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Berkeley CSUA MOTD
2006/3/10-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:42171 Activity:nil
        Dear current csua students-- the bickering between tom and dans
        is NOT representative of current alumni and your future, and
        is certainly NOT typical behaviour from typcial alumni. Most
        of us have a bit more humour and are much more optimistic,
        forgiving, and helpful. Most of us understand that what happened in
        the past, is history and no one really give a damn. What's important
        is _now_, the present time, because we can do something to make
        csua a better organization. You [current students] have our support.
        You certainly have my moral support, but don't count on getting
        any money from me because I'm a cheapskate alum who can't even
        afford a typical house, a 60 year old run down house for $800K in
        San Jose or Santa Clara even with my near 6-digit salary so I'm
        forced to buy a fucking $600K house out of nowhere north of
        Gilroy and suffer traffic every single fucking day. FUCK!! !!!
        Oops, I'm only joking. I'm not bitter. Really. Go Cal. BEAT STANFORD!
        \_ Thanks a lot for your show of support.  Don't worry I realize that
           most often the silent minority who agree with policy/direction
           can be drowned out by a vocal minority.  With recently getting new
           soda we are actually ok in regards to the constant need for more
           money.  It sounds like maybe we should go panhandle for change
           to help you out though.  :P
           I hope you manage to make it to the alumni bbq and can meet some of
           the current students.  -mrauser, president
           Just so you know, its highly unlikely that more than 1-2 current
           students ever read the motd (myself included) and thus probably
           have no idea that tom and dans are bickering.
           \_ Bingo!
        \_ 2ded. I personally think that the CSUA is a great student
           organization and am proud to be an alum member. I have hired
           several CSUA members as interns and full time employees and
           will continue to support the CSUA morally and financially.
           On a side note, I have been greatly impressed by the dedication
           of the recent politburo members (props to jvarga and mrauser)
           and hope that the CSUA continues to recruit dedicated ugs.
           GO BEAH!
           \_ 3ded.
2006/3/10-13 [Uncategorized] UID:42172 Activity:nil
3/9     Alright guys I'm bidding on the induction stove top on eBay,
        PLEASE don't bid on it unless you want to get into a bidding
        war with me because I'm determined to get it. Thanks.
        \_ Keep your induction stove.  I'd take a good gas range any day..
        \_ Why are you obsessed with induction stove? Is it a proven
           technology? Is it SAFE?? Cook in cast iron!
2006/3/10-11 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:42173 Activity:nil
3/9     Vicente Fox made a joking reference to women as "washing machines
        with two legs"
2006/3/10-11 [Recreation/Media] UID:42174 Activity:nil
3/9     The Simpsons remake (category: humor):
2006/3/10-13 [Science/Space, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:42175 Activity:nil
3/10    New way to make Hyrdogen from water:
        \_ Still in the very early stages of development, but very cool.
           I wonder how cost effective it will be.
        \_ Wow! It looks like a combo of the working parts of a temperature
           wheel with proven hydrogen/oxygen splitting tech. That's pretty
2006/3/10-13 [Computer/Domains, Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:42176 Activity:moderate
3/10    Tivo?  Netflix?  Watching Live TV?  Playing Computer Games?
        Using the Computer/Internet?  (Where do you spend more of your time?)
        \_ sport hunting bums in the BART tube
           \_ I took this in the British sense at first given the use of
              'tube'. It was far more clever that way.
        \_ Total time (including work), #1 is using the computer.
           Measuring just free time, #1 is "outside."  -tom
        \_ Including work, mostly in front of a computer. For leisure,
           mostly talking to friends, some reading, some outdoors, little
           TV. --erikred
        \_ #1 computer, #2 tivo, #3 cooking, #4 netflix, #5 hiking  --dbushong
        \_ #1 computer, #2 church, #3 investing/trading, #4 basketball
        \_ #1 slave work for my gf, #2 church, #3 investing/trading #4 computer,
           #5 calling my mom, #6 basketball  --christian socialist
           \_ Why do you put up with #1?  For the sex?
              \_ Of course not.  The Bible clearly says adultery is punishable
                 by stoning.  -!pp
           \_ Why do you put up with #2?  For the sex?
           \_ Why do you put up with #5?  For the sex?
           \_ Why do you put up with #6?
        \_ My new daughter, playing computer games, Cal sports. -ausman
        \_ Girlfriend, playing Forgotten Hope online, jogging, playing with
           telescope, going to restaurants, travel.  -John
2006/3/10-13 [Academia/Berkeley, Reference/Military] UID:42177 Activity:moderate
3/10    It had to happen eventually - danh
        \_ It happened because Timothy was reckless. Living with bears gave
           him as much rush as having unprotected sex with random hookers.
           He played roulette. He won most of the time. But chance caught up.
        \_ It's possible this is a the real audio, but the text doesn't fit
           the facts terribly well.
           \_ How so? It seems to fit from what I know.
              \_ They found more than just "2 skulls" and I'm pretty sure the
                 bear(s) wouldn't be "eating him alive"
                  \_ What are you talking about? That's not on that link...
           \_ [whoops, nevermind]
           \_ (
              It's probably the real audio, or two minutes out of six.
              The text may not be accurate (more mauling than eating).
              Basically the "Play dead" trick doesn't work if the salmon run
              just ended, you've camped out on top of the bear trail to the
              salmon run (so you can meet more bears), it's an old bear who
              can't compete with the younger ones and is really hungry, it
              weighs 1000 pounds, it's just before hibernation time, it
              surprised you by putting your head in its mouth while you were
              up close trying to make nice with it, and the best armament
              your buddy has is a frying pan.
              \_ I wish they hadn't shot the bear, or the younger one that
                 was in the area. The bear was just being a bear. No reason
                 to shoot it. They could have tranq'd it or scared it.
                 \_ No, once a bear has identified humans as prey, it
                    will tend to attack again.  That's why nimrods like
                    this guy are really hurting the animals.  -tom
                    this guy are really hurting the animals.  -tom, bear expert
           Bear (pepper) spray, with video re-enactment and Bear Safety Tips!
        \_ Sounds fake to me.
2006/3/10-13 [Politics/Domestic/California, Reference/BayArea] UID:42178 Activity:nil
3/10    Looking for data that supports the claim from the 10/13 motd that
        Bay Area prostitution is decreasing.  I can't find anything that
        supports this claim.
        For reference:
        \_ Look at .  That'll
           have the raw numbers.  I'm too lazy to do the math myself, but I
           like to see the answer after you've figured it out.
        \_ You're going to have a hard time finding hard data since there
           really isn't any.  The census is once per 10 years, it's self
           reporting and then they further manually munge the data to fit
           their idea of who they think should be there.  There are other
           methods that take place on a local level but they're not that
           accurate either.  Until everyone gets RFID'd, processed, scanned,
           enumerated, and entered in the computer, these numbers will always
           just be guesstimations at best.  IMO, it's better that way.
        \_ (was declining)
  (now rising a bit)
2006/3/10-13 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:42179 Activity:low
3/10    The Rove nixes the Dubai deal.  Who says he doesn't care about
        "CBS News senior White House correspondent Bill Plante reports the
        announcement came about after the company's consultations with White
        House political strategist Karl Rove."
        \_ How about Dubai was already going to pull out, and they wanted
           Rove to manage the spin?
           I guess it could have been Rove decided that Dubai should pull
           out, Dubai said yes, and Rove also managed the spin.
        \_ How about Dubai was already going to pull out, and Rove managed
           the spin?  I guess it could have been Rove+Bush decided Dubai
           should pull out, Dubai said yes, and Rove also managed the spin.
           \_ First it's China's Unical deal.  Then, it's this.  Yes,
              protectionist economy!!!
              \_ Heh, I think you've just proven beyond a doubt that you
                 understand the terms you're trying to use. -3hp to you!
2006/3/10-13 [Science/Space] UID:42180 Activity:low
3/10    All these world are yours except Enceladus. Attempt no landings there.
        \_ Yet in 2061 they crash land there anyway.
           \_ According to Clarke, each 20xx novel takes place in it's own
              parallel universe.  In other words, he couldn't reconcile the
              blatant plot contradictions between the four novels, so
              he just took the Marvel comics cop-out route.
           \_ iirc, this is excused b/c it was an "accident" rather than a
              intentional landing. At least it wasn't as bad as having Jeff
              Goldblum upload a virus to the monolith from his powerbook.
        \_ Photo based on Cassini date:
2006/3/10-13 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:42181 Activity:kinda low
3/10    Why the hell hasn't fax technology died yet?
               \_ 'cause not everyone has a scanner on their computer?
        \_ 'cause not everyone has a scanner on their computer?
        \_ Because not every document is electronic.  It's more convenient
           to use a fax machine when you're dealing with paper.
        \_ if every notebooks has built-in slot-scanner, i think it will
           help the demise of fax.
           \_ The fax isn't going anywhere anytime soon.  The easiest way to
              get a pile of papers from me to you quickly over a long distance
              is dropping the stack into a fax machine, punching your fax
              number in and coming back in an hour.  And what is a fax machine
              other than a scanner with a phone/modem attached, anyway?  How
              is a notebook based sheet at a time slot scanner going to help
              anyone who uses a fax on a daily basis? (Namely, businesses
              large and small).
              \_ That's it though... the modem thing is outdated. It should
                 just be transmitted through an email. There's no reason that
                 can't be done just as easily, using a batch-scanner with an
                 associated program.
                 A coworker was telling me how his mortgage company has no
                 internet at all and just fax machines. So they use this
                 3rd party that takes their fax and then forwards a pdf to
                 an email address (using character recognition on the cover
                 sheet to find the email address). But they have no way to get
                 it back except fax. It's just stupid.
                 \_ The modem is not out dated.  It requires only a functional
                    phone system without email server, dns, ISP, and provides
                    confirmation of receipt which email does not do.  Just
                    because your friend's company is stupid does not mean
                    one of the technologies they use is stupid.  I'll bet
                    your friend's company has pens, too.  Are pens stupid?
                    Faxes are cheap.  The infrastructure is in place all over
                    the world.  What would your much more expensive and less
                    reliable system get anyone other than slashdot style
                    kewlness?  Long live the fax!
                    \_ The problem is that most of the posters assume fax is
                       useful everywhere.  The fax is useful in places where
                       there is no reliable internet (i.e. cost or shitty
                       POTS service.)  There is no reason I can think of why
                       people still fax shit in the rest of the world.  -John
         \_ are you referring to the technology (the how) or the idea of
            sending fascimiles of documents (the goal), whether it be by
            fax machine or via scanner+email/web/etc?  Signatures still
            rule in the legal world for most documents -- acceptance of
            digital signatures (DSS etc) is not widespread yet.
            \_ A client of mine does a lot of regulatory compliance docs with
               signatures.  They have a system for doing digital signatures
               which is accepted and legally binding (don't ask me how), but
               it is extremely clunky, so they revert to scanned signatures
               most of the time.  I suspect it's more of an issue of their
               cruddy implementation, though.  -John
2006/3/10-11 [Uncategorized] UID:42182 Activity:moderate
3/10    What do these look like?  I'm at work and can't
        \_ Pretty much like what you'd expect from a site called
           \_ what does fapomatic mean?
              \_ fap ~= masturbate
                \_ I learn something new every day!
              \_ fap is onomatopoeia!
        \_ pretty lame
        \_ let's see if someone deletes this again: they're photos of a woman,
           clothed and unclothed, with grotesquely huge breasts
           \_ Is that really her fault?
              \_ Who said it was?
              \_ No, but getting fucked on camera sure is.
2006/3/10-13 [Science/Biology, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:42183 Activity:low
        Hahaha what the fuck?
        \_ Seriously looks like something out of the Weekly World News.
        \_ "...*the* gene responsible for bipealism..."
        \_ "...*the* gene responsible for bipedalism..."
           singular?  Somehow I rather doubt that.
           \_ it's worded poorly. better: the gene for upright balance.
              Except they do suggest that since they were never encouraged
              to stand upright by parents that it could still be
        \_ Bet the girls are the life of the party.  -John
2006/3/10 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:42184 Activity:nil 72%like:42188
3/10    Isn't posner supposed to be smart?
        \- What is your point? also since he would have been hearing it
           at the appelate level, his comment may be on some narrow legal
           point. i imagine he approaches this in interms of his econ
           approach about what ruling produces "efficient outcomes".
2006/3/10 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:42185 Activity:nil
3/10    The Clinton National Security Scandal and Coverup
        by Sen. James N. Inhofe - Senate Floor Statement
        June 23, 1999
2006/3/10-13 [Recreation/Activities] UID:42186 Activity:nil
3/10    Thinking about going to Mountain High this weekend, is it an ok
        snow week lately?   -beginner
        \_ Yes, they are getting snow today, but you know that because you
           checked their web site. Right?
           \_ says "HEAVY SNOW" which I'm interpreting as
              "quite a bitch to drive up there and you will likely
              drive off the cliff"
              \_ Have you ever been to Mountain High? There's no cliffside
                 \_ Have you ever served?
        \_ There should be great snow up there after all the rain this week.
2006/3/10-13 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:42187 Activity:low
3/10    I wrote a little perl, that had a little curl
        right in the middle of it's call stack.
        And when it crashed, it crashed very very fast,
        but when it was slow, it was working
        \_ LWP::UserAgent!
           \_ Can I use LWP::UserAgent to do multiple concurrent requests,
              and time them?  Will it deal with a redirect automatically?
        \_ There's also a parallel version of LWP:UserAgent but it is a
           bit clunkier to use but if you need it, I found it better than
           forking off multiple child procs.
           \_ Eh, using the default one with Parallel::ForkManager's pretty
              easy.  I used that for the remote-link checking part of a
              linkchecker I wrote and it was pretty easy.
              \_ I haven't used P:FM.  I assume it's forking off procs?
                 I'll take a look at it, thanks.  I wonder if P:FM or
                 the P version of LWP:UA is faster....
           \_ How would you time the parallel requests in perl?  (how long
              one takes to complete).
              \_ Since I was running dozens or even hundreds at a time, I just
                 did a simple $end - $start timer for entire runs.  Timing a
                 single connection is a tiny bit harder because the start time
                 is just a "go do them all now" call but you can time any
                 particular connection if you want.  You know when you fired
                 off the batch, you control if the batch runs in order or as
                 fast as possible/parallel, you know for each connection when
                 you get the first bits back and you of course can tell when a
                 particular connection is done.  But as I said, I just fired
                 off however many, noted the start and end times and that was
                 it.  Divide # requests by total time was good enough for me.
2006/3/10-13 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:42188 Activity:low 72%like:42184
3/10    Isn't posner supposed to be smart? (
        \- What is your point? also since he would have been hearing it
           at the appelate level, his comment may be on some narrow legal
           point. i imagine he approaches this in interms of his econ
           approach about what ruling produces "efficient outcomes".
        \_ this is so fcuked up.
        \_ The guy who wrote the must have read a different
           opinion than the linked Posner one.  Reading the linked Posner
           decision, what the article claims are "two
           remarkable leaps" are actually just direct application of the
           US Code ("damage" includes "any impairment to the integrity or
           *availability* of data" [emphasis added]) or a previous decision
              \_ I disagree.  That US Code is "unconstitutionaly vague".
                 Simply deleting the files constitutes "impairent" to the
                 "availability of data." If attempting to delete the files
                 was a violation, then fine.  But the fact that he happened
                 (unlike most people) to know how to *actually* delete the
                 files, is, im(ns)ho, irrelevant.
           ("violating the duty of loyalty, or failing to disclose adverse
           interests, voids the agency relationship" State v. DiBiulio).
        \_ The way I read the statute, IAC needs to show the following
           in order to state a claim under the statute:
                1. Citrin knowingly transmitted a program
                2. To a protected computer; AND
                3. Citirn intentionally used that program
                4. To cause damage to the data on the computer; AND
                5. Citrin was not authorized to cause that damage.
           Posner is hearing the case on appeal from a dismissal for
           failure to state a claim. Basically, at this point his
           job is to assume that Citrin actually did all the things
           IAC says he did and figure out if that would be enough
           for IAC to get relief.
           Added to this is the suggestion that some of the data
           that was deleted may have been incriminating evidence
           re a breach of contract or breach of the duty of loyalty
           Given that it is so early in the game and the potential
           destruction of evidence Posner seems to think that it is
           probably a good idea to have Citrin tell the trial judge
           his side of the story before the case is dismissed.
           Re "damage" == "delete": To me, it seems clear that it is
           within Congress' power to reach unauthorized deletions of
           data from a protected computer under the Commerce Clause.
           If you access my computer w/o my authorization, intentionally
           install srm(1) and then srm /bsd, I think Congress has the
           power to hold you liable.
           I don't see the 5th amend vaguness argument, please explain.
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