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2006/5/25 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:43184 Activity:nil
5/25    The Davinci Code review:
        -waaaay too long
        -ending is lame, should have ended it 15 min earlier
        -bashing on Opus Dei is not cool
        -tried to put in too much stuff from the book into 2 hours
         like 95% of the audiences don't even know what the Fibonnaci
         function is.
        +girl was cute. very very cute. they should have slept together
              \- see ALANE review in NYker
2006/5/25-28 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:43185 Activity:nil
5/25    You must all see Baghdad ER.  Playing repeatedly on HBO, and if you
        don't have it, google for "baghdad er torrent", and it's the first
        link.  Speeds are very fast.  This is the most relevant documentary
        I've seen in a while.
        \_ Does it have a liberal bias and/or contain liberal lies, or does
           it have a narrowminded Neoconservative Republican-like slant?
           \_ it tells it like it is.  this was Army sponsored.  I understand
              the military guys like it, but the civilian leadership at the
              Pentagon may not.
        \_ How about saying why we "must" see it ... why it is good, what it
           is about ... rather than just how to download it.
           \_ (Wash Post)
              Saluting Valor on the Medical Front Lines
              "To read political motives into Baghdad ER, a poignant and
              powerful documentary about military medical personnel working in
              Iraq, would be to insult and diminish not only the film but also
              its subjects."
        \_ Okay, for all you people that are unconvinced, it has powered
           surgical saws with limbs and flesh coming off people in pretty
           graphic detail.  With the added bonus that this stuff is happening
           in Iraq right now, every day.
2006/5/25-28 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:43186 Activity:nil
5/25    Creedish Occupied Government!  Amish World Conspiracy!  -John
        \_ This is a lot of work into something that isn't so funny.
2006/5/25-28 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Recreation/Media] UID:43187 Activity:nil
5/25    The Davinci Code review:
        -waaaay too long
        -ending is lame, should have ended it 15 min earlier
        -bashing on Opus Dei is not cool
         \_ Erm, how much do you know about Opus Dei?  They're a pretty
            bashable bunch.  -John
         \_ Bear in mind that OD in the movie was presented in two lights:
            overzealous bishop and henchman, and sympathetic cop. This was
            actually the way most of the movie was: for every bad example of
            a group there was an equal good example. The movie was remarkably
            value neutral on OD, conspiracy nuts, historical evidence of the
            Grail conspiracy, etc. Hell, even the albino was creepy for very
            personal reasons.
        -tried to put in too much stuff from the book into 2 hours
         like 95% of the audiences don't even know what the Fibonnaci
         function is.
        +girl was cute. very very cute. they should have slept together
              \- see ALANE review in NYker
                 \_ For those too lazy to use google (or not tall enough
                    to understand psb-speak), that's
                 \_ for those too lazy to use google
                    (or too short to understand psb-speak).
                    (or not tall enough to understand psb-speak).
2006/5/25-28 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:43188 Activity:kinda low
5/25    Ken Lay convicted on all 6 counts (conspiracy to commit wire/securities
        fraud, wire+securities fraud).
        Jeffrey Skilling convicted on 19 of 28 counts (conspiracy to commit
        wire/securities fraud, securities fraud, making false statements,
        1 out of 10 counts of insider trading).
        Judge separately finds Lay guilty on all 4 counts of bank fraud.
           Conviction of Enron's founder marks another dark moment in the
           Bush era. The jurors took a chain saw to the moral claims of the
           Texas-based corporate culture that had helped fuel the rise to
           power of President George W. Bush.
           \- you know just the the prosecution did in the enron case, it
              is better to stick to your strong claims when making a case
              than dilluting it with iffy claims. invading a country on
              false pretenses, shooting the us reputation in the foot
              by torturing people, dispensing with separation of powers,
              and putting us on the road to plutocracy is enough to hang
              on BUSHCO.
        \_ obviously, Kenneth Lay is a bad CEO. A good and effective CEO
           would have bribed the judge and jury and kept its shareholders
           happy. That's the job of a CEO. Even Al Capone would have
           done better than Kenneth Lay.
           \_ Maybe the judge gave erroneous instructions to the jury, and
              the case will be thrown out two years later
              \- some commentators seem to think the jury is really
                 solid, and by example use the fact that they acquitted
                 SKILLING on many counts, suggesting they were carefully
                 assessing the evidence in teh cases they voted to convict,
                 rather than having some kind of shutgun approach.
              \- commentators feel the jury in this case was pretty careful.
                 the use the fact that SKILLING was acquitted on quite a
                 few counts to suggest they were deliberate in their findings
                 rather than doing things in a shotgun manner.
                 \_ it doesn't matter how competent the jury was if they
                    were given erroneous instructions from the judge.
                    the supreme court will agree unanimously to throw out
                    the case if it happened in the same way as:
                 \_ it doesn't matter how competent the jury was if the
                    judge, uh, innocently gave the jury the wrong instructions
           (Wash Post)
                    \- sure it could happen but if ever you believe the
                       but there are reasons to believe the jury this time
                       was "better than average" rather than worse than
                       average. i dont know if the appeals based on judge's
                       instructions look more like "per se" or "rule of
                       reason" type violations [do you have to hit some
                       fuckup threashold or is it purely technical] but
                       there is one view from HPITT, the former SEC chief:
                       fuckup threashold or is it purely technical].
                       here is one view from HPITT, the former SEC chief:
                       ok tnx.
                       ok tnx. i think the real outrage in a sense is
                       it seems clear those two illegal CEOs will go
                       to a cushy prison rather than weekly beatings/
                       sodomy/hepatitis/hiv+ prison. ok tnx.
        \_ For many centuries, greedy big oppressive imperialistic
           penises who have absolute control of the institutions they
           inherited, altered the lives of many that they touched for worse.
           Case in point, American Natives, Blacks, Indians, Asians, Iraqis,
           Arabs, etc, all for what? The bottom line-- PROFIT. They raised
           profits without regard to humanity, by bringing drugs (opium,
           alcohol), diseases (blankets with smallpox), prejudice (Manifest
           Destiny), greed, humiliation to non-whites, and other evils of
           humanity. They implemented regime change to pillage resources
           like oil, they broke up tribes and families for cotton labor,
           they forced people to follow their religions, they rewrote text
           books that glorified the white race, so on and so forth. It's
           about time these white oppressive imperialists pay for what they
           and their ancestors have done for centuries.
             In short, I'm very very happy with the outcome of the trial.
           I hope it is one of the many trials to come. Down with all evil
           white hypocrits like GWB. Equality and justice for all!!!
           \_ white, jblack is, but small penis, he has. what say you?
           \_ You know, this sounds like an insane rant...  except, it's,
              well, true.
              \_ There is no need to apologize for our actions. The only
                 thing true is that this is written by an angry minority.
           \_ All this and still the best, sanest, society created.
              \_ History is written by the victors, and you seem to
              \_ History is written by the victors (written by the victors
                 dipping their large white penises in ink), and you seem to
                 know your history well.
                 \_ Yep, study history so you can be the victors.
                    Otherwise, you're dead (or maybe a slave).
                    \_ Thanks. I'm trying my best. I've been educating
                       people on why we should oppress evil white men and
                       the movement is growing strong. Wish me luck!  -pp
           \_ Are you that naive? Do you like what you have? I mean
              think about it. There are so many resources in the world.
              You knew it was dog-eat-dog growing up. And you complain
              and complain and complain? What has all that leftist crap
              brought to the world? Nothing. What has all this greed and
              evil brought? Sure some profit more than others. But geez!
           \_ somebody has a tiny little penis.
              \_ Agreed. It is a God given right and our destiny to get
                 land, lumber, and petroleum. If little people happen to
                 get in the way, it is our duty to use our God given
                 powers to re-educate them.
                 \_ perfect is the enemy of best.
        \_ Next stop: pound me in the ass prison
           \_ Like hell.  They go to min. security pound-me-in-the-chessboard
        \_ Cool. When is their public hanging?
           \_ "As I told him, we've just begun to fight" -Skilling's lawyer
2006/5/25-28 [Uncategorized] UID:43189 Activity:nil
5/25    I admit my fetish because I can't hide it anymore. I like skinny
        legged women and Audrey Tautou in The Davinci Code totally turns me
        on. What do you think?
        \_ Depends. Is it immoral to have a crush on Jesus Christ's
        \_ Kate Moss?
           \_ The op is asking what you think about Audrey Tautou
        \_ You call that a fetish?
        \_ Her legs are gross. I like shapely legs, not twigs.
2006/5/25-28 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW] UID:43190 Activity:nil
        Click on the sponsored DaVince and Jesus link to the right.
        Approximately how much money is the church paying Google to
        display the advertisement there?
        \_ "the church"?  That's Campus Crusade for Christ.
        \_  (Google FAQ on Adwords.)
2006/5/25-28 [Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:43191 Activity:nil
        Awesome site with DB & actual numbers from consumers.
        \_ Does the Civic hybrid really do that well?  i thought it got
           more like 38 mpg to the Prius's 48 mpg
           \_ Yeah, it's a pretty big difference.  Consumer Reports said 37
              vs. GreenHybrid got 47 on the 2nd gen Civic.  Consumer Reports
              got 26 for the 1st gen, vs. 48 on GreenHybrid!
        \_ keywords: miles per gallon MPG prius civic hybrid
2006/5/25-28 [Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:43192 Activity:nil
5/25    Honda now realizes the horsepower hybrid strategy is a bust, and
        they're cutting production of the Accord hybrid. "It's about fuel
        economy, stupid," says Honda senior vice president John Mendel
        See, Honda fucked up and it doesn't take a PhD MBA to figure
        that out. Dumb asses.           -disillusioned Honda defector
        \_ It might work if it's a luxury car, like the Lexus sedan hybrid
           But Honda != Lexus, and hence Accord hybrid goes away, like you said
        \_ Disillusioned how?  Did you buy an Accord Hybrid expecting economy!?
           They made no secret that it was a hybrid for performance reasons...
        \_ I'd be more likely to buy a high performance hybrid. Like the
           above poster says, though, people like me are probably looking
           higher end than Accord. Maybe they should put the engine in an
           Acura. However, too high end and the consumer doesn't care what
           the economy is. I wouldn't buy a hybrid Porsche 911, for instance.
2006/5/25-28 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:43193 Activity:nil
        Can someone please translate this? Thanks.
        \_ This is not a love song.
           Whether you like it or not, you must dance with the Whitehouse.
           You drink cola cola, wear wonderbras, go to Disneyland, and
           fight wars. Damnit, we are all living in Amerika. And BTW the
           scene at the end implies "Damnit if it weren't for the fucking
           Amerikans we Germans would have been on the moon first."
           The messages are subtle but powerful, similar to Triumph
           of the Will.
        \_ "We're all living in Amerika..."
2006/5/25 [Uncategorized] UID:43194 Activity:nil
5/25    I have a GNUmakefile with the command: "cid + dictionary.c" in it.
        I don't seem to have cid installed, does anyone know what it is?
        It doesn't seem to be easily googleable.
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