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2006/6/25-28 [Recreation/Sports] UID:43492 Activity:nil
6/25    Has anyone noticed how they play Pet Shop Boy's "Go West" at
        the end of every World Cup match? Does anyone know why?
        \_ It is because Soccer is gay...
                \_ hey, that's Clever...
                   \_ I've got the Brains, You've got the Brawn ...
2006/6/25-28 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:43493 Activity:nil 53%like:43401
6/25    Hey root, could you please reenable finger motd@csua? Can't be a
        security issue since fingerd is enabled ...
        \_ Done. For some reason linking it refused to work, so I added it
           as a cronjob that happens just as the motd concatenation happens
           (every 2 minutes). --michener
2006/6/25-28 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:43494 Activity:nil
6/25    My name just popped up on someone's caller id.  I don't know
        how that infomation was sent across, I thought the number would
        be the only thing sent.  It's a cell phone and shouldn't be listed,
        any idea how that happened?  --jwm
        \_ they have been sending names via callerid pretty much from the
           start. this includes cell phones. -shac
           \_ Is there a way to prevent it?  To just send the number?
              \_ From apparently
                 the phone co. does a db-lookup based on your phone number,
                 so it would have to be a phone co. feature to send only the
                 phone number to a caller ID device.
                 \_ This doesn't sound right to me.  The cell providers
                    don't share the databases so it's the cell company
                    you should speak to about your outgoing cid setting.
        \_ Were you calling the person's cell phone?  If so, is your name
           and cell phone number in their cell phone address book?
           \_ No, I called a land line.
        \_ A lot of phones have this as a configurable feature. Look at the
           options menu for something to do with sending your information.
           This may be an all-or-nothing, i.e., you may be able to send your
           name and number or no ID at all.
        \_ cingular/att recently sent me letter asking if I wanted to opt-out
           of showing my name on caller-ID
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