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2006/7/1 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:43546 Activity:nil
7/1     Gang expert backs Tancredo charges
2006/7/1-5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:43547 Activity:low
6/30    England demonstrates that they are able to kick the ball right to
        the goalkeeper.
        \_ Lame.  He _was_ good.  If Rooney hadn't demonstrated that he was
           able to kick the balls... -John
        \_ updated: 0100
           Next match: July 4
           \_ What is the point of this.  Why dont you just send people
              to the FIFA/Yahoo site:
              \_ Did you miss the memo when I first started posting this
                 when I said you could just go to
                 Ah, obviously you did. Mostly it's for my own interest.
                 If this offends you, please remember to cut vertically,
                 not horizontally.
                 \_ Can you also start posting DJIA numbers and the GOOG
                    price every hour in the motd?  Dude, I wasn't *offended*
                    you were doing this...I was just curious if I was missing
                    some value you were providing that was not available on
                    the Yahoo site.  Apparently not.  If people want to go
                    to a pdf instead of html and one that is far more lagged
                    in time, I don't want to stop them.  If your "interest"
                    is sated by filling in numbers, maybe you are the one
                    with little to live for.  For some extra amusement,
                    maybe you can also make the motd available as a PDF
                    on your website!
                    \_ Can you make that motd.pdf searchable by KAIS MOTD?
                       Thanks!  ;-)
                    \_ Sorry, no added benefit. Just my own hobby. Also, it
                       takes less than five minutes per update to complete,
                       so I still have time to short GOOG, troll freepers,
                       ride bike, and wonder what BUD DAY would say.
2006/7/1-6 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:43548 Activity:nil
7/1     So my new MacBook Pro is hot hot hot! And I mean, it is so hot that
        it is unbearable to put on my laptop, even when it is idling.
        In addition the battery lasts only 2 hours at max, when only
        5% of the CPU is used. In contrast, my 1.5GHz Pentium M is
        pretty cool, and lasts 2.5 hours with a smaller battery. My G4
        is also really really cool and lasts almost 4 hours. What the
        hell is going on? I'm very very unhappy with the MacBook Pro.
        \_ Hello I'm the op, and I've followed tom's link, disassembled
           my MacBook Pro and was dismayed at how much paste was used on
           it. Basically the processor, chipset, and something else had so
           much paste that they acted like insulators which created extremely
           hot spots on the top portion of the laptop. I took out all the
           thermal paste (it was incredibly thick) and reapplied a thin
           layer. Yesterday my laptop had a few scalding burning hot spots,
           but today I'm proud to say that it is simply running as hot as
           McDonald's coffee. I'm glad I took the risk to make the laptop run
             It is amazing how Apple has chosen to ignore this problem
           instead of trying to solve it. I guess as a company gets bigger
           and bigger it cares less and less about the quality of products and
           instead more about making the shareholders happy.
            \_ Wow, what a brilliant solution to a heat problem - reduce
               the heat flow from the chips to the chassis by removing
               thermal paste. Absolutely brilliant. They should just
               remove the fans while they're at it. Don't know why
               Apple never thaught of that.
               \_ Ummm.. You know thermal paste isn't some sort of magical
                  heat eliminator right?  You realize that too much can
                  cause heat problems right?  You realize they aren't
                  suggesting not using any, but cleaning it off and
                  replacing it with a smaller amount.. right?  I don't
                  know if this is the actual cause of the heat problems,
                  but it certainly is a possibility.
        \_ Being "hot" is the reason you got it right? ;)
        \_ I seem to recall something about Apple very quietly releasing a
           firmware upgrade that makes it turn on the fan more readily.  Result
           is much lower operating temperatures, but more tendancy to have fan
2006/7/1-5 [Consumer/Audio] UID:43549 Activity:nil
        Interesting site -- preservation of old music cylinders from
        early in the 20th century.  Free mp3 downloads for out-of-
        copyright works, very cool.  -John
        \_ didn't know UCSB do real work sometimes.  Thanks for the cool
           link.  Don't you wish copyright protection is still 14 years
           instead of 90 years today?
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