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2006/6/1-4 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:43242 Activity:nil
        Bush is GAY!
2006/6/1-3 [Recreation/Humor] UID:43243 Activity:nil
        Best Dilbert ever :)
        \_ What company does the Dilbert author work for?
           \_ He used to work for PacBell, but hasn't in 10 years or more.
              Now he's Scott Adams, Inc.  In case you were wondering why
              Dilbert sucks now.  -tom
              \_ Well, that and he's stopped doing any thing other than
                 workplace humor (by popular request.)  Some of his
                 funniest gags were of Dilbert outside work, IMHO. -jrleek
2006/6/1-4 [Uncategorized] UID:43244 Activity:nil
6/01    I can't seem to find metamail. Am I looking in the wrong place or
        is there an alternative I should be using?
        \_ I've installed it; it should work now.  --mconst
           \_ suexec suexec suexec PLEEEEEZ?
2006/6/1-4 [Industry/Jobs, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin, Recreation/Humor] UID:43245 Activity:nil
6/1     Semi randomly generated spam I thought was funny:
        Hi there lovely,
        This kbind of opportunity comes ones in a clife. I docn't want
        to miss it. Do you? I am comcing to your place in few days
        and I though may be we can meet each other. If you don't mind
        I can send you mcy picture. I am a girbl.
        \_ I am a gerbil.
2006/6/1-4 [Uncategorized] UID:43246 Activity:nil
6/1     little yellow man too polite to rob a bank:
        \_ Story's interesting; your racist idiocy is not.
           \_ but the op didn't say "jap", "chink", "oriental", or other
              derogatory terms
              \_ Since you're probably not this obtuse, go away, troll.
                 \_ Why is "little yellow man" bad but "big white man" is
                    \_ how about "big straw man"?  -tom
                       \_ (if i only had a brain...)
2006/6/1-4 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:43247 Activity:nil
6/1     I just deleted Palm Desk from my OS X machine, but my computer
        refuses to delete a file named "User Data", saying it's still
        in use. How can I get rid of it? Thanks.
        \_ On, there is a tool (it could be Process Explorer,
           but I don't remember, have a look around) that's sort of a
           graphical lsof.  -John
           \_ sysinternals has tools for Mac OS X?
              \_ probably not, but then you could just get lsof for OS X
2006/6/1-4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:43248 Activity:nil
6/1     Link 1: Japanese people are not satisfied with their sex lives.
        Link 2: Japanese people don't have very much sex
        Link 3: Japanese population is decreasing. The Justice Ministry
                thinks this is bad and tries to improve the odds
                by relaxing immigration rules.
        "Overall, people in Austria are most satisfied with their sex lives,
         and Japanese are least satisfied."
        "Lovers in Japan are the least amorous, having sex just 45 times
         a year.
        "Japan's fertility rate hits record low... The head of a Justice
         Ministry panel recommended earlier this week that the country limit
         the proportion of foreigners to 3 percent of the population,
         compared with 1.2 percent now."
        Yeah baby! Imma horny and coming to J town to screw yo women!
        \_ "University of Chicago researchers surveyed more than 27,000
            middle-aged and elderly people worldwide about their sex lives,
            regardless of sexual orientation."
           So you're looking to get lucky with 40 to 80 year olds?
        "Lovers in Japan are the least amorous, having sex just 45 times
         a year.
        \_ "How the research was conducted: Based on the number of
            respondents from 41 countries, the 2005 Durex Global Sex Survey
            is the largest sexual health research project of its kind in the
            world. Now in its ninth year, the survey has quadrupled in size
            since its launch and covers 41 countries - newcomers this year
            included Indonesia and Chile. This is the fourth year that this
            survey has been carried out via the website and
            responses have been analysed by sex and age to give an in-depth
            and truly global picture of sexual attitudes and behaviour."
           So, only people who were familiar with durex condoms and who visited
           the website and filled out the survey were selected. Can you say
           "skewed sample"? Knew you could.
        "Japan's fertility rate hits record low... The head of a Justice
         Ministry panel recommended earlier this week that the country limit
         the proportion of foreigners to 3 percent of the population,
         compared with 1.2 percent now."
        \_ Those "foreigner quotas" are racist.
        \_ "With its falling birth rate, Japan is hardly alone among advanced
            countries. South Korea's fertility rate fell to a record low of
            1.08 in 2005, well below the global average of 2.6 children and
            the average in developed countries of 1.6."
           Well, of course the fertility rate is down; they're using durex
           condoms and answering internet surveys rather than having sex.
        Yeah baby! Imma horny and coming to J town to screw yo women!
2006/6/1-4 [Politics/Domestic, Academia/GradSchool] UID:43249 Activity:nil
        See, all blonds look alike. They all do.                -!caucasian
2006/6/1-4 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iran, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:43250 Activity:low
6/1     EU3, U.S., Russia, and China reportedly agree on incentives, penalties
        package for Iran, what I call "sloppy sanctions".  My prediction:
        (1) Iran will continue enrichment research.
        (2) Penalties will be imposed, but not necessarily by a vote from the
            Security Council.
        (3) The penalties are limited in scope:  Blocking of financial
            transactions by Iranian govt officials by U.S. and most European
            banks, partial blocking of refined oil sold to Iran, visa blocks
            for govt officials for U.S. and most European countries.
        (4) China and anyone else who wants to get on board will cash in on:
            Financial transactions through unblocked instruments (through other
            banks, and partially by screens through private entities),
            continued favorable crude and refined oil contracts for China and
            Russia, limited arms sales from China and Russia, closer ties.
        (5) Iran will suffer only limited short-term effects economically.
        (6) In other words, everyone gets what they want except Dubya+Condi.
        (7) A new U.S. administration will come on board and try to figure out
            how to fix the Iran deal that benefits everyone but the U.S.
        \_ and the sanctions worked oh-so-well with IRAQ?
           \_ In a way, they did.  They didn't _have_ WMDs...
             \_ Just because US occupation forces haven't found any doesn't
                mean they never had any.
                \_ they're either in Syria, Iran, or buried in the desert!
                   \_ We know exactly where they are!

                \_ You don't sound like a desperate, pro-war republican
                   at all ... nah, no way.
                      \_ Somewhere to the north, east, and west...
        \_ Just FYI, Iran is not doing anything illegal right now.  They have
           the right to enrich Uranium for peaceful purposes under NPT.
           And... FYI,  USA is actively HINDERS international investigation
           on Mr. Khan of Pakistan and his nuclear black market for some
           \_ Correction: Iran has not yet been caught doing anything overtly
              illegal as far as the public knows.  URL for your Khan statement
              \_ the differences between civilian-grade and weapon-grade
                 uranium is only in concentration.  This is the problem
                 of enforcing NPT, as one can claim refining to civilian-grade
                 uranium and there is nothing we can do about.  *FURTHER*
                 1. think IRAQ.  This is dajavu all over again
                 2. USA is also a huge violation of NPT.
                 3. how about India? Pakistan?  Israel?
                 4. Iran can ALWAYS withdraw from NPT.
              \_ !op, no idea what article s/he was referencing, but Google
                 Newsing Abdul Qadeer Khan got this PDQ:
                 \_ Ok, I read the whole thing.  Let's assume Albright is
                    correct, these guys are CIA assets.  Why would we help
                    prosecute them?
                    \_ how about selling nuclear technologies and some of the
                       material to N.Korea, Iran, and Libya?
2006/6/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:43251 Activity:low
        "...In Japan, by contrast, just 18 percent of the men and 10
         percent of the women answered positively about their sex lives.
         And in Taiwan, only 7 percent of the women said sex was very
         important in their lives."
        Can't agree with this survey more. Japanese and Taiwanese women
        are the WORST in bed, that is, if you even get sex at all. Been
        there, done that. Word of advice: don't date Japanese and Taiwanese.
        You get little sex or bad sex, and they spend all your hard earned
        doughs on Gucci, Lous Vuitton, and other shit.          -bitter
2006/6/1-4 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:43252 Activity:nil
6/1     Conservatives rejoice! Horowitz is pushing a bill to renew the
        federal Higher Education Act to make sure LibUral professors
        don't teach the wrong stuff.
        \_ "Horowitz acknowledges his small staff can't confirm every
           incident it receives, and his fact-checkers can be "very
           loose with the truth." But he mostly dismisses the
           criticisms as inconsequential. "
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