       discussion on the failures of the press because we
                       only have the press/media itself in a role to create
                       that sort of awareness.  the typical vaguely informed
                       citizen has no clue because major media will never
                       admit to their own flaws.  they don't even see them.
                       \_ How do 8 million blogs not count as "national
                          reporting"?  -tom
                          \_ You're kidding right?  8 million blogs have
                             reported the Reuters/NYT/APNews fake photo
                             stories?  When the fake photo story gets
                             investigated and reported as front page news,
                             is the top story on CNN and 60 minutes and 20/20
                             doing investigative reports lemme know.  The
                             average citizen has absolutely no idea about that
                             or a zillion other failures of the press that have
                             happened and gone uninvestigated or even reported
                             by the media.  Blogs?  Really?  Sheesh.
                             \_ The fake photo story simply isn't that big
                                a story.  The stringer was deceptive,
                                Reuters wasn't paying attention, they
                                retracted it, big frickin' deal.
                                The average U.S. citizen has no interest in
                                understanding reality, anyway.  If they did,
                                there are plenty of sources for them.  -tom
                                \_ Make up your mind.  First you say it is
                                   so important that 8 million bloggers
                                   covered it, now you say there was no story
                                   at all, even though the LAT did cover it
                                   and then say it is not the responsibility
                                   of the media to get news out anyway but
                                   up to the citizens to sort through your
                                   8 million blogs and decide on their own
                                   which are factual or not which implies we
                                   don't need a traditional media at all.
                                   Just give it up, you're all over the map.
                                   \_ Way to put words into my mouth.  Let me
                                      try using small words for you:
                                      \_ Ah yes, the personal attack.  Good
                                         show!  I got totally schooled here!
                                      1) The picture story is minor.  Not
                                         nothing, but minor.
                                      \_ This is *your* opinion.  The LAT
                                         disagree.  So do your 8 million
                                         bloggers.  You're ducking.
                                      2) For any major stories involving
                                         problems with the press, people
                                         who care have plenty of sources
                                         of information.  -tom
                                      \_ And here you weave and bob but still
                                         add nothing to your non-points while
                                         continuing to ignore what I said.
        \_ a description of the operation
        \_ get a clue, no one is going to disarm Hezbollah.  This entire
           notion of disarming Hezbollah is nothing but wishful thinking from
           US side.  Remember, Hezbollah is a gurilla organization.  Such
           organization can *NOT* survive without population support.
           Hezbollah is aware of this.  This is why Hezbollah is distributing
           aids and start recontruction of people's homes as soon as bombs
           stop to fall. If one *REALLY* want to disarm Hezbollah, one would
           *STRENGTHEN* the Lebanon central government instead of weaken it
           by destroying all its infrastructures built in past 10+ years.
2006/8/19-23 [Uncategorized] UID:44072 Activity:nil
8/19    Zombie Preparedness Kit:
2006/8/19-21 [Health/Women] UID:44073 Activity:high
8/19    what meds would a female would have to take
        regularly besides birth control?
        \_ testosterone.  -east german female swimmer
        \_ spermicide
        \_ calcium supplements
        \_ sperm injection
        \_ A healthy female doesn't *have* to take any meds.
        \_ Xanax, Ritalin, and Prozac.  -typical sorority girl
        \_ have to?  what does your wife/gf claim to be taking?
           \_ dunno.  something that made her feel like she was having
              an appendicitis for a week.
              \_ you could ask her.
                 \_ oh no, speculating on the motd is much more fun.
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