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2006/7/10-11 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:43608 Activity:kinda low
7/10    I am delighted Zinedine Zidane has miraculously won the
        BALL OF GOLD for the 2006 WC. ObIamNotMakingThisUp.
        [I think they do the gold ball tally before the match is over, so
        may have been decided before The Incident. Not sure why, since I
        didnt think they announced it immediately and there doesnt seem
        any reason not to wait 1-2 hrs. But I am still glad they didnt
        change the decision.] BTW, the ZZ header after the pass from Sagnol
        then blocked by Buffon was pretty awesome. --psb
        \_ You are wrong about the timing of the close of the vote tallying.
           Please leave the sports discussions to the experts.
           Thank you. --richard
        \_ I liked it.  You are stupid.  Keira Knightley is still flat.
        \_ I just read that the voting closed at midnight last night instead
           of at halftime, like they used to. ZZ's header was good, but the
           save was even better. My favorite goal was the German double-header.
           \- the block was fast and ultimately what mattered but i think
              the header was more impressive eventhough ultimately moot becase
              you might say it involved more "spatial degrees of freedom".
           \- BTW, here is a crappy video of another famous [and this time
              successful] ZZ 3 deg of freedom header goals:
              successful] ZZ 3 deg of freedom goals:
              if you have a better link, that would be great!
           \- Here is a decent ZZ highlight video with some good
              "3 degrees of freedom" shots:
              For those of you who dont follow futbol, this GK save by
              an associate of PABLO ESCOBAR is also pretty amazing:
              (but also a "what the fuck are you thinking" move ... it was
              in a friendly game tho ... he probably only attempted it because
              he know Escobar would not have him killed)
              in a friendly game tho ... he probably only attempted it
              because he knew PESCOBAR would not have him killed, unlike
2006/7/10 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:43609 Activity:nil
7/10    Has anyone here succeeded in having sex on a moving bicycle?  How did
        you do it?  Did you retrofit the bike first?  Any injuries?
        \_ Um, why would you do this other than bragging rights?
           Seems very silly.  People generally have sex in bed for
           a good reason, it's comfortable and enjoyable.
           \_ Why do you respond to posts for which you have no useful response?
2006/7/10-11 [Uncategorized] UID:43610 Activity:nil
7/10    Rumor has it that MM told ZZ "Sei una terrorista."
        \_ I liked it.  You are stupid.  Keira Knightley is still flat.
        \_ don't forget he was also violently nipple-tweaked </troll>
           \- BTW, by far the best headline about "the incident"
              is TNR's "Tete Offensive". That's awesome ... worthy of
              the E'ist. --psb, resident ZZ apologist. p.s. "mexican
              standoff" about the SotB election is also pretty good. ok tnx.
2006/7/10-11 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:43611 Activity:nil
7/10    Just a reminder that the CPC is an illegitimate government that
        seized power through force of arms, and that the PRC illegally invaded
        and continues to occupy Tibet, suppresses the basic human rights of
        the Uighurs, installs its own political appointees to key positions
        in religious institutions that it does not recognize as legitimate,
        and continues to sell the organs of political prisoners.
        \_ I liked it.  You are stupid.  Keira Knightley is still flat.
        \_ Uighurs?  Are you implying that they respect the basic human rights
           of anyone else, including Han?
        \_ Tibet was conqured by Manchurians in the late 16th century, some
           90 years before the 13 states declare independent from the Crown.
           \_ Difficult for the Manchurians to do since they didn't conquer
              China until the mid 17th century.
        \_ What is CPC?
2006/7/10-11 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Editors/IDE] UID:43612 Activity:nil
7/10    Any Eclipse experts here?  I was using 3.1 but had to reinstall and
        ended up with 3.2.  Formerly, if I would type something like
        "File foo;" a little error marker would offer to import
        for me.  If I used a function illegally it would offer to change it to
        a legal set of arguments.  This install of Eclipse doesn't do these
        nice things.  Any ideas how to get that behavior back?
        \_ I liked it.  You are stupid.  Keira Knightley is still flat.
        \_ Nevermind, fixed it myself:  When I installed Eclipse it picked a
           JRE to use, but because it picked a plain-old JRE, not the JDK, it
           couldn't look up the source of anything, so it couldn't make
           suggestions involving any system classes.  Telling it to use the JDK
           fixed it.
2006/7/10-11 [Uncategorized] UID:43613 Activity:nil
7/10    Saw Devil Wears Prada this weekend.  Excellent.  I bet all you computer
        types will recognize the Miranda Priestley in you.
        \_ I liked it.  You are stupid.  Keira Knightley is still flat.
        \_ Chick flick.  Don't watch it.
        \_ Yes
2006/7/10-11 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:43614 Activity:kinda low
7/10    How do I put 2 addresses on google map? I want to see 2 flags and
        their relative positions on the satellite page when detailed
        maps are not available. I am entering them as
        longitude/latitude coordinates and one address works
        beautifully... Thanks.
        \_ Try, it'll probably let you do this.  --dbushong
        \_ Or Yahoo Maps Beta. I find it easier to use than
           \_ Ah yes, the flash-only application that FreeBSD users can't use
              (natively).  Yahoo!, you've forgotten your roots!
              \_ why cant you run flash on freebsd?
                 \_ Macromedia doesn't make a plugin for FreeBSD (and apparently
                 \_ Adobe doesn't make a plugin for FreeBSD (and apparently
                    their Linux plugin's getting long in the tooth, too)
              \_ internally Yahoo is windows and linux desktops and the servers
                 are going linux.  "thanks for the free beer."
        \_ Damn, Yahoo's satellite coverage of other countries are
           sadly lacking, for example. Shanghai, Beijing. So is there
           a way to put 2 flags up on google? How does the
           craiglist/map site work?
           \_ You have to sign up (it's free) to use the Google maps API.
              Google gives you an access key to embed in your web page
              and has pretty useful documentation on figuring out how
              to do what you want.  It's pretty cool, check it out. --peterl
2006/7/10-11 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:43615 Activity:nil
7/10    apologies if this has been asked before ... anyone know any good
        java profiling tools? (prefer free as in speech, would accept
        free as in beer) ... I was using JProbe which seemed great but
        my license expried and work wants me to evaluate some cheaper
        options before we buy ... I'm skeptical there is anything else
        out there that is as good. thansk.  - rory
        \_ I compared JProbe and JProfiler and liked JProfiler better, but they
           are both about the same price.  You could probably grab a 30-day
           trial of JPprofiler though.  I've also used JRat which was free, but
           far less full-featured than the commercial tools.
        \_ I haven't been doing much Java in the last couple of years, but
           I used to just use the hprof option in the JVM itself to generate
           profiling information and then use a program like HPs HPjmeter to
           view the data. That was adaquate for me, but the SOTA may have
           since changed...
2006/7/10-11 [Uncategorized] UID:43616 Activity:nil
7/10    Popular Mechanics 9/11: Debunking The Myths
        \_ So it's _not_ 0.81 repeating!
2006/7/10-11 [Finance/CC] UID:43617 Activity:nil
7/10    Citibank mastercard changes me 3% when I use the card in Canada.
        WTF? What are some other cards that charge less? 3% is just
        \_ Capital One is supposed to be the only major credit card provider
           left that doesn't charge extra for charging outside the country.
  (, June 25, 2006)
        \_ Anyone know what Amex rates are?
           \_ 2%, still better than many others with 3%, but not as good as
              those rare 1% only ones.
        \_ (
           don't know how correct it is, but the site looks maintained
           \_ Doesn't look all that up-to-date.  Capital One no longer absorbs
              the 1% VISA charge, but they still don't charge anything beyond
              that, which is why I use their card the most.
2006/7/10-11 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:43618 Activity:nil
7/10    My road bike handlebar stem is the same height as the seat. However,
        most of the bikes I see on TV and on the road are a few inches
        lower. Should I spend money to buy a stem that lowers it?
        \_ or lower your stem.
        \_ Are you uncomfortable?  -tom
           \_ Not at all. But then again I'm still young. So the key is to
              lower it as much as I can without feeling pain, so that my
              performance can be increased, right?              -op
              \_ Are you racing?  If not, stick with what's comfortable.  -tom
2006/7/10-11 [Politics/Foreign] UID:43619 Activity:nil
        "It's not easy being green: fair trade coffee, local politics,
        and ethical consumerism in Los Angeles."
        \_ I liked it.  You are stupid.  Keira Knightley is still flat.
           \_ Huh?
2006/7/10-11 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:43620 Activity:nil
7/10    Did anyone else get some kind of apology email exchange regarding an
        interview at Sun and people named Jesse, Roan, etc? Why would that
        be forwarded to CSUA?
        \_ Yes.  I'm pretty sure it was an accident that they emailed the
           jobs@csua list.
2006/7/10-11 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:43621 Activity:nil
7/10    If I lower my Civic or add on a super big exhaust, I'll get a lot of
        hot asian gfs. But if I add the following pipe on my bike, what
        kind of chicks will I get?
        \_ Fat, ugly Russian ones.
        \_ If you add that pipe on your bike, you are not of legal age yet.
2006/7/10-11 [Consumer/Camera] UID:43622 Activity:nil
7/10    Looking for a digital camera for mom. Mom still hasn't figured
        out how to work the DVD player. She loves her Yashica T4
        (point-and-shoot film camera). Is there's anything like a
        digital version of the T4? Are there cameras that always do
        the right thing if you turn it on and push the big button?
        What camera did you get for your mom? :)
        \_ just get a Nikon Coolpix.  it is one of the most under-rated
           consumer camera out there on the market.  However, Yashica T4
           is a very high standard to beat for several reasons:
           1. Yashica T4's prime lens is EXCELLENT.  You will not able to find
           a decent digital camera without zoom.  Optically, it will be
           difficult to beat T4
           2. Unless your mom is relatively sufficient with computer,
           she would find that digital camera is a lot more complicated than
           film point-n-shoot.  Typical film P&S camera has something like
           4-5 controls.  Typical digital camera has at least 2 dozen options.
           3. Yashica T4 has a relatively fast response time, both in terms of
           shutter lag and time between frames.  typical low end digital camera
           is notorious for slowness in both catagory.
           I bought my dad (who doesn't knows how to turn on a computer and
           doesn't know how to check voice mail on cell phone) couple cameras.
           Olympus D100 (very easy to use and pretty good optics at the time),
           Nikon Coolpix 4200 and Canon A-series.  Canon A-series is good
           because it uses AA battery.  I find my dad kept using alkline
           battery despite i already bought him two sets of NiMH.  From this,
           I know that my dad really prefer AA batterys.  Canon's A-series
           is a bit slower than Nikon counter part.  and its array of manual
           overwrite confuses people.  Nikon doesn't have manual override,
           which turned out to be a blessing.  But the response time is also
           In short, rule of thumb is:  1. AA battery 2. go for 4Mpixel or
           *LESS*, and 3. get less than 3x optical zoom, and 4. get at least
           35mm on the wide end of zoom, as wide end of zoom is much more
           useful and critical than the long end (and 35mm is the equivl of
           35mm format, of course).
           \_ Thanks!
           \_ I have a Nikon Coolpix 3200 and it also uses AA batteries.
2006/7/10-11 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:43623 Activity:kinda low
7/10    Ahem.
        \_ well, that just makes me think (yeah, I know the author is leaning
           that way too) that the killers didn't know the people they killed
           were in the same platoon as the child rapists.
           \_ "... as the child rapists".  Have these guys had a trial yet?
              \_ yes, and OJ didn't kill the white girl
                 \_ ok so they didn't have a trial.  this isn't stalinist
                    russia.  yet.
           \_ re: the "child" part.  Have they actually figured out how old
              she was?  I've heard numbers from 14 - 26
              \_ yes, she is 14
              \_ yes, she was 14
              \_ Did they rape her seven year old little sister, too?
           \_ Well, yeah.  Because these terrorists are always so coy with their
              motivations and anti-US propoganda.  They just forgot to mention
              till now why they did it.
2006/7/10-11 [Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:43624 Activity:nil
        How to disable the annoying reverse beep in a Toyota Prius
        \_ I like how we're now creating technology for which
           superstitious-looking shamanistic actions now hold weight.
           \_ The manual for my 2004 Sienna is full of this kind of easter
2006/7/10-11 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:43625 Activity:nil
        \_ Amusing, but there's a reason this guy is still single and in his
           late 30s.
2019/04/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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