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2006/5/31-6/3 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:43236 Activity:nil
        Robert Redford the Left Wing Nut speaks out against oil dependency
        \_ Oil dependency isn't (or shouldn't be) a left/right issue.  I think
           everyone can agree that being dependent on other countries for vital
           resources of any kind is a bad thing.  Redford trolling aside, OPEC
           announced their new ppb and also announced that combined OPEC output
           has a spare 2mm bpd capacity which seems slim to me.  That capacity
           will be a daily use number in only ~2 years for the world as a whole
           at current consumption rates.  I don't believe in Peak Oil hysteria
           but I do believe that it takes 5-10 years to start getting oil from
           a new oil tap.  I wonder how much new oil will be coming online in
           the next few years.
           \_ You don't believe in the concept of Peak Oil, or that it is
              imminent?   I thought the only issue of contention for Peak Oil
              is when it will/has  happen(ed).
              is when it wil happen or if it has already passed.
              \_ I don't believe we'll end up on bicycles in five years.  I
                 do believe that oil will become expensive enough that doing
                 things like tapping Canadian shale and other pseudo-oil
                 alternatives will keep prices roughly where they are now.
                 I don't think we'll simply "run out" and spin into a global
                 economic catastrophe.  A lot of things are self regulating.
                 \_ Peak oil isn't about running out of oil.  It's about
                    running out of surplus production, production that will
                    gradually slow down later on.
           \_ Part of the problem is that discoveries of new oil peaked in
              the 1960s, so there are no "new oil taps" to turn on, and
              unconventional sources take too long to scale up.
              \_ When was all the stuff in the Gulf of Mexico and off Baja
                 \_ I don't know, Canterell (Mexico) was discovered in 1976.
                    It takes a long time to build
                    up an infrastructure and oil companies don't go after the
                    hard stuff until the easy stuff is used up.  Note that
                    oil discoveries in the USA peaked in the 1930s, production
                    in the 1970s, world oil discoveries peaked in the 1960s,
                    so it makes sense we're close to the peak in oil
                    production although of course the world is not the USA.
2006/5/31-6/3 [Health, Recreation/Dating] UID:43237 Activity:nil
5/30    Pedophile Europeans want the legal age to lower to 12:
        \_ "The party wants private possession of child pornography to be
           allowed although it supports the ban on the trade of such materials."
           Uh... what's the point of that?
           \_ Umm.. so they can make their own?
           \_ It's the "go after the producer not the consumer" model.  Lots
              of countries do that for drug laws.  If you make and sell a
              shitload of drugs they will go after you.  IF you have a couple
              hits of e on you they won't hassle you.
              \_ Right, well explained. I think the people who are proposing
                 this don't get that child porn actually involves a victim.
                 \_ They get it.  They don't care.  Criminals don't care about
                    their victims.  If they did they wouldn't commit the crime
                    in the first place.
              \_ But "It's the demand, stupid"  They wouldn't have to target
                 drug traffickers if possession were a serious crime.
                 (Personally I think drug laws are stupid, but that's not the
                 point in this case)
                 \_ Uhh, for many drugs possession IS a serious crime.  And
                    yet wow, would you look at that, there is still demand.
                    Hell, for child porn possession is a serious crime and
                    yet it sure sounds like there is still plenty of demand.
        \_ In Holland it is common for super extreme groups to have a small
           but marginalized voice in the government.  This is a bit more
           excessive than usual...
2006/5/31-6/3 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin, Computer/SW] UID:43238 Activity:nil
5/30    You know those things in magazines (often computer and travel ones)
        that is an index card full of numbers that you circle, each of
        which corresponds to a company/product so you can get more
        information on that product? Is there an online equivalent, at least
        for email information? I need a way to send a lot of email to a
        certain account. Thanks.
  all worked
           dandy. I've neutralized my nemesis' accounts using these
           web sites. If you have more, please post them here. Thanks.
        \_ Well its not very noble, but you can spam the hell out of an
           account if you sign it up for porn sites, or even just enter an
           email address in.
        \_ Just don't.
        \_ I ended up signing the account up at some home loan websites, which
           worked pretty quickly (within minutes). Nothing too excessive,
           though, which was nice. -op
2006/5/31 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:43239 Activity:nil
5/31    I just got a bunch of returned emails which appear to be caused by
        someone using my email for spam.  Is this caused by someone spoofing
        my address, or has my account been comprimised?  Anyone else have this
        problem recently?  -scottyg
        \_ Everyone else.  It's been mentioned in the motd a couple of
        \_ Just wait couple days and it'll slow down/stop.  I also used
           sa-learn to increase spamassasin's catch rate and also used
           procmail to filter out anything "From:" postmaster or mail-
2006/5/31-6/3 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:43240 Activity:nil
5/31    Pregnant Iraqi and female cousin killed while failing to stop at
        checkpoint in Samarra while brother driving them at high speed to
        hospital.  U.S. military says prohibited area was clearly marked
        and there were repeated visual and auditory warnings, and that the
        loss of life is regrettable.  Driver says he had no indication at
        all he was driving into a checkpoint.
        \_ In other news, a carbomb in Huseiniyah killed 22 civilians Tuesday
           \_ by the way, in case you don't know, that is why people hate US.
              Intentional or not, US tend to inflict huge sufferings upon
              ordinary people.
              \_ All governments do.  It is the nature of government to control
                 and destroy.  Also, I'm not sure how a car bomb falls under
                 "US tend to inflict huge sufferings".  Did an American agent
                 plant the bomb?
2006/5/31-6/3 [Recreation/Sports, Recreation/Media] UID:43241 Activity:nil
        Modern Talking is so gay!
        \_ i thought you wrote "Takei"
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