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2006/4/27-5/2 [Uncategorized] UID:42846 Activity:nil
4/27    Sexual innuendo in old comic book covers (SFW)
        \_ Amusing, thank you.  -John
        \_ The rainbow Hulk is the best.
2006/4/27-5/2 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:42847 Activity:nil
        Google pays you a buck for everyone that switches from IE to Firefox
        \_ I can't sign up Google AdSense account via the link.  My Firefox
           browser blocks it!
2006/4/27-29 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:42848 Activity:nil
4/27    Spanish Socialist party wants to give human rights to apes
        It's a mad-house! A MAD-HOUSE!!!
        \_ more votes for ... well someone.
           \_ Smearing poo on the ballot is a obvious vote for the
              Socialist party!  Voter intent!
2006/4/27-28 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:42849 Activity:nil
        First video blog that doesn't suck! -dans
        \_ That was actually funny. Thanks. --erikred
2006/4/27-5/2 [Uncategorized] UID:42850 Activity:low
4/27    Why can't I do "cowsay | cowsay | cowsay"? Is it broken?
        \_ You can, but it looks ugly.
           \_ not if you use -n
< cow is being abused >
         /  _______________________________________  \
         | /  ___________________________________  \ |
         | | < cowsay -n | cowsay -n | cowsay -n > | |
         | |  -----------------------------------  | |
         | |         \   ^__^                      | |
         | |          \  (oo)\_______              | |
         | |             (__)\       )\/\          | |
         | |                 ||----w |             | |
         | \                 ||     ||             / |
         |  ---------------------------------------  |
         |         \   ^__^                          |
         |          \  (oo)\_______                  |
         |             (__)\       )\/\              |
         |                 ||----w |                 |
         \                 ||     ||                 /
                 \   ^__^
                  \  (oo)\_______
                     (__)\       )\/\
                         ||----w |
                         ||     ||
2006/4/27-29 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:42851 Activity:nil
 4/27   Nintendo announces offical name for Revolution. "Wii"
        Cue the piss jokes.
           \_ That's...uhm...bizarre.
2006/4/27-28 [Uncategorized] UID:42852 Activity:nil 60%like:42857
4/27    psb you fucking asshole! Why did you delete my cowsay post?
2006/4/27-29 [Computer/Blog, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:42853 Activity:low
4/27    This is a pretty hilarious (apparently genuine) rant by a
        sociology prof.  Spot the hypocrisy!
        \_ Haha, I love that guy.
           \_ He took down the blog.  Anyone have a mirror?
              Nevermind, Google cache FTW:
              \_ he has many grammar errors.  -tom
                 \_ so?  it's a blog.
                 \_ He didn't have "many"... I saw a couple typos and yeah,
                    it's a blog.
                    \_ He had many.  The worst was "low and behold."  And
                       if you're on a grammar rant, you'd better be accurate
                       yourself.  -tom
                       \_ Well I think that may also be a typo or at any rate
                          not strictly grammar. The guy is still a jackass
                          \_ Tom's "he has many grammar errors" was satire.
                             That said, grammar is "right use and rules of
                             language".  Mistaken phraseology can definitely
                             fall under "bad grammar".
                          \_ I don't think it can be considered a typo if it
                             was intentional.
                             \_ If you are typing quickly it's possible to make
                                mistakes like that even if you are aware it
                                is wrong. (since it sounds the same.) That said
                                maybe it was intentional. I still wouldn't call
                                that grammar. It's kind of like the toe/tow the
                                line thing where people don't really know
                                what it means. I guess a diction issue.
                                \_ Toe/tow the line isn't a typo.  I think
                                   it's closer to 'ignorance' or simply
                                   'wrong'.  If your point is that we can't
                                   be sure based on limited data -- then, sure.
                                   But folding ignorance and spelling
                                   errors under the general heading 'typo' in
                                   *this* context invites this sort of
                                   pointless semantic 'dialogue'.
                                \_ He upbraids his students for confusing
                                   "than" and "then," which is a very similar
                                   error.  -tom
                                   \_ He is not upbraiding them as he never
                                      voices that to them.  He mocks them to
                                      other people.  Tom, you have used the
                                      word incorrectly!  You should be more
                                      careful on the MotD!
                                      \_ You're officially an imbecile.
2006/4/27 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:42854 Activity:nil
4/27    I just started using spamassassin recently. And procmail. Yeah I'm
        behind the times. Anyway, some spams are just random dictionary
        words. Is it even useful to try to sa_learn those?
2006/4/27-11/12 [Uncategorized] UID:42855 Activity:nil
4/27    Rootstaff decided that, things going decently well as they are, we
        are reinstating CGI in ~/public_html dirs... partly due to the
        increasing level of MOTD anger.
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