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2006/7/26-28 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:43806 Activity:nil
        "The timeline provided CNN by a U.N. officer in Lebanon showed the
        first bomb exploded about 200 yards from the U.N. outpost at 1:20 p.m.
        Tuesday, prompting the first call ... with the Israeli military.
        The officer said they were assured by the Israeli liaison that he would
        stop the attacks. A series of about nine more bombs hit within 100 to
        400 yards from the observers over the next several hours, with a call
        to the Israeli military following each explosion.
        The U.N. base at Noqoura lost contact with the outpost at 7:40 p.m.,
        apparently the time of the direct hit, the officer said." (Wash Post)
        Senior Irish officer in UN observation force (not in the destroyed
        bunker) said to have made six phone calls in hours before.  Ireland
        files official protest with Israel.
        "He warned the Israelis that they were shelling in very close proximity
        to the post, and his warnings were very specific, explicit, detailed
        and stark. Obviously those warnings went unheeded."
        UN official says no Hezbollah firing was taking place in the area
        around the observation post in the six hours of phone calls and
        air/artillery strikes.
        \_ why are UN soldiers within 100 yrds of hezbolla targets?
           \_ it's my understanding Israel told the UN it wouldn't touch the
              UN observation posts
           \_ good try.  UN Observation post has been there forever.
              \_ shielding hezbollah targets 100 yards away forever?
                 \_ i am just saying that observation post has been there
                    for a long long time and Israel is fully aware of its
                    position. the fact that this post was destroyed by an
                    coordinated artiley shelling and ariel bombing, it is
                    quite obvious that this incident is anything but
                    \_ Israel didn't say it was an accident.  They said "we're
                       sorry we killed the UN guys".  If the UN stopped
                       shielding terrorists, UN guys would stop dying.
                       You're aware that the pullout agreement 6 years ago
                       said the UN was supposed to disarm Hezbollah, not
                       watch them build up a bigger military stock pile
                       than ever before.  Where was the UN report on the
                       last six years' of buildup?  These guys are obsevers,
                       so what were the observing and what'd they do about
                       what they observed?  This is the fault of the UN for
                       putting those guys there to die.  It was inevitable
                       given the situation the UN created.
        \_ Sounds like an excerpt from the "Demons and Angels" Red Dwarf:
           "The poor wretch. He has a faulty gun. He has accidentally shot
            me five times. Oh, how I love him!"
        \_ I've been saying that Israeli has a history of attacking
           UN facilities in the past.  All of them supposely "accidental."
           Does make you wonders...
           \_ Got a list of dates and events?
        \_ This is how IDF "do their best they can" to avoid civilian/UN
           casualties.  The reality is, they just do whatever they want and
           they know US will back them.
           \_ No, it is a message to the UN: Stop shielding terrorists and
              your people won't get killed.  Not that Khofi gives a damn
              about a few random guys on the ground.
        \_ One of the UN observer is a Chinese.  Chinese embassy has send
           a very strong protest to Israel.  Such protest is probably going to
           be ignored completely and IDF is probably going to be 'business as
           \_ As if.  The Chinese want Israeli weapons and couldn't care less
              about one dead guy.
              \_ much of Israel/Chinese weapon program has been suspended by
                 USA. secondly, remember the Hezbollah missile that hit
                 Israeli warship?  that is a Chinese design.  Chinese has
                 a significant weapon market share in the Middle East and
                 they can REALLY stir up the pot if they choose to.
        \_ That's funny, the UNIFIL says Hezbollah was firing from that
  (Herald Sun)
           \_ Israel has no right to shell and bomb UN site for any reason,
              even if Hezbollah was firing *FROM* that position.  Then again,
              Israel is no friend of UN for the past 50+ years.
              \_ Wow, that's really nutty.  So why would the UN allow Hezbollah
                 to fire at Israel from a UN site?  And Israel is supposed to
                 just let it happen?  That would have been a much better troll
                 if you were less black'n'white nutty about it.
                 \_ 1. these observers are unarmed. 2. it's not at UN's
                    interest for Hezbollah to fire from UN observation post
                    3. UN observation post is by no mean a safe heavan for
                    Hezbollah.  4.  Israel has been repeatly warned UN in the
                    past that UN observer tend to be more sympathic to
                    Palistanian and Lebonese... so you figures.
                    \_ 1) so what?  2) sure it is 3) it isnt *now*, it was
                       4) uh... what?  Yes we know the UN is biased against
                       Israel.  And?
2006/7/26-28 [Uncategorized] UID:43807 Activity:nil
7/26    Anyone have the Shimano Flight Deck? Good/bad?
2006/7/26 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:43808 Activity:high
7/26    Wow, he could've been the first homo in space:
        "Homo, homo in the space
        Where the queer with the anal lube play
        Where rectum is heard an encouraging squirt
        And the guys are all kinky all day"
        \_ What's with the straight obsession with gay anal sex?
           \_ It's just that "anal lube" rhymes with "antelop" in the original
              \_ Err, actually no, it doesn't.  Perhaps you should look up
                 'rhyme' in the dictionary.
                 \_ Okay.  From Webster: "2 of a word or verse : to end in
                    syllables that are rhymes".  It's close enough.
                    \_ Fair enough.
                       \_ Oh, and "rectum" rhymes with "seldom" in the original
                          \_ Whatever you say, Shakespeare.
2006/7/26-27 [Reference/BayArea] UID:43809 Activity:nil
7/26    i'm looking for a 'avenging unicorn' toy, you can order
        it online from Archie McPhee, but I want to just go buy it
        somewhere in sf/oakland/berkeley.  any ideas where?
        \_ My Little Pony: Apocalypse Ponies!
        \_ Try Dr. Comics & Mr. Games in Oakland.
2006/7/26-28 [Science/GlobalWarming, Computer/HW/CPU] UID:43810 Activity:nil
7/26    Re the AMD price cuts Monday, shows the Athlon X2 4600+
        Socket AM2 Windsor as $330 and out of stock, but has it
        in stock for $240.  Also, the energy-efficient variants are only
        supposed to have a 10% mark-up, but no word on availability.
        Don't get screwed.
        \_ How much MORE efficient?
           \_ 89W vs. 65W TDP in general, 35W for a special 3800+ CPU
              also, although the AMD press release gave May availability,
              they only appeared in early July in Japan on store shelves.
              the same release said the 35W part drew 14W for someone doing
              office apps.
              \_ NICE. Very nice. I'm definitely getting the 35W version
                 when it is available. This is pretty exciting!!!
                 \_ ob for yermom! -1337 g4m3r
2006/7/26-30 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:43811 Activity:nil
7/26    Are there any good solutions for multiple simultaneous remote logins
        to a Mac? I'm currently using OSXVnc's recommended method, which is
        to run a separate VNC instance for each user and have everyone logged
        in through fast user switching, but that's both a nuisance to set up
        and a drain on resources. I'm looking for a better option.
        \_ If you needed multiple remote logins to a Mac, then Steve(tm) would
           have provided you with multiple remote logins to a Mac.
           \_ This sounds alot like NT circa 1996 when Citrix first became
              popular. Now it's built in for server os's. -shac
              \_ When Steve(tm) says you're ready for it, you'll get it and
                 not one minute sooner.
                 \_ "One remote login ought to be enough for anybody."
        \_ Apple Remote Desktop?
        \_ SSH?
           \_ I need a graphical login (for Safari). -gm, op
              \_ Invoke a browser over a forwarded X11 connection?
2006/7/26-28 [Health/Disease/General] UID:43812 Activity:nil
7/26 (
        Hello Human Lobsters!
        \_ Btw, cutting out the brain would almost certainly do the job. Cf.
           sledgehammers and cows. Also, just because plants don't have the
           same nervous systems (or nervous systems at all) does not mean that
           they cannot/do not feel pain when culled to make your sprout salad.
           Take responsibility for your consumption: food = death.
           \_ That's why I only eat fruits and nuts which have already
              fallen from the tree or bush (fruitarian).
              \_ How many bacteria and viruses does your immune system kill
                 every hour?  Your murderer!
                 \_ Self defense!
              \_ According to this argument, you would be ethically fine to
                 eat roadkill. Just out of curiosity, do you know of a website
                 or other such that advocates this lifestyle? I'd love to read
           \_ They'd eat us if they could.  I'm just staging a pre-emptive
              strike.  Mmh, lobster... -John
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