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2006/3/14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42222 Activity:high
3/14    got my gf to get on the pill so that we could do bareback but later
        she got off the pill cuz she didn't like it. then she started to
        deny some anal. then no anal, at all. then only regular vaginal sex
        if i using condoms. then only thick condoms. then less sex like
                                 \_ why?
        once every two weeks. now, no sex, at all. all this in a 3 year
        time span. is this like, normal?  it's my fourth relationship and
        the same thing happens every single relationship. sex life is
        good in the beginning but always gets worse and worse
        till it no longer exists. please don't delete, i wanna ask
        how other sodans cope with this problem. do u take anti-depressants
        or go to shrinks?
        \_ You should go to a church and convert to Christianity. They
           teach you that you don't need anything else except to love God
           and love from God. As long as there's God, you'll be happy.
           My gf stopped having sex with me after her Christian friends
           convinced her that pre-marrital sex is bad. Now we both go to
           church and no longer have sex. I'm not happy about it at all
           but like she says, give God a chance. I'll give him a year then
           accept it, or just move on. Halleluja, God is great!
           \_ Remember: God doesn't want you to be happy.
           \_ ? you're nuts if you're not a troll.  It's over.   Move on.
           \_ why don't you just get married?
        \_ For some women, there's indication that the pill might
           permanently kill their sex drive.  Maybe that's what happened to
           her.  Does she want to fuck other men?
           \_ Um, that sounds like bullshit to me.  Loaded bullshit at that.
              Kindly point me to evidence (preferably rigorous study, but I'll
              take an abundance of anecdotal evidence). -dans
              \_ The pill can cause all sorts of unpleasant side effects that
                 make sex difficult or impractical, but I've never heard of it
                 actually killing the sex DRIVE.  Perhaps the PP is thinking of
                 antidepressants? --!pp
        \_ No, it's not normal, yes, it does happen, yes, it sucks.  No
           answer for you.
           \_ On the contrary, I think it is completely normal for the
              frequency of sex to diminish over time. It doesn't always
              happen, but it happens enough to be normal. She's bored
              of you. Either dump her or resign yourself to a lifetime
              of this. What does she say when you ask her about it (not
              that it matters, because you will hear all sorts of stories)?
              I've been there, done that, read the books, seen the
              therapist, and it boils down to some bitches (a lot of them,
              in fact) are just like that. There are a lot of reasons why
              and you won't be able to fix most of them. My suggestion is
              to move on and go get yourself another hot, willing chick.
              The French and Italians would say that if she's a good life
              partner otherwise then perhaps you just need a mistress.
              \_ And if you think a guy who talks about "some bitches" and
                 "hot, willing chick[s]" has any useful advice, please return
                 your Cal diploma before you embarrass yourself and us.
                 \_ You take things too literally. Yermom doesn't count
                    as valid experience. Sometimes you have to call
                    bitches bitches and not sugarcoat things.
                    \_ Done. You're an idiot.
                       \_ This makes me laugh. I'm gonna guess you are
                          a "sensitive male". You gotta call a bitch a
                          bitch and a ho a ho.
                          \_ Good. Now you're a laughing idiot.
                             \_ I disagree.  I think he's just been around the
                                block a few times more than you.  -someone else
                                \_ Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with
                                   his idiocy.
                                   \_ I'm an idiot because I call a chick
                                      who stops putting out a bitch? You
                                      know what I call one that *does* put
                                      out? A slut!
                                      \_ geeks behind their computer talking
                                         tough always make me laugh.
                                                            - someone else
                                         \_ heh, yeah -- this guy's pretty
                                            \_ and don't forget, the above
                                               poster could be a girl
                                            \_ Thank you! I'll be at the
                                               Stardust Lounge all week.
                                               \_ heh, np!   :P
        \_ When you have sex, is there anything in it for her?  (i.e. does she
           come every time?)
        \_ She just wants to break up with you but is being passive agressive
           about it. Ask her about your sex life, but be prepared to move on.
           Not "all women" are like this, but the ones that are tired of you
2006/3/14-15 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:42223 Activity:low
3/14    Anyone ever heard of these guys?  Are they legit?  The lack of
        contact info seems a bit odd:  -John
        \_ I thought this might indicate they _weren't_ legit, but on
           further consideration it might merely indicate that someone
           copied their license number / address.
           \_ Probably bogus.  See -niloc
              \_ Turns out they are bogus, without looking up any BBB or
                 Dept. of Corporations info; their whois RIR is in
                 Thailand.  Thanks though.  -John
        \_ The misspelled affiliates. Probably a scam. -ausman
        \_ The misspelled affiliates. Probably a scam. From
           "Escrow sites with the word "Safe" or "Secure" in their name
            are neither safe, nor secure."
            \_ That seems like kind of a bizarre generalization, except that
               in this case it seems to apply... :-)  -John
2006/3/14 [Reference/Religion] UID:42224 Activity:very high
3/14    Hail moroni
        -motd boob guy
        \_ Her name is Moroni?  Huh?
        \_ Is she supposed to be a Mormon?
           \_ Those are pretty small Mormons.  Try these:
              \_ Those are micro!
2006/3/14-16 [Computer/Networking] UID:42225 Activity:moderate
3/14    Can someone reccomend a restaurant or Cafe in the SF financial
        district (say near Montgomery BART) that has free WiFi, decent food
        and reasonable prices?
        \_ it's getting harder and harder to find free/open wifi spots. It makes
           me sad.
           \_ really? I'd thought it was going the other way... (more free
              spots nowadays) - do you mean in SF specifically?
              \_ I'm finding fewer free APs, both from "big, legit" providers
                 (ISPs, telcos) and from misconfigurations; the big ones tend
                 to want to sell wifi service, while people are cluing in
                 to closing up their APs.  However, I see a lot more small
                 "independent" APs, such as from small coffee shops, these
                 days.  This is true of most of the countries I've been to
                 recently.  And running an AP off the third interface off a
                 DMZ interface of a small firewall and allowing free
                 Internet access to anyone (but rate-limiting non-
                 authenticated clients to, say, 10-20% of overall bandwidth)
                 is a nice way to give back.  -John
           \_ free wifi is a form of Socialism; I pay a bit more to let others
              share, in hoping that others will do the same for me when I need
              it in their area. As we all learned in grade school, Socialism
              is BAD and Capitalism is GOOD! GO GWB OUR GREATEST HERO!!!
              \_ I'm pretty sure you're being sarcastic, but I'm going to
                 point this out anyway.  There's nothing socialist about most
                 free wifi.  Everywhere I've been outside of the bay area
                 it's normal for coffee shops and restraunts to have their
                 wifi be free, because it encourages people to hang out there.
                 It's just good business.
                 \_ except when people overstay their welcome and leave less
                    room for incoming customers.
                    \_ Yeah it's like Darfur out there.
                    \_ Yeah, this is actually a big problem in SF.  I don't
                       know where the person who can't find free wifi is
                       looking, because every coffee shop I know of in SF has
                       free wifi.  And they are all filled with these goddamn
                       drones who come in, buy one cup of coffee, and then
                       sit down for a whole day occupying precious table
                       space with themselves and their bloody laptop.
                       The coffeeshop around the corner from my apartment
                       literally has no place to sit during the day, because
                       the entire place has effectively become an office
                       full of laptop-wielding drones.  I say charge for the
                       damn wifi and end this stupid tragedy of the commons.
                       \_ You know what's funny?  I'm guessing that you think
                          government-sponsored free wifi is EVIL SOCIALISM.
                          But if the coffee shops charged huge fees and the
                          professionals who spend all day there wrote those
                          fees of on their taxes as business expenses (which
                          most of them probably could do) you'd think that
                          was just fine, even though it would be a much larger
                          subsidy by the rest of the taxpayers.  Socialism
                          for the rich, capitalism for the poor.
                       \_ You should accidentally spill coffee on someone's
                          laptop. Like once a week.
                       \_ Wow.  Your assessment is very scientific.  As a
                          rational observer, I'm convinced that clearly free
                          wifi will lead to the downfall of western
                          civilization. -dans
        \_ Harvest & Rowe on 2nd between Market and Mission.
           \_ Ooh, that looks good but I should have mentioned I'm looking for
              a place open around dinner. -OP
2006/3/14-16 [Uncategorized] UID:42226 Activity:nil
3/14    Rat-Squirrel is actually an ancient species:
2006/3/14-16 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:42227 Activity:nil
3/14    I think someone's using an auto script to add the moroni big boob
        post. Anyone else would like to confirm it?
        \_ why do you care?
        \_ Moroni (if that's her name) is hot.
           \_ url?
           \_ Eh. -dans
2006/3/14-16 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:42228 Activity:kinda low
3/14    "Global warming gases at highest levels ever: UN"
        \_ And it will accelerate in the coming decades as we switch to
           more Carbon-heavy sources of energy like Coal, and burn vasts
           tracts of forest to plant "carbon-neutral" feedstocks for biofuels.
           Even if Europe and the United States get their act together
           (unlikely) and actually reduce their CO2 & greenhouse gas emissions
           that will be quickly undone by China & India's booming industry.
        \_ Why do we care?  We've already been told that Global Warming is
           irreversible.  Personally, I burn tires for warmth. -emarkp
        \_ CO2 is one of the global warming gases.  Do your part to cut down
           on its production.  Stop breathing.
           on its release.  Stop breathing.
           \_ I think it would work better if you did, actually -- then we'd
              be left with one guy that gives a damn, and one fewer motd
              \_ But the point is, why should we care? Unless you have
                 children or are under the age of ten by the time the
                 shit really hits the fan we'll all be really old or dead.
                 There also isn't much we can do about it. I think that we
                 need to let technology take care of the problem or just
                 live with the consequences. It's akin to caring about whether
                 or not the Big One will hit the bay area. Nobody can really
                 do anything about it, so most of us just don't care. It's
                 unfortunately a cynical way to view global warming, but it
                 is realistic.
                 \_ ie, "I'm going to get mine because it's all about me,
                    no matter who dies."
                 \_ Ahhh, nihilism.
                 \_ So in your moral framework, we should not care about it
                    because it only affects our children? You suck. (Actually
                    it is already starting to have effects and will continue
                    within our lifetimes.)
                    \_ I sure hpe it hurries up.  Then I can turn off my space
                       heater and save on my monthly electricity bill.
                       \_ Just wait til you see your AC bill, fucker.
        \_ Surveys say 100 out of 100 scientists who depend on global warming
           fright for continued resarch funding say global warming will kill
           us all unless funding continues.
           \_ By this standard, we should never believe anything any scientists
              tell us.  I'm sure that's not what you meant to imply, and you
              were just trolling.
              \_ By what standard?  All scientists do *not* acquire funding
                 through fear mongering.  Most of them get funding by saying,
                 "Hey I found this cool thing and if you give me more money,
                 I can probably make something useful from it".  I wasn't
                 trolling.  I think the global warming 'scientists' have a
                 vested interest in fear mongering.  Population explosions,
                 global cooling, global warming, running out of [food, water,
                 oil, various minerals, arable land, etc], and global warming
                 is just the latest scare tactic for cash.  The sky is not
                 \_ The sky might not be falling, but the sea (level) is
                    already rising.
                    \_ At .0004mm per year?  Ok.  I'm scared now.  You got me.
                       \_ guess you don't live in New Orleans
                       \_ Actually it's 1-2mm per year for the past 100 years.
                          \_ Which might zoom up if say, all the ice on
                             Greenland decides to melt.  Everyone into the
2006/3/14-15 [Uncategorized] UID:42229 Activity:nil
2006/3/14-16 [Uncategorized] UID:42230 Activity:nil
3/14    I'm used to KDE 3.0.5 and my machine at work was upgraded to 3.3.1.
        Konsole doesn't seem to have an option to move the tab bar to the
        left side of the screen anymore. Is there any way to get it to do
2006/3/14-16 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:42231 Activity:nil
3/14    New CBS poll with Bush at 34% breaks down party affilation this way:
        32% GOP
        32% Dems
        36% Ind
        So what's the new talking point?  For reference, the last poll had
        the "controversial" breakdown of:
        28% GOP
        40% Dems
        32% Ind
        \_ I believe the 32% / 32% numbers are unweighted (they asked about
           the same raw number of Dems and Republicans).
           However, all results have been weighted so that Dems represent
           34% and Republicans represent 29%, for the most recent CBS poll.
           As for the previous CBS poll, my guess is that the 28% / 40% numbers
           were also the raw number of people asked, and they again weighted to
           ~34% Dem / ~29% GOP, but they asked the same number of Dems and
           Republicans for the new poll to avoid that controversy.
           Or perhaps to have a new controversy of "Why did you weight the
           GOP votes down to 29% you motherfuckers?!"
           \_ The "controversy" was not weighted vs. unweighted.  It was
              stupidity vs. facts.
              \_ I just found the data for the older poll.
                 The weighting for that was 37% Dem / 28% GOP.
                 So that means they went from a split of 9% to 5% from the
                 old poll to the current one.
        \_ There have always been more Democrats than Republicans. The
           so-called controversy was just more GOP denying of reality
           slapping them in the face.
2006/3/14-16 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:42232 Activity:nil
3/14    Retired General William Odom, former head of the National Security
        Agency and security adviser to Ronald Reagan, wrote that the Iraq war
        "is serving the interests of Osama bin Laden, the Iranians, and is
        fomenting civil war in Iraq." He describes the Iraq war as "the most
        strategic foreign policy disaster in U.S. history."
        \_ That's sort of an odd way to phrase it.
           \_ Maybe he means as opposed to a tactical disaster, like the Bay
              of Pigs invasion/Iranian hostage botched rescue? The whole
              invasion was run from the start by crackpipe sucking neocons.
2006/3/14-16 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:42233 Activity:nil
3/14    Hello Oracle experts. Is there a reason why .getProcedures takes
        so long to execute? I've tried using different jdbc connectors
        from different vendors and have the same results, so I think
        it must be the DB hog backend. Why does it take so long?
          DatabaseMetaData dbmeta  = con.getMetaData();
          long startTime = System.currentTimeMillis();
          System.out.println("+++" + dbmeta.getClassName());
          ResultSet rs = dbmeta.getProcedures(null, null, null);
          long stopTime = System.currentTimeMillis();
          long runTime = stopTime - startTime;
          // print runTime shows 800 seconds for only 220,000 result set!
        } ... ...
2006/3/14-16 [Uncategorized] UID:42234 Activity:nil
3/14    Hey, welcome back ilyas. Posting normally now eh?
        \_ Hey ilyas, still think the Iraq War was a good idea?
           \_ I don't think ilyas ever said it was. You probably
              got ilyas confused with someone else?
        \_ Huh?
           \_ ilyas was posting on motd using a hidden mechanism and when it
              was discovered he dissappeared for a while. Now he's back.
2006/3/14-16 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:42235 Activity:moderate
3/14    Progressives are so much less likely to have children. Conservatism
        to rule for decades to come. We're screwed. Really screwed.
        \_ Isn't it ironic that those who make the biggest deal of
           evolution, fail its only test so pathetically? --Alanis
        \_ The basic fallacy here is the idea that children always have the
           values of their parents.  This is demonstrably false.
           \_ I'm your number one fan!  That's such a great phrase!  I think
              you should use it at least 3 times per motd!
                        --Basic Fallacy Guy's #1 Fan
           \_ Please demonstrate, with statistics and not with anecdotes.
              \_ Are social mores the same as they were 100 years ago?
                 \_ |R' - R| < |R' - Dnom|, where R' = f(R), but |R' - R| != 0.
              \_ C'mon, all you need is one example to disprove an "always".
                 You still want one example?
                 \_ Fair enough.  But you're still in trouble so long as it's
                    more heritable than the nominal D/R split.
                    \_ '50s = Prudes
                       '60s = Hippies
                       '90s = Old hippies
                       '00s = ?
                       We already have one example of Prudes producing Hippies.
                       You need to argue that there is an overwhelming force
                       which prevents Hippies from being produced from Prudes
                       \_ Now, there are certainly anecdotal examples of '60s
                          hippies turning capitalist and conservative in middle
                          age.  Again, please post statistics and not anecdotes.
                          \_ You want statistics on the production of Hippies
                             from Prudes in the '60s?  You don't believe this
                             to have occurred without statistics?
                             \_ I want statistics that says political
                                attitude is or is not heritable.  Here, I'll
                                make your job easier for you.
                                "[T]he idea that a behavioral system has a
                                strong genetic component is hardly an issue
                                anymore", or how about "the data suggest an
                                interplay of both genetic and environmental
                                factors in people's attitudes toward, for
                                example, sex, politics and religion,
                                with environment playing a stronger role".
                                Now, where do the genetics come from, and
                                who controls formative environmental factors?
                                \_ Sigh.  If social mores didn't change over
                                   time, we'd still be worshipping animals
                                   and sacrificing each other to the moon
                                   \_ |R' - R| < |R' - Dnom|, where R' = f(R),
                                      but |R' - R| != 0.  And you should talk
                                      to some wiccans and other neo-pagans.
        \_ This correlation also applies to education levels, and high
                                   \_ Again, I give you good science and you
                                      reply with faulty logic.  What did you
                                      study in college?
                                      \_ Anyway, this article essentially
                                         agrees with both me and you.  The
                                         only dumb part of this thread is
                                         your use of "Republican" and
                                         "Democrat."  I think the terms
                                         you're looking for are "religious"
                                         and "secular."  The flaw in the
                                         article's argument is that they don't
                                         compare relative populations of
                                         religious baby-producers and secular
                                         baby-busters.  I'm willing to bet
                                         that the baby-producers are both a
                                         smaller segment of the population, and
                                         overwhelmingly immigrants of color.
                                         \_ So you agree with the article that
                                            attitudes toward politics has a
                                            genetic component, in other words
                                            children tend to inherit the
                                            politics of the parents?  Thanks for
                                            \_ The article didn't say anything
                                               about genetics, and you just
                                               avoided everything that I said.
                                               Thanks for playing.
                                               \_ Wow.  "[T]he data suggest an
                                                  interplay of both *genetic*
                                                  and environmental factors."
                                                  [emphasis added]  Whatever
                                                  you studied in college, I
                                                  guess it was neither logic
                                                  nor reading comprehension.
                                                  The article also said
                                                  "people's attitudes toward...
                                                  politics," so your argument
                                                  that it's not about politics
                                                  is also patently wrong.
                                                  Do you have anything to say
                                                  beyond lies and obfuscation?
                                                  \_ for posterity, at least
                                                     three ppl are participatng
                                                     in this sub-thread
                                                     \_ However, we are all
                                                        commenting about the
                                                        same article, and
                                                        claims about what the
                                                        article did or did not
                                                        say can be resolved.
                                \_ Your question is seriously flawed, and
                                   already probably caused a boatload of
                                   confused discussion.
                                \_ What do you mean by "heritable"?
                                   heritable 1 : capable of being inherited or
                                   of passing by inheritance
                                   inheritance 1 a : the act of inheriting
                                   property b : the reception of genetic
                                   qualities by transmission from parent to
                                   offspring c : the acquisition of a
                                   possession, condition, or trait from past
                                   Obviously it is not 1(a).  Are you talking
                                   about 1(b) or 1(c)?
        \_ This correlation also applies to education levels, and hig
           standard of living. Cf. Europe and Japan.
        \_ The article didn't really talk about this, but liberals could be
           adopting all the unwanted kids that conservatives won't let hap-
           less women abort.
2006/3/14-16 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:42236 Activity:low
3/14    "BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraqi authorities discovered at least 87 corpses
        men shot to death execution-style as Iraq edged closer to open civil
        THANK YOU Mr. George W. Bush!
        \_ yawn. just another day in Iraq.
        \_ Beacon of Democracy in the Middle East.  And we are going to
           duplicate our success in Iran!
        \_ what does this have to do with global warming?
           \_  My ass is getting warm.
        \_ Mission Accomplished!
        \_ Job well done!
        \_ Major (American) combat operations are over.
2006/3/14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42237 Activity:nil 80%like:42238
        \   ^__^
         \  (oo)\_______
            (__)\       )\/\   ~
                ||----w |   .   ~  smell the love!
                ||     ||  #=.#
                ||     || ,.#=..
2006/3/14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42238 Activity:nil 80%like:42237
        \   ^__^
         \  (oo)\_______
            (__)\       )\/\
                ||----w |
                ||     ||
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