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2006/3/8-10 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iran] UID:42134 Activity:nil
3/8     Murtha doesn't like Cheney's recent statements on Iran and why
        \_ He can try but he is not able to convince average American
           not to attack Iran.  Most American think we can go in, surgically
           bomb couple places and leaves, and suffers no consequences
           afterward.  Just like most people don't think much of our
           relationship with Iran has nothing to do with the fact that we
           overthrow their government for oil in the past.
2006/3/8-10 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:42137 Activity:low
        Surely the chicken farmer detained in Gitmo understands his noble
        sacrifice in this post-9/11 world.  Nothing is 100%, except our
        righteous determination to defend America.
        \_ Are there situations under which we should not defend our country?
           \_ Our will to defend our way of life will never flag.
              At times there is collateral damage, but that is the price we are
              willing to pay for Freedom.
              \_ Especially when the currency traded in is Iraqi blood...
              \_ I think Gregoire sells Freedom for $4.  -tom
                 \_ Freedom costs a buck 'o five.
        \_ I find it really sad that the Bush loyalists won't see how truly
           horrid this is.  They're giving him power heaped on power all under
           the safety net of trust.  He's repeatedly (and now blatantly)
           betrayed that trust, and they still vote to give him more unchecked
           \_ Who are these Bush loyalists?  He hasn't been up for election
              for  while.  You mean Congress?
           \_ Yeah, I've seen people arrested to talking out against Bush.
              I've seen people disappear as well. I know for a fact he
              controls the media. And you know he's personally profitting
              from all this - its cuz he didn't already have enough zeros
              after his name.
              \_ Yes! And Elvis and the Greys!  And the Bigfoot Army of God!
                 They're all in on it!
                 \_ Don't forget the Illuminati and the Knights Templar.
              \_ Free Michael and Cindy!
2006/3/8-10 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:42138 Activity:high
3/8     Any motd commentary on the ranting geography teacher?  (article)  (mp3 of rant)
        \_ You posted it.  What do *you* think about it?
           \_ Fair enough.  I don't have all the facts, but I understand
              he's been complained about before, which I would assume
              means he's been warned.  I was originally somewhat
              ambivalent about it.  I've had ranting teachers before, no
              biggie, but that rant is really over the top.  Assuming he's
              been warned before, I think, in a perfect world, he would be
              fired for incompetence.  However, this being the public
              school system, he'll probably just be punished in some
              vaugely passive-aggressive manner, like making him teach
              math or something. -op
              \_ Addendum: It seems he may have been complained about
                 before, but was never explicitly warned or diciplined, so
                 I'm downgrading my recommendation to "warning and a
                 slap-on-the-wrist." -jrleek
              \_ There are a few moments that are over the top, but, overall,
                 not that ridiculous a rant.  I don't quite follow your claim
                 that, because he rants, he is incompetent.  Frankly, if he
                 did the same thing, and used it to foster an interactive
                 discussion with his students, he'd be a really great
                 teacher.  Even as a rant, what he's saying is more thought
                 provoking and challenging than most of the pablum served up
                 in high school.  This is a good thing, assuming you want high
                 school to teach kids solid critical analysis skills that are
                 a key tool needed to synthesize raw information into well
                 thought out and informed opinions.  Contrariwise, this is
                 terrible if you want high school to pump out cogs suitable
                 for working dull 9-5 jobs in an industrial economy where
                 obedience is more important than ideas.  BTW, why don't
                 most so-called conservatives on the motd sign their posts?
                 \_ Most people that post here, conservative or otherwise,
                    do so anonymously.         -mice
                    \_ Good point.  I suspect I've got some unfair selection
                       bias. -dans
                 \_ He's incompetent because he's not teaching anything,
                    he's just ranting.  He is not using it foster any
                    discussion.  How are they supposed to discuss it
                    while they're supposed to taking notes?  What he's
                    saying is not even really "thought provoking" because
                    he gives no context or evidence for any of it.  Some
                    of the questions he asks the students aren't even
                    really defineable.  "What is the most violent country
                    in the world?"  The kids dejectedly mutter "us,"
                    knowing the answer he wants. Assuming you could even
                    figure out what that question is supposed to mean,
                    don't you think Sudan, for example, might be a better
                    Anyway, he just jumps from subject to subject in a
                    disjointed rant that has nothing to do with the topic
                    of the class or teaching the kids anything but
                    "America is bad."  He offers no evidence, and expects
                    no discussion becuase he mostly references topics that
                    no high school student can reasonably be expected to
                    know enough about to call him on his BS. Some of his
                    facts are even flat out wrong.
                    BTW: didn't think it was important, but, if you
                    prefer. -jrleek
                    \_ Who gives a shit?  His rant isn't about geography, which
                       is what he's supposed to be teaching.  I think the
                       content of an off-topic rant is less important than
                       the length.  It seems to me that crazy digressions are
                       not relevant to the teacher's qualities as a teacher.
                       My highschool physics teacher went off on some pretty
                       crazy stuff about conspiracies and all the people he
                       thought should be executed and so on, but he was still
                       a great physics teacher because he was *usually*
                       talking about physics, and we all learned the material
                       (as proven by superior AP exam scores).  If anything, I'd
                       say my highschool physics teacher's rants helped us pay
                       attention to the physics because you never knew when
                       something whacky was coming.  Of course in today's
                       neo-fascist school environment, he'd probably end up
                       fired for the stuff he said about politics and we'd
                       end up with the moron creationist chem teacher teaching
                       us instead.
                       \_ Reasonable point, although I was responding
                          specifically dans' statement.  In this case, the
                          rant seems to have been about 20 minutes, at my
                          high school that would be approx. 1/2 a class
                          period.  The kid claimed he does this
                          "Neo-fascist school environment?"  You haven't
                          been around a high school in a while, huh?  I
                          can pretty much guarantee you, nothing has
                          changed.  (At least since I was in school)
                          \_ What year did you graduate high school?
                             \_ You first, anonymous man. -jrleek
                                \_ 1994.
                                   \_ 1998.
                                      \_  Uh...ok, so both pre-Columbine and
                                          pre-911.  I call bullshit that
                                          nothing's changed.  Do you have
                                          a younger sibling in high school
                                          or something?  Where's your
                                          circumstantial evidence that
                                          nothing's changed?
                                          \_ Yes, my little sister just
                                             graduated from the same
                                             school I did.  That's pretty
                                             much all the evidence though.
                                             Many of my firends were still
                                             there for when Columbine
                                             happened too.  Admittedly,
                                             you're now more likely to get
                                             in trouble for threatening to
                                             shoot people at school, but I
                                             wouldn't exactly call that
                    \_ WRT the ``what is the most violent country in the world
                       question,'' I agree that it could be phrased better.
                       If you want to talk internally violent, then yes,
                       Sudan definitely is up there, though the US' homicide
                       rate is, to my knowledge, the highest among developed
                       countries.  If you want to talk about externally
                       violent, then you can make a strong argument for the
                       US.  Is Sudan on the warpath?  Is it attacking its
                       neighbors?  To my knowledge, no.  If Sudan got angry
                       at, say, France, would it be a threat?  Probably not.
                       The US is one of the few countries in the world with
                       global reach, and, in light of Russia's decline,
                       possibly the only country with an arsenal capable of
                       literally wiping countries off the map or destroying
                       the world with the push of a button (MAD was a real
                       part of political policy making in the cold war).
                                On a technical note about the `dejected'
                       response, I think that's a reasonable interpretation of
                       the response, but not the only one.  This was likely
                       recorded with an inexpensive omni microphone, thus when
                       one speaker projects from the front of the room, it is
                       much clearer than when many speakers talk from all
                       directions at once.  In my experience, getting *any*
                       response from a class room of high school experience is
                       hard to do.  Then again, maybe I just suck as a
                       teacher. :)  One also must realize that not all
                       learning or discussion happens in the classroom.  Push
                       students buttons enough in the classroom, and they'll
                       argue and discuss material outside of the classroom.
                       If this is the teacher's strategy, he's executing it
                       poorly, but, in the right hands, it can be a very
                       powerful technique.
                                On the evidence side of things, I agree
                       that his discussision of capitalism was one of the
                       over the top moments where he doesn't justify his
                       statements.  On the other hand, most of his statements
                       about US dealings in Latin America are factual and, to
                       my knowledge, accurate (cf economics of coca).  I don't
                       like the idea that high school students are too dumb or
                       too ignorant to go toe to toe with a teacher that
                       raises obscure facts.  When my teachers did this, I
                       took it as a challenge and I learned from it.  IMO,
                       when you raise the bar for the brightest students, it
                       lifts everyone up, and when you cater to the lowest
                       common denominator students, it pushes everyone down.
                       BTW, thanks for signing.  Nice to know who
                       I'm arguing with.  FYI, I gradugated in '97 -dans
                       Thanks for signing your name, it's good to know who I'm
                       arguing with. -dans (graduated highschool in 1997)

                       \_ Sudan is also supporting militias attacking
                          Chad. And, your point is that he's
                          incompetent?  agreed. -jrleek
                          \_ US: EVIL, ANTI-US: GOOD!
                             \_ If American public schools don't teach
                                students that dissent and critical
                                questioning of our leaders is a patriotic duty
                                and a key ingredient in a healthy democratic
                                society, who will?  Maybe your joking, but if
                                you're serious, your vast oversimplification
                                suggests that your school did a poor job of
                                teaching you those vital critical analysis
                                skills. -dans
                                \_ Um, maybe PARENTS should teach their
                                   kids this sort of thing?
                                   Maybe schools should concentrate on
                                   teaching kids the basics of things
                                   like math, science, grammar, &c.
                                   \_ Schools need to teach students things
                                      like critical reasoning; furthermore,
                                      a high school teaches civics, which is
                                      supposed to be sort of an "owner's
                                      manual" for a democratic republic.
                                      This does include "dissent".  But
                                      not in geography class.  -John
                                      \_ Well, that depends whether you think
                                         geography is just map reading
                                         skills and memorizing place names.
                                         That's a reasonable approach to the
                                         field if you're teaching
                                         kindergarteners.  The actual field is
                                         more interesting, complex, and
                                         subtle.  It encompasses geopolitics,
                                         and is a reasonable venue for
                                         discussion of the how the US
                                         interacts with the word.  It's not
                                         really a leap from that discussion to
                                         civics and decent. -dans
                                         \_ In the context of the subject.  If
                                            the guy's gonna rant about
                                            politics, whatever they are (which
                                            he is) it belongs in a civics
                                            class.  -John
                                      \_ I disagree. I think the main
                                         problem w/ US education is that
                                         it focuses too much on what the
                                         student feels, &c. instead of
                                         devoting time to the essentials
                                         like math, science, languages,
                                         &c. While dissent and discussion
                                         can be useful, the place for
                                         this is HS debate team.
                          \_ Okay, so are Sudan's incursions into Chad
                             equivalent to the US invasion of Iraq?  I could
                             see how one might argue that, morally, the answer
                             is yes.  But I think once you bring the question
                             of degree and scope into it, I don't think the
                             comparison holds water.  The US toppled the
                             government of Iraq in, literally, weeks.  How
                             long have Sudanese incursions into Chad been
                             taking place?  Are they having a substantial
                             impact on the nation of Chad as a whole?  Could
                             Sudan wage an effective war on another country on
                             the other side of the globe?  Does Sudan have
                             chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons that
                             could literally obliterate a country?  I am in
                             no way asserting that the US' actions are
                             equivalent to Sudan's, but I do think that the US
                             is orders of magnitude more powerful than Sudan,
                             and thus, we must hold it to a significantly
                             higher standard.  Most of the time US citizens do
                             hold our nation to a higher standard, and our
                             government behaves accordingly.  There are,
                             however, exceptions, such as our incursions into
                             Latin America.  Many actions by the current
                             administration also fall below the necessary
                             standard.  And no, my point is not that he's
                             incompetent.  I think some of the points you
                             raised are valid, and are areas for improvement.
                             I think it's a pretty considerable leap from the
                             points you raised to the assertion that he's
                             incompetent.  You seem to view this as a very
                             binary matter.  -dans
        \_ I had avoided listening to this rant for a few days now, but
           I listened to parts of it just for you. The way I understand
           it, it sounds like he was talking during class rather than
           during lunch or after-school or something.
           If he said this during lunchtime or after-school (ie when
           the students were free to come and go from class), I think
           that his spiel was perfectly okay.
           But, during class I think this isn't okay for at least
           the following two reasons:
           1. His job is teaching Geography not Geo-politics. His
              blathering doesn't teach kids anything useful about
              geography, such as how to read things like elevation,
              distance, water currents, &c. on maps.
              Arguably he doesn't even teach students reasonable
              geo-politics. Many of these problems have no sol'n
              that all sides can reasonably agree on.
              \_ Um, have you ever taken a college level Geography class?
                 Geography *is* geopolitics.  See:
                 \_ No I have not taken a college level geography
                    class. I was too busy taking real classes to
                    waste my time/money on nonsense classes like
                    geography, history, &c. This fluff stuff is
                    \_ In the words of some old, dead English guy, ``There
                       are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than
                       are dreamt of in your philosophy.''  Eh.  It's all just
                       fluff stuff to you.  You sir, are an idiot. -dans
                       \_ The fluff stuff, my friend, is "a tale told
                          by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying
                    something one can learn on the side if one
                    has nothing more productive to do. I didn't
                    want to waste the precious time in school
                    on that type of drivel.
                    Regardless of this, whether or not I have
                    taken college level geography is irrelevant
                    to a discussion of High School geography.
                    Its like asking if I've taken o-chem, when
                    the conversation is about 9th grade bio.
                    HS geography is about trying to get 9th and
                    10th graders to locate different countries
                    on a map and hoping that they figure out
                    that Africa and Asia a different continents.
                    It is not about trying to give them the low
                    down on every regional war, &c.
                    \_ Were you actually that stupid in high school?  How the
                       hell did you get into Cal?  As far as I know, Cal
                       doesn't have legacy admits like Harvard. -dans
                       \_ Cal only considers GPA, SAT and SAT2
                          for admissions. If you study hard in
                          HS, it is pretty easy to get nearly
                          perfect scores on each of these and
                          have your pick of engineering majors.
                    There is no point talking about the complex
                    stuff if, say, the students can't figure out
                    that Georgia is a country and a state.
                    \_ Americans don't need to waste time learning geography.
                       They just need to do what they're good at doing and
                       their good 'ol government led by the greatest
                       president in the world, GWB, will take
                       care of everything. Ok?
                       \_ Learning geography doesn't help you
                          build a better transistor, write
                          better code, sequence DNA, &c.
                          If the choice is between wasting
                          time on geography or taking more
                          math and science, the choice to
                          me is OBVIOUS. But, if you want
                          to take the bs classes to pad your
                          GPA and feel good about your place
                          in the world, don't complain when
                          Asian engineers and scientists
                          take over all the major US industries.
                          \_ Yes, because understanding the world around you
                             and applying that understanding in the ballot
                             booth is much less important than the newest
                             language feature or most recent BSD kernel
                             release.  Philosophy is for those *other* people
                             that run the country, and therefore clearly is
                             beneath the lofty study of us engineers!!!1!one
                             \_ Philosophy is mostly for people
                                who can't get into a real major
                                (or are driven insane b/c they
                                 majored in math).
           2. His job is to ensure that the maximum number of students
              learn the maximum amt of geography w/in the school year.
              His actions may run counter to this.
              \_ That's got to be the most ridiculously bad, oversimplifying
                 misuse of mathematical/economic jargon I've ever seen used to
                 describe what a teacher's job is.  Plus you don't even know
                 what Geography is. -dans
                 \_ Geography is map reading: the study of the earth and
                    \_ Err, you might want to look at the course descriptions
                       in the berkeley course catalog.  I suspect you'll
                       be unpleasantly surprised.
                       \_ I'm talking about HS geography, not college
                          level geography where they can teach all sorts
                          of stuff and label it whatever they want.
                    its features and of the distribution of life on earth.
                    This guy's performance should be measured on based on
                    how well his kids can read a map and figure out where
                    different flora and fauna occur, &c.
              After listening to a dozen or so of these talks, some
              students may conclude that their time during his class
              is better spent doing AP Chem homework or playing GBA
              rather than learning geography.
              This attitude can lead to many students tuning out the
              parts of the lecture that are objective. Given the
              difficulty of teaching kids, teachers ought not take
              affirmative steps that can make learning even harder.
              \_ Ok, I also finally gave in and listened.  Geez.  The problem
                 here isn't the guy's political positions, it's that his lecture
                 is stream of consiousness.  CIGARETTES!! GUNS! WMDs!
                 CAPITALISM!  BUSH!!! VIOLENCE!!! I've taken science classes
                 that were stream of consiousness by profs who didn't bother
                 to prepare, and it's retarded no matter what the content
                 is.  "Here's a picture of me with a nobel laureate! One time,
                 I was taking a piss, and I invented a new transistor!  Fermi
                 \_ Alright buddy, how about less exclamations and more vacations?
                 \_ Well if a kindergartener could pick it up in
                    a week, why is it that only 25% of graduating
                    seniors are considered proficient in geography?
                    \_ Maybe because we don't teach it to kids in
                       kindergarten when it might actually present a
                       an exciting challenge? -dans
                       \_ Okay, we don't teach it in kindergarten,
                          and we don't teach it in HS. So kids never
                          learn it. Teaching geopolitics when you
                          don't know geography is like trying to
                          teach calc to someone who can't even do
                          \_ Geography encompasses both map reading and
                             geopolitics.  The two go hand in hand.  You must
                             be a robot if you believe typical high school
                             students will learn anything from a semester long
                             class where all they do is read maps and memorize
                             the names of places. -dans
                             \_ Personally I would rather have spent
                                a semester learning things like how
                                to read navigation charts, elevation
                                charts, the historical development
                                of major cities, biodiversity, &c.
                                rather than some self-godwin'ed
                                drivel about US BAD, WHITE MAN KILLS!
                                \_ I prefer to read about how us
                                   British conquered and ruled the
                                   world, and how we administered
                                   150 million Indians through the
                                   Indian Civil Service, much more
                                   effectively than the incompetent
                                   Americans did with their conquests.
                                   If geography doesn't help you rule
                                   the world more effectively, what good
                                   is it?
2006/3/8 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:42139 Activity:nil
3/8     Stupid political trolls deleted. Bush=idiot. We're mostly liberal
        on motd anyways and we get the message already. Please take the
        same message to freeper and newsmax and similar trash sites. Thanks.
2006/3/8-9 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:42140 Activity:moderate
3/8     Poll, stupid political drivels make the motd:
        more interesting: .....
        stupid: ..
        \_ This poll question has an inherent bias!
        \_ What would the motd be w/o drivel?
           \_ more linux vs. freebsd drivels? vi vs. emacs drivels?
              I'll take technical drivels over pointless political ones any day
2006/3/8-9 [Recreation/Media] UID:42141 Activity:nil
3/8     Okay I found out the name of the 1964 movie Gladiator ripoff of:
        The Fall of the Roman Empire
        Lots of big stars in the movie.  Here's its plot:
2006/3/8-9 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:42142 Activity:nil
3/8     Bush:
        \_ Shrubbery:  -John
2006/3/8-10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42143 Activity:nil
3/8     Hey virgin soda geeks? Want to get laid? Spring Break is your best bet!
        \_ This is one of those news stories that would need almost no change
           to become an Onion article.  "The American Medical Association is
           warning girls not to go wild during spring break."
        \_ going to parties on campus and actually talking to girls in daily
           life is your best bet.  logout, go find people, talk to them.
2006/3/8-9 [Reference/BayArea, Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:42144 Activity:high
3/8     Boom!
        \_ Man, ground-level really zuuls the range on those puppies.
           I actually feel much safer now re: the oakland docks nuke-in-a-crate
           scenario.  The fallout would still be a bitch, of course.
        \_ No wonder the US/Russia made so many nukes.  The 15psi radius
           doesn't destroy enough land.
           \_ The default is for a 100KT blast (similar to Hiroshima).  Try
              changing that to 5 megatons.  -tom
              \_ hiroshima was only 14kT.  Most strategic nukes are around
                 200kt, with the big 5MT+ ones for 'bunker busting'.  200kt
                 is really all most military targets justfiy anyway.
        \_ Great.  When I switch the city to SF, it's centered about two
           blocks from my house.  -sax
           \_ You won't suffer.
              \_ Ooh, there's an interesting one.  If you knew something bad
                 was going to happen, and you could choose between a 100%
                 chance of instant, painless, you'd never-know-when death
                 or a 90% chance of painful, horrible, lingering death (10%
                 chance of decent survival), which would you choose?
                 \_ You should read Dr. Bloodmoney.
                 \_ I would definitely choose the 10% survival. After all,
                    I could kill myself if it sucked too much. Besides, I
                    would get to be on all sorts of wacky narcotics. And,
                    just maybe, I would turn into a MUTANT! \m/ fuck yeah! \m/
                    \_ Maybe you would get x-ray vision and be able to fly.
                       \_ the FURIOUS's ability will increase x10
2006/3/8-9 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:42145 Activity:kinda low
3/8     Windows Mobile 5.0 Contacts get synced with the Contacts in Outlook.
        Is there a way to decouple that?  I mean I don't use Outlook.
        I want a stand alone Contacts program that syncs with Windows Mobile.
        \_ Uninstall Outlook?
        \_ Microsoft uses WinCE platform to force OEM to distribute Outlook.
           It is part of the greater strategy to tight mobile platform to
           desktop to backend server.  And to answer your question, no,
           you can't really do it.  Further, there are no real calendar
           alternative for average user, no?
           \_ upcoming Google ical!
2006/3/8-9 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:42146 Activity:nil
3/8     Criticize Bush and get paid vacation. What a good deal!
2006/3/8 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:42147 Activity:nil
2006/3/8-9 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:42148 Activity:kinda low
3/8     Boy, neutering KAIS motd really upped the level of discourse around
        \_ Scuse me? Why is it neutered? It's still working.
           \_ Hello, I'm the op. I'm still waiting for an answer. It seems
              to work. Why did you think it was neutered? By the way it is
              now called "Berkeley MOTD." Even Google recognizes Berkeley MOTD.
2006/3/8-10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42149 Activity:nil
        Don't get caught cheating, or you might end up like this guy!
        \_ about time women came up with something like this.  now if only
           the database would grow faster.
           \_ I think any girl who puts any faith in this list is silly
              because a guy could be falsely reported.  Its just like "this
              is a list of guys who have once pissed off someone in their
           \_ I seem to recall hearing about a non-electronic format of this
              list written in the women's stalls in Wheeler back when I was
              an undergrad (circa 92, ancient history). --erikred
2006/3/8-10 [Computer/SW/P2P, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:42150 Activity:kinda low
3/8     Dude, chill out dans. Go out to the beach or something, it's really
        nice out there.
        \_ Dude, I just spent the last week on the beach in Santa Cruz.  The
        \_ Dude, I just spent the last weak on the beach in Santa Cruz.  The
           motd is what I do when I'm waiting for code to compile, tests to
           run etc. -dans
           \_ I suspect you didn't actually spend a week on the beach. Or
              were you camping on it?
              \_ Okay, let me rephrase, I spent a week in a house that looks
                 out on the beach.  As in literally walk 10 feet across the
                 street and you're on the beach. -dans
           \_ Well, ok then. Good for you. What did you do in SC, coding?
              You seem pretty angry on motd for some reason. Anyways, how
              does one go about living near the beach for a week? Craigslist?
              \_ Spent quality time with my girlfriend, hacked on a project
                                            \_ wait what??? I thought you're gay
                 I'm really into, caroused with friends, and cooked and ate
                 lots of tasty, fresh food.  In my case, I'm fortunate to be
                 part of a circle of friends that values sharing our resources
                    \_ Wow.  That's a leap. -dans
                 with each other.  A number of us are successful geeks who are
                 always happy to take in guests.  No, I'm not angry.  To me,
                 the motd is like fight club without the stitches.  It's a
                 nice place to spar with written arguments.  Sometimes its
                 informative, and I learn about my fellow CSUAers or change my
                 point of view.  Sometimes it's like beating the crap out of
                 Jared Leto, i.e. picking apart weak arguments until the other
                 person gives up and nukes the thread. -dans
                 \_ You just violated the first two rules of fight club.
2006/3/8-10 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:42152 Activity:kinda low
3/8     Unlike most Berkeley geeks I have a blonde gal fetish, esp those
        that have nice boobs and nice butts. From time to time I dream
        of having sex with a hot blonde dressed as a nurse. I think
        I got the cravings after getting bombarded by images of
        Hello Nurse in Animaniacs. Or maybe it was Lisa Hayes in Robotech.
        Then again I didn't even reach puberty when those cartoons came out.
        I don't know. Do you have a weird fetish or fetishes and do you
        know where you got it from?                     -soda geek
        \_ Lisa Hayes is a brunette.  You're probably thinking of Dana
           Sterling from the Robotech Masters. -dans
           \_ I thought Miriya was hot. I guess I have a thing for chicks
              with green hair. Maybe he's thinking of Rook.
           \_ I thought Miriya was hot. I guess I have a thing for giant
              chicks with green hair. Maybe he's thinking of Rook.
              \_ I think this guy can help you out:
              \_ Tananda!
                 \_ heh, yeahhh.  Did she and Gleep ever work out their issues?
        \_ You went to the wrong school.  You really wanted to go to a second
           tier school in SoCal for that.  And if you were serious about your
           fetish, any place in Florida.
           \_ Is this a backhanded way of expressing your racist view that
              blondes are dumber so they don't go to 1st tier schools like
              Cal? Fucking racist chink, go back to your country.
              \_ Not dumber, but apparenty an evolutionary mistake that's
                 about to be corrected:
                 \_ A hoax:
              \_ Racist?  Not at all.  It is a cultural statement.  I do find
                 it amusing you accuse me of racism in the same sentence you
                 call me a "chink".  In fact, calling me a "Fucking racist
                 chink" is the finest bit of stupidity I've seen on the motd
                 all week and that's saying a lot for this last week.  I'm
                 curious though: how did you decide I was a "chink" as you say?
              \_ No, just an observation by someone who obviously visited
                 both Cal and USC. We can argue the "whys" later.
            \_ Texas (or really anywhere in the South), too.
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