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2006/4/7 [Uncategorized] UID:42716 Activity:high
4/6     /var/mail almost full.
        \_ Thanks for pointing this out.  It turns out quotas weren't
           enabled on /var/mail, and one user had 15G of mail.  I've
           enabled on /var/mail, and one user had 16G of mail.  I've
           reenabled quotas and truncated the large mailspool, and
           everything seems to be working now.  --mconst
2006/4/7 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:42717 Activity:very high
4/6     I'm confused.  If all the illegals become citizens and we know that
        Americans won't do the jobs the illegals have been doing then who
        will do those jobs?  Won't granting them citizenship kill the
        economy just the same as kicking them out?
        \_ it's an election year.  I don't think people are trying to solve
           the problem.  If US pardon this wave of immigrant, 5 years
           down the road US would have to pardon another wave of immigrants.
           Once we pardoned these immigrants and grant them legal working
           permit, these people can start to demand minimum wages and
           force employers to follow the federal labor standards.  If
           an employer want to keep it competitive, he would have to to
           look for more illegal immigrants to exploit.  and the cycle
        \_ Hence the strategery.
        \_ I am an immigrant myself.  I am a bit angry at pardoning those
           illegals mainly because it is not fair for those who patiently
           waited in line and follow the system.
           \_ Perhaps we should simply brand them, like livestock.  Either
              you can enter legally, or you can be branded American.
              you can enter legally, or you can be branded American. Oh,
              and if they speak English passably, brand is "USA", otherwise,
              "Estados Unidos"
              \_ Comment on the English-speaking part.  I managed to go
                 through high school, college and grad school here in USA
                 with poor English constantly being riddiculed on MOTD.
                 Does it ever occur to you that there just might be something
                 wrong with the public education system?  Do you know that
                 people in USA gives out immigrants IQ test in ENGLISH to
                 those who just came here, marked them as retard and toss
                 them into the worse classes available in the school?
                 In my particular case, it took hard work, luck, and bribe
                 so I can attend regular English classes in high school
                 so I have a shot at the UC system?   And I was living in
                 a relatively well-off suburbs with a relatively good
                 high school in California.
               \_ my gf moved here from Poland when she was 9, and says
                  ESL classes more than a year or two are stupid, you
                  pick up English from immersion, you just gotta learn
                  it to get ahead in the United States.
                 \_ Sorry, I was writing in the tradition of "A Modest
                    Proposal".  I was not seriously advocating branding
                    illegal immigrants, nor seriously advocating torturing
                    those with bad English even more.  Just like Jonathan
                    Swift wasn't seriously advocating eating children.
                    \_ BABY EATER!
                 \_ Are you aware that so-called immigrant rights people are
                    the reason you ended up in shitty classes?  Bi-lingual
                    education advocates would have all immigrants learning
                    nothing useful to advance in society.  You have reason to
                    be angry.  You should direct it appropriately.  In an
                    English-only environment you wouldn't have had to bribe
                    anyone to get into the classes you needed to advance.
                    \_ Exactly. My parents are both immigrants and the
                       system doesn't cater to them (not even the DMV test
                       is in their native language) and they are better
                       off for it. Catering to Spanish-speakers doesn't
                       do them any favors. I remember reading a poll once
                       where Mexican immigrants said they *wanted* their
                       kids in English classes and not bi-lingual ed
                       classes, but the limousine liberals ignored that.
2006/4/7 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:42720 Activity:nil
4/6     Aww.. Trent Lott is tired of the Pork Busters, poor guy just
        really likes bacon!
2006/4/7 [Finance/Banking] UID:42721 Activity:high
4/7     I want to take this time and say, FUCK Wells Fargo. I didn't receive
        my home equity loan pay stub this month and didn't pay for 6 weeks.
        They charged me a shitload of late fee. On top of that, I didn't
        get one for this month either, even though they claimed to have
        sent both months already. I didn't do constant bill pay because
        the payment changes every month depending on interest rate. Like I
        said, FUCK Wellso Fargo.
        \_ Ultimately, the onus lies with you to manage your finances.  Blaming
           the bank for your own mismanagement is misguided, though perhaps
           understandable.  My suggestion to you is to either switch to
           autopay or use a fixed payment schedule (which you manage on a
           spreadsheet or pda or calender, etc) on your own and trust that
           above any correspondance from the bank.  The bank isn't your friend,
           and if you're not proactive in dealing with this stuff, you're very
           likely to get the short end.  Any large institution is going to
           make mistakes, but you are the only person you can really trust
           to find and deal with them.
        \_ Yes, they suck.  Nonethless it's your responsibility to make sure
           the bill gets paid whether or not they send you anything.  And
           something collateralized against your home should be at the top of
           your reminder list.
        \_ If you dont like them, move the loan elsewhere.  Theres plenty
           of other competitors eager for yoru business. I still get regular
           calls from loan refi companies in spite of being on the federal Do
           Not Call list. -ERic
        \_ Dude, auto-billpay.  It solves all these problems.
        \_ I have been a Wells Fargo customer (not for mortgage, though)
           for more than a decade. I have heard lots of people complain to me
           about them. Personally, I really like them. My mortgage lender
           doesn't send me any statements at all. I just login to their
           web site and pay there. I'm sure WFB has the same features,
           as they are usually one of the more technologically-advanced
           banks. I agree with the person who blames you for not realizing
           your payment was due. This isn't AAA dues. This is your home
           at stake.
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