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2006/3/3-6 [Uncategorized] UID:42079 Activity:nil
3/3     Hello soap scum and hard water spot experts. I tried CLR on my
        shower door and it removed maybe 25% more spots than Tilex Soap Scum.
        However there are still a lot of spots on the glass and they're just
        not coming off. Will white vinegar work better? Thanks.
        \_ get the distilled vinegar.  one trick i found effective was to
           apply it to paper towels and stick the wet paper towel to the
           surface.  the idea is to let the vinegar sit on the spot for a
           while and let the acid do its thing.  keep in mind your shower
           will smell like vinegar for about a day.
>>>>>>> Your Changes Above
2006/3/3-5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42080 Activity:low
3/2     dim, tell us about your hot non-Asian bimbo! Does she have nice boobs?
        \_ Pretty much all boobs are nice, no?
           \_ No.  Ever been with a chick who was flat, or had one boob
              significantly larger than the other, or had boobs that were all
              \_ Can't say that I have. Thanks for sharing.
2006/3/3-5 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:42081 Activity:nil
3/2     NYT chart showing housing price trends over the years:
        Also, article about how a downtrend in prices can actually
        help homeowners trade up (like I was talking about the other day):
          \_thanks for the link, I'm trying to convince my wife we should
            move she is reluctant, I sent her there link.  This may be even
            more apt around here where some cheaper neighborhoods actually
            have not been declining, but nicer areas like rockridge have.
2006/3/3-5 [Reference/RealEstate, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:42082 Activity:nil
        "... total sales of homes costing $1 million or more reached $55.9
        billion, up 24 percent, compared with $45.1 billion in 2004."
        Yeah the Bush economy is working!!! Go George W Bush!!!
2006/3/3-5 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:42083 Activity:high
3/2     Recent news articles show that income decreased for average
        Americans, +$1mil home sales surged by 24% from 2004 to 2005,
        home school trend is going up up and up, 2 newly appointed
        conservatives, Patriot Act nenewal, Fox News rating going up,
        Free Republic & National Review subscription going waaaay up, etc.
        It appears that conservatism is stronger than ever, despite all
        the distractions from Iraq, Katrina, Enron, Cheney. So I'm
        curious. Besides whining, what are you liberals gonna do
        about it?                                       -liberal troll
        \_ Buying remote land and the needed supplies to get off the grid.
        \_ I'm not sure that all the things you cite really add up to much
           besides trolling.
        \_ Is this graph going up or down?
           \_ I wouldn't base anything on alexa's information
           Fox News continues to slide.
           Bush at 34% approval.
           I could go on, but I won't.
           \_ YOUR own little liberal world is the internet. But you're
              forgetting the sales of Bible and the CB radio (internet
              for the Red State folks who can't afford computers), both
              are going way up. Face it, conservatism and hickism are growing.
              \_ Off your meds again today?  Watch out for those black
                 \_ Hey!  That's someone else!
                    \_ Don't Black Helicopters pollute the air and require
                       oil subsidies and where people who shouldn't be allowed
                       to drive a big wheel tailgate in the right airlane get
                       Black Helicopter Driving licencses?  RAWR!!  HELICOPTER
                       CULTURE!!!  RAAAWWWRRRR!!!!1!!!one FUCK YOU!11!!!
                       \_ Nope. Sorry.  Not going to bite today. I am pretty
                          much at peace with the world.  If it makes you feel
                          any better, you can read my flying car rant from the
                          motd archives:
                          \_ I see you might have gotten the dosage correct
                             today.  My, my the wonders never cease....
                          much at peace with the world.
2006/3/3 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:42084 Activity:nil
2/16    Consequences for violating Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty:
        more economic/nuclear collaboration with USA
        hmm... and why we are bitching about Iran again?
        \_ From a "moral superiority" standpoint?  There's no reason we should.
           From a "don't be a dumbass" standpoint?  Because they'd actually
           USE the nukes on us or someone we care about.
           \_ There are no indication that they would.  All the sabre rattling
              is only help the conservative clerks to hold the power...
              consider that something like 40% of population is 35 yr or
              younger and relatively pro-western, don't you think our entire
              policy toward Iran ever since 1954 is kind of fucked up?
        \_ I question the wisdom of this on the grounds that, hey, India has
           one of the fastest growing Muslim populations in the world, don't
           they?  Oh but that's right, Islam is a religion of peace and most
           of the Islamic world is peaceful, like... um...
           \_ majority of people in India pratice Hindu, not islam.  One don't
              eat beef, one don't eat pork... if that help you to remember.
              (yes, i know, that is an over generalization on Hindu's part, but
                I need to start from somewhere to get those people educated).
2006/3/3-6 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42085 Activity:moderate
3/3     I'd like to see a poll on the average time it takes someone to
        regret a tatoo.
        \_ When they get re-programmable tatoos, the old ones will seem kind of
           lame, although if some fucker put one with ads and DRM it could
           lead to a whole new kind of trouble.
        \_ I got my first back in...99?  Still no regrets -- I actually want
           to add to it.                        -mice
        \_ A friend of mine wanted tats at 16 but her mom said she'd regret it
           at 30, so she waited until she was 30 to get her first. :-)
        \_ I got my tattoo when I was 19, 34 now and I still like it. It is
           rather large but it is on my back so it doesn't show at work and
        \_ I think it varies for male vs female and (esp for female) where you
           put the tats. Those who opted for front stomach/under belly prior
           to pregnancy will surely drive up the numbers. Those who gets it on
           the upper back would most likely be the happiest of the bunch.
        \_ A friend of mine got a couple of little tattoos (ankles), and 12
           years later still has no regrets.        -mice
           years later she has no regrets.        -mice
           years later she still has no regrets.        -mice
        \_ My brother has complete sleeves and a big one on his chest, too.
           Whether he regrets it or not depends on his mood and what's
           going on in life. He worked for a straight-laced company and
           he regretted it big-time. Now he works for a place where lots
           of guys have tattoos and he's happier about it. He did tell his
           ex-girlfriend not to get sleeves, too, but she did it anyway.
           So I think if he had to do it all over he wouldn't do it, because
           they are there even on days you wish they weren't.
           \_ Duh. Plus you can't change it. You can put on some different
              clothes, get a new haircut, but that tat is just there.
              To me tats are "hi i'm an idiot" signs.
              \_ whereas in your case you'd need to open your mouth for
                 people to know that.  -tom
                 \_ Heh, that's pretty funny.  You are rough company, Mr.
                 \_ Whereas tom always makes sure to announce it loud and
                    \_ hey, who got the saarp brain [sic] transplant?  -tom
2006/3/3-6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:42086 Activity:high
3/3     Has the CSUA considered asking alumni to ccme back and give talks about
        the cool stuff they are doing? I'm thinking of bz (Cyan), maybe aubie
        (Pixar)... I'm sure there are plenty of others I'm forgetting (no
        offense intended). Twohey, lea, myself and others could talk about
        grad school. Brg could too, but I don't know if you would want that.
        I bet mconst could put on some kind of freaky variety show (he'll
        solve an open math problem, patch a critical kernel bug, then kick
        your ass at any video game in  existence). There are distance issues
        involved for some folks, but if they were asked (well, if I was asked)
        I bet people would make an effort. I think this could be a huge draw,
        and take advantage of one of the CSUA's core strengths. I'll leave
        you with the opening to a talk I was writing for UCB undergrads about
        going to grad school:

        "This talk is either going to suck donkey balls, or rock you like an
        exam written by Hilfinger _and_ Garcia. And I just came from the
        Super-DC,  where they are FRESH OUT OF DONKEY BALLS. As Yoda says,
        there is no try, only do."
        \_ I brought in a guy from work to talk about election security.
           It was a facinating talk, but, of course, almost no one showed
           up. -jrleek
           \_ There hasn't ever been anything resembling serious election
              security in this country.  Probably not in most others either.
              \_ Umm, no duh?  So we can't have a talk on it? -jrleek
                 \_ Of course, but it's such an obscure topic for most
                       \- vertex algebras is an obscure topic.
                          election security is hardly obscure.
                    people, especially the politically unaware freshmen
                    that I'm not surprised it wasn't well attended.  Do you
                    think most people are aware elections have been rigged
                    since forever?  Most people don't even vote so why would
                    they care if an election is manipulated or not?
                    \_ Well, this was primarily about electronic voting.
                    \_ Erm, isn't that sort of part of the purpose of a
                       university, to expose you to obscure topics?  -John
                       \_ No.  You're supposed to get a 'higher education'
                          which isn't necessarily the same thing.  Anyway,
                          even if it was the point, attending a side lecture
                          or talk like this, no matter how interesting or
                          educational, is still voluntary.  How many times
                          were you in class when a prof went off on some side
                          topic and someone asked, "will this be on the exam?"
                          Thus, few people attended something that may have
                          been quite interesting and educational.  It wasn't
                          on the midterm.
                          \_ Of course it's voluntary.  But let's face it,
                             you could, theoretically, learn all the crap you
                             get from a university from books.  I don't know
                             about you, but the most valuable thing I got
                             out of Cal was the sum total of exposure to ideas
                             and people that I would not otherwise have had
                             access to.  I think "will this be on the exam" is
                             one of the saddest questions imaginable.  -John
                             \_ Of course it is.  However Cal probably isn't
                                the best choice for people looking for a
                                classical liberal arts education.  After the
                                various admissions and self filtering that
                                goes on to create a freshman class, plus
                                the environment once you get here there isn't
                                a lot of room for that sort of thing.  Thus,
                                you get a high percentage of people who won't
                                attend what was probably an interesting, yet
                                entirely voluntary/no credit talk.
                                \_ Why not?  I don't know about nowadays, but
                                   course catalog when I attended (92-96, to
                                   be honest) was jam packed with interesting,
                                   esoteric stuff.  I had a lot of amazing
                                   profs _and_ good TAs, as well as contact
                                   with some really funky, smart people who
                                   enjoyed attending "interesting", voluntary
                                   talks.  Same university?  -John
                          \_ You're either smart and cynical or just plain
                             dumb.  It makes me glad I devoted time and effort
                             to fucking with your kind when they were my peers
                             in classes or students in classes I TAed. -dans
                             \_ Ok since you can't even figure out what "kind"
                                I am....  I'm just glad I was here today to
                                give you the opportunity to post how smart
                                you are and how you abused other people in
                                class.  Whatever.  I don't know what button
                                of yours I hit with my harmless reply to John,
                                but your response is... interesting.
                                \_ This isn't about smart or dumb.  It's about
                                   your assertion that the purpose of attending
                                   university is to get a `higher education'
                                   (whatever that means), a view that I hold
                                   to be either cynical and shortsighted or
                                   outright stupid.  Individuals who approach
                                   university classrooms with your attitude
                                   water down the university experience for
                                   everyone.  Every time some selfish or
                                   stupid twit asks ``Will this be on the
                                   midterm,'' it takes away from class time
                                   that could be spent *gasp* learning.  Thus,
                                   I view it as a duty to encourage others to
                                   move away from a fundamentally parasitic and
                                   harmful attitude toward the university
                                   experience, if necessary, by beating it out
                                   of them.  Cheers. -dans
                                   \_ Unfortunately you didn't do as well in
                                      reading comp as you did in nastiness
                                      and self righteousness.  Go re-read and
                                      try again.
                                      \_ Unfortunately your composition skills,
                                         appear grossly inferior to your
                                         apparent selfishness and
                                         defensiveness.  In particular, your
                                         capacity to clearly express your
                                         views deserves as C+ at best.  Back to
                                         English 1A with you.  It saddens me
                                         that you think it is nasty when people
                                         call attention to the, in this case
                                         ugly, truth of your words. -dans
                                         \_ *laugh* "I know you are but what
                                            am I?"  You're so funny.
                                            \_ I'm someone who has the
                                               conviction to sign my name and
                                               stand behind my words.  Who are
                                               you? -dans
                                               \_ I don't play that game.  You
                                                  can deal with what I say,
                                                  who I am is not important.
                                                  If you can't deal, don't.
                                                  I don't care and didn't ask
                                                  you to throw your over
                                                  wrought spew on the thread
                                                  in the first place.  You
                                                  chose to join a thread and
                                                  respond to an anonymous
                                                  person.  No one forced you.
                                                  \_ Eh. -dans
                                                  \_ You say I don't understand
                                                     what you wrote.  I say
                                                     you're backpedalling
                                                     because your words
                                                     express a cynical and
                                                     selfish attitude, and I
                                                     called you on it.  We
                                                     can't both be right.
                                                     Personally, I throw my
                                                     hat in with the guy who
                                                     signs hist name, but I'm
                                                     biased. -dans
                                                     \_ You're an idiot. -gwb
                                                        \_ No, Mr. President,
                                                           what you meant to
                                                           say was ``Fuck
                                                           off'' -rbc
                                                    \_ I'll explain slowly for
                                                       you: I have no reason
                                                       to backpedal anything.
                                                       I'm somewhat anonymous,
                                                       this is only the motd,
                                                       \_ If it's ``only the
                                                          motd,'' why do you
                                                          care so much about
                                                          your anonymity? -dans
                                                          \_ Meow!
                                                       any intelligent person
                                                       who reads English can
                                                       understand what I said,
                                                       \_ I disagree with this
                                                          assertion. -dans
                                                          \_ MeOW!
                                                       I never took back a
                                                       single word of it, and
                                                       \_ I disagree with this
                                                          assertion. -dans
                                                          \_ meOW!
                                                       signing your name only
                                                       means you like seeing
                                                       your name in lights.
                                                       \_ If you believe this
                                                          ridiculous idea, it
                                                          directly contradicts
                                                          your statement that
                                                          ``it's only the
                                                          motd.'' -dans
                                                          \_ mEOw!
                                                       I wouldn't take the
                                                       signed over the
                                                       unsigned.  I would
                                                       actually read what
                                                       two people actually
                                                       said and decide from
                                                       that alone who was
                                                       correct and to what
                                                       degree.  Their name
                                                       status carries no
                                                       weight.  Again, you
                                                       \_ Your arguments in
                                                          this thread are,
                                                          imprecise, sloppily
                                                          worded, and, based
                                                          on some readings,
                                                          logically flawed.
                                                          You use the resulting
                                                          lack of clarity as an
                                                          excuse to justify
                                                          backpedalling, and
                                                          then assert that
                                                          ``any intelligent
                                                          person who reads
                                                          English can
                                                          understand what
                                                          [you] said.''
                                                          \_ MeOw!
                                                       voluntarily responded
                                                       to an anon person. Why
                                                       bother if you
                                                       automatically dismiss
                                                       them on that basic
                                                                    \_ [sic]
                                                                       \_ MEOW!
              \_ Heh.  I *broke* the ASUC election system the first year it
                 was computerized.  As in I produced a demonstrably working
                 exploit.  I then took my findings to the elections chair and
                 worked with him to secure against my exploit and other
                 avenues of attack.  I spoke about this at DefCon and
                 Computers Freedom and Privacy in 2004.  The following year
                 the election technical lead didn't test the old code until
                 the eve of the elections, and I led the team that wrote a
                 superior replacement in under 8 hours.  If you include time
                 to recruit the team members, it took approx. 12 hours from
                 start to rollout.  Last I checked, this code was still in
                 use, albeit with some modifications by OCF members.  If folks
                    \_ Oh shit. --team member
                 would like, I'd be happy to do a talk on this.  If you time
                 it at the beginning of the ASUC election campaign season and
                 flyer on south side, it would probably be a great way to
                 bring in more members that don't have traditional computing
                 backgrounds.  If current CSUA members want to see this
                 happen, email me. -dans
           \_ I probably would have attended. I think what you need to do
              is get people excited somehow, and then make sure that the
              talk delivers (see, for example, the series of talks by
              Brewer, Karp, etc, last year). The CSUA needs positive buzz.
              In my mind this means more than flyering - it means people
              going into classes and being _enthusiastic_ about what they
              are selling. Does current pburo have the mental energy to
              pull this off? Not meant as offensive. Also, as alumni,
              I could be wrong, full of shit, or both.
2006/3/3-6 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:42087 Activity:nil
3/3     "Human rights abuses in Iraq are as bad now as they were under Saddam
        Hussein, as lawlessness and sectarian violence sweep the country, the
        former U.N. human rights chief in Iraq said Thursday...the level of
        extra-judicial executions and torture is soaring, and morgue workers
        are being threatened by both government-backed militia and insurgents
        not to properly investigate deaths."
        \_ Sure, but the American People Are Safer (TM)
        \_ Shiites have the FREEDOM to form their own death squads
2006/3/3-4 [Uncategorized] UID:42088 Activity:nil
3/3     If I change my nis client to have a subnet mask of
        from, it can no longer connect (broadcast mode)
        to the nisserver with netmask of  Would I have the
        same problem in reverse?  (i.e. if I changed the subnetmask of my
        NIS SERVER to be, would clients with netmasks of not be able to connect?)
        \_ You need to learn about broadcast domains and VLANs. The short
           answer is yes, probably. -ausman
2006/3/3-6 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:42089 Activity:high
        Take a bribe for $2 mil for only 10 years in prison. That's
        still over 2X the amount I make a year as an engineer and
        1.5X the amount average Harvard MBAs make. Moral of the story:
        it's ok to take a bribe as long as the amount is big enough,
        because it pays off.
        \_ You think being in prison, even a country club prison, for 10
           years is worth it?  I'll take my freedom thanks.  The price for
           freedom is way higher than 2x your salary.
                \_ Seriously. this douchebag op thinks prison can't be
                   any harder than a day away from his computer, and
                   actually doesn't realize how he'd likely die within
                   one week, literally, of prison life. people the likes
                   of us on the motd don't last long in prison.
                   \_ My old CS250 TA did a year in county lock-up.  It wasn't
                      fun, but he survived ok.  He's a really sweet guy too.
        \_ Did you read the article?  First off, it's all in gifts, it's
           not like they just handed him $2.4mil.  Two, he probably
           doesn't get to keep the stuff.  Three, he's old and in poor
           health.  I don't think I'd take $2mil to die in prison.
           \_ He's also probably going to face a big fine as well.  An earlier
              version of that article claimed $1.6M, but the current article
              on CNN doesn't say....
           \_ He's also probably going to face a big fine as well.  According
              to Yahoo News, he was ordered to pay $1.8M and return $1.85M
              in valuables.  I'm inclined to think that this contradicts the
              "Moral of the story" you've asserted, OP.
           \_ He doesn't get to keep it.  In fact, it's being auctioned off.
              He got 100 months, btw.  (8y4m)  In sheer dollar amounts, his
              is the largest set of bribes discovered in the history of the
              \_ I don't buy this crap about being the largest set of
                 bribes. Surely the money Bush or Cheney personally
                 gained from the Iraq war would make this seems like
                 pocket change.
                 \_ Perhaps they mean the largest in the sense of "the
                    largest where there's been a conviction".
                 \_ How much did they each make?
                 \_ I'm glad you think rich people conspire "illegal"
                    ways to get richer.
2006/3/3-6 [Industry/Startup] UID:42090 Activity:moderate
3/3     Do you expect your immediate manager to support you/your department
        even if it's to the detriment of the company? As a manager, should
        you support your department/staff even when it's to the detriment
        of the company? If your manager doesn't stand up for you then who
        will? On the other hand, being a good manager means doing what's
        best for the company. I'm just curious what others think. Imagine,
        for instance, that a department is asked to layoff 50% of its
        employees and outsource that work to India to save the company money.
        As the manager, do you fight for your employees or not? As an
        employee, what do you expect your manager to do?
        \_ IMO: There is no such thing as "the company" for non-trivial sized
           companies.  There is me, my subordinates, my immediate superior in
           my group and that's it.  The sales and marketing team sure as hell
           isn't going to take a hit so you can get a raise or hire more
           engineers so you don't have to work 16 hour days.  Your manager
           should fight like a rabid grizzly to save his team.  If he isn't
           there for his staff he isn't doing anything.  If there were rumored
           layoffs coming and I got the slightest hint my manager was going to
           do anything but fight his ass off for us, I'd immediately post my
           resume to get a jump on things, so should you.  There is no such
           thing as "the company" to which anyone owes any loyalty.  There is
           the CEO who is going to get a multi hundred million dollar kiss off
           for killing the company, the rest of the execs who will get around
           50-100 million, the lower level execs who might get 2-5 million and
           everyone else who is getting the shaft when shit hits the fan.
           \_ So you expect your manager to fight for his subordinates
              even when the "right" thing to do is clearly accept the
              recommendation from upper management? What if it's something
              like relocation and not a layoff? Or what if it concerns
              salaries/benefits? I mean, I think there is some point where
              fighting the good fight works against the manager's career,
              or where the employees can clearly see that a decision is
              a good one even if it hurts them, no? The question is whether a
              manager should protect his employees against better judgement
              and whether employees expect him to.
              \_ I don't expect him to fall on his sword.  I do expect him to
                 put up a good fight or if his group is clearly doomed to have
                 the balls to let them know enough in advance to find another
                 job before the axe drops.  If the group goes, but the manager
                 is staying, that's BS.  Relocations: some people actually
                 would want one.  They aren't necessarily a bad thing if the
                 company is covering the costs and some extra for hassle.
                 Salary/benefits: don't touch my salary/benefits.  I accepted
                 a certain offer.  The number of cases where staff taking a
                 cut at a tech-oriented company has saved the company is so
                 slim that I can't actually recall any but I'll grant there
                 are probably some.  When staff takes a cut, execs never do.
                 You refer a few times to various people's better judgement
                 and what is "right".  As determined by who?  A corporation is
                 nothing but a large pile of negotiated agreements between the
                 managers, staff, execs, vendors, buyers, and a ton of other
                 people to agree to perform a set of distinct tasks which will
                 provide some service or product.  The key phrase here is
                 "distinct tasks".  I was hired to perform some set of tasks
                 in exchange for compensation for my time, skills, etc.  If I
                 don't get that compensation then why would I perform the
                 tasks?  The manager is hired to keep his group as a whole
                 coordinated performing some larger tasks as part of the
                 greater whole.  If he lets his group get destroyed why does
                 he still have a job?  As far as the general theme of 'greater
                 wisdom coming from on-high': no such animal.  They're just
                 people.  Some of them might actually know what they're doing
                 and be able to perform their duties better than you could but
                 most are just there because they went to the right schools,
                 were raised in the right families or kissed the right asses
                 for long enough.
                 \_ You are thinking too hard. Imagine, say, you are the
                    manager of the telegraph portion of Western Union.
                    manager of the telegraph portion of the Soviet Union.
                    Management tells you they are going to stop offering
                    that service (which really happened). You haven't had
                    much business, so you know it's a smart thing to do.
                    However, there are some old-time employees who were
                    hired for that particular task and can't transfer
                    somewhere else. You know they will be screwed. Do you
                    argue in favor of telegrams and their value to society
                    and the company or do you work with management to
                    eliminate the department? What about implementing some
                    sort of automation which will vastly shrink your
                    department by spending a lot of money on hardware instead
                    of employees (think auto manufacturers)? Do you fight
                    for your employees or implement the procedure that
                    saves costs? That's what I mean by "right". Sometimes
                    the right decision is obvious. You hire 12 people
                    anticipating lots of business. You have work enough
                    for 2. The right thing is to let 10 go. Do you tell
                    senior management that or do you hold onto your
                    fiefdom for not really your sake, but for the sake of
                    others? From a management perspective it seems obvious,
                    but I am curious what employees think their managers
                    should do "for them" as a "good manager".
                    \_ If you're my manager in a 12-person group with work
                       for two people, and I'm not one of your top two, let
                       me go. You're not doing me any favors by keeping me
                       on when I might be able to get a more interesting job
                       elsewhere, and you're harming your own interests as
                       well. The best thing you can do is look to transfer
                       your extra employees internally or, failing that,
                       arrange for them to get a good send-off (a comp package
                       would be nice) and offer to be a reference. -gm
        \_ Post "acquisition", I was asked to try to keep my group together.
           My take on the situation was that most of my group would be let
           go after the transition period.  I didn't make a scene, but I
           left the company pretty quickly.  But that's just me.  I fully
           expected the people I worked for to screw everyone in their path.
           \_ Asked by who to keep the group together?
        \_ "It depends".  That can be a really tough call for even a good,
           ethical, loyal and intelligent manager to make under many
           circumstances.  Helpful, huh?  -John
2006/3/3-6 [Reference/Law/Court, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:42091 Activity:nil
        "While this story sounds like a script from 'The Shield' or 'Training
        Day,' it actually happened."
        \_ What's a "civilian custodial officer"?
2006/3/3-6 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:42092 Activity:nil
3/3     Google/yahoo map question.  I have N different addresses.  I want
        to be able to display all of them on either google or yahoo maps
        at the same time.  I want to see the distances relative to each
        other.  There doesn't seem to be a way of doing this without using
        the underlying google/yahoo API.  I don't want to write code just
        to do this simple task.  Are there any third party sites that link
        to google maps that can do this?  Thanks.
        \_ and will both do that, but I don't
           think they link to google maps (though ask's roughly as good these
           days) --dbushong
           \_ yes! does exactly what I need.  Thank You very
2006/3/3-6 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:42093 Activity:nil
3/3     In Java, I know how to put a JAR in my classpath, and I know if I
        include a native library in my current working directory, it can be
        loaded through JNI.  I have a JAR which contains some native libraries
        and I'm wondering if there's any way I can jet the JVM load
        foolib-native.jar so that it can find the native libraries inside
        without needing to expand the JAR on installation.
2006/3/3-6 [Reference/RealEstate, Finance/Investment] UID:42094 Activity:nil
3/3     ARMS and Subprime mortages increasing to record levels.
              %ARMS %subprime
        2003    28%      9.9%
        2004    48%     22.2%
        2005    47%     24.3% (wsj)
        In same link, greenback will fall 20% if OPEC switches crude
        currency to basket (US$, EURO, Yen, pound).
        \_ I guess we'll have to take your word for it since the link
           is behind a pay wall.
        \_ sweet! come on housing bubble!!
2006/3/3-6 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:42095 Activity:high
3/3     UNC low-grade terror attack
        \_ One idiot driving his car through "a popular campus gathering
           spot" does not make for a terror attack, no matter why he said he
           did it. Otherwise, we're going to have to arrest Jodie Foster for
           the actions of her Army of One.
           \_ One person can't execute a terror attack?
              \_ Doesn't it seem odd to you that something that could so easily
                 have killed several people, even by accident was non-fatal,
                 and that the guy is now claiming to be a terrorist?  It
                 just doesn't add up.
                 \_ You make the mistake of implying that all terrorists are
                    rational, sane individuals.  -John
                    \_ HEIL GERMAN JOHN!
                    \_ And you're making the mistake of assuming that there is
                       any correlation between what the news says and reality.
                       \_ I was about to launch into a diatribe, but then it
                          struck me how random this comment is.  -John
2018/12/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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