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2006/5/23-28 [Uncategorized] UID:43154 Activity:nil
        "This just 'we ride out, hold it for an hour, get hit, ride back in and
        now we don't hold it anymore,' what's the point?" said Ruble of the
        Army's 1st Battalion, 506th Infantry Regiment. I believe in the cause
        and I believe in doing good, but when were going out, getting hurt and
        ... not accomplishing anything, why are we going out there?"
        Sound familiar?
2006/5/23-25 [Uncategorized] UID:43155 Activity:nil
5/22    Keep embarassing the emperor
        who wears no clothes
        when they say yes, you say no.
        when they act as if nothing appears wrong
        you should speak out and sing your song
        when those people who reward the business class too much
        we should speak out and say enough!
        when those people trump up a war
        someone should say enough!
        start a referendum with your money
        don't shop where those who cooperate
        with the monkey king
        keep up the pressure and you will grab the ring.
2006/5/23-28 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic] UID:43156 Activity:nil
        We bravely salute the 16 dead and 15 wounded Afghans who died honorably
        in the War on Terror.  War is a blunt instrument.
2006/5/23-28 [Computer/Networking] UID:43157 Activity:nil
5/23    I have DSL through AT&T. The service was originally established
        through PacBell, transitioned to SBC, and now AT&T. I still have
        my original plan and never converted to a SBC Yahoo! (now AT&T
        Yahoo!) account. I noticed the price will be a lot cheaper if I
        do. Are there any drawbacks? I thought someone mentioned some
        negatives about the Yahoo! tie-in once upon a time.
        \_ I'm in the same boat.  It's $50/month for me.  However, I depend
           on it for work, and in 5-6 years it has gone down only twice.  Once
           for 5 minutes, and the second time for a day because a landslide
           destroyed a fiber optic cable.
           destroyed a fiber optic cable. -eric
        \_ depends on how old your service is.  If you got the dsl when it
           first came out, when they actually came to your house and put in
           a real signal splitter and whatnot instead of sending you the cheap
           filters for the rest of the phone, you probably have static IP,
           which you will lose by switching.  If you don't care, you'll
           probably get more bandwidth with dynamic IP by switching over, and
           you can keep your existing filter.
           \_ What difference does it make whether I have a splitter or
              not? (I do.) I do have dynamic IP already. My question has
              to do more with the issues of Yahoo! using my account
              information and whatnot (spyware?). Is there anything I should
              be concerned about? I can get the same bandwidth (advertised)
              for half the price. What's the catch?
              \_ You can sign up and not install any of their tools.  The
                 modem they install self-configures these days.  The "catch"
                 is that they never tell older users who've been paying
                 higher that they could pay less for more.
2006/5/23-28 [Reference/Military, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:43158 Activity:nil
5/23    Iraq version of My Lai?,8816,1174649,00.html
        Consider that only few got slap on the wrist for My Lai, I sincerely
        doubt anyone would end up getting punished for such behavior.
        \_ Three officers have been relieved of command and given desk jobs.
           Otherwise, the leadership would like this to remain as quiet as
           possible until the investigation is complete, to balance news of
           the alleged atrocity with publicity of jail time or dishonorable
           the alleged atrocity with publicity of court martials or
           dishonorable discharges.
           The spin will be that the people in those houses were aiding and
           harboring insurgents, and there was some gunfire from there.
           That doesn't change the rules of engagement, though, as far as
           shooting people who do not have a weapon, aren't wearing a suicide
           belt, and are running away from you.
           \_ don't you think such behavior can only be stopped by severe
              punishment such as death or extremely long sentense? otherwise,
              switch to a desk job sounds more like a reward than punishment.
              \_ basically, can the military lawyers prove that these guys
                 egregiously violated rules of engagement?  If so, then they'll
                 get jail.  If not, then they might just get discharges.
                 What other way is there to do it?
                 It's not unusual for the guilty to get away scott-free
                 because there was no videotape or Abu Ghraib photo CDs.
2006/5/23-28 [Uncategorized] UID:43159 Activity:nil
5/23    Katamari in the bay to breakers - danh
        \_ Unlike most danh URLs, this one is not like acid in the eyes.
           \_ and more:
2006/5/23-28 [Health] UID:43160 Activity:nil
5/23    How much do you have to drink to have this much alchohol in your blood?
        \_ Maybe he had an IV drip.
2006/5/23-28 [Computer/Networking] UID:43161 Activity:nil
5/23    Hi guys, I got a spam that says to go to
        How does that URL work?  It's not a .com, or IP address.
        \_ IPv4 addresses (the kind you always see as N.N.N.N) are 4 bytes
           separated by dots.  Therefore, it's hierarchical representation of
           a 32-bit integer, which is what you see above.  The spec for
           connecting to IP addresses says you can use either form.
           \_ I see, so that corresponds to 45 E6 4E 25 (hex), which
              is  Cool, thanks.
2006/5/23-25 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:43162 Activity:nil
5/23    Pat Roberton (76 yr old) can leg press 2000 pounds thanks to his
        "protein shake".  Isn't the world record somewhere around 1300 lbs?
        \_ Me too.  100 pounds at a time.
                \_ Does that mean Madelaine Albright can kick your ass?
                   \_ Absolutely!  She's a beast!  RUUUUN!
2006/5/23-25 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:43163 Activity:nil
5/23    RIP Lloyd Bentsen:
2006/5/23-28 [Uncategorized] UID:43164 Activity:nil
5/23    Sterling Burnett self-Godwins
2006/5/23 [Industry/Startup] UID:43165 Activity:nil
5/23 (Wash Post)
        Regulator finds Fannie Mae senior management deliberately misreported
        earnings between 1998-2004, generating $52 million in bonuses to former
        chairman, and millions to other executives.   Board of directors blamed
        for not providing independent oversight.
        Fannie Mae executives also found to interfere with investigatory process
        (lobbied for an investigation into the body investigating them, and
        tried to reduce their funding).
2006/5/23-28 [Reference/Religion, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:43166 Activity:nil
        What do jews gain from communism? It's all about power and wealth.
        \_ Whoever is posting these is a moronic nutjob. -dans
        \_ Stormfront links go away
        \_ Link doesn't work but there is no question that early
          Communists in Eastern Europe and Russia were
          disproportionately populated by Jews.
2006/5/23-28 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:43167 Activity:nil
5/23    Courtesy of Jamie 'the CIA/FBI wall' Gorelick and
        Franklin Raines: Enron style accounting by Democratic appointies.
        Report: Fannie Mae Manipulated Accounting (Wash Post)
2006/5/23-28 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:43168 Activity:nil
5/23    I'm trying to learn sh, bash, and csh programming. What's a good
        site that has sample syntax of the following ***psuedocode*** for
        each of the shells?
        foreach $file in (<dir/*>) do;
          echo I have file $file
        switch ($var) {
          case 0: echo hello; break;    // this is a comment
          default: echo default; break;
        if ($z>=5 || $str eq '12345) {print $hello}
        \_ not really.  I'll start w/ sh:  --dbushong
           for file in dir/*; do
             echo I have file $file
           case "$var" in
               echo hello
               echo default
           if [ $z -ge 5 -o $str = 12345 ]; then
             echo $hello
        \_ bash is basically a superset of sh.  Whenever I need to brush up
           I usually just google for shell scripting, and frequently
           (re)discover this site:
           Incidentally, csh is a great interactive shell, but there are some
           compelling arguments why you may want to avoid it for general
           scripting purposes (of course, one nerd's compelling arguments are
           another nerds religious claptrap so ymmv):
           Also, I find the O'Reilly UNIX Power Tools book to be a very useful
           reference to have around when shell scripting. -dans
        \_ I gave up on csh for all but the simplest shell scripting when
           I noticed it didn't handle nested if/then cases sanely, and went
           through coding hell trying to workaround it.  If you're
           going anything more than 2-3 lines, use a sh based shell, or
           a "real" script language like perl. -ERic
           \_ I'll second that.  I still use tcsh from the cmd line just because
              I find it more pleasant than bash, but meh.  I'll tend to use
              perl unless the script is going to end up being more than about
              25% program executions.  --dbushong
           \_ My rule is 10 lines.  If I can't write it in 10 lines of some
              shell script language in a few minutes I'll use perl instead.
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