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2006/8/5-10 [Industry/Jobs] UID:43916 Activity:nil
8/5     question for the MS Exchange VSAPI aware folks out there.  In
        VSAPI, are scan engines implemented as DLLs (or similar shared
        objects) that are loaded into Exchange's address space, specifically
        the Information Store, or are they separete processes that
        communicate with Exchange via pipes/sockets/etc ala Milter?  I'd
        "read the fucking documentation", but apparently MS doesn't make
        that readily available to non-developer$ --Jon
        \_ Developer$, developer$, developer$, developer$, developer$
           developer$, developer$, developer$... --SweatyBallmer
        \_ They are separate processes.  -geek
           \_ Try again:
              Login: geek                       Name: Eugene Kim
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              Never logged in.
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        \_ Jon, read this:
           Vendor Scanning DLL
           This is a DLL provided by an anti-virus vendor written to the
           VSAPI  specification. The specification essentially states
           the vendor must provide 3 interfaces: A startup function,
           a scanning function, and a shutdown function. The Information
           Store loads this DLL into the Information Store process. Upon
           loading the DLL, the Information Store calls the startup
           function provided by the vendor. As with any DLL running in a
           process, the vendor can allocate memory, spawn new threads for
           supporting reporting functionality, or initiate communication
           to other processes on the system supporting the VSAPI engine.
           \_ Dude, who the hell would ever read that?  -average American
2006/8/5-6 [Computer/Domains] UID:43917 Activity:nil
8/5     I'm trying to setup procmail so that when I send email out, I can set my
        domain to be any of the 3 I own. However, sendmail keeps masquerading my
        domain to be a certain domain, even though I didn't specify masquerading
        in What is going on?
        \_ Try Hotmail.  -proud American
2006/8/5-10 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:43918 Activity:nil
8/5     House Cafeteria stops serving Freedom Fries, decides crow tastes
        better instead:
        \_ The French sure showed us!
        \_ To be honest, the French would probably rather not be
           associated with bland American fried potatos.
           \_ Don't be so sure: (
        \_ I loved The Crow.  Brandon Lee was awesome.  -proud American
           \_ Nice spelling of potatoes.  -Dan Quayle
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