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2006/4/3-4 [Uncategorized] UID:42615 Activity:nil
        Live from QVC Channel (humor)
2006/4/3-4 [Health/Men] UID:42616 Activity:nil
        Man severs own penis, throws it at officers (March 17 2006)
        \- giving the pig a bone.
        \_ I love the url they gave this story.  Is this the 17th time a man
           has cut off his penis?  :-)
2006/4/3-4 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Reference/Military] UID:42617 Activity:kinda low
4/2     I guess Russians are exporting those babys everywhere:
                                             \_ sic
        \_ I suspect American has something similar and it's been super
           secret about it.  Further, I don't think it's necessary to
           use such weapon on an oil tanker...
           \_ The target of such a weapon would be a US aircraft carrier,
              battleship, cruiser, or other high value, high PR target.
              The US doesn't need their own version.  What little fleet the
              Iranians have is no real threat without this.  The US needs a
              defense against such a weapon.  Imagine both the military and
              PR value of sinking a carrier or battleship?  The British lost
              a destroyer to the Argentines and it was a huge deal.
              \_ There's no mention of this being a hardened weapon. Unless
                 they have ECCM better than our ECM, these are virtually a non-
                 \_ original Russian version has no guidance whatsoever.  I
                    don't know what version does Iranian have.   --OP
                 \_ We have no idea if it is or isn't.  It could be completely
                    mechanical in which case ECM is useless.  If you were
                    designing a torpedo to kill large well defended American
                    Navy vessels would you leave it open to easy ECM death?
                    \_ Of course not, but I'm not the people who built this
                       torpedo. It sounds like they were told to emphasize the
                       speed, which leads me to think that they may have
                       neglected other parts.
                       \_ Exactly. Speed without accuracy using high tech
                          guidance system means nothing. The early Migs
                          flew higher and faster than the Phantom F4s but
                          the F4s had much better guidance system. For
                          every 10 Migs down there were only 1 F4 down.
                          \_ They may have emphasized speed because that was
                             the only special thing about it.  Nothing says
                             it can't still be accurate.  In WW2 purely
                             mechanical, unguided torps hit often enough to
                             be useful.  It may be shielded.  It may be wire
                             guided.  Since everything we do know comes from
                             Iranian PR, we really don't know anything except
                             what they claim.  Fighting against the US with
                             high tech is usually a bad idea for most countries
                             since they really can't out tech the US
                             sufficiently in enough fields to matter so the
                             smart thing would be to go the low-tech high-
                             powered high-reliability route.  Speculating is
                             still fun though.  As far as the mig vs phantom
                             thing goes, the American pilots were *very*
                             experienced and in Vietnam the numbers only
                             turned haevily in favor of the US after we
                             upgraded the fighter fleet and started putting
                             cannons and other close combat weapons on them
                             in addition to the flakey missile systems.
                 \_ There exist missiles that home in on the wake from
                    a ship.
        \_ This guy thinks they are dangerous:
           \_ Ummm.. I don't know about the torpedo, but that dude is
              obviously a fruitcake.
              \_ Will he fit in a torpedo tube?
2006/4/3-4 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:42618 Activity:nil
4/2     "The Bush administration's desire to turn more and more government
         responsibility over to houses of worship along with lots of tax
         dollars appears to be insatiable," Jeremy Leaming,,2933,190243,00.html
2006/4/3-4 [Health/Disease/General] UID:42619 Activity:nil
        "Social trends in the United States suggest a recipe for greater
         loneliness and thus higher blood pressure and risk of heart disease.
         The population is aging and more people move around and live alone
         than ever, contributing to greater separation from caring friends
         and family."
        Like I said, I just don't find endless suburb expansion to be
        all that good for the society.
        \_ Uhm, no. People moving out into suburbs has little or nothing to
           do with the social trend of more and more people living alone.
           The social trend of people living alone has a lot more to do with
           the "me" culture that permeates modern mainstream American society
           (especially amongst Caucasians and assimilated ethnics).
           Traditionally people used to live with their families, it was
           not unusual for individuals to live with their parents and
           grandparents. The rise of industrialism in the 20th century,
           the advent of modernity and individualism has slowly but surely
           eroded this traditional familial structure. It was once expected
           that one would take care of one's parents in old age. Nowadays
           this is become rarer and rarer. Add in the fact that people are
           living longer than ever beffore and divorces are more common
           than marriages which last results in a very large group of
           lonely people. So, essentially this is the price you pay in
           forgoing the "traditional" concept of family. I suspect that
           in the future newer concepts of what is "family" will have to
           be created and that a backlash (actually this has already occurred
           with the whole neo-con/neo-religous right movement of the past
           decade) against the erosion of the traditional family unit will
           occur. So, agian, no, your overtly simplistic analysis of a complex
           socio-economic problem is not right. Suburbs do not automatically
           equate to lonely people.
           \_ I disagree.  The "me" culture may contribute to the problem,
              but I think it's due to a higher rate of changing social
              expectations.  A few centuries back, you could have three
              generations living in one house and everyone was on more
              or less the same page in terms in terms of what was socially
              acceptable.  Now, I think many peoples' expectations of
              what's "acceptable" have diverged noticeably from their
              parents' views, and certainly from their grandparents'.
              Noticable exceptions to this seem to be in extremely
              conservative (or liberal!) households, in which social values
              are shared across generations. -bishop
        \_ how do you balance people's material need for "territory" with
           people's need for each other?
           \_ You introduce a religion, and turn them into bald
              reproductionless vegetarian hermits. Wait it's call Bhuddism,
              Monks, and Monestary.

              \_ Bhuddism, Monks, and Monestary?  Is that like Settlers of
                 Catan?  Sounds fun....
           \_ just keep packing em in like rats.  we know from rat studies that
              the more over crowded rats are the more psychotic they behave
              which is exactly what we want in human soci-- oh wait.
2006/4/3-4 [Science/Space] UID:42622 Activity:nil
4/3     Dear home-depot shower filter guy, I think the reason I am not
        noticing a big difference is because I just replaced my water
        heater. I remember seeing thousands of small cotton-ball like
        hard water deposits when I drained my old water filter, and
        swear I noticed a difference in water quality after replacing
        it. So if you have an old water heater, the shower filter
        difference will probably be more noticible. -ray
        \_ How do you drain your old water filter?
           \_ There is normally a drain plug on the bottom.
2006/4/3-4 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:42623 Activity:moderate
4/4     I've seen this before, but this is the best breakdown I've seen on the
        compressed air car. (video from the Science Channel)
        \_ damn, I was hoping to see a shot of what happens with a catastrophic
           rupture of the air cylinder.  Gasoline may take a while to burn, but
           imagine what that compressed-air bottle would do with a good hole
           in it.  Not mentioned in the video, of course.
        \_ It's 4/3 you doophus.
        \_ I got a better idea. Design a European-like city that doesn't
           have this FUCKING uncontrolled suburban McMansionized sprawl
           which require a lot of driving in the first place.
        \_ It's 4/3 you doophus.
        \_ I got a better idea. Design a walkable and bikeable European-like
           city that doesn't have this FUCKING uncontrolled suburban
           McMansionized sprawl which require a lot of driving in the
           first place. Oh well it'll never happen in America.
           \_ And it's going out of style in Europe.  Haven't you heard?  All
              the French want to move to the suburbs.
              \_ You mean there's stuff outside the Peripherique?  Inconceivable!
              \_ You mean there's stuff outside the Peripherique?
                 \_ Where do you think the cheap prostitutes hang out?
              \_ You mean all the poor, dangerous Arab suburbs around Paris?
                 No, I had not heard that.
           \_ Design?  So maybe we should have Soviet style cities built from
              the ground up by lowest bidders and force people to leave their
              current homes and jobs to move to Utopiaville?
              \_ Market forces, o rabid one: build Utopiaville and see if they
                 come. If they do, great; if not, turn it into a theme park.
                 \_ I'm not rabid.  I just think it's stupid.  Economies
                    develop.  They don't pop up artificially.  If it was such
                    a great idea and easy to implement it would've happened.
                    I think we tried the commune thing already.  It was called
                    the 60s and the hippies all turned into baby boomer wall
                    street 80s go-go executive scumbags living in the suburbs
                    in McMansions with matching Hummers and 60" plasmas.
                    People like comfort and stuff and space and mobility.
                    \_ I like comfort, space and mobility.  But for me, part
                       of comfort is being able to walk over to my friends
                       houses, or not worrying about sobering up at a bar
                       because I can walk home.  Part of mobility is being
                       able to hop on my bike in a snowstorm at 2 in the
                       morning and go to work in 5 minutes without having to
                       screw around with a window scraper and warming up a
                       car.  And as for space, I'd rather share a hundred acre
                       park with the other residents of a neighborhood than
                       have my own 1/8 acre plot to sit in by myself that I
                       have to mow and trim.  Also, the claim that suburbs just
                       "spring up" is absurd.  Take a good look at miles and
                       miles of identical houses built by the same builders
                       on the same plans, and miles and miles of box stores
                       also built by the same companies and tell me that's
                       spontaneous.  It's still planned, it's just planned
                       by a small group of corporate planners instead of a
                       small group of civil planners.
                       \_ The problem with your city utopia is that people
                          can't fuck their wives loudly and have babies.
                          And even if they start having kids in the city,
                          where would you hide when the baby starts crying?
                          Where would you keep your tools to fix your car?
                          Where would you keep your inlaws? There's no
                          backyard, garage, and an empty street where kids
                          can play safely. Your city utopia works well
                          when you're young, but as you get older you need
                          room and privacy to fuck and to have lots of kids.
                       \_ Sorry to tell you this but you're a minority.
                          95% of the people aren't like you, and do not
                          want to live in a compact city or dorm like
                          environment. To illustrate the point, why do
                          juniors, seniors, and grad students want to
                          move out of the dorm so badly? Because they're
                          fed up with living so close to other idiots
                          who party all night and listen to hip-hop music
                          3AM in the morning and smoke weeds. It's so much
                          easier to deal with 2-3 hours of traffic than to
                          deal with people. If space allows it, most people
                          in America will trade traffic for big space,
                          freedom of expression, and individuality.
                                                        -dim #1 fan
                          \_ Free expression, huh?  I guess that's why all the
                             artists, musicians, writers and scientists, and
                             most big-time entrepreneurs live in cities.
                             \_ "all the ...".  No.  I know a bunch of writers
                                and scientists.  None of them live in a large
                                city.  Ok, well, 1 writer does but she's
                                living in her mom's house at age 38.
                       \_ Let me guess, you're a liberal socialist and you
                          oppose the wonderful forces of free market?
                          \_ Nope I'm a liberal capitalist who hasn't been
                             duped by the new socialism of the suburbs.
                             Choosing between an identical McHouse with a
                             blue birdhouse mailbox and one with a brown
                             birdhouse mailbox or choosing between Target
                             and Walmart is not my idea of a free market.
                             Cities are the best place for a free market
                             to exist.  I don't see the NYSE planning to
                             move to some dipshit suburb of LA any time soon.
                             Can you name one stock exchange that's not in a
                             \_ there's a huge difference between building
                                new homes near a pre-existing job center and
                                firing up Utopiaville from scratch including
                                jobs (what jobs?!) people can walk to and
                                hoping it just magically works.
           \_ A history of the suburbs.
              "[S]prawl is not the anomalous result of American zoning laws, or
              "[S]prawl is not the anomalous result of American zoning laws,
              mortgage interest tax deduction, or cheap gas, or subsidized
              highway construction, or cultural antipathy toward cities. Nor
              is it an aberration... Sprawl is and always has been inherent
              to urbanization."
              \_ All of the examples there since the 19th century were
                 predicated on availability of public transportation.
2006/4/3-4 [Computer/HW/Memory] UID:42624 Activity:nil
4/4     Anyone have a recommendation for where I can get a cheap 1GB
        memory dimm for a 12" Powerbook?  -John
        \_ (I don't know if it is cheap)
           \_ Seconded. And the price is worth not having to ship back
              faulty or non-compatible units.
                \_ Thanks much, I just ordered there.  Price-wise it's
                   perfect--even with import tax & shipping it's much
                   cheaper than Apple.  -John
           \_ Thirded, always had good experience with, the prices
              are not rockbottom but they are good, and I've never had a
              problem, plus they have fast shipping.
              \_ I just cancelled my order with them.  Their credit card
                 clearing operation is pathetic, and customer service was
                 rude and unhelpful.  They were unwilling and/or unable to
                 try to figure out how to process an out-of-US order.  Fuck
                 them.  Thanks anyway.  Any other suggestions?  -John
2006/4/3-4 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/RealEstate] UID:42625 Activity:kinda low
4/3     Where is the "no links without personal comment intended to start
        conversation" brigade?  Look at all those links without trollish
        comments attached!  When will the madness end?
        \_ In my case, hanging with my GF, cooking and eating tasty food, and
           generally enjoying life. -dans
           \_ It's great to date a 19 year old isn't it? She's hornier
           \_ It's great to date a 17 year old isn't it? She's hornier
              than the old hags and you don't have to think about marriage,
              kids, minivan, and a downpay for a Bay Area home that you
              can't even afford. Ah, it is so wonderful to date a young
              girl. I remember how life was so carefree when I was dating
              this young girl. Enjoy your life while you can. Write about
              it in your journal. Some day, you may need to read it
              again to remind yourself how life used to be so great.
              Hopefully, that day will never come, but you never know  -bog
              \_ How old is old?  I have many friends in their mid-30s and a
                 a handful in their mid-40s who seem to enjoy their lives very
                 much.  Some have houses, marriages, etc, and still live happy
                 lives. -dans
                 \_ Some have houses, marriages, etc, and are happy *because*
                    of that, not despite that.
                    \_ Yup, I would consider those things to be sources of
                       happiness, the poster I responded to implied that those
                       things caused him stress or disappointment. -dans
                       \_ You don't think making mortgage payments on my
                          4000 sq foot house in the suburbs causes me stress?
                          How about my four hour commute each day? How about
                          the fact that after I am done slaving away for my
                          family, I come home at 9PM to a cold dinner and
                          children in bed? Enjoy it while you can padawan...
                          \_ Why did you buy a house of that size if the
                             mortgage payments cause you such stress?  Why are
                             you working a job that requires a four hour
                             commute (to pay your mortgage?)?  Where you are
                             in life is a combination of the choices you make
                             and dumb luck.  If unlucky breaks or previous bad
                             choices led you to a place in life where you're
                             unhappy, there may be alternatives to hating life
                             and trying to drag the rest of the world down
                             into your hole.  I'm not suggesting you try to
                             smile through the pain and pretend that lame
                             things are anything but.  That said, a serious
                             examination of where you are, the choices that
                             got you there, and where you want to be, often
                             yields options you might not have known about.
                             These options are rarely easy, true change
                             usually isn't, but they offer hope.  You sound
                             pretty bitter.  I hope you find this helpful.
           \_ Sex and food. Just like monkeys.
2006/4/3-4 [Recreation/Media] UID:42626 Activity:nil
4/3     The Simpsons Movie teaser trailer
        \_ This video has been removed due to copyright infringement.
2006/4/3-4 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:42627 Activity:nil
4/3     Mexican wealthy play American taxpayers for suckers
        \_ If only we'd annexed Mexico back after the Mexican-American War.
           \_ we'll be greeted with rose petals and open arms
              the illegal immigrant is the WMD today
              \_ You lead the way, pinche cabron Walker.
2006/4/3 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:42628 Activity:low 68%like:42631
4/3     Hello, I'm new to cycling and I love it. My new God is
        Sheldon Brown. He brings me a lot of joy and hope in my
        otherwise unfulfilling, depressed and pathetic life.
        What is your cycling story?
        \_ Who is Sheldon Brown?
        \_ What is "sex"?
2006/4/3-4 [Computer/SW/OS/VM, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:42629 Activity:low
4/4     I'm setting up a simulated infrastructure for a client using
        a bunch of vmware sessions.  Originally we had these on different
        boxes, but I only have one machine available.  As there individual
        images require different subnets, can anyone think of an easy way
        to have vmware sessions on, say, 3 different subnets exist on the
        same physical machine and talk to each other via some sort of
        "virtual router"?  -John
        \_ Add a virtual interface for each subnet on the vmware host box
           and have it route.
           \_ This sounds like it would work.  I have considerable experience
              running many virtual interfaces on Linux and Solaris, email me
              if you want info on how to do it. -dans
              \_ it is hard to create virtual interfaces?
                 \_ No, it's a couple line changes in a config file (which one
                    varies by Linux distro or Solaris) or a manual ifconfig
                    invocation.  Of course, figuring out what config file and
                    what options takes a while if you don't know what you're
                    looking for and which man pages. -dans
2006/4/3-7 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:42630 Activity:nil
4/3     SSH is being flaky. We are working on the issue. Please be patient.
        In the meantime, we suggest using screen. Soda's ssh key has been
        changed, sorry about that (ssh was restarted, as well).
        We will post more as we work on the problem.
        Thanks, students-not-in-class - edilaic
2006/4/3 [Uncategorized] UID:42631 Activity:high 68%like:42628 50%like:42643
4/3     Please stop replacing the word 'masturbation' with 'sex'. Allow me
        to try again. I'm new to masturbation and I love it. My new God is
        Sheldon Brown. He brings me a lot of joy and hope in my
        otherwise unfulfilling, platonic, depressed and pathetic
        geek life. Would you like to share your masturbation story?
        \_ I think it suffices to say that the very first time is magical,
        \_ Sheldon Brown? Which one?
2006/4/3-4 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:42632 Activity:nil 75%like:42634
4/3     Any idea why soda's SSH has been flaky the past few days?
        \_ It has something to do with LDAP being a terrorist and sshd dying
           \_ I always knew El-Dap was fishy.
2006/4/3-4 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:42633 Activity:nil
4/3     This has to be an April Fools:
        \_ That's a lot of work for April Fools.  Not to meantion, it came out
           a while before April 1st.
           \_ not to mention that if you try the application it Fucking Works
              \_ Not in my browser.
                 \_ Really?  It even works in my anchient firefox at work, and
                    it never seems to run anything correctly.
                 \_ FF only
        \_ Writely >> AjaxWrite for several reasons including a) cross browser
           support that actually works and b) not yet another company in the
           string of companies that make the asshole more
           money but seem to fail miserably in the marketplace. -dans
2006/4/3 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:42634 Activity:nil 75%like:42632
4/3     Any idea why soda's SSH has been flaky the past few days?    -jblack    -jblack
2006/4/3-4 [Uncategorized] UID:42635 Activity:moderate
4/3     What's the difference between respect and formality? I was trying
        to convince someone that they're different, and I realized I
        didn't quite know myself. Thanks.
        \_ So when I need my hobby and call my provider for my ATF BBW
           escort and she gave me a great GFE the whole night and finish
           it off with a great blue jay and I end up tipping her for a great
           time with 4:20, is the 4:20 a result of respect or formality?
        \_ Formality is adhering to an outside standard, which may involve
           genuine or artificial respect.
           Respect is about giving genuine props to another person/thing,
           which may be from fear or admiration.
           Respect is about taking someone/something seriously, whether out
           of admiration or fear.
           formality 1 : compliance with formal or conventional rules :CEREMONY
        \_ I'm not sure what you're asking but respect is something that's
           felt and formality is something that's observed/performed. So
           maybe that's what you're getting at.
        \_ Formality dictates that the gentlemen open the car door for his
           escort for the evening.  Respect probably has little part in it.
           \- Formality is about adherence to forms/standards/conventions/norms
              the idea of canonicalness etc. Respect has to do with opinion
              or regard. Although I suppose sometime they are used in a bit
              of a gret way [he repected their conventions, or the "formal"
              pronounce was used to show respect. etc]. a letter to your
              of a grey way [he respected their conventions, or the "formal"
              pronoun was used to show respect. etc]. a letter to your
              grandfather might be respectful while a business letter might
              just be formal.
           \_ To be clear, I meant escort as in "employee of an escort
           \_ You can be a gentleman out of respect for someone.  -John
2006/4/3-4 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:42636 Activity:nil
4/3     What's the easiest way to open up cvs port 2401 to certain IPs only
        while rejecting the rest?
        \_ Easiest? tcp wrappers. Best? ACLs on your firewall/router.
2006/4/3-4 [Uncategorized] UID:42637 Activity:nil
        \_ You are so extraordinarilly behind the times, it's almost funny.
2006/4/3-4 [Health/Women, Health/Disease/General] UID:42638 Activity:nil
4/3     Wow, new bladders grown from the cells of patients:
        \_ Not quite as cool as it at first sounds: the bladder isn't really an
           organ, just a pouch made of a cells of a certain type.  They get the
           shape to make it a pouch by growing the (largely undifferentiated)
           cells on a mold.  Still cool though.
                \_ Something similar was done to grow someone a new jaw.  It's
                   definitely movement in the right direction.
                   definitely movement in the right direction.  It's not super
                   simple though, the article mentions extracting "muscle and
                   bladder" cells, so they might also be growing a valve (I
                   forget what the name of that muscle is) too.
                   \_ urethral sphincter?  detrusor?
                        \_ "Although you normally make the choice when to
                            urinate, once you decide to do so the nervous
                            system takes over and the process becomes
                            automatic. The detrusor contracts and the
                            sphincters relax to allow urine to flow. When
                            the bladder is empty, the sphincters contract
                            and the detrusor relaxes."
2006/4/3-4 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:42639 Activity:moderate
4/3     Corrupt thieving scum, Tom DeLay, withdrawing from his 2006
        congressional bid.  ( breaking news)
        Story from Time:,8599,1179853,00.html
        (and goddammit, stop overwriting, sprawl bitch)
        \_ He needs to leave so that his colleagues can do a better job
           gerrymandering, laundering, and funneling campaign cash.
        \_ "I am not a federal employee. I am a constitutional officer. My job
           is the Constitution of the United States, I am not a government
           employee. I am in the Constitution." Tom DeLay, in a CNN interview
           \_ Mr. "I am the Law!"
              \_ In the cursed Earth where the mutants dwell
                 There is no law just a living hell
                 Anarchy and chaos and the blood runs red
                 This would change if it were up to Dred
                 The book of law is the bible to him
                 Any crime commited is a sin
                 He keeps peace with his lawgiver ...
                 Judge, jury, and executionerrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!
                 RESPECT THE BADGE!
                 He earned it with his blood
                 FEAR THE GUN
                 Your sentence may be death because
                 I AM THE LAW!!!!!!
        \_ Frankly he doesn't seem to be any more corrupt and thieving than his
           434 colleagues.
           \_ I would disagree.  He appears to be the most organized
              and effective of his 434 colleagues when it comes to
              gerrymandering and laundering^^^^^funneling campaign
              cash to his cronies.
              \_ Oh granted he's one of the most partisan of the house, and for
                 that reason I'm happy that he's leaving, but he certainly
                 doesn't seem measurably worse than the others.
                 \_ partisan?  uhm, duh?  you know what the party system is
                    all about right?
                 \_ Um, do a little research.  His partisanship is not what
                    got him named in multiple indictments.
           \_ He's a Republican.  That alone makes him Evil and Corrupt.  No
              need for a trial or anything to prove that.
              \_ Find me a Dem who demanded that Terry Schiavo be kept on
                 life support despite pulling the plug on his own father, and
                 I'll boo him, too.
                 \_ I told you he was evil on his party alone.  What more do
                    you want?
2006/4/3-4 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:42640 Activity:nil
4/3     Michigan Video Game Law ruled unconstitutional:
2006/4/3-4 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:42641 Activity:nil
4/3     Can someone explain why some people where getting "Connection Closed" when
        trying to SSH to soda?  -clueless
        \_ something is wrong w/ password authentication. try ssh -v to get
           more info.
           \_ yea i did that. ssh -vvv What could be wrong with password
        \_ on putty/win32.  I checked "x-forwarding." and it worked for
           some reason
2006/4/3-4 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:42642 Activity:high
4/3     has anyone pay attention to Moussaoui trial?  don't you guys find it
        troublesome for US goverment seeking death penalty for someone who is
        already in jail for entire month prior to 9/11 attack?  how about
        classifying jet-fuel-filled airliner as "weapon of mass destruction"
        when it is clearly not?
        \_ A death trial will mean a lot of people in Texas and Virginia
           shooting bullets into the air and party all night. Yeehaw!
        \_ hi troll. 'i fob motd guy' thing is really done.  you can
           post your questions with no pretending to be ESL.  if you like,
           trying later again with no fake thing, i sure a bunch a people
           be happy chatting about it.
                \_ It's all fun and games until the Iraqi airforce bombs your
                   party cuz you were shooting bullets into the air!
        \_ hi troll. the 'im fob motd guy' thing is really done.  you can
           post your questions without pretending to be esl.  if you'd like
           to try again later without the fake thing im sure a bunch of people
           would be happy to chat about it.
           \_ it's not troll.  In my eye, we are seeking death sentence
              because Moussaoui committed "thought crime."  Further, I think
              US department of justice change the definition of "WMD" for
              seeking death sentence.  In that case, gosh, the search of
              "WMD" is over in Iraq, as Iraq has PLENTY of jet liners
              when we invade it.
              \_ A "thought crime"?  You do realize that it's possible to be
                 an accomplice to a crime without being present when the
                 actual deed is done, right?  If he knows a crime is going to
                 take place with a high degree of certainty (especially
                 such a heinous one) and chooses to do nothing (and in
                 Moussaoui's case, had originally intended to participate)...
              \_ you're a troll.  i told you: try again in english in a few
                 weeks and im sure people will be happy to discuss it.  the
                 fob troll thing just isn't that funny.
2006/4/3-4 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:42643 Activity:low 50%like:42631
4/3     Please stop replacing the word 'cycling' with 'masterbation'. Are
        we in junior high again? Allow me to try again. I'm new to biking
        and I think it is so much better than drugs, therapy, and
        certainly 1000% better than women. My bike comes with a manual,
        it doesn't come with in-laws, it functions predictably without
        mood swings and it doesn't whine unless something is really wrong.
        Can you say the same about women? No. My new God is Sheldon Brown
        and I think spandex, shaved legs, and Bianchi are cool. Cycling
        brings me a lot of joy and new hope in my otherwise unfulfilling,
        platonic, depressed and pathetic geek life. Would you like to
        share your cycling story?
        \_ I think you'll find cycling can't substitute for a sex life.
           \_ Cycling can both improve one's physical appearance and improve
              one's chances of hooking up with a hot cycling chick.
              \_ this picture describes how much attraction I have for
                 cycling chicks based on my 2 years of cycling experience:
           \_ It is when all of a sudden you have none and find out how
              pathetic you are in real life                     -op
        \_ You sound like BDG in spirit.  I sure miss BDG....
        \_ Bicycles are the noblest of inventions.  I spent 3 months cycling
           around South East Asia.  Since then I let my drivers license expire,
           and am the happier for it.  -scottyg
           \_ How do you get into bars?  I also do not drive, but I hate
              carrying my damn passport around when I want to get drunk,
              so I keep my license.
              \_ CA photo ID.  -tom
        \_ this post and its evolution through the day have brought me
           extreme joy.  thank you.  -motd smartass #1 fan
        \_ I still don't know who the fuck Sheldon Brown is. Do you cycle
           with this guy or masturbate with him?
           \_ Sheldon Brown has a very useful web site on bike maintenance and
              other bike-related tips.  -tom
2006/4/3-4 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:42644 Activity:nil
        For bicycle fanatics
2006/4/3 [Computer] UID:42645 Activity:nil
4/3     jive is yesterday. I want jive binary equivalent for fobification.
        Ideally I would liking to the following comand:
        % cat /etc/motd.public | fob > myfile; cp myfile /etc/motd.public
        I like such binary but I dont write programs please point me
        binary to use. Thanks you.
2019/04/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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