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2006/5/16 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:43067 Activity:nil
5/15    Bush Administration has been spying on reporters phone calls:
2006/5/16-18 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:43068 Activity:nil
        Heil German people. I don't heil John anymore because he's not German
2006/5/16 [Uncategorized] UID:43069 Activity:low
5/16    I am sick and tired of Hugo Chavez. Venezuela should return to its
        role of producing smoking hotties and stop stirring up shit for
        no reason. I am surprised that the people of Venezuela like this
        guy who gives their money away to other countries to make
        political points.
        \_ I wonder if other countries are sick of George Bush.  Naaaaah!
           \_ Probably, but he'll be gone in 2 years.
                \_ We hope
              \_ If we are lucky then it will be less than that.  (And yes
                 I'm aware that means president Cheney)
2006/5/16-18 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:43070 Activity:nil
5/15    This is fucked up
        \_ Those wacky Germans!  -John
        \_ #1 Threat to America
        \_ That's fucked that they penned the monkey in there with no place to
           \_ They said they'd coexisted peacefully for many years.
              \_ Then that monkey just HAD to go and make that crack about
                 the bear's mother....
2006/5/16-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:43071 Activity:nil
        \_ Hello motd Mormons, what is your stance on polygamy? Is it
           encouraged, or do you have a don't ask don't care policy?
        \_ Warren Jeffs?  I bet his mail's never addressed correctly.
        \_ Haha, damn. "Jeffs took nearly all of his father's widows as his
           own wives. He is said to have at least 40 wives and nearly 60
           children." Those are some... interesting women.
           \_ If you grow up with it it seems normal to you.
              \_ No, I'm pretty sure no matter how they were raised, they
                 know it's not "normal" in America. They had to have at least
                 some school etc.
                 \_ What part of isolated out in the middle of nowhere with
                    no contact with the outside world don't you understand?
                    \_ The article even says the girls go to school until
                       8th grade.
                       \_ The article claims "rarely".
                       \_ hot
2006/5/16-18 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:43072 Activity:nil
        SoCal home prices "only" increase by 9% from April '05 to April '06.
        Sales down 21% during that period.
2006/5/16-22 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:43073 Activity:nil
        Sunnis trying to figure out how to do death squads
        "northeast of Baghdad, insurgents stopped a bus carrying 10 secondary
        school teachers and separated them by Muslim sect. Five Sunni teachers
        were allowed to go free, while the five Shiites were each shot in the
        head and killed."
        \_ Yes we can read news. Now go fuck yourself and read some slashdot.
           Fuck I've been trolled. Next time I may just delete your stupid
           political posts.
           \_ nah, it wasn't a troll.  how often do you hear news about ten
              jr. high school and high school teachers getting pulled out of a
              bus, five Shiites being shot in the head, and the five Sunnis let
              go?  if you live in iraq, you have to deal with this shit.  yes,
              you and I personally are not in iraq, but, good to know IMO.
              \_ Let me try to present the carrot. Yes people are dying and
                 the Iraq War was a total fuck up and Bush is dumb. **YAWN**
                 Wait but there are so many cool things out there that are
                 useful and relevant to YOU!!! For example I bought a Kinesis
                 keyboard and learned to type using the Dvorak layout and it
                 is literally the coolest thing out there since Mac OSX!!!
                 I mean, aren't these things more productive and interesting
                 to talk about than depressing things that you have absolutely
                 no control of? I read engadget, slashdot, and such and I
                 feel so much more fulfilled than before. CNN? Fox? NYT? Trash
                 \_ now who's trolling?  eh, anyway, I see your point.
                    \_ His point?  He has no point.  If you don't like the
                       post, ignore it.  Go fuck yourself, yourself.
2006/5/16-22 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:43074 Activity:nil
5/16    What are some of the advantages of a tri bike over a road bike?
        I'm a lone rider, I don't draft, and I don't carve twisties
        often. Is the tri bike a better fit?
        \_ Triathelon bikes are meant to be excessively aerodynamic and have
           aggressive geometries.  They are fairly uncomfortable if you are
           not a racer.  I would go for a touring or cyclocross style bike if
           I were you.  -scottyg
2006/5/16-22 [Recreation/Food] UID:43075 Activity:nil
        The extreme cuisine of Kaz Yamamoto, featuring Saguaro cactus salad,
        made from the legally protected succulent; tenderloin of Bichon Frise,
        endangered pygmy owl, roasted and eaten whole, with entrails and
        bones intact; and nigiri-style seal sushi, chimpanzee stew (protected),
        grilled intestines of brown bear (poached from Yosemite), rhino
        genitals, gila monster, giraffe tongue, monkey tartare and a dozen
        variations on penguin meat. Yummy!
        \_ What an asshole.  Obligatory liver-with-some-fava-beans-and-a-
           fine-chianti comment.  -John
           \_ What about the hi-end consumers? No demand, no supply.
              \- this is a joke i think. there is a reason i
                 the author picked sen john kyl.
              \- is this a joke? mexican liver and onions?
        \_ This reminds me of the Doctor Who episode "The Two Doctors" with the
           augmented Androgum chef who wanted to sample a little of everything.
                 \_ I'm starting to think it must be.  -John
                    \_ What gave it away?  The "Angelina Jolie loves this guy"
        \_ This reminds me of Shockeye o' the Quawncing Grig from Doctor Who
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