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2006/6/27-29 [Uncategorized] UID:43508 Activity:nil
6/26    anyone know of a way i can say to IIS "it is ok to run foo.cgi
        but nothing else?" instead of having to turn on "allow all CGI/ISAPI"
        this is IIS6 on win2k3.  Ok thx.
2006/6/27-29 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:43509 Activity:nil
6/27    Socket question:  does it matter where in the filesystem you
        put the socket file?  I.e., /tmp/ vs ~/ ?  When could it matter?
        Thanks,  --PeterM
        \_ "the" socket file?  You mean screen?  Nope.
                \_ Not screen.  There's a program (not mine) that
                   works when the socket is located in /tmp and
                   doesn't otherwise.
                   \_ Try creating a directory, turning on the sticky bit
                      and putting it there. That is the only thing I can
                      think of that is "special" about /tmp. -ausman
                      \_ Agreed.  I've created sockets in other directories
                         before, when it was owned and used by a same user.
                         It worked fine for me.
        \_ screen defaults to using /tmp because it wants the socket tobe
           on a 'local' filesystem. sockets can do odd things on NFS file
           systems. /var/tmp is ok... ~/ .. is nfs mounted. -ERic
2006/6/27 [Finance] UID:43510 Activity:nil
6/27    "these are also businesses designed for breakeven in less than six
        months ... Until the first site is launched this is an equity only
        opportunity, with cashflow participation proportional to equity upon
        Should that read "after" breakeven?  The way the sentence literally
        reads, you don't get a salary, you get equity, and you need to pay
        money to the company proportional to your equity until the company
        makes a profit.
2006/6/27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:43511 Activity:nil
6/27    mtd: open /etc/motd: Permission denied
        \_ Some root type needs to chmod g+w /etc/motd
2006/6/27-29 [Computer/SW/Apps] UID:43512 Activity:nil 66%like:43501 75%like:43539
        Updated: 1017 PST
        \_ Updated: 1418 PST
           \_ Next match: Germany v. Argentina, Friday, 0800 PST
              Expect Updates after that.
        \_ What are using to do the updates? Acrobat?
           \_ Acrobat Pro, Tools -> Advanced Editing -> Text Field Tool and
              Advanced -> PDF Optimizer.
2006/6/27-29 [Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:43513 Activity:nil
6/27    Please to be recommending a hairspray that doesn't smell like fruits
        or flowers etc. thx.
        \_ Cream of Sum Yung Gai
           \_ Don't forget Yoo Suk Bum.
              \_ Suk Mai Phât Qok?
               \_ Lick My Hairy Asshole
                \_ Tounge fuck my hairy asshole.
                   \_ is that german?
        \_ Aquanet.
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