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2006/5/27-6/2 [Reference/Religion, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:43206 Activity:nil
5/26    Mormon Church posthumously baptizing Jewish Holocaust victims
2006/5/27-29 [Uncategorized] UID:43207 Activity:nil
5/26    This is a lot better than the third Matrix movie:
        \_ So is a punch in the jaw, that ain't sayin' much.
        \_ That's awesome.
              Pipeline... connected to my mind
              High fry... cause it makes you feel so nice
              Don't let it blow your mind away,
              and go into your little hideaway,
              Cause white lines... blow awayyy
2006/5/27-31 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:43208 Activity:nil
5/26    I was looking at the article of the constitution which discusses
        congressional apportionment and the 14th ammendmant and I had 2
        1. Are there any more "Indians not taxed", and are they left uncounted
        for figuring a state's representation?
        2. It says persons disenfranchised for criminal conviction should not
        be counted for representation.  Is this actually honored?
2006/5/27-31 [Recreation/Media] UID:43209 Activity:nil
5/26    Anyone see X-Men 3 yet?  Opinions?
        \_ I thought it was pretty cool. Thumbs up. Criticisms include
           being a little short, and related to that the pacing is a
           bit fast. It's missing something, some weight to push it
           into true greatness territory, although there are glimpses
           of that, but in the end it's fun. Just don't expect too much.
           Tip: sit through the credits.
           \_ was it better than the first two?  rolling stone said the
              ranking is:  2 > 1 > 3
              \_ To me, that's a bad review.  I really didn't think 1 was
                 anything to write home about. -op
              \_ all that says to me is don't listen to RS.  It was more
                 like 1 = 3 >>>>> 2 (which sucked except for the wolverine
                 fight with the other claws/healing chick).  3 was fast,
                 dark, brutal, and about as realistic as a supers movie
                 can be.  I saw MI:3 last week but I can barely remember it.
                 XM3 was way better.
                 \_ I liked 1 quite a bit. 2 sucked. I haven't seen 3. I
                    generally dislike superhero lovies (even though I
                    generally dislike superhero movies (even though I
                    liked the comics 20 years ago) so liking 1 says a lot.
                    \_ I liked 2>3>1. My wife, who's not at all interested
                       in comics, concurs. --erikred
        \_ X3 was terrible, a D+.  Without giving too much away:
           - Iceman:  no ice surfing, what a tease, that's like showing Superman
           w/o flying, that's what Iceman does, surf on ice!
           - Too disjointed:  the pacing was terrible, it was cut/ edited really
           badly, it felt like 50 scenes melded together
           - Corny characters:  the new characters didn't translate to the
           screen well (Beast/ Angel)  Beast walks around a a suit that looks silly
           on him, Angel just flies around like a fairy
           \_ ??? What, like Tinkerbell? Must've missed that part.
           \_ They ALL look silly. Silly nerd.
              \_ You have to admit, previous characters were not quite as
                 hard to translate to the screen (sans Nightcrawler).
           - One Liners:  they were bad, Wolverine had a few good ones, but
           mostly bad
           - New bad guys:  TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE...a transvestite mutant that
           claps and destroys things???  Porcupine-man???  New grunge bad guys,
           so grunge people are considered mutants?
           - Plot holes
           \_ haha, and the others had no plot holes? which ones annoyed you
              the most? At least the story was more meaningful this time.
              \_ I purposely left these out to not spoil it for anyone.  The
                 holes were more apparent in this one.
           - Underutilized new characters:  why introduce Angel or Beast when
           they only got to use their powers very rarely?
           \_ It's flavor. So what? They are also plot elements.
           - Wolverine too soft:  babysit Rogue, practically crying all the
           time, Grey love slave, etc.
           - Forgetable movie
           - Overall feel:  felt like a TV movie at times, pacing, sets,
           \_ So, did you like 1 and 2?
              \_ X1: B+, X2: A+
                 \_ Well that explains a lot.  You liked X2, one of the worst,
                    most forgettable and disappointing movies in the genre.
                    What exactly was going on there?  Something about a dam
                    being blown up?  That's all I can remember.  X2 and The
                    Phantom (from the mid 90s) go hand in hand.
                    \_ You realize pretty much no one agrees with you
                       here, right?  X2 is generally regaurded to be far
                       superior to X1.  You're entitled to your divergent
                       opinion, but there's no need to be caustic.
                       \_ Who is this everyone?  There's about three people
                          \_ No, really, everyone thinks X2 >> X1. -dans
                             \_ I don't. -not guy above
                                \_ Yes, you and the guy above are what one may
                                   generally refer to as the exception that
                                   proves the rule. -dans
                                   \_ You have a strange definition of
                          \_ Wow, you didn't know there are people outside
                             the motd?  That explains a lot.
                             \_ You mean like the second highest opening
                                weekend take ever?  Yeah, no one liked this
                                film.  Word of mouth got around fast and it
                                got crushed by movie goers.  Or er, oh wait,
                                no it didn't.  It did fantastically well
                                because it rocked and a zillion people agree
                                with me on that by putting their money down.
                                So, I've got the second highest opening ever
                                plus a few motders and you have Rolling Stone
                                reviewer plus a few motders.  I guess you win.
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