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2006/7/24-25 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:43767 Activity:nil
7/24    Israeli Apache helicopter blows up family van fleeing south Lebanon
        \_ Don't you get it?  Israel *NEVER target any civilians, NEVER
           NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER.  *ALL* civilian casualties in Lebanon,
           including 18,000 back in the 1980s, were regretable accident or
           collateral damage.  Israeli forces are doing EVERYTHING they can
           to avoid civilian casualties, such as firing anti-peronnel shell
           at UN refugee camp after UAV drone confirmed that it's an UN
           If you doubt any of Israel's claim, then, you are a symphathiser
           of Hamas / Hezbollah...  wait... that means entire UN staff should
           be treated as terrorist organization.
           \_ Yes! There are no accidents!  Ever trigger pull is
           \_ Yes! There are no accidents!  Every trigger pull is
              personally commanded by the elders of Zion!
        \_ New York times, you are going to be so dead
           \_ Wow, since 2001 Fox has only been wrong 8 times!  This is
              certainly a Fair and Balanced[tm] site.
2006/7/24 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:43768 Activity:moderate
7/24    Tour de France inspired me to lower my handlebar moustache so that
        my back would be as flat as possible to reduce drag. Besides,
        it makes you look like a pro. Anyone know the rule of thumb
        on how many inches below the seat post the handlebar moustache should
        be? Thanks.
        \_ If you're not riding in the Tour de France, zero.  -tom
2006/7/24 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:43769 Activity:nil
7/24    John Kerry, you are such a hoot!
        \_ If he runs again in 2008, I hope he runs with Lieberman on an
           Independent ticket. I could use a laugh.
2006/7/24 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Recreation/Media] UID:43770 Activity:kinda low
7/24    The Internet is for Porn (Sort of SFW)   -John
        \_ I just wasted a minute of my life.
           \_ 3 minutes, if you watched the entire thing.
              \_ Sorry for forcing you.  -John
                 \_ Oh! No, no, I enjoyed it. -!pp
              \_ I only made it through a minute of it.
                 \_ Ditto. It was interesting for about 30 seconds. It is
                 \_ Ditto. It was interesting for about 30 minutes. It is
                    not bad, has a lot of potential to be better.
2006/7/24-28 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:43771 Activity:low
7/24    I got a problem and I need you guys' advice on how to help without
        myself being locked up in Cuba somewhere. Hezbollah runs a lot of
        hospitals, bomb shelterss and other Humanitarian organization.
        Right now, there are about 600,000 accused terrorist being displaced
        by Israeli forces.  200,000 of them are already fled to Syria, which
        is not a wealthy nation at first place and its subject to US economic
        embargo since 2003.  If I want to help those what I call refugees
        (jews [ed. Israelis]  probably would disagree), where can I send money to without
        being accused of providing material support to Terrorist / Terrorist
        Organization?  I don't think International Redcross has a strong
        presence there.   Thanks
        \_ You were sounding reasonable up to the anti-Jewish remark. Now
           I'm going to log your entry and report you to DHS.
        \_ Medecins Sans Frontieres is my suggestion--they're generally
           politically neutral and do good work.  -John
           \- i believe the RedCross/Crescent is interested in going to
              south lebanon, but israel has refused to "guarantee" safe
              passage, but they have been willing to notify hizbolla
              if the RC wants to head down. in this case i dunno if there
              is really a difference between "guarantee safe passage"
              and a cease fire. i dont believe israel is saying "we will
              physicallyt block you from going in" but saying "you take
              physically block you from going in" but saying "you take
              your chances".
              \_ A lot of people take issue with the RC for its perceived
                 "hands-off" approach.  -John
                 \_ (
                    How hands-off should they be?
                    \_ Don't ask me, I don't know.  However, the RC does not,
                       as a matter of policy, publicize its findings from
                       prisoner camps, that sort of thing.  They do
                       provide ambulance and emergency care services, which
                       is a Good Thing, I wasn't thinking of that.  -John
                    \- wow. has israel claimed that was a mistake
                       or "we're not going to make exceptions for
                       trucks that say Red *"? i can see they may
                       believe some civilians are helping Hizbolla
                       on the sly by playing a covert military role
                       but surely they arent saying the RC is helping
                       \_ If it was a mistake, it was a pretty deliberate one.
                          According to the red cross personel, they made a
                          second pass to take out the second ambulance.  Did
                          you see the pic in the article?  Dead center on the
                          cross.  That's pulitzer material...
                       \_ Why not?  They helped the PLO last time.
                          \_ Dude, that's a serious charge. Please provide a
                             URL. TIA.
                             \_ It isn't a "charge".  It is historical fact.
                                The RC showed up in ships to take the PLO to
                                Tunis.  It wasn't a secret.  It was broadcast
                                around the world.  I still recall seeing the
                                PLO thugs firing guns in the air in
                                celebration of the RC rescuing them from the
                                Israeli army.  I believe that's why the first
                                thing the Israelis did this time was establish
                                a navy blockade and bomb the bridges and roads
                                to Syria.  It wasn't about keeping their
                                soldiers from being taken out of Lebanon, but
                                to prevent escape for Hezbollah thugs the way
                                they made a mistake with the PLO.
                                \_ An "historical" "fact" that no one here has
                                   ever heard.  Provide. A. Link.
                                   \_ Sorry you can't remember but that doesn't
                                      make me a liar.  It just means that you
                                      can't remember. From the Washington Post
                                      And here's one for the gun fire I said
                                      I remembered:
                                      \_ First, thank you for posting the links
                                         as I requested. However, apart from
                                         these two articles in the Washington
                                         Post, I can't seem to find any other
                                         context for this. Why did the RC
                                         evacuate the PLO guerillas? Can you
                                         provide a link with historical
                                         context? This is fascinating, but in
                                         and of itself demonstrates nothing.
                                         \_ Oh, come on.  You have any idea how
                                            long it took to find an obscure
                                            reference to a pre-web story?  All
                                            the content from that time is
                                            behind for-pay links, but along
                                            the way I was wading through
                                            literally hundreds of pages that
                                            described the entire war in
                                            tedious detail from all
                                            perspectives using such uncommon
                                            search terms as "beirut", "plo",
                                            "red cross", and "1982".  The
                                            wikipedia entry posted below has a
                                            very limited but not entirely
                                            untrue version of events since
                                            you're incapable of performing the
                                            most basic search, I suggest you
                                            start there, but in no way does
                                            the story end there.  That's the
                                            super cliff notes version of
                                            events.  If you really care you'll
                                            go do your own reading.
                                            \_ Thanks for the bile. I already
                                               answered myself in the post
                                               \_ Bile?  Sensitive much?
                                                  \_ After all that, you're
                                                     asking me?
                                                     \_ After all what?  Its
                                                        not my fault you're a
                                                        lazy ass and I called
                                                        you on it.  That isnt
                                                        bile, that's truth. Get
                                                        a thicker skin.  The
                                                        truth shouldnt hurt
                                                        so much.
                                                        you on it while also
                                                        suggesting you do some
                                                        real research if you
                                                        actually want to know
                                                        what happened in Beirut
                                                        in 1982.
                                                        \_ Niggah, please. I
                                                           googled the terms in
                                                           your archived WP
                                                           story and got bupkis
                                                           so I politely asked
                                                           for more info. Then
                                                           I found and posted
                                                           the info below. Then
                                                           you accused me of
                                                           not doing research.
                                                           So I informed you
                                                           that I had. So now,
                                                           you know that I know
                                                           that your statement
                                                           implying that the RC
                                                           was aiding PLO was
                                                           grossly overstated.
                                         \_ And now, the rest of the story:
                                            Although not specified here, it
                                            appears that the the Red Cross
                                            transported the PLO to Tunis at the
                                            request of Americans, the French,
                                            and the Italians, not simply as a
                                            favor to the PLO.
2006/7/24 [Recreation/Dating] UID:43772 Activity:moderate
6/24    Hi I'm a virgin geek troller and I am desperate to get laid.
        I want to act gay so that girls would go ga-ga at me. Are
        there books out there that'll teach me how to act flamingly
        gay? If I can be as metrosexually gay as possible I should be
        able to get laid ASAP, based on what you guys said.
        \_ Try sucking cock.
        \_ Enough to grind your prostrate into the seat, ensuring you
           never breed.
        \_ Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills.
2006/7/24-27 [Health/Disease/General] UID:43773 Activity:nil
7/24    Is it just me or it seems like hard core bikers look as if they
        have cancer:
2006/7/24-27 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:43774 Activity:nil
7/24    Bikes worse for the environment than cars
        DRIVE CAR!!!!!
        \_ Yeah, but all those male bikers will become impotent,
           leading to lower population, which in turn leads to lower
           resource usage by human race.  Aha!  You know what they
           say, you counter a stupid argument with another stupid
        \_ "... energy savings due to the use of human power for
           transportation may be offset by the increased energy used by
           living longer due to better health."
           Ah yes.  I guess one can also argue that smoking is GOOD because
           it reduces the lifespan drastically thus reducing the need
           for prolonged medical treatments associated with natural aging.
           In fact, ATOMIC BOMB is good for mankind because it reduces
           the number of population that will pollute. Ok I get it. Thanks.
           \_ DROP ATOMIC BOMB!!!!!
           \_ Smoking is not good for any reason, it's just so goood... -John
        \_ Do they account for the higher likelihood of bikers dying
           when they get run over by cars?
           \_ I'd rather die on a bike than live in a car.  Seriously.
              \_ Well, get to it man!  We don't have all day!
           \_ 1) They don't have a higher likelihood of dying in an
                 accident than drivers (per exposure hour).
              2) Read the paper.  -tom
        \_ Until we kill all the people, the world will be unsafe from further
           human inflicted harm.
2006/7/24-27 [Consumer/Camera] UID:43775 Activity:nil
7/24 (
        Floating artwork which people can walk through comes free from
        moorings, rises 30 feet, flips upside down, and tosses out occupants
        including children, killing two and injuring 13.
        \_ This kind of thing is clearly good for the environment, especially
           when it kills lots of children before they can pollute.
                \_ And before they can create more children who will then
2006/7/24-25 [Transportation/Car] UID:43776 Activity:nil
7/24 (Wash Post)
        Israeli Apache helicopters beat back terrorism
        "Israeli forces repeatedly struck cars on southern Lebanon's already
        perilous roads in attacks that victims said were indiscriminate"
        \_ Q: How can you shoot women or children?
           A: Easy! Ya just don't lead 'em so much! Ain't war hell?
        \_ And that's the problem with Jews today:  Bad aim!  If the victims
           of helicopter attacks were able to give interviews after the
           attacks, the Israeli air force needs to send those gunners back to
2006/7/24-26 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:43777 Activity:nil
        What is this picture suppose to be?
        \_ The invisible tree bicycle lynching man.  -John
        \_ Migrant bicycle farmer.  Crappy crop.  -scottyg
        \_ Angry SUV drivers hanging bicycles.  -kchang
        \_ The bicycle scarecrow. -ausman
2006/7/24-27 [Transportation/Car] UID:43778 Activity:nil
7/24    Looking for a free site that'll tell you whether the vehicle has
        a clear title or not. If not free, then looking for the cheapest
        site. Thanks.
        \_  I've never tried it though.
           \_ If you're shopping for a car, get the Unlimited number of reports
              for 50% more. It's worth the peace of mind, and avoiding a lemon.
2006/7/24-27 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:43779 Activity:nil
        Microsoft vs. Google: Who's greener?
        \_ Hitler vs. Gandhi: who's the better vegetarian?
        \_ Silly question, do solar panels generate more power when it
           is hot? Or does it only depends on a clear sky?
           \_ I assume you mean photovoltaic panels.  Yes, it's a silly
           \_ Increased temperature inversely affects the voltage output.
        \_ Both are huge evil corporations.  Who cares?
2006/7/24-26 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:43780 Activity:nil
7/24    Kill you BOINC processes to avoid rolling blackouts.  Better yet, power
        off you machines and monitors when leaving work.  Cuts back on both the
        power to run the machine and the power to run the A/C to cool the room.
        \_ By the time you leave work, the power crisis is over.
           \_ By the time you've figured out how to solve the crisis,
              the problem is no longer there.
           \_ Not everybody stays at work till 7pm when peak hour ends.
        \_ Leave the letter '' out of you sentences to save powe.
        \_ Nuclear power would have solved this. The commie Frogs use it
           extensively, so do the Japanese. How can they do it and we can't?
           Because they standardize their plants. I say, grab some old
           Navy ships with nuclear reactors and have those badboys working
           \_ Their citizenry also doesn't have as much power to say "NIMBY!"
              Well, then again, post New Lincoln... who knows?
              Well, then again, post-Kelo... who knows?
              \_ There's a huge NIMBY movement in Japan, which is why the
                 reactors are in neighborhoods with less vocal residents (i.e.,
                 villages where people value the economic benefits more than
                 they fear the risks).
                 \_ In purely cynical terms it makes more sense to put a
                    potentially city destroying power plant in a less populated
                    \_ s/cynical/practical/
2006/7/24-28 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:43781 Activity:nil
7/24 (
        AMD releases new price list, effective today
        FYI, Conroe is launching Thursday, but it's unclear when inventory
        can satisfy demand, especially for the E6600 "sweet spot".
        \_ I want the E6600, bitch, hands off!  It's the nerd equivalent of
        \_ No!  It's MY processor!!!  Seriously though, does anyone know from
           experience if Fry's tends to get a good allocation of new CPUs
           early at a fair price?
        \_ I needed a new computer 6 months ago so I bought an AMD 4400+.
           I game but don't program or do anything heavy calculations on it
           I game but don't program or do any heavy calculations on it
           and it runs great.  Just curious: what are the E6600 buyers planning
           to do with your snazzy new cpu?  An E6600 wouldn't run my very
           piggy games any faster.
           \_ Presuming you are CPU bound and not GPU bound, yes it would.
              The E6600 is benching slightly faster than an A64x2 5000 in most
              \_ I'm neither.  I've seen the artificial benchmarks.  I'm
                 wondering what other people plan to do with their new toy.
              \_ But most real world gaming situations will be GPU limited.
                 People with high end machines will tend to push the graphics
                 to higher resolutions and such, something the CPU benchmarks
                 don't show. I'm not too excited about Conroe because it won't
                 make much difference in my usage. I like how they triggered
                 a price war though. I heard Intel is sitting on a giant
                 stockpile of Netburst-era processors. I wonder how much they
                 will lose on that.
                 This article is kinda silly but makes a point:
           \_ The 4MB of shared L2 cache significantly improves execution time
              on things like zipping files and encoding audio/video.  I expect
              compile time improvements to be similar, although I haven't seen
              any compile-time benches yet.  Performance per watt is also
              outstanding.  All that's left is if Intel can crank out these
              E6600 parts in sufficient quantity without going bust and any
              weird stability / compatibility issues.
              \_ Well they're definitely going to take a loss on the Great
                 Netburst Fire Sale of '06, but it's not going to ruin the
                 company.  Agreed that Core2 availability is an important
                 question.  An awful lot of volume goes on in sub-$100 CPUs
                 and it will be interesting to see how much cheap Netbursts
                 can stymie low-end A64s and Semprons.
        \_ News update: Fry's pricing on E6600 is $379.  Not yet in stock.
2019/09/15 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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