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2006/7/3-6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:43554 Activity:nil
7/3     Will KAIS MOTD have search capability turned on again?
        \_ No. Stop asking. Write your own.
        \_ I stupidly coded the site such that some features need the suexec
           capability (where cgi scripts that I as user kchang will run as
           kchang instead of "nobody"), but it is disabled and I'm just too
           lazy to spend any time trying to make features work without it. If
           enough people petition root to turn it on then it may
           just happen. BTW only the 24 hour diff and admin modify features
           really need suexec. Search doesn't really need suexec
           but I just don't have time or energy to play around with the code
           right now.                                           -kchang
           \_ root, can we give kchan suexec access since he is doing a such
              great public service for greater CSUA community?
              \_ why we run without suexec (or cgiwrap) is beyond me.
                 \_ I can tell you why. The noobs trying to learn the zen of
                    soda sysadm think that suexec is like setuid, it has
                    that scary "su" and "exec" keywords that sound like a
                    something that would compromise soda.
                    \_ Isn't it more dangerous to run suexec and setuid?
                    \_ They're learning. soda is not for the alumni, it's for
                       the undergrads. They'll come around in time.
2006/7/3-6 [Uncategorized] UID:43555 Activity:nil
7/3     Who's the dipwad aggressively restoring stale threads from last week?
2006/7/3 [Uncategorized] UID:43556 Activity:nil
7/4     Vets for Irey
2006/7/3-6 [Recreation/Sports] UID:43557 Activity:nil
7/3 -- Babes of the World Cup.
        Fox is good for something after all.  -John
        \_ My favorites are #11, #30, #32, #59.  But the one that really turns
           me on is #86!
2006/7/3-6 [Science/Space] UID:43558 Activity:low
7/3     NASA Administrator Michael Griffin demonstrates Dubya-Style Leadership
        by maintaining launch schedule for July 4 weekend, barring 40% chance
        of inclement weather.  Lessee ... 1% chance of shuttle loss ... 16 more
        launches before 2010 ... only a 1/6 chance and yer gonna retire the
        orbiters anyway, and you can always put the astronauts on the space
        station in case there's a hole!
        \_ No, this is the same sort of "must launch leadership" NASA had
           when the first one blew up.  And the second.  And now the third.
           The problem is NASA, not whoever is in the WH.  When you slap
           GWB for every little thing, especially falsely like this, you
           reduce the value of slapping him for the things he should be.
           \_ Actually, the problem is GWB. Why? Because he is the one
              pushing NASA to do more manned spaceflight. He is the one pushing
              an accelerated schedule of launches and retiring the shuttle
              in favor of a new vehicle, while not really giving NASA much
              more money than before. Without GWB's Vision for Space
              Exploration, NASA would have more time and money. Because of him,
              there is neither. The "must launch leadership" starts with GWB.
              \_ I agree.  Weren't they talking about more unmanned probes
                 recently, or is this really supposed to contribute to a manned
                 mission to Mars?
                 \_ No, NASA is giving up most of its research, science,
                    and unmanned work in favor of the ISS, Shuttle, and
                    CEV (replacement for the Shuttle).
              \_ Have you ever worked in government?  It doesn't work like
                 that.  Also, how do you explain all the other NASA deaths
                 going back to the very beginning of space flight for both
                 the US and Soviets?  Oh, I know!  It's all GWB's fault!
                 \_ Yes, I have. In fact, I work for NASA. It works exactly
                    like that. The President sets the agenda, whether the
                    President is GWB or Kennedy.
                    \_ Setting the agenda is not the same as "launch no matter
                       wut soz I kin make mah daddy proud!".  So you work for
                       NASA?  Did your pet project get defunded?  You sound
                       \_ Every project other than the Shuttle, ISS, and
                          CEV lost funding. Even portions of the ISS were
                          cut. We are talking about gutting a large part
                          of NASA, not about "pet projects". The reasons
                          (as given by Bush): 1) We have to finish the ISS
                          by 2010, 2) We have to go back to the Moon. Setting
                          the agenda means that there isn't time (or money) to
                          eff around with the foam on the Shuttle to make
                          it safer. If the fix isn't easy (or possible)
                          then it does become "launch despite risks",
                          because of Bush's 2010 deadline.
                          \_ NASA funding was cut every under Clinton.
                             \_ Clinton didn't push for pipe dreams at the
                                same time.
                                \_ NASA is there to pipe dreams come real.  If
                                   you're not doing pipe dream work you're
                                   wasting tax payer dollars.
                                   \_ Pipe dream work requires pipe dream
                                      dollars. Without them, nothing will
                                      get done. Also, without technology
                                      research all we can do is duplicate
                                      Apollo again.
                                      \_ Or just some will and imagination
                                         instead of tons of layers of mgnt
                                         waiting around to pension out.  How
                                         many layers are there between you
                                         and the head of NASA?
                                         \_ This sounds like typical
                                            Republican speak. The reason
                                            we can't launch payloads into
                                            orbit for $100/ton is because
                                            of a lack of will and imagination.
                                            \_ Yup, billions of dollars in the
                                               current budget and no one at
                                               NASA can think of anything to
                                               do with it.  The reason we
                                               can't launch payloads for free
                                               has to do with physics and the
                                               price of energy but you knew
                                               \_ I think we're just not
                                                  determined or inventive
                          \_ Yes, the President sets the agenda.  It is the
                             Congress who decides how much money they get.
                             You work for the government and don't know this?
                             It is not the President who says "launch even
                             though it is going to blow up".  The ISS is a joke
                             and should've been completely defunded.  The
                             broken Shuttle should've been replace 10 years
                             ago.  What are there other pet projects you're so
                             bitter about?  The people I know at JPL are bitter
                             that the "must put people into space, not probes"
                             plan has left them out in the cold because all
                             the money went to NASA's manned missions.  What
                             are you so bitter about again?  I still don't
                             see how the President setting a manned-space
                             mission agenda is the same as him forcing someone
                             to launch the shuttle yesterday.  Did he call
                             someone and say "launch that thang!  mah daddy
                             wants ta see it goin up durin' da firewerks!"?
                             \_ When Congress decides not to up the $$$,
                                then the President needs to adjust his agenda
                                accordingly. Else, risks will be taken. It's
                                that simple. You admit that the ISS is a joke
                                and yet it is sucking NASA dry. A better
                                President might realize that and not push
                                to finish it. Griffin is forced to rob
                                SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, and RESEARCH in favor
                                of Shuttle and ISS. What part of this are
                                you missing? This is not good for NASA and
                                not good for the US. GWB's agenda is
                                screwing everything up. This includes the
                                safety of the Shuttle. No one is retarded
                                enough to claim the effect is *directly* on
                                yesterday's launch. However, without GWB I
                                don't think the Shuttle would've launched
                                yesterday. He needs to keep those jobs in
                                Texas and Florida.
                                \_ No, if Congress doesn't provide enough
                                   funding then it is up to NASA management
                                   to do the best they can with what they've
                                   got.  You have yet to provide an example of
                                   what has been dropped in favor of the 3 big
                                   projects.  The rest of your post is just
                                   spew.  I'm not going to respond to the
                                   bitter filled emotional spewing.
                                   \_ NASA *is* doing the best they can with
                                      what they got. End result: Shuttle
                                      launching despite major concerns. If you
                                      want a list of what's been dropped
                                      across NASA, look it up. It's easy
                                      enough to find:
                                      You haven't said anything useful in
                                      this thread so far and I'm not holding
                                      my breath.
                                      \_ Finally you managed to write something
                                         that wasn't a whiney emotional Bush
                                         bash.  Ok then so there's *only*
                                         $5.33 *B*illion for science.  Another
                                         $724 million for aeronatics research
                                         and a penny under $4 *B*illion for
                                         exploration systems incldungi the
                                         CEV.  I'm trying to find out what I
                                         should be crying over here: Delay or
                                         cancelled: the TPF, the SIM, better
                                         Keck telescopes, SOFIA, LISA, CW, and
                                         what's this?  Mars research.  Except
                                         for the Mars research all of this is
                                         passive, go-nowhere science that only
                                         serves to slightly improve upon what
                                         we already know and can see.  There
                                         is no big stuff here that will be
                                         missed by anyone outside the cut
                                         programs.  I'm actually quite pleased
                                         to see the light weight stuff set
                                         aside so we can do something more than
                                         masturbate over stars in other
                                         galaxies from Keck.
                                         \_ "Light weight stuff" like
                                            science in favor of the Shuttle
                                            and ISS which do *WHAT* exactly?
                                            2/3 of the budget ($10 BB) is
                                            going to Shuttle/ISS/CEV and almost
                                            nothing (not mentioned in the
                                            article) to technology research.
                                            If you are a researcher or
                                            technologist then forget it
                                            unless you're researching the
                                            foam on the Shuttle. This is
                                            not the way to obtain the
                                            breakthroughs you seem to want.
                                            \_ I think the shuttle and ISS
                                               should have been scrapped 10+
                                               years ago or not even started
                                               in the case of the ISS, that
                                               does not mean these other
                                               projects are worth a damn.  I
                                               want to see research into
                                               materials and propulsion
                                               systems, not better telescopes
                                               for getting prettier pictures
                                               to put in Time magazine (which
                                               are all retouched anyway).  The
                                               bulk of the cancelled projects
                                               are telescope related which yes
                                               I do think are a waste of money.
                                               \_ You are off topic here,
                                                  which is the Shuttle and
                                                  the leadership at NASA. If
                                                  you think the Shuttle and
                                                  ISS are wastes of money
                                                  then you need to blame
                                                  GWB for putting more
                                                  money into those programs
                                                  instead of putting it
                                                  into research and tech
                                                  dev (including propulsion
                                                  and materials). Putting it
                                                  into the ISS and a lunar
                                                  base while killing science
                                                  and technology isn't smart no
                                                  matter your personal opinions
                                                  regarding astronomy - and
                                                  if a telescope should be
                                                  killed maybe it should be
                                                  the $5 billion JWST. In
                                                  short, NASA's priorities
                                                  are now out of whack
                                                  because GWB's priorities
                                                  are out of whack.
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