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2006/4/30-5/2 [Uncategorized] UID:42864 Activity:nil
4/29    rfm, why hold the motd lock for so long?
2006/4/30-5/2 [Computer/HW/Display] UID:42865 Activity:low
4/30    ATI is teh suck.
        \_ Agreed. --michener
        \_ ATI has decent support. Driver/sw updates are easy to get.
           I have the ATI All In Wonder 8500 and I'm pretty happy with it.
           What's wrong with your ATI card?
           \_ 1. I bought a peripheral from them that refused to install out
              of the box because it depended on a DLL that comes with Visual
              Studio.  They had no support info on this at all and I had to
              figure it out myself.  They obviously never tested it on a
              'clean' machine.
                \_ what peripheral?
                   \_ Remote Wonder II
              2. They refused to provide me with updated drivers for my
              Thinkpad because that's Lenovo's job (which they told me they
              abdicated to ATI).  When I made a support inquiry, after making
              a support inquiry and proving it was possible to use reference
              drivers on a Thinkpad the guy still insisted they had no
              drivers, just a stub-EXE... which downloads reference drivers.
                \_ sounds like Lenovo is screwing you
                   \_ Maybe, but even after I got a hold of a generic driver
                      off their site (by using an unpublished URL) the tech
                      support troll insisted there was no such driver :-/
                      To flat out refuse to let me have their generic driver
                      is just lame.
                      \_ Well, support trolls are expensive. They are not
                         supposed to support laptop products. That's just the
                         way it is since laptop implementations are so varied.
                         So why would you expect the support troll to help
                         you with your Lenovo laptop?
              3. They don't support GL_ARB_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE, which makes it
              virtually impossible to use render-to-texture with shaders in any
              sort of high-performance way.
              4. They have high-performing $300-500 cards, but virtually
              nothing price competitive with NVidia in the $100-300 range.
                \_ use GL_ARB_TEXTURE_NON_POWER_OF_TWO
                   \_ No good.  Without GL_ARB_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE the GLSL
                      keywords sampler2DRect and texture2DRect are unsupported.
                      \_ can't you use sampler2D and texture2D?
                         \_ Those only bind non-rectangular textures, and I
                            don't think its worth the effort to rewrite a
                            bunch of code to workaround something ATI should
                            just fix.
                            \_ They don't only do that when using NPOT.
                               Between Nvidia and ATI, there are always some
                               stuff geared towards one or the other. Nvidia
                               pushes for stuff they happen to have implemented
                               and vice versa for ATI. You happen to be using
                               something Nvidia-centric I think.
                               \_ It's been accepted into the ARB.  ATI voted
                                  against it but lost.  They should suck it up
                                  and comply with the spec.
                                  \_ Nvidia doesn't support everything in the
                                     ARB either. Aesthetically the NPOT thing
                                     seems cleaner than the rectangle thing.
                                     So why do we need that? OpenGL sucks.
              4. They have high-performing $250-500 cards, but nothing
              price competitive with NVidia in the $100-250 range.
                \_ maybe, but this doesn't hurt you does it? The X1600 Pro for
                   $100 is close to the 7600 GS which is a little more $$.
                   To be honest, for the latest 3D games the $100-250 cards
                   don't really cut the mustard. For example, Oblivion needs
                   a 7900 GT or X1800XT to break 30FPS at 1024x768. In this
                   fight the X1800XT is a fair bit better and can support
                   HDR + AA.
                   don't really cut the mustard.
                   \_ Well its another disincentive for me to buy another ATI
2006/4/30-5/4 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:42866 Activity:nil
4/30    Whipped up a quick python script to bring wallall into the world of
        RSS! Point your readers (including Safari!) at
        and enjoy some inane fun...
        \_ The undergrads rock!  Moving soda off of FreeBSD was the best thing
           to happen to the CSUA in years!
           \_ that is the OS of sysadmins, and people who run ISPS.  Not
              exactly the sort that encourage new thinking/memes.  how long
              did it take for cardbus to be put into freebsd... anyway glad
              to see ppl are doing neat things.
        \_ This (and thus wall logs)may be accessible by google now.
                 \- pp inquiry: if freebsd is the "sysadmin/isp os" how
                    would you characterize linux?
              \_ This is silly.  All of the data on soda being deleted and
                 starting from scratch w/ a fresh FreeBSD install would have
                 had the same effect.  Linux doesn't "encourage new thinking"
                 in its users.
                 \_ They infact did this, soda was first paved over with
                    some bsd, but no one stepped forth to port stuff. Look
                    Linux in general has  "encouraged new thinking" hence it
                    supports more HW, has more drivers, and a larger user base.
                    \_ Really?  The source, filesystems, data, everything gone?
                       I don't remember that.
                 \_ #f.  The undergrads are porting old CSUA utils that
                    haven't been touched in years.  That's gotten them making
                    new software, like the wall -> rss tool michener rolled.
                    I think that's cool.  Don't you?
                    \_ When Soda was reinstalled with FreeBSD several years
                       ago, the stupid custom scripts from Dynix were
                       ported to FreeBSD.  We're not talking rocket
                       science here.  wall_hosers, wall, nwrite, whatever.
                       I'm sure most stuff will get ported to Linux
                       eventually.  To arbitrarily say "When FreeBSD
                       was installed all development stopped, but
                       now that we have Linux the undergrads have
                       have a new burst of creativity and productivity
                       by letting fucking google crawl the wall log"
                       is stupid.
                       \_ What exactly is arbitrary about the statement?
                          Please point me to the 1337 archives of software
                          that were written by CSUA undergrads between 1997
                          and 2005.  An undergrad took an existing CSUA
                          commmunity tool and extended it to make it available
                          via current technology, in this case, RSS.  What,
                          exactly, is your problem with that?  That it changes
                          things?  That it makes soda no longer your personal
                          playground where you make the rules?  Deal with it.
                          What part of Computer Science UNDERGRADUATE
                          Association don't you understand?
        \_ This (and thus wall logs) may be accessible by google now.
           Caveat emptor.
           \_ Not "caveat wallor"?
           \_ And this is bad, why?  Because it cracks open our insulated
              little sandbox to the world?
              \_ Paolo, why do you hate my sandbox? - danh
              \_ not bad. it just IS. I'm telling people so they know.
                 Good or Bad are niceties I don't have the time for. Cheers.
2006/4/30-5/4 [Computer/Networking] UID:42867 Activity:nil
4/30    Who is still offering broadband internet connection for $30 or less
        with a year-long contract?
        \_ and if you ask for a promo
2006/4/30-5/4 [Uncategorized] UID:42868 Activity:nil
4/30    In Sims Open for Business, how do you promote your employees? One
        of my employees has over 7 points (5 medals, 2 with gold) so
        I should be able to promote her, but none of the GUI options would
        let me do that. BTW I'm running a home biz, not on the community
        lot. Does that matter?
2006/4/30-5/2 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:42869 Activity:nil
4/30    So still no chance of POP3/S ?
        \_ I'm curious why, given IMAP/S, why you would still want to use
           POP3/S?  Are you using a service that lacks/has poor IMAP support?
           \_ Because I like to save all my emails local, keep the
              /var/mail one here just to the essentials and not have the
              email boxes synced.
           \_ Because I have my mail locally and my client has rules
              to organize it.
              \_ You can do this with IMAP, but it depends on client support.
                 If your client doesn't support what you want, why not use
                 fetchmail as an IMAP client to deliver to your local mail
                 server and pop from there?  Gross, to be sure, there's a
                 reason POP is deprecated. -dans
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