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2006/5/6-9 [Uncategorized] UID:42957 Activity:nil
5/5     Attention all you aznphiles:
        \_ 80 column you ass.
2006/5/6-8 [Health/Men] UID:42958 Activity:nil
5/5     Painful-to-watch X-men 3 clip
        \_ wtfug?
2006/5/6-10 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:42959 Activity:nil
5/6     "High price hurting 7/10 Americans"
        I really don't understand this. On average gas price is 5-10% of a
        person's income whereas housing is about 50% (and in coastal cities,
        75%). Gas price barely moved up 50 cents from $2.50 whereas
        housing price nearly doubled in the past few years. Why do people
        gripe about gasoline when it is only 10% of their income and
        the increase is not even that significant, but don't say anything
        about their housing costs?
        \_ I think your 5-10% estimate is a bit high, but your 20% increase
           in gas price is way understated.  It's up 33% in the last year.
           In the last three years it has doubled, and in some places tripled.
        \_ Because their housing cost is fixed.  Also, poorer people who don't
           own homes still have to pay for gas.  (Well, at least they think
           they do.) -tom
        \_ Don't forget that high gas prices raise the cost of almost all goods,
           including food.
           \- Does anybody know ball park what %age of US petroleum use
           \- Does anybody know ball park what %age of US petroleum
              goes into fertilizer and non-energy petrochem uses like
              plastics, nylon, non-dairy creamers etc? ok tnx.
              \_ alot of petroleum products are using  byproducts of the
                 refining of crude.  Also, gas prices factored into goods are
                 largely due to transportation of goods from producer to point
                 of sale.
                 \- i udnerstand there are some complexities to this answer
                    such as the distillation column ... so say the demand for
                    paraffin may not compete with the demand for gas, but i
                    think there is still an answer.
                 Should be at least partially informative.
                 \_ Thanks. This is VERY informative, probably one of
                    the most informative links on motd. The electrical
                    energy lost is quite surprising (27.8). The
                    transportation energy lost however, is not (22.4).
                    Energy for transportation is a waste. Fuck suburbia.
                    Fuck GWB and his SUV loving friends.
2006/5/6-9 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:42960 Activity:nil
5/6     Got an embarrasingly dumb question regarding pine. I currently
        use an ISP that uses /var/mail/<user> as the inbox and local
        mail/ directory to store folders. The new ISP I'm moving to
        uses IMAP where all the folders are kept on the server. One
        question. How do I migrate my local mail/* to the new server? I tried
        configuring a local drive (Setup->L(colectionLists) to setup
        a local mail/ directory as indicated in the following but no luck:
2006/5/6-10 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:42961 Activity:nil
        mortgage as percentage of income across the country ...
        \_ "The population increase is driven primarily by births and foreign
           immigration. According to census statistics, from April 2000 to July
           2005, California experienced a net natural increase . taking into
           account births and deaths . of 1.5 million people."
           How now, Mr. "People are Fleeing the State, the crash is coming"
           Yes, they're fleeing, but the population's still racing upwards.
           \_ I don't recall anyone making the claim that the CA
              population was going down, just that the BAY AREA population
              was declining.  Generally people have said all the growth is
              happening down south.
              \_ Republicans have made the claim to try and make the
                 Democrats running the state look bad.
                 \_ link?
                    \_ obGoogleFiveMinutes
                       \_ Eh, it's a valid request, I think.  He may want to
                          verify your reading of the sources that you're
                          referencing, or possibly to determine whether your
                          opinions are based in fact or 'something that
                          [absurdly extreme pundit] said on the radio
                          yesterday so it must be true'.
        \_ Why is Chico so expensive? Just because of that stupid school?
           \_ It's a nice place to live.  I blame the move-ins from the
              bay area.  Interestingly, if you don't mind living outside
              the City proper, land is really cheap.  -jrleek
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