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2006/8/12-14 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:43981 Activity:nil
08/11   remember a few weeks back someone asked about whether it's appropriate
        to wear tight bike shorts to work? may I present Prosecution Exhibit A
        in favor of NOT wearing bike shorts to work:
2006/8/12-15 [Finance/Banking, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:43982 Activity:nil
8/11    Aside from physically breaking a CD, what's the easiest way to make
        it permanently unreadable?
        \_ If you have a secure shredder service, they usually handle CDs as
        \_ Get a screwdriver, scratch the top of the CD.  It's not that much
           more work than writing with a pen.  Remember, data on CD is near
           the top, highly unprotected.  DVDs are different.
        \_ I've heard a microwave oven works pretty well, though I'm not sure
           if it is damages the microwave oven..
           \_ As with metal in the microwave, the main problem is microwave
              energy getting reflected back into the magnetron, damaging it.
              You could probably mitigate this by putting a big cup of water
              next to the CD(s) in the microwave.
        \_ Pee on it.  -guy who drank a lot of water today
        \_ They sell machines that punches holes on CD.  Look on CDW.
           \_ I was thinking more of the type of solution like "bake it in
              the sun", or "write on it with a permanent marker" or
              something very simple and easy like that.
              \_ How is breaking it not simple and easy?  -tom
                 \_ I know of organizations who use a lot of CDs for
                    mid-term (5-10 years) data storage.  After a certain
                    number of these things, it may be economical to have a
                    fast way of nuking them.  On the other hand, you could
                    just hire a student, I guess.  -John
                    \_ Sounds like a job for an intern with a solid knee.
                       \_ Or a hammer.  They also have shredders that can
                          do CDs.  -tom
                          \_ You'd trust an intern with a hammer?  Will no one
                             think of the children?
                          \_ BTW don't pollute the paper in the paper shredder.
2006/8/12-14 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:43983 Activity:nil
8/11    Bush is reading Camus "The Stranger"
        \_ Bush is reading a book!!?!  -Dexter Manley
           \_ It's a short book, and it involves killing an Arab.
2006/8/12-14 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:43984 Activity:nil
8/12    Anybody know of a good backup solution for PGP encrypted disks?
        The way I've been backing up is to make copies of the .pgd file
        with dates in the filename.  This method is not very scalable as my
        .pgd files are becoming gigabytes in size.  Anybody know
        of an integrated solution to backups and encrypted folders/disks?
        OS X Leopard "time machine" backup feature looks interesting.  But
        I don't think it works if all my files are in PGP disks/directories.
        Any other solutions that integrate encryption and backups? -thanks.
        \_ This is Windows, right?  (Dunno if PGPDisk exists on another OS.)
           Wouldn't anything that checks to see if a drive letter is attached
           do the trick?  Also, is this for personal backups, enterprise-
           level, what?  -John
2006/8/12-14 [Politics/Domestic, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:43985 Activity:low
8/12    The U.S. is near the bottom of the civilized world in belief in
        So much for the myth of liberal bias in the U.S. media and
        education system.  -tom
        \_ That's quite a leap.
        \_ Americans are dumb.
        \_ America!  Fuck yah!  -T.E.A.M. America World Police
        \- the turkish know better, because that is where THE ARK OF NOAH
           wound up.
        \_ And how many of us can spell "evolution" correctly?
           \_ Don't tell the Armeniens that!
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