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7/2     More revisionist history: Vietnam was Nixon's war
        \_ "From the same studio as Fahrenheit 911" Well, hey, it worked
           the first time...
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7/2     It is true
2006/7/2-5 [Finance/Investment, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:43552 Activity:nil
7/2     The Underground Economy
2006/7/2-5 [Recreation/Media] UID:43553 Activity:low
7/2     Superman movie review: please do yourself a favor and avoid this
        wretched piece of cinematic crap.  The best I can say about it is
        you don't have to worry about someone giving away the plot because
        there isn't one.  Incoherent, meandering, plotless, lifeless
        characters, dangling plotlines, internally inconsistent and a
        complete waste of time, money and effort.
        \_ If you can turn off your critical thought processes long enough,
           the special effects sequences are really well done. That said,
           yeah, there's not a whole lot of real movie here, and not enough
           sf/x to make up for the lack. Still, if you have nothing better to
           do and time for a matinee, it's okay.
        \_ My take on it is the only reason I will be seeing it is to see
           Kevin Spacey chew the scenery.  Everything else is just in support
           of this singular goal.
           \_ It wasn't that bad, it wasn't that good, I expected more
              from a quarter billion dollar movie.  It doesn't
              (and probably could never) live up to my 20 year
              old memories of Superman I and II. - danh
              \_ I'll grant it was not the worst movie ever made.  Here's a few
                 things they did right: they kept the original musical score,
                 \_ Some of it.  I was always a big fan of the Lex Luthor
                    music from I and II (never saw III and IV), it wasn't
                    in the new one. - danh
                    \_ Specifically the opening theme music.
                 they gave a cute tip of the hat to Star Wars in the opening
                 during the credits, they did have a couple of good lines, but
                 \_ Was that really hat tipping?  That was how the
                    opening credits appeared in the first Superman movie - danh
                    \_ The bit where they fly down the asteroid channel and
                       through a hole and out a la the MF avoiding the fighers?
                 only during the first 1/3rd or so and not that many, they had
                 some nice Superman-ish quality saving but only near the start,
                 they got someone to play Lane who was easier to like than in
                 the first two movies (until she turned out to be a somewhat
                 vile creature), and uhm, the closing credits.  I do give huge
                 props for keeping the music but that's only because Hollywood
                 has this thing about using forgettable top 40 trash they can
                 sell a few CDs for music the last several years.  --op
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