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2006/7/28-8/2 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:43824 Activity:nil
7/27    In C/C++, how come some parameters have "mconst" before the type
        and some don't? I don't see how it changes anything. -newbie
        \_ If it's a pointer or reference, then you can't change the contents.
        \_ Nicely summarized here:
        \_ The answer is 47. -proud American
2006/7/28-30 [Recreation/Sports, Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:43825 Activity:nil
7/27 (game)
2006/7/28-8/1 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:43826 Activity:kinda low
 7/27    I don't know if you guys are aware of this.  Traditionally, there
         is an ideological war waged within the Islamic Middle East: Shiite
         preaching backed by Iran, and Sunni by Saudi Arabia.  Traditionally,
         Saudi is very wary of Iran's intention and don't support activities
         of Hezbollah.  But thanks to Israel's dispropotionate response and
         US' silence on this matter, we have effectively rallied Sunnis behind
         Hezbollah: --hussein@soda
         \_ The Sunnis and Shiites have always been able to get together on
            the subject of destroying Isreal.
            \_ Israel should just evacuate for 5 years, then come back and
               move back into the (decimated but) depopulated wasteland that
               would remain.
               \_ They did that.  It allowed Hezbollah to build up stronger
                  than ever before and made them bold enough to attack over
                  the boarder, kill a bunch of Israeli soldiers and kidnap
                  a few others.
                  \_ Hehe.  You misunderstand.  I mean evauate Israel.  Imagine
                     the battle over that one.
                     \_ Yes, I misread.  Cute.
            \_ They've never "been able to get together", even for this goal.
               They've independently pursued the same aim.  -John
         \_ I love the phrase "disproportionate response".  Which is just a
            way of saying, "Israel shouldn't defend her people or attack her
            enemies.  Israel should put up with attacks that no other nation
            in the world would even consider putting up with.  Israel should
            die.  I hate Jews."
            \_ Your dictionary needs revising. Disproportionate response implies
               the existence of a proportionate response, i.e., targeting
               Hezbollah missile crews or even the possibility of creating a
               a DMZ in southern Lebanon. Bombing Beirut into dust, OTOH, is
               overkill. Btw, I wholeheartedly support Israel's right to defend
               itself, so drop the accusation of anti-Semitism. It's not
               relevant to this conversation.
               \_ Ok, the last part was a cheap shot.  I take that back.  As to
                  the rest: Beirut is not being carpet bombed.  Hezbollah is
                  mixed in with the general population.  How do you propose
                  they kill Hezbollah thugs without harming the civilians they
                  hide among?  And you want the DMZ back?  No one including
                  Israel wanted the DMZ in the first place.  The DMZ was
                  Hezbollah's (and other's) excuse for six years to attack
                  Israel.  They called it 'occupation' which was an accurate
                  description.  And with missile ranges getting longer and
                  longer DMZs no longer make sense in such tiny places.  Soon
                  all of Lebananon will have to be a DMZ which is just silly.
                  Why did the UN broker a fake peace in 2000 which was supposed
                  to have Israel leave southern Lebanon *AND* disarm Hezbollah
                  and then do nothing to make sure Hezbollah was disarmed?
                  Quite the opposite, the UN betrayed Israel and stood by
                  'observing' while Hezbollah spent the last 6 years becoming
                  stronger than ever while doing and saying nothing about it
                  and now Khofi whines when his unarmed and missionless
                  observers get killed because they allow themselves to be used
                  as human shields.  At least finally today they pulled those
                  guys out and sent them to hang out with "lightly armed UN
                  peace keeping forces" elsewhere in the region.  So here's the
                  theoretical: you're King of Israel for the day/week/month/etc,
                  and you can have the country do anything you'd like for that
                  time period.  What's your plan?
                  \_ Step one: Stop bombing Beirut.
                     Step two: Mumble mumble.
                     Step three: Profit?
                     The point has been made, the punishment has been inflicted,
                     the international community is now ready to step in and
                     act. Let them. Then reevaluate.
                     \_ Where do you see the international community being
                        willing to do anything?  Link?
                       willing to do anything?  What do you expect
                       them to do? Link?
                       \_ I expect them to put UN Peacekeeping Troops on the
                          ground with explicit orders to shoot Israels or
                          Hezbollah or anyone who brandishes a weapon or fires
                          a missile. Sure, I'm optimistic, but I think they
                          deserve a chance.
                          \_ Ok, I don't exactly disagree, but I'm pretty
                             sure Hezbollah could still fire rockets
                             whenever they wanted under those conditions.
                           \_ Who is going to donate troops?
                  \_ are you blind or something.  Ever since Israel pull out
                     of Southern Lebanon, Lebanon has made tremedous progress.
                     It got a centeral government for the first time, each
                     of ethnic fractions has stopped killing each other. Roads,
                     hospitals, schools, power plants were being build, economy
                     were humming at 3-5%.  Politically, Lebanon slow gaining
                     is autonomy and finally kicked out Syrian troops;
                     Hezbollah is finally being integrated into Lebanon's
                     political progress.  Rocket attacks and border incursion
                     has dropped to virtually zero.  Hezbollah was under
                     tremedous pressure to either be incorporated into
                     Lebanonese Army or completely disarmed...  now, 15 years
                     of work, completely went down to the drain.  Do you think
                     Lebanonese is going to disarm Hezbollah now?  No.  In
                     fact, I bet many of them is going to either join Hezbollah
                     or going to fight along with them.
                     \_ Nice way to completely ignore why Israel is currently
                        attacking.  If their kidnapped soliders were returned
                        they would stop attacking and leave Lebanon.  How about
                        you blame the victims?  Oh wait, you already are.
                        Hezbollah isn't under any pressure to do anything.
                        They run the country and there is zero pressure to
                        disarm them.  Your evaluation of the situation is a
                        complete fabrication.
                        \_ you really think this bombing of Lebanonese
                           infrastructure is about these two captured
                           \_ yes.  you really think that israel attacked just
                              because they wanted to destroy lebanese
                              infrastructure?  no.  there had been peace for
                              6 long years which is a near miracle in that area
                              until the cross border attack by hezbollah.
                     \_ So they would show their true stripes, I say.
                        \_ i don't know.  do you blame them for it?  at the
                           time their population was 2+ million, over 18000
                           civilians were killed by Israelis.  Israeli-backed
                           Christian group were killing every Muslim they can
                           find.  Fastfoward to today, close to 10% of the
                           population is now being displaced by Israelis. IDF's
                           tactic is almost constitute as a terror campaign
                           as fleeting convoys, IFRC relief trucks are bombed
                           on daily basis.  If your family and 4 of your
                           child brother sister died of IDF bombing as they
                           were trying to flee, what would you do?  say
                           "ohh well, shit happens?" and blaming Hezebollah
                           for it?
                           \_ Again, you ignore history, write your own
                              version and blame the victim.  The IDF invaded
                              in 1982 because... Jews are mean?  They invaded
                              again in 2006 because... Jews are mean?  You
                              make it sound like there is no reason for
                              Israeli actions, as if they operate in a
                              vaccuum.  If you'd like to post something that
                              makes sense, please do, but enough of the
                              bizarre historical reconstructions.  There has
                              been peace on the border since the Israeli
                              pull out in 2000 which was supposed to include
                              a UN mandated disarming of Hezbollah.  In 2006
                              after 6 years of build up and no response from
                              the UN but to 'observe' the build up, Israel
                              was attacked over the border, soliders killed
                              and others kidnapped.  Come back when you'd like
                              to have a reality based discussion.
                              \_ There is a differences between Hezbollah's
                                 attack of soldiers versus IDF's indiscriminate
                                 attack of Lebanonese civilians and civilian
                                 infrastructures.  Israel knows Lebanon can't
                                 control Hezbollah, yet holding entire
                                 4 million Lebanon civilians accountable for
                                 \_ I love how you try to reframe the debate
                                    by choosing inflamatory words but you
                                    avoid facts, context and history.  It's
                                    such a cheap rhetorical tactic but I'll
                                    briefly correct you once again even though
                                    I know you're just trolling now.  I'm
                                    posting because I think the truth is
                                    important, not because your troll comment
                                    deserves a reply:  Hezbollah shouldn't
                                    even exist today.  Their very existence is
                                    a violation of the 2000 UN brokered peace
                                    agreement.  They attacked a sovereign
                                    state across a peaceful border, killed
                                    some soldiers, kidnapped others who they
                                    won't return and now fire hundreds of
                                    rockets every day into civilian areas in
                                    Israel with the intent of killing and
                                    terrorising civilians.  Hezbollah *is* the
                                    Lebanese government and have the support
                                    of the Lebanese people, directly or
                                    indirectly.  The cross border attack is an
                                    act of war of one nation against another.
                                    Unfortunately for the civilians in
                                    Lebanon, their government uses them as
                                    shields, storing weapons and firing
                                    weapons from within apartment buildings
                                    and other normally purely civilian areas.
                                    If the Lebanese people can't or won't
                                    change their government to something civil
                                    and can't or won't clean Hezbollah out
                                    then Israel is going to do it for them and
                                    some of them are going to die.  Civilians
                                    always get the most hurt in war.  What
                                    would you have Israel do to defend itself?
                                    Nothing.  You would have Israel cease to
                                    exist or the Israeli population fall under
                                    daily rocket attack with no response.
                                    Stop supporting terrorist states so the
                                    people in those states can have normal
                                    lives.  Why are you so opposed to the
                                    Lebanese having a real life without
                                    Hezbollah?  I'd like to see everyone in
                                    the region have a long happy prosperous
                                    life.  That can't happen when terrorists
                                    are running around armed to the teeth
                                    functioning as proxy armies for Syria and
                                    \_ With implicit UN support, no less.
               \_ Bombing and killing Muslims is always a good idea...Faster,
                  \_ Then the Orthodox Jews, then the Fundies, hurray!
                     \_ Will all religious fanatics worldwide please report
                        to the martyrdom booths?  Paradise is waiting!
                               \_ and/or rapture
2006/7/28 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:43827 Activity:nil 80%like:43829
7/28    Where is a reputable place to pre-order a Tickle-me^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H
        E6600 processor?
        \_ I'm still curious what everyone plans to do with these chips.
           Not that I wouldn't buy one if I was in the market for a new
           computer right now but I keep computers for a loooong time.
           \_ I'm in the market for a new (self-built) computer.
           \_ My current machine can't run the latest games, I'm building a
              a new one.
        \_ Everyone seems to point to I don't know if they
           are reputable.
2006/7/28-8/2 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:43828 Activity:nil
7/28    Platform: RedHat, Linux 2.4, don't have a choice to upgrade.
        Problem: Downloaded acroread 7.0.8 because the default 5.0
        that I got from "apt-get install acroread" thinks 5.0 is the
        latest. Unfortunately 7.0.8 says my GTK version is not 2.4 or
        higher. I tried "apt-get install gtk" and "gtk2" but apt-get
        thinks they're the latest. What should I do?
        \_ If you're not going to upgrade, you're going to have problems
           installing vendor-compiled software.  Upgrade, or install
           gtk and gtk2 from source.  You could also try something like
  to upgrade gtk to a version more recent than
           your RedHat distribution supports, but resolving the
           dependencies will be quite difficult.  -tom
           \_ Looks like he's using a debian based distro.  You can always
              try adding backports debian repository to install newer gtk.
        \_ install gtk2 and other libraries from source in /usr/local/lib
           and then tinker with LD_LIBRARY_PATH to get acroread to use
2006/7/28-8/2 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/HW/CPU] UID:43829 Activity:nil 80%like:43827
7/28    Where is a reputable place to pre-order a E6600 processor?
        \_ I'm still curious what everyone plans to do with these chips.
           Not that I wouldn't buy one if I was in the market for a new
           computer right now but I keep computers for a loooong time.
           \_ I'm in the market for a new (self-built) computer.
           \_ My current machine can't run the latest games, I'm building a
              a new one.
        \_ Everyone seems to point to I don't know if they
           are reputable.
        \_||, and now
           There are none in stock, though, and I believe there is a embargo
           date of Aug 7.  You could buy an OEM E6300 yesterday from
  but they're all out.  See, Intel
           board for more info.
        \_ had both OEM E6300 and E6600 yesterday and shipped
           them out.  See, Intel board for more info.  I don't
           know how hard it is to cancel a pre-order.  Rumors are that
           significantly more stock will be available come Aug 7.
        \_ had OEM E6300 yesterday and shipped them out, so
           you could try them for OEM E6600.  See, Intel board
           for more info.  I don't know how hard it is to cancel a pre-order.
           know how hard it is to cancel a pre-order.  Consensus seems to be
           that significantly more stock will be available come Aug 7.
           \_ I've never used them, but I've read some bad critiques of their
              customer service online--no clue if they're for real or not
              but you might consider researching before ordering there.  -John
              \_ I bought several items, returned several items and also got
                 my mail-in rebate money from tiger with no problems at all.
                 Every company on the net has complaints posted about them.
                 You need to examine the nature and consistency of the
                 issues and ignore the random insane ranter or you'll never
                 buy anything from anyone.
                \_ is notorious for ripping people off
                   when it comes to rebate coupons.  They've been involved
                   in much litigation about this. -proud American
2006/7/28-8/2 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:43830 Activity:high
 7/28    Try
         Try "iraq war, global warming, gasoline"
         Click on "Regions". Americans don't seem to care about global warming.
         \_ (what you said)
         \_ Check out
2006/7/28-8/1 [Uncategorized] UID:43831 Activity:nil
7/28    The passion of the booze
        \_ Booz helps him reconnect with his religion and conservatism
2006/7/28-8/1 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iran, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:43832 Activity:nil
        Security Council agrees on UN resolution that gives Iran until end of
        next month to halt enrichment, and if they don't, they'll get another
        chance to comply, and if they don't, there may be sanctions ... or not
        (which, if actually implemented, will probably hurt the U.S and help
        China and Russia anyway).  Morons.  We need a new, robust NPT that
        restricts peaceful enrichment to select sites and makes guarantees on
        availability to those who aren't enriching.  At least we're not
        bombing - our troops will be the first to pay in case that happens.
        \_ A new, robust NPT that will exempt the U.S., you mean.
           \_ what part of "makes guarantees on availability to those who
              aren't enriching" is hard to understand?
        \_ err... US is a violator of NPT, right?  and you know Iran can
                        \_ since when?
           easily withdraw from NPT and everything will be legal, right?
                        \_ true.
           do you know US already have an economic sanction in place against
                        \_ true.
           Iran so any UN sanction is not going to hurt US, while UN sanction
                        \_ true.
           is going to hurt Russia/China and rest of the world who has huge
           bilateral ecnomic tie to Iran, right?
                        \_ true but how smart is it to let a country like
                           iran have nukes?  Russia and China both have serious
                           problems with Muslim terrorists.  Maybe next time
                           it won't be a Russian movie theatre but the whole
                           city.  Not now.  Not in five years.  But ten?  What
                           about 20 years from now?  30?
           \_ do you know what "sloppy sanctions" are?  China and Russia
              won't give in to real sanctions.  Trust me, any sanctions
              Iranian oil will get out in one way or the other.
           \_ Trust me, with "sanctions" applied, Iranian oil will get out
              in one way or the other.  Let's say the oil isn't available
              to Western markets.  Let's say China and Iran are getting all
              to Western markets.  Let's say China and Russia are getting all
              the oil then.  Then who is hurt MORE by UN sanctions on Iran?
2006/7/28-30 [Uncategorized] UID:43833 Activity:nil
7/28    I need 500 E6600 processors to rub all over my naked body.  Anyone
        know where I can get them?
        \_ Consider doubling your order, then you can get them direct from
           Intel at 1kU pricing.
2006/7/28-30 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:43834 Activity:nil
7/28    A friendly reminder that this is CSUA, not PSUA (Political Sci).
        \_ What?!?  Educated intellectuals discussing things other than
           the newest Linux kernel release or quirkiest new hardware
           innovation?!?  OMGWTFBBQ!!  Say it ain't so!!
        \_ That's why the political debate is better here.
           \_ Ya, a bunch of bored morons talking about politics.
              Why don't we talk about something EXCITING, like E6600?!?!?!??
              \_ E6600 is almost as irrelevant to "CS" as Hizbollah. It's not
                 like something different for software.
        \_ Ths is CSUA, not Soviet Union. Take your censorship and shove it.
2006/7/28-30 [Computer/Companies/Google, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:43835 Activity:low
7/28    Why is email from CSUA being filtered by gmail?
        \_ Huh?
           \_ Email I send from csua to gmail addresses gets is marked as
              spam.  We had this problem before when csua somehow got on
              some blacklist, but I thought it was fixed long ago.
              \_ How long has this been happening?  Was it fine yesterday,
                 and just started being a problem today, or has it been
                 happening for a while?
                 \_ It's been happening to me for at least the past week
                    or so.  Earlier than that, I don't know.
                    \_ Is this only affecting mail received at gmail?
                       \_ Versus other mail servers?  Beats me.
2006/7/28-30 [Uncategorized] UID:43836 Activity:low
7/28    Many have requested
        The E6600
        But does it have zinc?
        \_  Wait until next year
            Dual-K8L, 8 cores
            Then you will be pwned
            \_ That is a haiku
               But I believe you forgot
               To include some zinc
               \_ Processor is not here
                  Obsession remains
                  Perhaps I can find zinc
2018/12/14 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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