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2006/6/3 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:43265 Activity:low
6/2    "You don't need papers for voting"
        Busby on defense, says she misspoke
2006/6/3-9 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Recreation/Sports] UID:43266 Activity:nil
6/3     How do I listen to the world cup games?
        I think the BBC is broadcasting to European internet
        users.  How do I listen to this? - danh
        \_ Why would you want to listen to color commentators from any
           country other than mexico?  I recommend that you learn spanish and
           listen to latino radio for your world cup coverage,
           \_ For some bizarre reason, this seems to be common with all S.
              American announcers I've heard.  Anyway, why would you care
              about the world cup?  FIFA is evil.  -John
                \_ OK, I'll bite. And why is are they evil?
                   \_ They're corrupt, they fuck taxpayers in host countries
                      for all they're worth under the name of some wishy-
                      washy let's-all-get-along-through-soccer idea, and
                      people are dumb enough to go along with them.  FIFA is
                      basically a mixture of F1 racing, the IOC and any
                      American commercial major league in terms of their
                      business practices and how they work.  If you want
                      good soccer, go play pickup.  -John
                      \_ How does that make them different than anyone else
                         in sports?
                         \_ It doesn't really, but the IOC and most US major
                            leagues are a joke too.  -John
           \_ It's funny when they start to do that but then it turns out
              not to be a goal for some reason and they suddenly stop.
        \_ Move to the UK
        \_ Try BBC Five Live:
           \_ So you probably need a UK HTTP proxy cause they're suppose to
              be checking IP's at the door
2006/6/3-8 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:43267 Activity:nil
6/3     I took several years of Chinese in Berkeley. Ranch 99 in Albany has
                                                     \_ 99 Ranch
        quite a few wanted ads posted in Chinese for tenants, many requiring
        you to be female or be of Chinese ethnicity. This makes me very
        angry. Isn't this clearly DISCRIMINATION and can I sue them?
        Do I have a case? ACLU claims this is not legal:
        \_ Honestly, I'd rather face direct discrimination in this case
           than hidden discrimination.  I mean, all they have to
           do is say "no" to whomever they don't want and not explain
           why, and it is difficult to make a case.  At least
           this way you don't waste your time.  --PeterM
        \_ The ACLU doesn't seem to say it's illegal in housing.  -tom
           \_ But CA law does.  See below.
        \_ Unless this is a roommate situation, it's illegal to advertise for
           female-only tenants. Sue 'em on that.
        \_ California's FEHA is the primary state law which prohibits
           discrimination in the sale, rental, lease negotiation, or
           financing of housing based on a person's race, religion,
           national origin, color, sex, marital status, ancestry, family
           status, disability,sexual orientation, and source of income.
        \_ I don't know how they phrase it in ranch 99, but I usually
           state my "preference" on my craigslist ad. If you are a
           business managing an apartment complex, then you probably
           shouldn't say "female only", but if someone's just looking
           for a roommate, then I don't see what the big problem is.
        \_ This stuff has gone on in Berkeley for decades.
           \_ Well then, we need to sue Berkeley. Reverse discrimination
              is bad for our superior Ayran race!
2006/6/3 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:43268 Activity:nil
6/3     previously cating the motd through "more" would leave the motd on my
        screen after I quit out of "more", now when I quit the screen reverts
        and there is no history of the file mored (as if i was in vi or some
        such)  What has changed?
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