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2006/3/24-25 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Recreation/Travel] UID:42403 Activity:low
        \_ his requests are quite modest, no?  the requirement for
           TV tuned to fox news is very funny :p
2006/3/24-25 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:42404 Activity:nil
3/23    Americans loathe liberal media:
        \_ Wow... Just... wow...
2006/3/24-25 [Reference/BayArea, Health/Men] UID:42405 Activity:nil
3/23    "Game Of Shadows"... I didn't learn much more than what I read
        in the ESPN and SF Chronicle articles, except for
        details of Vince Conte's life (He was in Tower Of Power?)
        and the grand jury questioning Barry Bonds' 'bay area girlfriend'
        about the size of his testicles (they heard heavy steroid
        use could shrink them).  She testified they were normal
        sized.  I thought Barry Bonds was a giant ass before all
        the steroid testimony came out, and the book did not change
        my opinion.
2006/3/24-25 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:42406 Activity:moderate
3/24    Has anyone locked in prices for the Natural Gas?  This
        "Energy Saving Corp" sales person visited my house yesterday
        asking me to lock in for 5 years.  Last month price was
        $1.0 per thermal unit, and over the last two years, it
        varied from $0.6 to $1.2.  Their plan is to have me lock in
        at $1.2 for 5 years, and they say Gas price is going to just
        go up and up.  Anyone did this before?  Recommendations?
        \_ How much do you like betting?  This is basically a bet with
           their company that prices are going to be above/below $1.2.
           Is it a good bet?  I don't know.  Are you willing to research
           it?  I bet they have--they've got a lot of money riding on it.
           You, on the other hand, only have a little money on it.  It's
           also possible this is just a scam.  --PM
        \_ If they realy believed gas was just going to go up and up, would
           they give you this deal?
           \_ perhaps from a gas producer perspective, they would want
              a more stable price so they can make the proper planning
              and investments, and for that they would sign futures
              contract with their customers, and the customers would
              then want to do so with their customers, and so on.
        \_ This screams "SCAM!" to me.  You can't win.  Let's say prices
           remain about your lock in number.  Ok, nothing happens.  Let's
           say prices drop like a rock and you're locked in at a much higher
           rate for *years*.  You're screwed.  Let's say prices sky rocket
           and this company is now forced to sell you product at less than
           their price so they lose money every time you use gas.  They file
           for bankruptcy and you're back paying the same price as everyone
           else.  You can't win.
           \_ I suppose if you really wanted a hedge against gas prices you
              could just buy gas futures.
              \_ I suspect his monthly/year gas usage isn't high enough to
                 cover his costs/wins/losses either way by investing in gas
                 futures.  The company has done way more research than he
                 possibly could and is certain gas prices are going to stay
                 low enough they can make a profit off him, likely a very
                 hefty profit.
        \_ Thanks for all your advice.  One other consideration is that,
           perhaps this is irrational, but I find paying higher prices than
           everyone else more painful than paying higher prices with everyone
           else.  The pain would also outweigh the joy I would get from paying
           a lower price than everyone else.  Thanks again, you guys are
        \_ Wow.  After a little looking it seems it is definitely a scam:
           (Not the company you mentioned but they're in trouble too)
2006/3/24-25 [Uncategorized] UID:42407 Activity:kinda low
3/24    Category: 8 letter words/phrases using only letters A-F.
        \_ fadedabe -abe
        \_ deadbabe, fadedabe -abe
        \_ The best I can get is defaced, but that's only 7.
        \_ egrep.  btw, using the stock freebsd dict/words, there are 11 6-
           letter words (includeing efface and deface) that meet the
           requirement, and 0 7- or 8-letter words.
                \_ Fabaceae?
        \_ cafebabe, deadbeef.  Is 0 allowed too?
          \_ 0 should be allowed.  then you have cafef00d and deadc0ed as well
             \_ b00bbabe
               \_ b00b1e5 !!!
               \_ b00bcafe, b00bfed, badb00b5, fabb00b, fee1b00b... </beavis>
        \_ I went through a 100K word dictionary, and I couldn't find any
           words that matched [a-fo]{8}.  [a-foi]{8}, however, yielded
           codified (C0D1F1ED).  Eh.
           \_ Where do you get this dictionary?
        \_ facefeed (fellatio).
        \_ cabba9e5
        \_ BADA55E5
           \_ Isn't the category A-F only?
              \_ The most likely reason someone would state that constraint is
                 that they're looking for words you can make out of 32-bit hex
2006/3/24-27 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:42408 Activity:moderate
3/24    I want to hire an experienced Release Engineer to build our
        Perforce system. We're converting from CVS. --
        \_ hey jsjacob, you should come across the hall and say hi to all
           the sodans at wavemarket sometime.
           \_ You could just BTK our build engineer.
              \_ I rather BBFS your hot blonde HR hello nurse.
                             \_ BTK?
                                \_ Blind, Torture, Kill
                                   \_ Bind
           \_ Sure, right after I use the patio table again. Hi. -- jsjacob
        \_ quick question.  Why did you decide on Perforce, instead of (say)
           \_ Not jsjacob, but perforce is a lot slicker the subversion
           \_ Perforce has cool tools *right now* and I have a budget.
              I think subversion will be equivalent in a few years but
              I can't wait. -- jsjacob
              \_ Okay, just out of curiosity, what are the features you liked?
               \_ Views can be incredibly powerful if you use them well.  For
                  instance, are you only working on part of the code base
                  and don't want to compile the rest?  Open up your view
                  which uses the daily builds to populate most of your build
                  tree.  Want to start working on another part of the code?
                  Just tweak your view (or use a different part of the view)
                  so you have to build the rest of the code.  SVN's lack of
                  view support makes me sad.
                 \_ Views can be incredibly powerful if you use them well.
                    For instance, are you only working on part of the code
                    base and don't want to compile the rest?  Open up your
                    view which uses the daily builds to populate most of
                    your build tree.  Want to start working on another part
                    of the code?  Just tweak your view (or use a different
                    part of the view) so you have to build the rest of the
                    code.  SVN's lack of view support makes me sad.
                 \_ Proxy, graphical merge, permissions admin. -- jsjacob
                    \_ I don't know what "proxy" is for perforce, but graphical
                       merge and permissions admin exist for SVN.
                       \_ I know, but not at the same level. I know SVN has
                          similar tools and in a few years I'm sure I'll be
                          considering moving to SVN to drop the license fees.
                          This is proxy:
                       \_ I know, but not at the same level. This is proxy:
2006/3/24-27 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:42409 Activity:nil
3/24    PHP masters, help. In Perl I used to be able to do the followings:
        Things of that nature. But in PHP I can't find this type of
        syntactic sugar anywhere on the manpage to do the shortcut so I
        end up doing clumsy things like
        Help :(
        \_ list($var1, $var2, $var3) = $list_of_variables;
           $partial_list = array_slice($complete_list, 5, 6);
           \_ Jesus Bushong Christ. You are my savior. Where and how did you
              learn your PHP? Thanks so much.
                 Lots of typing alt-s (jumps you to the function search box
                 at the top) and guessing function names, then looking through
                 the list of matches and the list of functions in the same
                 package that shows up on the left nav when you're looking
                 at a given function def
2006/3/24-25 [Recreation/Humor] UID:42410 Activity:nil
        Weird jibjab stuff. Not exactly funny funny just a bit of humorous
2006/3/24-25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42411 Activity:high
3/24    Dear married sodan. How come this really horny girl I used to date
        became cold and untoucheable after being married for
        only 2 years? Is this normal after marriage?
        \_ I don't think asking whether it's normal is the correct question.
           Most people are miserable in their marriages, jobs, and lives
           in general.
           \_ In addition most sodans in general are NOT normal.
        \_ My guess is she is feeling insufficiently appreciated, romanced, or
           is annoyed with you in some way, or a combination of those.
        \_ "Women often do not realize how a good sex life meant to their
            husband.  When a man has a good sex life with his wife, he
            may have a tough job, many burdens, etc., but it would all be ok.
            He would still be happy and would be optimistic and proactive
            in overcoming all his problems."
                                   - heard on Moody Radio (Christian)
                                     (forgot who she was)
        \_ When dating her I'll bet you showered her with attention, gifts,
           romanced her, etc.  You still do that?  I'll bet she's on some
           website right now posting how this really great guy she used to
           date became distant and takes her for granted after being married
           for 3 months....
2006/3/24-25 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:42412 Activity:nil
3/24    Housing bubble bursting!  Go Swami!
        New home sales fell by 10.5% in US.  In the West, it fell
        by 29.4%.  Median price fell by 2.9% from Feb, following
        a 1.6% drop from Jan to Feb.
        \_ Hi Bitter Renter-Guy.  I'm curious, what size/location/age house
           would you like and how much would you think is a fair price for
           your first home?
2006/3/24-27 [Science/Biology] UID:42413 Activity:nil
3/24    speaking of people who shouldn't be having
        sex with 50 others:
        \_ We were?
        \_ Huh?
2006/3/24-25 [Recreation/Pets] UID:42414 Activity:high
3/24    ilyas?
        \_ no.
        \_ hypocrite.
        \_ wanker.
        \_ [ilyas is] like the man that was bitten badly by a dog as a child
           and persists in believing that all dogs are evil.
           Best commentary on ilyas eVAR!!!
           \_ Apparently he has never been shot, then.
           \_ huh? -dans
           \_ huh?  Ah.  Guns.  Nod. -dans
2006/3/24-27 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:42415 Activity:nil
3/24    Russia Had Sources in U.S. Command in Iraq
        \_ Luckily, the intelligence was wrong?
        \_ OMG!  Our Beloved Ally spied on us!  Eeep!  What is the world
           coming to!  Isn't this against International Law?!
2006/3/24-27 [Uncategorized] UID:42416 Activity:nil
        \_ Sounds like me working on the exchange server..  if i took speed..
        \_ Dude, a translation of that would rock.
2006/3/24-25 [Uncategorized] UID:42417 Activity:moderate
3/24    tom?
        \_ axiom 2
2006/3/24-27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42418 Activity:kinda low
        Would you guys date someone like this?
        \_ why not?
        \_ No, because I like tiny little girls riding on me and huge
           women would crush my penis like an elephant on a mouse.
           My horny gf used to ride on me all the time but now I can't
           even touch her. Yes I'm very sexually frustrated.
        \_ to be quasi-parthaesque, her height would not disqualify her.
           On a side note, she isn't the tallest woman.  She's really
           about 6'6" while the tallest women are 7'+ --Jon
        \_ Maybe if she wore 6"+ heels.
        \_ Yes, but she would never, ever get to be on top.
2006/3/24-27 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:42419 Activity:low
        I maintain that German gals are the hottest!
        \_ Earth calling Swiss John. What awful things have you got to say
           about the German people this time?
           \_ They're all physically lumpy, wear ugly glasses, act too
              self-righteous, and are prone to invading Poland.  -John
        \_ I love that European women shave their pits.
           \_ I love that Asian women don't need to shave anywhere. Nice
              clean pits, no hairy legs, and nice looking, unobstructed
              easy-to-access vaginas.
2006/3/24-26 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:42420 Activity:nil
3/24    Ann Coulter mouse pad:
        \_ Her nuts look kind of weird.
2018/12/10 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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