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2006/5/19-22 [Recreation/Media] UID:43101 Activity:nil
        Toot Tone
        Two stooges.
2006/5/19-22 [Reference/Military, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:43102 Activity:nil
5/18 (
        Marine made famous by photo develops full-blown PTSD after coming home
        \_ That's nice... troll. When's the last time you stood for your
           fellow man without personal gain?
           \_ Kettle, the pot would like to know if that's your natural hair
2006/5/19-22 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:43103 Activity:nil
5/18    Self-explanitory
        \_ Interesting read, but for the love of phil, 80-column your ass.
2006/5/19-22 [Recreation/Dating] UID:43104 Activity:nil
5/18    If the early Mayflower missions were predominantly male, which
        guy was the lucky guy? The alpha male? How did they pick him?
        \_ Don't have an answer but I've always wondered how the little
           Smurfs came about? Did they come from Smurfette? If so, there was
           only one Smurfette, so who had sex with her? I ruled out
           Brainy Smurf, so that leaves us 99 other candidates. Could it be
           Papa Smurf?
           \_ Papa Smurf is the father of all of them including Smurfette.
              \_ Not true. I remember from watching the smurfs as a kid.
                 smurfette was created by Gargamel for the purpose of being
                 a mole. She had dark hair originally.
        \_ What the hell are you talking about?  Are you saying that one
           of the guys inseminated all the females, or something?  I
           don't think it worked that way!
        \_ All the men were married. Most of them decieded to leave the
           wives behind while they built the village. Most of the wives
           came over later.
2006/5/19-22 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iran, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:43105 Activity:nil
5/18    Iran working on the Final Solution
        \_ ...speechless. And yet, perhaps not:
           \_ That link basically just says, "No Way!"  "Way!"
              \_ This one's much less ambiguous:
        \_ eh, from the totality of reports I'm seeing, it was definitely
           a motion, it's uncertain whether it was passed into law, and it's
           uncertain whether it was approved by the Supreme Leader
        \_ "This article is no longer available".  Retraction?  -John
2006/5/19-22 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:43106 Activity:nil
5/18    Do sport creams like menthol actually help with the healing process,
        or is it just something that makes you feel better temporarily?
        \_ I don't know what "sport cream" is, but I doubt it helps with
           the healing process. the only thing that does is something like
           petroleum jelly, which keeps the wound moist. This is why you
           shouldn't waste money on things like Neosporin (which aren't
           any better than petroleum jelly).
           \_ he's talking about muscle/joint injuries, not abrasions
           \_ In the last couple years I've had 3 different doctors
              tell me to use Polysporin on various cuts/wounds I had.
              They specifically didn't say Neosporin though. Maybe they
              are all wrong though and petroleum jelly is just the same.
              \_ Antibiotics are not a hoax, and "active ingredients"
                 is not marketing.
        \_ If you're talking about Ben Gay or something that burns like
           Tiger Balm, they're not good substitutes for icing overworked
           muscles to reduce swelling, and they're not as effective as
           warm/hot towels or baths in relaxing the muscles later. Then
           again, your best ally is time.
           \- look you guys are not doctors. cremes/jelleies are not good
              for some wounds where you want oxygen exposure. for example
              sometimes neosporin jelly is bad but neosporin power is good.
              so it depends what you are healing.
              \_ You may want to comment on the comments about neosporin,
                 not menthol.
2006/5/19-22 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:43107 Activity:nil
5/19    is cvs no longer supported on soda?
        \_ Mail root.
2006/5/19-22 [Uncategorized] UID:43108 Activity:nil
5/19    NYTimes article from 4/2005 about Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Interesting.
2006/5/19-22 [Politics/Domestic] UID:43109 Activity:nil
5/19    "I am a strong supporter of the First Amendment, the Fourth Amendment
        and civil liberties, but you have no civil liberties if you are dead."
        Senator Pat Roberts (R-Kansas)
        \_ "Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at
           the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know
           not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty
           or give me death!" --Patrick Henry
        \_ "If America shows weakness and uncertainty, the world will drift
           toward tragedy." -Dubya!
2006/5/19-22 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:43110 Activity:nil
5/19    Guantanamo Prison Guards, Inmates Clash
        Further proof that these people are dangerous and we should
        all support our glorious war in Iraq and Iran!  -Republican
2006/5/19-22 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:43111 Activity:nil
5/19    Regarding my picassa problem with AVI files.  Thanks you to the
        person who responded that AVI files have no date encoded in them.
        The problem was indeed in the way picassa manages its database.
        I had to uninstall picassa and reinstall it (deleting its database)
        to get it to sort the AVI files in the correct manner.  Thanks.
        You rock.  :-)
        \_ You're welcome tawei!  :-)
           \_ You're not the guy he's thanking. =P
2006/5/19-22 [Uncategorized] UID:43112 Activity:nil
5/19    Can someone watch Da Vinci Code for the rest of soda and tell us how
        much it sux0rz?
        \_  It fared worse than Poseidon....
        \_ The trick with stupid "summer blockbusters" is that you should be
           less concentrated on the movie than your date... oh, wait. :D
        \_ Caught a matinee today. The trailer for PotC2 got much more
           applaused than did The Da Vinci Code.
2006/5/19-22 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/GradSchool] UID:43113 Activity:nil
5/19    "Churchill falsified, fabricated and plagiarized" research, but
        only 1 of 5 committee members recommend firing him?  Wha??
        \_ Letter from his wife, J.D. Yale
           ob I don't support suicide bombers
           "The message is clear: politically unacceptable speech will be
           punished, in one way or another."
           \_ Interesting.  It's as if a man commited arson, then was
              accused of murder and burglary as well.  Later the charges
              of murder and burglary are dropped, so Miss Saito argues
              that the arson charges should be dropped as well.
              \_ perhaps that's why none of the committee members recommended
                 that he suffer no consequences.  also, Saito disputes the
                 severity of the "arson" claim:
                 "... University of Colorado has, thus far, been forced to
                 retreat to arguments over what constitutes compliance with
                 academic standards in a tiny fraction of Ward Churchill's
                 publications".  I don't know whether what she says is true.
                 \_ She doesn't really dispute it directly, she just kind
                    of implies that they must not be true because some of
                    the other charges were dropped.  It's not unusal to
                    drop all but the strictly, certainly proveable
                    \_ I think it would help this discussion if someone
                       found the committee report.  But I can certainly see
                       a situation where the plagiarism was bad enough to
                       warrant suspension (mitigated by merits), but not
                       bad enough to warrant firing.
                       In contrast, I can also see a situation where four Col.
                       hippy bush-hatah professors are fighting the power
                       and not voting for firing.  Which is more accurate?
                       I don't know.
                 that he should suffer no consequences
                       \_ Faculty take the idea of tenure very seriously;
                          it is extremely rare for any tenured faculty
                          member to be fired for any academic offense.  -tom
                          \_ That makes sense.  Hwang Woo-Suk is probably
                             an easy one, though.  Though the dog was real.
                          \_ That's not "taking the idea of tenure
                             seriously" that's just plain old corruption.
                             "We take acedemic honesty very seriously,
                             except when it might threaten my friend's
                             \_ I don't think Churchill has many friends
                                at the university.   -tom
                                \_ They don't care about Churchill, they care
                                   about the tenure system.  By protecting
                                   him they protect themselves.
2006/5/19 [Uncategorized] UID:43114 Activity:nil
5/24    ~ilyas/pub/listcompression.txt.  Anyone have insight into this problem?
        (I am nowhere near the answer myself).  -- ilyas
        \_ in what real life problem did this come up? -ali
           \_ This comes up in rule-processing.  But I hope the problem is
              interesting in its own right. -- ilyas
              \_ [blather restored]
              \_ it's not interesting. -ali
                 \_ yes it is. --ilyas
                    \_ no it isn't. -ali
                       \_ are you prepared to explain why? --ilyas
                          \_ are you prepared to suck my dick? -ali
                             \_ is that an objective insult? --ilyas
                                \_ no it's a contrived one. -ali
                                   \_ don't you mean, contrived to you?   --il
                                      \_ no, i mean contrived in an absolute...
                                         \_ how do you plan to suck my dick? -
                                            \_ ... [etc.]
        \_ This moment in motd history is brought to you by: Nebiscooo....
2006/5/19-22 [Reference/Religion] UID:43115 Activity:nil
        Dear motd Christians, let's all boycott the Code!
        \_ Oh no!  I really wanted to waste $10 on a crappy movie!
2006/5/19-22 [Science/Biology] UID:43116 Activity:nil
5/20    The evolution of dance:
        \_ not really.  [long and dull]
2006/5/19 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:43117 Activity:nil
5/19    Guest Worker Amnesty Passes Senate
        Get ready for 40-60 million new citizens with an average income
        of $20-30k and a 3rd grade education.
2006/5/19-25 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:43118 Activity:nil
        McCain attempts to garner support from the left at New School located
        in Greenwich Village
        "The Senator does not reflect the ideals on which this school was
        founded. This was a top-down decision in which the students played no
        part." -undergrad kenote speaker
        \_ pwned!
           \_ I loathe McCain but he's not the sort of man who has ever been
              "pwned!" by a mewling undergrad overwhelmed with their own
              brilliance which was the entire point of his speech.  Why not
              quote the part where he finally get his chance to speak after
              being bashed by her and brushes her aside like yestday's trash?
              \_ Link?  And why do you loathe McCain?
                 \_ NYT.
                 \_ NYT.  I loathe him like I loathe all life time politicians.
                    I don't like term limits but I don't see how else the
                    career politicians can be encouraged to find new careers.
                    The idea that only a few dozen seats are "at risk" in each
                    election is a joke.  He's just one more, nothing special.
          \_ Nothing against McCain in particular.  I actually tend to like
             him.  One heckler yelled out "we're graduating not voting".
             Never mind the issue that young people don't vote enough, but
             the heckler is right.  A graduation ceremony isn't the place for
             McCain to talk about why he supports the war in Iraq.
             However, I find it completely inappropriate and inexcusably
             rude when people stand up and turn away from the speaker.
             It's interesting that only people on the left do that.  It's
             just plain immature.
                        - middle of the road politically sodan
             \_ Yeah, people on the right encourage "real men" to go physically
                assault protesters.
                \_ Yeah, and people on the right are out there slashing tires
                   on the other side's "get out the vote" vans and uhm oh
                \_ And people on the left encourage supermen to shoot cops
                   (the man) to start the "revolution."
                   \_ And people on the right encourage their listeners to
                      take baseball bats to people with opposing view points.
             \_ How is it immature or inappropriate?  It's a visible, strong
                message of protest which doesn't deny the speaker the ability
                to communicate his message.   -tom
                \_ At a political rally, sure.  But at a commencement
                   ceremony where the speaker is a guest....
                   \_ .... then.... uh.... hey look at that cute doggie!
2006/5/19 [Uncategorized] UID:43119 Activity:nil 61%like:43123
5/19    I need a simple plug-in 196-bit (or so) encryption library.
        Semetric key is easiest, but public key is ok if that's the only
        thing I can get.  I got poly1305aes, which seems to fit my needs
        ok, but it's public key and the documentation is non-existant.
        Any ideas?
2006/5/19-25 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:43120 Activity:nil
        Teacher pleaded guilty for taking $1-a-day bribes. Result:
        three years probation, pay back, and 300 hours of community service.
2019/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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